Thursday, May 13, 2010


Howdy and good morning to you all. It has been a pleasant morning so far and we are enjoying it. The garden will be checked for moisture content but it is not going to be acceptable, we think. It just got too damn much water yesterday and the days before. We think it will get into the high 80's today and that should be drying things out a bit. I hope so. I want to get the seed in the ground. It has been my observation that you can't get a garden to grow unless you get the seed in the ground. Once the seed is in the ground you run into other things to worry about but that is beside the point. Ain't no sense worrying about weeds and water until there are plants there a growing. We will follow our regular method of preserving things and thus guaranteeing that we have food this Winter and next Spring. You can't have too much preserved food. If you can't eat all of it there will damn sure be someone who will help you get the job done.

I want to give Chinasyndrome a heads up this morning. He has three blogs he writes to and he has kept 'em pretty well stocked up this week. China doesn't try to be erudite or anything like that. He just sort of writes in a common vernacular and make his point in a simple manner. And he writes the damnedest questions you ever read. Real simple questions, easy to understand but difficult for the Powers That Be to answer. Give him a look. He ain't hard to find. You can pick up his trail at and work from there. You'll be keeping good company. You can also get on and have a pretty good time. You can reach him via email at This guy knows a lot about the SEED business. He can save you a TON OF MONEY. Just get on him and tell him to give up the data. He's a Prince of a fella and will give you the low down on what is what. He told me that we preppers have been take to the cleaners on what we pay for non-hybrid seed. He really has an amazing story to tell. And speaking of non-hybrid seed, we had beans last night. Home grown Cranberry beans. Cooked with a little bit of ham and some onion. Delicious! Those beans are so flavorful as to be unbelievable. Just put the stuff in a crock pot and go do other things. A little bit before supper you just put on some cornbread and sit tight. You will have some fantastic eating ahead of you.

The DJIA is shuckin' and jivin' today. A little bit down as I last checked. Who cares? Not I. The word is out that Angela Merkel is going to take Germany off of the Euro and put in back on the Mark. I would laugh my ass off at this. I have two beers stashed in the 'fridge and I would drink them in celebration of Merkel sticking to her anti-bail out position. It has been so long since a politician showed any kind of principle in this tired old world of ours. And the deal over in the Eu is the same old tired song and dance that we has played by our American orchestra. Take mega-bucks of taxpayer money and pay off all the banks bad debts. Make all their balance sheets look like gold. And the dumb or crooked moves they made with their money originally is all covered over and of no account any longer. The tax payers are out a trillion or so but who worries about them? They can pay the money back for DECADES. The stupid sheeple will never know the difference. Champagne for the House! The world is safe for banking again. My, don't it give you that warm fuzzy feeling? But the Irish and the Greeks are saying no deal and they are rioting their asses off. I can agree with them.

As a parting shot I just read that the next 2000 page bill to go before congress will be the financial reform act. All kinds of spy shit on the American public and two new bureaucracies will be formed. Spy on the citizens and make government bigger. We are to pay and pay and pay. Don't give the people any type of break. Keep their noses to the ground at all times. I reckon they must deserve it, cause they are sure going to get it. Stay alive.



Western Mass. Man said...

Hi Michael.
I found this over at JWR's site.
Kinda fits into Germany's plan from your post on Thursday.

Mayberry said...

The DJIA shucked and jived in 1929, and throughout the Depression. Some might say we're already in a depression. The real unemployment/underemployment numbers are damn close to Depression era figgers. Just waiting on the bankers to start "learning to fly" now...

chinasyndrome said...

Hey Michael,thanks for the nod coming from The Godfather that's very cool.I think Mayberry's got it we are in a depression,they don't want to scare the sheep.Think about when economy tanked most real people knew long before they admitted it.George Ure has some interesting numbers today.Hope ya get some planting in this weekend.