Friday, May 21, 2010


Here we are, getting so soggy we might grow gills, and waiting to see what the end of the business day brings. I think it will show minimal damage to the system. The Presidential Push Team will be busy on the phone to those Bermuda banks buying stocks with your money to keep the price up for those of you who have no stocks. Can't let a failed program be known all over the place, you know. Obama's socialist programs are failing and everyone knows it. This Dark Lord from Chicago is a complete failure. What a boob! I wonder how it will affect his ego? Will he become bitter and hateful? Will he become a strident accuser of the people as his ship sinks into something well below mediocrity? And what will he do when he gets his ass handed to him in the Fall elections? Maybe he will resign and go to an island with some of his banking cronies. He has paid them enough for a seat, you know. He really let things go to hell when he let the President of Mexico address congress and the idiot told our politicians to reinstate the Assault Weapon Ban. This guy wants to run this country! It made me think a little differently about the illegals in our country. They want to come here to maybe prolong their life instead of having to die by drug lords in their homeland. I would want to get way from an idiot like that myself. But really they should support a pro-gun candidate for President and get the means to kick the drug lord's asses. But that ain't the socialist way you know. You have to live with those evil killers and change them. Good luck!

The drum beat of war is sounding across the land these days. The Carrier Group Harry Truman has set sail for the Med and other places. Is this normal rotation or is it a build up for an armed clash? The PTB have Hillary Clinton coming down hard on North Korea. And that could get ugly. South Korea and Japan could take a huge hit from this little shenanigan. A nuclear response from the USA could just wipe pit a whole big glob of humanity. And that is scary. That crazy mutha over in North Korea would love to start a nuclear war. What the hell do you think he was thinking when he got the stuff to make one of the damn things. Now there is not telling what he has. Ain't anyone got the balls to back him down and take his little radioactive toys away from him.

Nothing much else to talk about. Obama still wants to shut us down on the Internet and he still wants our guns taken away. Nothing new there. The Handmaiden got some free mulch and is busy with her terrace row down below the porch. It really is looking great. We have another soil build up coming to the hillside. It will be a BIG WIDE ROW. It will grow a huge amount of garden. That's about it for today. The market is up in positive territory. I told you those guys at the Bermuda banks would be getting a work out. They have to stall for time while they figure out what to say about Obama's failure. They have to get the spin just right so the pee-wee brain does not feel abused. All Hail The Failure! Stay alive.



chinasyndrome said...

Michael,No.Korea,Iran,couple of other hot spots.Oil gusher still flowing.There is more talk than ever on economies crashing.I hope more folks are prepping.This rain here in Indy is a blessing and a curse,if you can get it planted it growing.Glad to here you are getting your garden in.


Pete Smith said...

I don't know about you guys but I feel the collapse in the air.

Staying Alive said...

China, I don't know that I give much of a damn about what the other folks are doing right now. They have pretty muc gone along with the bullshit we have collapsing us. I'll take the regular old preppers anytime.

Pete, The collapse has been here for quite a while. It is just starting to get vicious. Just wait until the "free" money is cut off or when the money ain't any good anymore. The the guns start going off and the fires start burning and the die off begins.