Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm writing this as the Handmaiden and the brother-in-law head out to Amishland for their usual Saturday frolic. That means I will have good eggs for breakfast for another week. The blogs were pretty good this morning except for one genius on Survival Blog. He was noting that some preppers seem to think that things will be enjoyable when full scale collapse comes. He ran that idea down pretty well. But that tells me that this person does not have a soul that hungers for freedom and fairness in this world. It is more than likely that living conditions will degrade somewhat at some point in the collapse. And that might be a physical discomfort for some but it has nothing to do with any ideals we may harbor that says the system collapsing is a good thing because it is killing us as it is. The brother writing on Survival Blog must not have taken to heart the words about the tree of liberty needing watered by the blood of tyrants AND patriots. He must have missed that class. Some folks just don't admire the smell freedom in the air. I find it very refreshing myself. Another odor I like a lot is the smell of fear coming from my enemies sweat. That really gets me into high gear. It gives me that "pour it on 'em" attitude. One of life's rare treats if you ask me!

The DJIA fell over 160 points yesterday. Love it. Let the bastards go home and worry about their little game collapsing over the week end. But as long as there is a dollar to steal they will be back. It's in their DNA. They are much like those guys the Elder Brother took a whip to back there in Jerusalem a couple thousand years ago. They called them money changers back in those days. The Elder Brother said, "The zeal of thy household hath eaten me up!" Then he took the whip to them and overturned their money tables. Put it on them! And so it will be in the days ahead. Men will think to eradicate the tick that is sucking all of their blood. Men will think to eradicate the legislative traitors who have enacted laws that make the looting possible. BEFORE WE CAN HAVE PEACE WE MUST HAVE WAR. Sorry about that but I don't make the rules. Rule making is way over my pay grade. I think it is what the Bible calls "For as a man soweth, so shall he reap." What goes around comes around.

I have been reading about Jessica Watson down in Australia. The sixteen year old girl has sailed around the world by herself. Youngest person to have ever done it. As she was sailing into Sydney Harbor she was boarded by the 18 year old guy who had held the title of youngest to circumnavigate the globe and he took it on into the harbor while she got to see the crowd that had come to greet her and welcome her home. She was sailing a 34 foot yacht named Ella's Pink Lady. She had not stepped off of the boat the whole trip. I thought about Mayberry and how he would probably love to sail that boat around the globe. He could do it too, by God.

Before I shut down for the day I would like to mention that Sarah Palin told the members of the NRA that Obama would like to take way our guns. Now, ain't that a concept. I know a bunch of people who would be goddamn pissed off it that were to arise. But I reckon that Bill Clinton will explain to Obama what will happen if he decides to take the guns. If he can in fact take the guns. I doubt that he can do it. The price is too much to pay. Stay alive.


Go to the Elected Retards and read William's story on the rip off we have been getting on non-hybrid seed. It's at




Mayberry said...

Yessir, I would love to sail around the world. Or at least 'til I found a beautiful blue cove and an empty white beach!

I don't know what the hell that guy was talking about on SB, I will enjoy it immensely. But I'm not so hung up on comfort as that soft boy seems to be. I'm at home in a tent in the woods, doesn't matter to me.

Unknown said...

I grew up on a rural farm in upstate NY. No electric. Now running water. No central heat. Cooking on a wood stove in in high summer. Tripping to the outhouse in all kinds of weather. Walking a mile to catch the school bus. If you missed the first pick-up point, walk another mile to the"4 corners." Carry water from the well. Boil water to wash dishes. Mother washing on a scrub board. A bath on Saturday night and share the same tub water behind the stove. Grow a big garden or go hungry. No TV. Up in the dark to do the farm chores by lantren light. No fun-no games-no leasure. If these preppers don't listen and prepare for at least the basics...thier lives will not be picnics. It won't be fun and games and an awsome week-end camping trip. If they have never lived the life...they will not survive the life. So, I prepare. Better safe(prepared)than sorry.

chinasyndrome said...

Damn good post and comments too.Obama will find the price Way to high.They may get some easy enough,the rest will come very hard.Life without modern services will rough for a lot of folks.Like MEB said this wont be a camping trip where ya get all hot n dirty then come and store your gear take nice instant shower kick on the air and order pizza.Man why aren't the sheep getting it.Sorry bout running on Michael.These people worry me.Only so much we can do though.