Tuesday, May 4, 2010


No rain this week was the forecast. So we had Thundershowers all night. Thus another example of the forecasters art. But we are to see the 80's this week so things should dry out okay. We are supposed to put in our garden starting next Monday. I dread the work but I relish the thought of all of those great preps we will get out of the deal. Not much doubt about what is in the food if you grew it yourself. And the ingredients are what count. Your health and well being are of great importance in the coming bad times and you should do your best to keep them in top shape. You can only be of help if you are strong and healthy.

I have decided that I do not like taxes. They are a rip-off and we have very little to do with how they are spent. It is like having a crazy King to whom you give money and he turns around and puts you in prison because he doesn't like the color of your hair. Or he makes a bunch of his buddies rich with your money. It's insane. And the more of the insanity I see the more I think STARVE THE BEAST is the way to go. It is not an easy road to travel but it can be done. It takes discipline. You just have to say NO to things you now say YES to. Buy as little stuff that requires sales tax as you can possibly do without. Pay everything as late as you can pay it. Paying on time makes THEIR SYSTEM run better, not necessarily your system. Be real cagey about this because you don't want to pay them a bunch of late fees that will swell their bottom line. STAY OUT OF COURT. Going to court puts you in the heart of the beast and costs you money. Grow as much of your food as you can. Get a garden in and load it up with stuff that you can store for a long time. And do not store food in freezers! Costs like hell and will go up in cost. I know a man who is a leader of a people on Georgia. He has a small church on several acres and he has let his people build homes on the property. This year he put in a 15 acre garden. He's about 75 or 80 so he didn't do much of the work but he sure got them younger ones out there to hit it. But this is a man who plans for the future. A future he does not look at with fondness at this point. At least not from a human outlook. He has always invested in land and built lakes and bought cattle. Don't know that they ever made much money off of the cattle and land but it sure is looking good now! They have a place to live and beef on the hoof and fish in the lakes and fish in the river that flows through the property. That 15 acre garden is sure going to put a big dent in their grocery bill. But they will eat and have a roof over their head and make out okay and they will NOT BE FEEDING THE BEAST. He has told his people that they can only put HALF of their garden in the freezer this year. The rest goes into glass jars. The back of his church is a big kitchen where they can all eat. Lots of stoves and freezers and shelves and stainless steel sinks and all that paraphernalia plus a lot of tables and chairs. But if the electricity goes out they can cook outside just fine and dandy.

To make things a little interesting I was looking at story on Prison Planet this evening. It was about the $140 billion bailout of Greece, of which the USA is contributing $8 billion dollars. Eight billion bucks we are gonna put in the pot for Greek to get out of the hole and just have one loan to pay off. But if you read the story you find that the money is going to pay off the banks who own the bonds that Grcece has been coasting along on. That $140 billion is going to the banksters! They will not lose a cent! And Goldman-Sachs will have another record breaking bonus this next quarter. I am sure the banks will toast us with fine Champagne for our generosity. And that money was originally from our taxes or debt to be paid for with our taxes. We have got to starve this beast. It has gone insane. Stay alive.




patriot_ohio said...

The weather is being forecast from a cave in Pakistan by some turban wrapped meteorolologists. That's why it never does what the damn Yahoo says it is going to do. Today, partly sunny and mostly snowy with a dollop of tornadoes and oil slicks.

Never trust a scientist whose science is named after the superstition of predicting the future by watching meteors. Also don't trust anyone who is an entrail diviner... anyone who can poke a gut with a stick and tell you what's coming down the pike is a sick-o, and probably a career politician of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.

Freezers don't make sense unless you are smart enough to go non-electric. An anhydrous ammonia closed loop system heated over firewood or a gas ring can create a good ball of ice inside an old electric freezer case, but you have to get it right or it goes Boom!

Keep writing Michael. And don't worry about the banksters too much... they are all going to be swinging in the wind before much longer. Lots of nooses being prepped around the country I reckon.


I am Stan said...

"Starve the beast" Bang on the money there mate!..(no pun intended).

Mayberry said...

"Lending" out borrowed money. How insane...

Pete Smith said...

How can we lend out money we don't have? It's like asking a blind man to tell you how you look. I don't get it this country is gone and will never be the same again.