Saturday, May 8, 2010


I just re-read The Coming Economic Depression again this morning. The Economic Analyst had a long list of guys who predicted that this year will be the collapse . Start looking to see violence breaking out. About six million people are going to run out of unemployment benefits pretty quick and they are going to be hard pressed to make it. Hard pressed as in Impossible. It is hard to imagine that this is happening to America. But our money is no good and our credit is no good and our manufacturing machine needs to be patched up and grown a bit. We don't need to be fighting all over the place like we are now either so we could save a bunch of money if we brought the troops home. Of course we would have to put them on unemployment once they got home, but that is cheaper than keeping them overseas.

Your net worth in the future will be determined by how close you live to your food source. A well off man will live at his food source. Poor people will live a long way from their food source. I am trying to tell you something here. And that something is you had better be able to produce your own food. And you produce food on ground, not on concrete or asphalt. It kinda helps if you don't have real close neighbors to steal your crops from you, also. And your crops will damn sure get taken. Don't think they won't. Those people who ridiculed us, and who still do, will take your food and not think a thing about it. You got it and they need it. Pretty simple thing in their mind. Sorta goes back to the "profits are personal and losses are public" sort of thing. The wife went to buy some vegetables at a cheapo version of Krogers today and the Zucchini was $3 a pound. Brussel Sprouts were $4 a pound. You toucha my squash and I breaka your face! She did not even bother to check the prices of tomatoes, but she will go back in a couple days and get those prices. Cliff in Georgia will have the lowdown on that I would imagine. I'll hear from him in a day or two. I remember last Fall when one of the Rothschild family said they were going to get into buying vegetables in India this year. They will resell them into Europe and make a fortune. Funny how guys like that always seem to know how the market is going to run. You don't suppose that...naw... couldn't be. I reckon that the environmentalists who shut down that big vegetable growing valley in California are happy now. Bastards. But, like Ilargi was putting up on her Automatic Earth blog, the major things going bad are the direct fault of man and not nature.

I am thinking about the genetics of certain people. I look at the credit default swaps that are going to completely bankrupt the world. Now they can't bankrupt me because I went through my financial shaking a couple of years ago and am now pretty clear. I get some nasty phone calls but they don't seem to bother me. If they are a collection agency then I just hang up. I sort of enjoy it. Wife refuses to answer the phone so it falls to me. But laying that aside, who would formulate a plant to enslave their brother? Because that is what has been done. The banksters aim to enslave us all for the rests of our lives. And they will try to get their hands on what our kids and grandkids make, if they can. And this is what makes me wonder about these people. Taking a persons sustenance is like murder. These people are killers. And there is a guy in the Bible who is called a killer from the beginning. And if it is from the beginning then the blood line goes back quite a long ways. Not pointing any fingers you understand, but just noticing things. I was reading an article on RENSE today and it was talking about the Ashkenazi Jews. It would seem that they are not related to the Jews of historical Israel at all. They were sort of coerced into becoming Jews sometime after 700 a.d. and have been trouble ever since. Every Premier of Israel has been one of these Ashkenazi guys. I mean, I'm just saying. I don't know what it all means, but it will come out in the wash. Stay alive.



Andrea said...

"Who would formulate a plan to enslave their brothers?"

It's as old as time...OT to be exact. Remember when the drought began in Egypt and people sold everything to get some wheat from the Pharoah's stores? When they'd sold all they had, they became slaves to the Pharoah in order to eat. Not so different from today really.

"There's nothing new under the sun...."

Staying Alive said...

You are quite correct, Andrea. My method of getting people to think sometimes is to have them show me the truth. And a child of God ran the operation for Pharoah. After all, what did he care if the heathen enslaved themselves? They deserved it.


chinasyndrome said...

Michael,for many people its money,power,control.Some want money, every body's.Some it's power,they just love making other folks do things.Some love controlling everything.I never have understood folks like that.Some how those with power seem to always become corrupt.
All I ever wanted was to be left alone,but somebody always wants to tell ya how to live,usually at their benefit.


Mayberry said...

I see an aweful lot of gardens springing up around here, and that's a damn good thing. I am seeing livestock in places there never was. Some people are getting the hint...

Pete Smith said...

I have a good amount of seeds from bigJohn, I have a good amount of Mt. House food in #10 cans and lots of 5 galoon buckets with sugar, salt, oats, grits and other food. I have guns and ammo and survival supplies, does this mean I'm ready? No but I am ten times better off than the walking dead of this country. And I look to my future and hope to survive.

Staying Alive said...

I ain't too worried about you three guys. But there are a few hundred others who may need looking after. But we ain't nannies. Folks got to make up their own minds.


Dannistan said...

...and then there's my Aunt & Uncle in Pittsburg. Spoke to her about her preps and she advised my Uncle said the economy is turning so no more stocking up on food...and the neighbors keep losing their jobs and foreclosing homes. But my Uncle knows more than anyone else although his welding business is down, late payments over 60 days are now 65% of uncollected revenue. Over 8 credit cards maxed and I'm the fool. Lets face it...we have these relatives and you just can't help stupid! So glad I have my Fellow Preppers!