Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, we had some elections yesterday and it would seem that the Obama idiots got their asses handed to them. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Arlen "The Magic Bullet" Specter got drilled in Pennsylvania. If you want to know the mentality of the average American citizen you just need to remember that this guy served on the Warren Commission after Kennedy got shot. They kept the guy in there all this time! He's 80 for chrissakes. He wears more make-up than an aging whore. I generally have some respect for older folks but in this case I depart from my usual practice. Good bye and good riddance. If you ain't heard, Dr. Rand Paul won the Republican primary race against an establishment guy in Kentucky. Laughing my ass off! The whole country is repudiating the evil cabal of Obama and Pelosi. Life could be about to become a living hell for these folks. And I hope the fires scorch them. I haven't been voting of late but I will be voting anti-establishment right down the line when I do. And that means you don't get my vote, Dan Coats. You have enough money. Stay home.

And I don't want all of you to think that this will make a damn bit of difference in the coming economic bad times. It ain't going to happen. The system is collapsing right along and these limited humans cannot stop it. You can't put the brakes on after the car has already gone off the cliff and is headed toward the rocks below. The ordained outcome will transpire. And after about tomorrow the press will have gone on to other things to save Obama the embarrassment of reading about his failure. Then we can get it on with the fall of the Euro and the EU. After that we can expect a few little surprises to arrive on OUR shores. They will not be surprises to the prepper community but they will sure be a surprise to our detractors. Life will start to get real tough. My son is real tough. He ran into a patient who was not responding to his own breathing mechanism. People are so constructed as to breath when the carbon dioxide level in the body is too high and they need oxygen. This drive to make you breath can fail. My son put his patient on high concentrated oxygen. A fellow Paramedic asked him why. There was other things wrong and that Paramedic was going to treat them. My son told the other paramedic that he was going to provide oxygen to the patient and become the driver himself. If the patient would not breath he would slap him up side the head until he did. The kid is tough. He was going to get done what had to be done, one way or another. And we, the preppers must learn this way of thinking. What ever has to be done had better get done. Like Bill Jordan used to say, "Ain't no second place winners". You make the shot or you get shot.

I was talking yesterday about defending against predators who come against you. They will shoot you going out to get water. They will shoot you when you go to check the mail, if there is any mail. All of the things you do by habit are what can leave you naked before a determined enemy. You have to break your habits. Don't do ANYTHING at the same time every day. Don't ever take the same path to the well or the outhouse every day. You have to become unpredictable. You have to become the unknown quantity. You used to getting up and taking a leak immediately? Better vary your pattern. Get an old Thunder Bucket if you have to. Anything to break your pattern. Your habits can kill you. And your enemy will be watching you for HABITS.

Get a Watch Dog. It don't have to be a big bruiser of a dog or a natural born killer. It just has to bark when it sees something out of the ordinary. The best watch dog around here is a Chihuahua named Banjo and he is a devout coward. Runs from his own shadow. But you go up toward his master's house and he sounds off like crazy and he don't let up until the master comes out or you head another direction. Can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag but he sure can raise hell. Just the ticket for a homestead out in the country. Especially one that does not have enough security on guard at night.

And you are in the process of sounding the alarm to your survival clan aren't you? This close to playing smear the queer and you ain't called in the troops? It may be a little early yet but it doesn't do any harm to keep things fired up a bit. When the twig snaps, when the rubber band unwinds, you want all your survival mates to be there a.s.a.p. We will not be playing games. So stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

I still think my Chihuahua is the best guard/survival dog. He barks at people and critters who come close to the house. He is only 8+ lbs and only eats a 1/2 cup of food a day and drinks very little water. And if need be and we have to bug out he is light and small. He has run of a bear and other critters when we are camping.

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,if I get out of this apt before the collapse I will have several dogs.People will have to toughen up.It's a shame but until things settle back down,you will be able to trust no one.A joke i hear a lot these days,is I won't prep if it happens I got a gun I will take it.Well guess what Rambo we have guns too,we know how to shoot too.