Saturday, May 1, 2010


I feel like doing a little writing this morning. I got inspired by the recent gains that gold has made in the market place. It closed yesterday at $1180 an ounce. That is near and dear to my heart. That means the stock guys are going to the stock window and selling their stock and going down a ways to the gold window and buying. The stock market got hit hard this week. A little down on Monday. A big hammering on Tuesday and a gigantic hit on Friday. I love to see the bad guys get it.

One of the most impressive things about the price of gold rising is the fact that it means the value of the dollar is lowering. Gold cannot have calves or puppies. You cannot take little grains of gold and plant them and expect to get full sized ounces at harvest time. Gold just sits there. Unaffected by most things. So when the price of gold goes up in dollars it means that the dollar is really devaluing. Gold didn't do a thing, the dollar did. The old con game, the old paper money trip, is failing. It didn't used to be a con game. We had money backed by gold. There was a saying in America that something was "sound as a dollar." You don't hear THAT any more. Our money was so good that it was the reserve currency of the world. The dollar had to be taken in payment of international debt. Other local currencies did NOT have to be taken. Between WW II and 1950 we amassed 21,000 tons of gold in our treasury. We were the stone cold envy of the world, including central bankers in most countries. Now days we don't know how many tons of gold we have stashed because the fedov says we are not on the gold standard any more and they don't inventory it any longer. Hell, we might not have ANY gold in Fort Knox. Richard Nixon was president when we went off the gold standard for good. It's been a bit over 35 years since we had good money. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.

We heart of a currency collapse coming. An economic collapse. That used to mean the roof might cave in at the depository at Fort Knox. Now days it means that you have lots of money in circulation and nothing worth buying to support it. I can remember back in 1960 when 20 cents or less would get you a can of Campbell's Soup at the grocery. Now days it's a dollar and maybe a few pennies for a can of it. But the fedgov has decided in it's infinite wisdom to not tell us how inflation is effecting our ability to buy food. The soup has gone up 500% but we are not supposed to count that because food is so volatile. You are the mushroom people. You are fed shit and kept in the dark. But this raising of the gold price may be the light about to shine on all things so that we might see.

I am not a gold bug. I don't buy it or sell it or store it. It makes no difference to me but what it can tell me about other things. And gold going up means that the dollar is going down. And the stock market will be coming along right behind it. You know, it would not make a whole hell of a lot of anything if we still were an agrarian nation and people could grow their own food. But we are not and it is going to hurt us something fierce in the future. People in the cities are lost, folks. They do not know from Adam how to plant and grow a damn thing. They can't even plant beans and corn and that is about the easiest I know about. And they can't get non-hybrid seed from many places, though I hear that the seed companies, at least some of them, are changing their policies on that a bit. You can't eat gold but you can eat food. If there is nothing in the store to buy then where are you going to get your food? I'll tell you my good friends, we are the lawn mowingest people on the planet. My brother-in-law was telling me the other day that he used to work six days a week at a pretty burdensome job and on his one day off he mowed the lawn. I'd like to make a point right here. Those ignorant settlers of 150 to 200 years ago, who could not program a VCR to give the the right date, had enough sense to plant their food for THEMSELVES right up close to the house. The dog or a pair of eyes would tell them if anything was getting into their food supply. They could defend their food supply quite handily. Hell, if the marauder was a deer or a bunny rabbit they ate the marauder! But they did not plant grass to mow! Most foolish thing there is in times of stress is a damn lawn to mow. If you have one, plow it up and plant beans and corn and may a few squash and tomatoes. Act like you have a brain.

The signs are saying the economy is headed South. I believe the signs. I think this very month of May will bring big disturbances on our populace. Get your brain together and your preps ready because it is going to be a time! Stay alive.



HermitJim said...

Seems to me that if all the flower beds in my neighborhood were to be turned into growing beds for food crops...we would be better off!

But most in this area just have to have those "pretty plants and flowers" and will spend a ton of money caring for them!

Doesn't make a lot of sense to me!

Mayberry said...

I don't have a lawn. I got a sand box full of weeds, in the places they will grow. But I do have two large squirrel attractors (oak trees) out front, four cottonwoods full of dove, quail, and all sorts of little tweety birds. Ducks fly over every morning and evening, as hell as cranes, blue herons and more. Across the street in the "nature preserve" there are deer, turkey, wild hogs, cotton tails. Six blocks away is the Laguna Madre, full of fish, shrimp, and crab... And of course the big ol' garden out in the country. I'll be able to eat either way...

An ounce of gold pretty much buys what it bought a hundred years ago, even though the dollars are now worthless. Gold is a good indicator of the death of our economy.

Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Michael,

Your whole post is good, but the lawn thing is golden. Out here in the Arizona desert, a golf course needs a million gallons of water pumped onto it every day. There isn't a word for that kind of waste.


Pete Smith said...

I to think this month will bring new and off the wall things to this country.