Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, it's time to settle in and make up the popcorn and watch the main attraction. This movie is called COLLAPSE and we all get bit parts in the flick. Mayberry had a comment that the death of the dollar opens the door to the elite starting another ponzi scheme to make something new to hustle the folks. Don't bet against Mayberry on this one. It's just too logical. But a lot of Doomers are betting the limit that this is the big one, the collapse of the dollar. Got preps? I sure as hell do! Just seems logical to me. And it really does not matter if you believe in the present criminal conspiracy or not. You just get what you need to stay alive no matter what life throws at you. You buy insurance for your car and house and boat and whatever so why would you not insure yourself to be able to keep eating no matter what happens to the economy and world trade and all of that stuff. America has no food warehouses anymore. The storage is in the trucks out on the highways. God help people if the trucks don't roll. I have talked until I am blue in the face about having storage food and garden availability and I will probably talk about it again. But it is so important. And you read it all the time and you become hardened to it and start to not pay attention but you had better pay attention this time. You cannot keep your family alive and strong without food.

The collapse will be a very basic situation. Things will be on the level of "eat or go hungry". Have water ready or be prepared to get real thirsty. Have your first aid and medications on hand or be prepared to suffer. Nothing complicated. Just real simple stuff. And the collapse will prove our preparedness. Either you will have what it takes to make it or you won't. Them that don't have what it takes had better be ready to drop trou and bend over. And that is simplistic but it may shock you to find out how accurate it is. If you short yourself on this you may regret it for the rest of your short life. Like I said, this is a very basic situation. And those of you who are not ready had better get these words to penetrate your thick skulls and make a lasting impression on your minds. And do not think for one moment that the US government will not play with your head, because they damn sure will. Although the story is 7 years old, you can get on CNN and find out that our armed forces did not get bin Laden in 2002 because the dogs were called off. The PTB did not WANT to get bin Laden. That would have shut down their money making little war and that is taboo in this day and age. But we are assaulted with the name of Al Qaeda every day. But do not be disturbed, the taxpayers will pick up the tab for this.

It is getting colder and colder here. You would think Winter was coming the way the weather is acting. The news is full of the story of the guy who walked into a coffee shop and executed four police officers Somewhere out in the state of Washington. Whoever did it was seriously pissed off at the police. Didn't even look at any of the other customers at the coffee shop. Are things starting to get interesting? Are we going to have more and more people losing it and going postal in our society? Keep your eyes open, folks. It could happen to you. And stay alive.


Sunday, November 29, 2009


I can't tell you how I know this but I have been told that within two months we should have a new currency here in the good old USA. The lid is off the pot folks and the stench is starting to drive the rest of the world away. Sometime around the first part of February this should happen. The collapse is on and God help those who are not prepared. I am working on getting us secure here in Indiana and I know there are those of you in other places who have put their hearts and souls into the effort. I don't know how it will all work out and I might have to strain to really care. I have me a little team and we will do our best to get others ready or at least organized, Some pretty damn good people in my team. Shooters, gardeners, business people, foragers, hunters, builders, and so on and so forth. It's gonna take people, people like you and me. People who have the love of God in their heart and the love of their fellow man in there also. And this two month time frame is someone else's estimate, though they apparently have inside information. I cannot verify the time frame but I can verify the end results. Here is a quote from Jim Sinclair:
Jim Sinclair�s Commentary

Secret central bank loans and their covert purpose have no place in a public society.When rule makers become rule breakers, claiming impunity as the ends justified the means, the rule of law no longer exists. The society is Totalitarian in the guise of Democracy.The transition is completed.
And there are a lot of preppers who are of the same mind. And I read them. Try Bison Risk Management Associates and read the Chief Instructor at He will give you a peek at things. Pete Smith at will just come right out and say it. No beating around the bush. And there are others I read every goddamn day. Someone always has a piece of the puzzle to share and they give it up pretty easily. You will always get pretty good news from a prepper.

I have encouraged people to get ready for this time. And it is going to come. Every one of you knows this and has tried to warn others. But most Americans are asleep and unaware. And we did not do that. Some other force is at work in them that is not in us.

I found a web site that has the info I expounded upon earlier in the post. It is at Scroll down until you get to the audio tape with the Marine emblem on it. It will give you more than enough to get you to thinking.

This post is a bit scrambled but it will give you an idea of what is going on. More data kept coming in as I wrote the piece. Stay alive.


Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's getting to look like cold weather. Below freezing here at the homestead. Not much below but enough to get you in the mood to get back inside to the warmth of the house. I'll be ready to go again next May.

I have been thinking about gold. Gold is a mirror. It reflects what is going on around it. You gotta understand that gold does not have calves or lambs or piglets. It produces nothing. And gold pays no dividends. It just sits there, a lump of elementary yellow metal that has little or nothing to do. But the price of the yellow metal keeps going higher and higher. Some of the wise guys in the commodity market say it could get into some big time numbers pretty soon. My friend Charles Bell said they were carrying gold short sellers out on stretchers last Wednesday from the market. This is not a good time to be shorting gold. You can get a margin call in a very short period of time. For those of you with investment money, I would buy gold and hold it for a while. Actually, if you have your preps are complete to most existing standards, I would advise buying it and never selling it. Same goes for silver. Why sell? All you will get is worthless FRN's so why would you sell? Buy and bury is my motto. And buy off of businesses that allow you to make anonymous purchases. Don't let the fedgov know you have it. You never can tell when those bastards will come confiscating. And they have done it before.

The FDIC is broke and the fedgov will be looking to have a bank holiday pretty soon. I told a young lady that my daughter, a recently admitted-to-the-bar lawyer, could not find a job. The young lady in question said it would get better because the Obama administration was going to hire 22 or 23 thousand lawyers after the first of the year. Now you might ask what the fedgov will be needing with all these thousands of new lawyers on the pay role. And all I could say to you is that they must be going to sue a lot of people. But then you will ask me why and I must say I don't know. I would say that it looks like we are going to hell in a rocket ship. Ain't going to be a long ride. I think it will be a quick ride down. If the prediction of the banks declaring a holiday are accurate then the Shit is Hitting the Fan.

I'm thinking how nice it would be if we could all have a couple hundred acres in nice secluded valleys somewhere with a hundred acres in forest and a hundred acres in farmable fields. Nice wood stoves. Plenty of good water. Abundant game and maybe some fish. Huge pantries with an abundance of long term storage food. Satellite Internet and the money to pay for it. Good friends and family around for help and companionship. Jim Sinclair is advocating taking ownership of farm land and I think he may have something there. Being able to grow food in a secure environment is a blessed thing. And our economy after the collapse could very well be based on calories. Food will be a very nice thing. Being able to eat every day will be a greatly envied lifestyle. Envied so much that people will risk life and limb to take it from you. And that is a gloomy prediction but I have told everyone to gather up their families and clans and join together for security and labor resource.

Your farmland or retreat or settlement or what ever you call it will need defensive planning. It may not be time to go on the offensive but it ain't never too early to get defensive. Figure out where the enemy or raiders or local malcontents or just stupid people will be coming from and set up your guards accordingly. Never give a sucker an even break. They will shoot you and take your food, to say the least. You have precious lives to protect and you may as well get to it with gusto. The stupid people are out there in droves but the good guys are fairly limited in numbers. Protect the good guys. And stay alive.


Friday, November 27, 2009


You must be stuffed with food and not very hungry right now. So it is a good time to read and maybe learn something. How about a little survivalism? Hope that sounds okay to you.

I feel like saying a few things about guns this morning. Guns for self defense and guns for getting game for food. Most guns will do some of these things quite well and if you like them then you should shoot them. There are, however, a few wrinkles in the game of fire power. If you have a felony on your record then you are not to own a firearm. This makes it a little difficult to have a gun handy at all times. One thing you don't want to do it buy from a dealer. They have to fill out those nasty, incriminating forms for BATF. And BATF can go through the paperwork and find your John Henry on the bottom line and off you go to federal prison. Not a good thing. So don't acquire a gun from a dealer. You never want paperwork laying around that can send you away. You won't like it. You want to buy a gun "off paper". This means you buy it from an individual and you don't sign a damn thing. How do you think the gangsters get THEIR guns? It is called the black market by some folks and it works. And it will always work. After the collapse a lot of bullshit paper work will disappear and everyone can go about living a much freer life. And I think we can all appreciate that. Preppers know what a gun is for and how to use it properly. We read about it all the time. Don't neglect your preps!

Another wrinkle is the getting-to-be-common shortage of ammunition. The main caliber pistol and rifle rounds are hard enough to find but if you have developed an affinity for a 50 caliber HAMMER-OF-GOD round you may have a problem finding ANY ammo for it.There are many .308 weapons and 30-06 weapons, along with plenty of .223 and 7.62 X 39. These are the big sellers and thus the most ordered and therefore they will be the first things on the market. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. And if you shoot an off-caliber rifle you will just have to wait for your ammo to appear on the shelves. And I am not saying your choice of weapon is wrong or inadequate or anything like that. I am merely stating the economic facts of the matter. The big selling, back ordered calibers are going to get the lions share of the production time at the bullet factory. Your rare breed will just have to wait a few months until they can get to it. Sad but true.

Pistol ammo is the same way. .38 Special/.357, .380, 9mm, and 45 acp are the big dogs on the block and they are gong to eat first. Again, I am not saying your choice of handgun is wrong, but I am saying that when there are millions of rounds back ordered of the big five, your off-caliber choice is not going to get the attention is should. And you might be able to split a hair with your pistol. It may be the most accurate firearm in America. But it is NOT going to compete with the big sellers. This is a real thing to consider when choosing a firearm.

A lot of time is spent talking about the lowly .22 LR cartridge and it's various and it's various launching platforms. The reason for all the noise about this caliber is because it is still relatively cheap. Not like it was 10 years ago but still cheap enough to shoot. You can practice with it and drill with it and even get game with it, if you get good with it. It will also make an raider think twice about coming any further, especially if they already have one in the leg or the arm. Stomach wounds are a bad thing for a raider. Not too many people are interested in doctoring a raider. They will probably get hung anyhow.

Shotguns are my thing and I love 'em. You can get just about any ammo you need for a shotgun. All the way from slugs to very fine birdshot. 00 Buck will handle most of your self defense needs. I am very impressed with my shotguns. My son was impressed with my slug gun when he killed a 10 point buck. The picture is on the wall above me as I type this post. I was a proud Papa that day. He waited 5 hours for the buck to come out. Cold weather and getting dark but he hung in there and nailed that big boy. A determined man he was. Stay alive.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Remember when you fellas were a lot younger, in school and dealing with those raging hormones. Some times you just had to do something so you did it. You came up behind a girl and snapped her bra strap. And boy oh boy, did that ever piss 'em off. But we are looking at another snap coming in the future and it ain't hormonal. other than maybe adrenalin. We are talking about the snap society is going to do when the SHTF. The fedgov can get away with it's low life propaganda right now and people will fall for it. They want to fedgov to be right in saying that the recession is over. It is what the people want to hear. They want to hear that Daddy Obama has successfully gotten them out of the poverty and misery we were headed into. Millions unemployed and living off of unemployment compensation. Factories, the ones we still had, were shutting down and the economists were saying they would never open up again. Fearful words to a stupid and decadent citizenry. The average American citizen does not have the intelligence to wipe his own ass. And that is crude and crass and all of that stuff but it happens to be true.

The next collapse is going to make us a third world country with a huge poverty base for the rich to milk as they see fit. And you will bow or you will starve. I ain't going to starve but a lot of the citizenry is going to meet that ignoble end. Poverty unheard of is going to sweep this country. And the citizenry will finally wake up. At least to the point at they will be ready to do something besides give Obama another term. And if the election were to be held tomorrow they would probably re-elect him. They are that stupid. But they will have to set their stupidity aside when the next collapse comes. They will have to get plugged in to reality or starve. They will not like reality but it damn sure beats going hungry, or watching your wife and kids go hungry. They will be on the march to something better and if it ain't available they will burn and rob and kill until they find something better. And I can't say that I blame them. I just happen to be fortunate enough to have woke up in time to prepare when I still had a chance. There will be lots of folks who will not get the chance to prepare. My heart goes out to them.

But the cities will burn and the stores will be looted and then the march to the country will begin. And it is going to be a real heavy march. The city folks have this idea in their heads that the country is where the food is. Well, that ain't the whole truth. The country is where the medium of production of food is, called dirt. But dirt is not readily edible. You have to put seeds in it and wait awhile for plants to develop and crops produced. And anyone with half a lick of sense knows that. But the hordes from the city will come looking for food out in the country and there won't be any stopping them. They will be armed and unless you can successfully oppose a hostile group you will find yourself conquered and at the mercy of some rude dudes. And there ain't going to be any mercy. If there was mercy they would not be on the road as it is.

So when they come to kill you and rob you and molest you and your friends and family, you kill them first. The will have snapped mentally and are not deserving of much more than a quick death. And that is a hard thing to say but it will be a hard time and hard decisions will have to be made. This country's mentality is soft at the core and you may as well face that. They won't tell Obama or China to shove it but they will certainly kill you and take your food and supplies and use them for themselves. And they will be desperate. We will getting down to the basics by then and by basics I mean calories. It will take energy to get to you if you live outside of town and they don't have energy to give away. They have to make every move count. And they do not want to march all the way back to their base or their town and not get fed. So be accurate and precise in your defense. Don't let up and let them regroup and try you again, for they will do better the second time they attack. Hit them hard and press the attack as hard as you can. Don't leave a single one of them alive. And drag their bodies to the road and let them rot. Let the next bunch that comes to kill you see their bones in the Sun. Ugly, but effective. We are trying to survive here, not run a camp for displaced people.

And these measures, while harsh, are justified by the fact that people will have snapped mentally. They will be more like brute beasts than rational human beings. If your meeting with them is successful then I say pour it to them. Leave no one standing or capable of standing. If you fail at this they will be back, older and wiser. Do not forget that your whole life experience, with your family, your schooling, your interaction with society, has made you aware of how to approach someone and talk with them. You don't do it with a gun in your hand, unless you meet in a gun store. You don't shoot at or hit someone with whom you wish to speak. So when you meet someone who IS shooting and hitting then you are meeting a deranged human being. Anybody has the training to stop and talk. And if they don't do that then you had better be on your toes. Anything that can cause another person to throw away their all their social training is someone to really look out for. They are dangerous. Stay alive.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I got a call from the East coast this morning giving me the details on the "tit in the wringer" situation at the Commodity Exchange in New York City, what we call the COMEX. The Comex has a 9 million ounce stash of gold in it's warehouse. Someone, probably the Chinese, has an option to buy 30 million ounces at $1200 an ounce. And the price of gold ain't too far from $1200 right now. This option has two days to go and then it's either time to buy or time to roll it over for another month. But there has been no signs of anyone coming forward to roll the damn thing over and continue on with the game. It looks like someone is figuring on taking possession of the gold. And that is a lot of money to be spending, unless you are a sovereign nation with a lot of reserves. Like China or India or someone like that. 30 million ounces of gold is a big chunk of the yellow metal. But if the COMEX can't cough up the 30 million ounces then they must call around to the various central banks of foreign nations and try to borrow the stuff. They probably can't borrow that much gold. So they will be declared insolvent and that will be the end of the COMEX. They are pretty corrupt anyhow. The other thing worth noting is that China and England are pretty sure that the Tungstun ingots put on the market as gold probably came from the federal reserve bank. If this can be proven and the word hits the mainstream media then the federal reserve is bankrupt also. This stuff gets funnier by the minute. Having the COMEX and the federal reserve both go out in shame would just about toast our economy. One wonders how many countries around the world have gold coated tungsten bars in their vaults. This is going to be a mess. I mean a HUGE mess.

I talk to dedicated preppers about this coming fiasco and they act a little scared. I just tell them there ain't no reason to be scared. We have prepped and prepped some more and it will all pay off for Sam and Sadie Survivalist. This has been coming for quite a while and should be no surprise to anybody. This is just one of the reasons we have garnered our food and guns and ammo and medicines as best we could. The crooks are robbing us blind and it is going to turn around and bite them on the ass. The last act of a crooked government is to loot the country and escape with the money. We are watching that right now. We will reform ourselves into what ever we think will work and absolve ourselves from the acts of the bank robbers who are stealing from us.

I want to close with a little bit about the future. Remember the words of Charles Bell who said "DO NOT BE FOOLED!" There is a campaign to get this country going in the manner it was heading when the collapse of 2007 came upon us. It didn't work then and it will not work now. Our bill for all of the international borrowing will be over 200 billion dollars this year alone. It will quickly rise to 700 billion dollars annually. This economy that is being projected by the fedgov and the media is as phony as a $3 bill. There are SERIOUS problems in our economy. Devastating problems. And the collapse will hit like a ton of bricks falling on your head if you are not ready. Do not believe in these bastards. PREPARE! This next collapse will kick this country's ass so hard it won't even be able to walk. It is all smoke and mirrors. Lies. There is a huge campaign to get the stock market up and encourage the populace to buy for the holidays. I never realized how much the stock market influences folks. But it damn sure does. And it is all manipulated. Don't ever forget that. It was manipulated before the recession hit and it is even more manipulated now. You cannot believe the media and you cannot believe the federal government. Their figures lie and they are only interested in what little money you have. But you have the right to refuse to go along with these people and you should exercise that right. DO NOT BE FOOLED! And stay alive.


Monday, November 23, 2009


I keep seeing the words "you're on your own" more and more these days. Well who the hell don't know that! The world is crumbling as we watch, the economic order is bankrupt, the policies of various governments have failed completely, hard core religionists are gaining strength and malice against their competitors in the religion business, political rivalries between nations are at an all time high, and like I said, "We are on our own." You sit in some out of the way spot trying to keep your head down and be safe. But it seems the madness is going to the four corners of the earth. It seems to want to engulf us all. It does not want to leave anyone out of the equation. You just want to be left alone and to grow your food and secure your clan or family but life seems to have other plans. This means that all people are going to be affected by this malaise. It's gonna touch everyone.

They are going to touch you with their disease through your wallet. Governments are wanting your wallet. That is their life blood. However much they can syphon out of you will strengthen them. That fact that it leaves you devastated doesn't mean a hole helluva lot to them. UCLA just raised their tuition by 32%. Didn't ask anyone's permission. They just did it. And the education system is like that. They are a bunch of socialists and they want money and that it is that. You are a member of the working, capitalistic class and they want to be supported. Your job is to get your ass to work and get the money for them. They do not go to the marketplace to make their money. They are above that, you know. They don't have to get their hands dirty like common people do. They are the educated class and they want to be served lots of life's benefits courtesy of your paycheck. And they get it.

But there are more bloodsuckers out there wanting their share of the pie. The Social Services people are always clamoring for more money. The people paying your unemployment are asking for a bunch. Your legislators are needing a raise. The pensions of the police and firemen and the schoolteachers are needing a big funding. The roads are in a terrible shape and the highway department is tapped out and needs more money. Never mind that when you go by their work there are 8 guys standing around watching one guy run a machine. There will be a song and dance telling you how necessary all these people are. And you do want your road fixed, don't you? The days of the concrete roads are over. Asphalt is king these days. Two years durability at the maximum. Then it is time to go take another big wad of tax money and begin the cycle again. The people are so ignorant of these things. They are asleep and unaware. The various governments have their syphon hose in your wallet and they are not going to let up.

What all of this means is you have a big red target printed over your wallet pocket and the government is taking aim with surety. The taxes and fines and fees and regulations are on the way. You had better be prepared and have plenty of food and guns and ammo and medicine because it is going to get rough. And you had better watch your mouth too. If people find out you have, and they don't, they will rationalize taking what you have from you. It does not matter if you have warned them dozens of times. They didn't get the message and they won't get it now. They will just take your stuff and go on about their ignorant lives. If you wonder about the callousness of your government workers just look at the rest of humanity. Are not most of them hardened against thinking outside the TV? They can't do it! What ever they are told is right is what they will believe. And you can believe that! You are the target and you are the prey. Be warned and be ready.

This government is out to break us. They want to break us down into good Marxist slaves. One of our guys recently bought a tract of timber on the local naval base. They have been selling timber over there for 50 years at least. And we have bought a lot of it. Hell, we live right next door to them. But the time of the environmental concern is upon us. It has been wet and the forestry guys do not want us to rut their woods. It's actually our woods but they think they own it. Do to the poor logging conditions we asked for an extension of the time allotted to cutting the timber. But the forestry guys at the naval base can't deal with us on that issue. We have to call an office in Chicago and ask a lady up there if we can have an extension. Of course the answer is no. They don't like loggers and sawmillers anyhow. The lady is probably a "community organizer" who has gotten a civil service job. They don't like the marketplace jobs, if you will remember. And these kind of practices are going on more and more as the "change: of Obama is heaped upon us without mercy. We'll get a change all right. Changed from a moderately free people into good government stooges. They will get after the guns and ammo next. If you do not like the government programs then you might be a terrorist and you shouldn't have a gun. Just ask old Rahm Emmanuel. He will tell you that you don't need a gun. He's another Chicago boy. Stay alive.


Saturday, November 21, 2009


You step out of your house in the dim light of pre-sunrise and you look at the horizon. There are two plumes of smoke that should not be there. You now that something is amiss, that something is going on that is not good for you and yours. You get back into the house and find that the day has begun for the rest of the clan. The good aroma of pancakes fills the air and the admixture of frying Spam adds to it. You get a plate and sit with the rest of the men. You tell them about the smoke you have seen and where you think it comes from. There are some grunts and groans but not much talk. Their mouths are full of food and they won't let the possible danger stop their enjoyment of eating. But soon the talk is flowing and opinions are given and plans are made and the group is plugged in to the situation. Two vehicles with armed riders will go to a place closer to the burning. Everyone thinks it is two homes of "independents" that have been attacked, looted and burned. One of the houses had a couple of pretty daughters and they need to be accounted for, even if missing. Missing could mean they have been kidnapped and that will not be a good thing. The adults at the two houses are stubborn people who do not like working with others. They may be paying for this attitude. A convoy of armed trucks is going to head toward the suspected foul play and the men quickly finish their food and grab their guns. The guns are never far away. They load up the trucks and head down the road.

The house that has the two pretty girls is burnt to the ground, along with the barn and an old shed. But the girls and their mother are okay. They hid in the crawl space under the house as long as they could and the raiders were gone when they had to come out. The mother was practically in hysterics when the men got there. The man of the house was not alive. He had gone out to face the raiders armed with a ball bat and he came out second best in the encounter. Tough shit. The second house they visited was also burnt to the ground but all the residents were found dead. Also tough shit.

But this scenario could play out with some variance a thousand times in the next few short years. The people who are too stubborn or too stupid to form a clan and have group survival are going to pay a horrible price. I just got a call this morning from the East coast and the word is out that Social Security has been in negative cash flow for the last two months. That means they are sending out more money than they are taking in, to the tune of 5 billion dollars a month. It probably won't make the news until next Spring and no harsh legislation will come up for enactment until after the 2010 election. But then the hammer will fall. Always remember that the young and the very old are who get preyed upon in a conflict. They are the weakest targets. But it also means we are getting closer and closer to the collapse. And the collapse will bring the looting and arson that will destroy our country. China is out to buy 10,000 tons of Gold and make their currency gold backed. That might make them the only country in the world to have such a thing. Thus, they would become the money masters of the planet. And all other countries would have to bow to their superiority. The arrogant fedgov is not going to like this. Not one bit. There is also a rumor that the federal reserve is going to declare bankruptcy. I cannot fathom this happening. The only thing that could possibly cause that to happen is if countries with their gold stored at the federal reserve vaults under Manhattan all called for collection and the fed didn't have the gold. And I would not put it past them to not have the gold. They are some of the crookedest men on the planet and I would not trust them with so much as an ounce of gold, let alone tons of the stuff.

There are a lot of people who have very little business having a job. They don't do much and they don't care to do much. Millions of these people are in this country. I am sure you know some of them. But when they get laid off and the money is not coming in for their unemployment they are going to cause trouble, and lots of it. Nothing sane wants to die. No man wants to starve to death. Or watch his family cry and go hungry. So they are going to set about changing this in a rapid and satisfactory manner. At first they will loot and burn. But after the stores are all cleaned out they will attack homes of people who MIGHT have food and water. This will be when mayhem will strike in our land. The old people will be helpless. The young will not even understand. And the fit and able animals will rule the roost. This is the time for group defense. This is the time for a huge garden with plenty of guards. This will be when chickens for meat and eggs will be like having your own gold mine. A milk cow or goat will be worth a fortune. A compost pile will be worth a lot to someone of any intelligence. Clean drinking water will be a commodity that all will buy. And as a prepper you must be ready to provide all of these things. Your life will depend on it. And the lives of your friends and loved ones. We all have sacred cows in our minds. Social Security. Pensions. Rental property. Maybe a little gold and silver. But when the SHTF these scared cows are all going to the packing house. They will get ground up to nothing. And nothing is what they will be worth to you. Stay alive.


Friday, November 20, 2009


Things are in the air. Lots of bad news about the flu in Ukraine. The trouble with that is the reporting by the media is not what we would expect. It is almost always unverifiable and borderline incoherent. So what are you going to believe? I will believe what the blogs tell me before I will believe the media. If this crap influenza is really breaking out in Ukraine then our media is guilty, once again, of not telling us what is going on. Where is Seymour Hersch when you need him? I don't know what is going on and so I prep the way I had intended to prep all along. I take all of my vitamins and pro-biotics and go right on with my life. You can't let them scare you to death. And God knows they try. FEAR. The great weapon of all governments. Get the people scared and you can get them to go along with about anything. And until just a short few years ago there was no county any better than the USA at getting the people into fear. But then Ruby Ridge and Waco came along, followed by Oklahoma City. Then shoot forward a few years and you get the 9-11 destruction and then Katrina, with the phony reasons for the wars in the Mideast thrown in for good measure. We are becoming hardened to fear anymore. Who believes the guys crying wolf anymore? You know they are lying. And like one guy at our Wednesday night meeting said, every government of every country is lying to it's citizens. Go to the four corners of the globe and governments are telling lies to their people. It is a universal activity. In reading George Ure at I found a listing for a doctor retracting the advice he gave a bunch of nurses It is really an eye opening video and it is a doctor. . And what does it talk about? It talks about the lies we are told. The doctor says the flu vaccine is dangerous and he personally will not take it. And the video goes on to show talking heads on the screen advising you to get the shot. Sick!

I especially liked the part about pregnant women. They are advised to not eat fish bought at the store because ocean fish are supposedly polluted with Mercury. But the flu vaccine has Mercury in it! What the hell? You take a beautiful, feminine woman that is pregnant and she is casting about trying to do the best for her unborn child. She dreams of a healthy baby and will do anything to insure that condition. And while she is told to not eat ocean fish bought at the store she gets told to take the flu shot. But we understand that a few billion dollars are riding on this vaccine and everything must be done to see that the money is recovered and a profit is made. It does not matter if the pregnant woman is endangered. What matters is the MONEY! I despise these people. I am not a doctor so do what you think is best. But I am not getting that shot. And that just reminded me to take my Elderberry Tincture for the day. Ughh... Tastes like shit or at least what my imagination conjures up about the taste of shit. But it beats the hell out of the flu vaccine, as far as I am concerned. So watch that video and pay attention to what they are trying to get across.

After you have finished the video, what do you believe now that the government is saying to you? Do you believe the money markets? Do you believe the stock markets? Do you believe that pissing in the ocean will raise the water along the shoreline? Could I sell you a bridge in New York City? The whole system is a HOAX. And it is that way all around the globe. People are getting lied to in every country on the planet. Governments will not tell you the truth no matter what. So what are we going to do?

We are going to prepare for disaster. We are going to prepare for an economic meltdown. We are going to prepare for a plague of some sort that will attack this country, along with others. And we have been getting ready and we will continue to get ready. Every chance we get we will take steps to protect our family and friends and ourselves. We have to keep everyone going if we are going to make it. We need people for the garden, for the guard stations, for meal making, for preschool, for building, for repair, etc., etc. There are a lot of areas to cover when the SHTF and we are going to need every friend we have. Don't doubt it. There will be plenty of jobs to go around. Young and old, sound and lame, all have a place in the new world that is coming. Everybody can do SOMETHING.

More tomorrow, so stay alive.


Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write about so here goes.

I am having thoughts about the fall of the American economy. Reading about the power and might of the US war machine makes me think that no one will want to piss piss the beast called America. The power and might of the war machine is fantastic. Our Navy rules the waves. Our missiles are the fear of the world. Our troops can win a war or a battle, if you send enough of them in to do the job. Our agriculture is a heavy hitter on the world market.

Our manufacturing is out to lunch. We are financed by the rest of the world's ability to lend to us. Our biggest export is Treasury Bills. Our economy is weak and our war machine is strong. What's up, Doc?

I think the rest of the world will consider the opposing views of financial suicide or fighting the beast. The fight gets my vote. To hell with suicide because Bernanke is mad at you.
Here is the latest notice I have of the flu virus running wild in Ukraine. This is not pretty. I got it from . This guy is good and does his homework.There are now 1.3 million infected in Ukraine, and over 75,000 hospitalized -- IN FOURTEEN DAYS. This is very serious! Based on previous clinical data we can expect over 8,000 to be dead or soon to be dead. Forward projection of the epidemic is difficult because the clinical attack rate is unknown -- but myself and my associates remain concerned it may be quite high. Deaths globally may be in the millions. Let's hope this is not the case.
I am taking Elderberry Tincture every day. Screw this man made flu. I take Vitamin C and D-3. I sometimes take Garlic and eat Kimchee. I take a good dusting of Cayenne on my eggs ever morning. Cayenne has the reputation for busting other herbs and spices you might be taking. I am not going to take a flu shot.

There is a very interesting story at . Vlad sent it to me this a.m. Read it and know that it is prophetic. Something along this order will probably happen to us here in the United States. While you are reading it you will not find it difficult to believe what so ever. Stay alive.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just plain old ugly outside. Deeply overcast and raining with a chill in the air. I don't like wet cold. Never have and never will. But the bugs are backed off a little bit this morning and I am grateful for that. I reckon there is a silver lining in every dark cloud if we but know what to look for.

I am thinking about the trucking industry this morning. It is getting cooked down to just the big boys. The independent trucker is getting his ass tore off. Something like 50 or 100 a day are mailing their plates in to the Indiana BMV every day. That is going to be a lot of drivers looking for other work. And most of them are not covered by unemployment. For them it will be root hog or die. I hate this crap. These guys are just trying to make a living and they are getting stepped on like bugs. So we lose a lot of truckers and the big boys gobble up what is left and to hell with the people. And everything the people gets is hauled by truck. There ain't a damn thing I can think of that does not reach destination by truck. Everything in your grocery store. Every thing you buy at a hamburger joint. Every article of clothing at the stores. Your fuel. Your tires. Your medicine. Your guns and ammo. EVERYTHING.

And the truckers are going out rapidly. What will happen to us? It's hard to say. But it will not be good. And don't forget those men who drive and haul every day. They will be out of work. I reckon that after a couple of years of misery and hunger we will see something arise from the ashes that will give us our supplies again. To be truthful, I think we will be better off not buying food and other stuff if we can possibly keep from it. Grow your food. Mend your clothes. Let your kids make their own toys. Except for some essential medicines we need to get by with as little economic activity concerning the general national economy as we possibly can. And don't forget that Warren Buffet invested HIS money in the railroad last week. (I think something is trying to get through to me.) But no matter what happens I am finding this truck shut down troubling. This cannot do us any good.

The market is nuts again. Gold is down as well as silver. The dollar is up, and we all know the dollar is as useless as tits on a boar. The other countries of the world are printing up currency just as fast as we are but the dollar is acting like it is just a little too sick to hold anymore. And why should they sacrifice what little security they have to do us any favors? With all the treasury bills we have handed out over the years we sure haven't done anything to earn any fiscal loyalty. Stay alive.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Overcast this morning but there is sunlight in my heart. I have the word that Remus is gonna put out a powdered egg recipe on his Woodpile Report tonight. Hot damn! I do want to make powdered eggs. They are good for you and they are not cheap if you have to buy them. But if the morons of society can produce them then we preppers can damn well do it also. Brains are what it takes and the preppers have more of them than any other group of people I know. I am thinking about all that protein being stored away. Range fed Amish eggs reduced to a storable, usable, powder. Not the snotty, watery eggs you get at the store. Good stuff that will keep you strong. You can read the Woodpile Report at tonight. Remus is pretty good about getting it out when there is still time left in the day to read it. Enjoy.

Checking the financial reports this morning brought me the news that the dollar is below 75 cents this morning. Now you know we are in the midst of a recovery and all of that and we will not be getting any cost of living allowance for our social security this year because we have it so damn good, but there is a hint of inflation on the screen today. We will be cutting back on meat anyhow so as long as I can keep the protein intake up with eggs I will be okay. There is also rice and beans too. And cornbread and beans. And hunting and fishing. Hell, we'll get real healthy as soon as this economy craters! Hah!

I have been reading an article on Lew Rockwell about some Russians who say we are headed into a very, very cold temperature time. Maybe another Ice Age. I know how to prep for that. I'll get me a back pack and some walking shoes, a Ruger 10/22 for protection and game getting along with plenty of ammo, and a damn fine compass. And then I will head South. I'll have me some warm clothes in the pack and some emergency rations of some sort and then it is off to Mexico! And if that ain't enough I will be off to Ecuador. But I will find SOMEPLACE warm to live for a while. When I get there I will be in fine physical condition, if I make it. But I don't know that it is a really pressing issue at this time. If I am fortunate to be able to drive down South I will take some Grape cuttings to get myself a little business going when I get to warmer climes.

Things are looking very bad on the economic front this week. The dollar is down in 74 cent range. One alternative economist says when ti gets to the 72 cent range we have collapse. I have said 71 cents would get it. Gold is up like a monster and silver went up $1 an ounce today. The media is crowing that the dollar devaluation is going to make our exports sell well overseas. Michael asks, "What exports?" Treasury bonds? This export thing is a joke of the worst magnitude. We don't have a manufacturing base to make anything to export. It's all a joke. So get ready. I think the time is at hand. And I could be full of shit too. But it just looks to me that God is getting ready to flush the whole damn system. Inflation is what is driving the price of gold and silver up. It will drive up the price of our food. But it likely won't drive up the price of your wages. Folks working for the fedgov should make out okay but us peons will have to bite the bullet and make out the best we can.m Pay no attention the the stock market and so called leading indicators. Watch that dollar price! The system IS THE DOLLAR and when it goes the whole damn thing will fall. Get your preps in order and get them stored away. Order some non-hybrid seed to grow your food next year. These are the things that will save your life and keep you out of FEMA camps. And I hope to God you avoid the FEMA camps. Stay free. Stay out of the clutches of the state. Feed your family. If you ain't got as clan together then you are missing out on the top drawer of survivalism. Stay out of armed camps that profess to be militias. They will be loaded with fedgov spies and snitches. Only those extremely close to you should know what you have and what you are doing. Stay alive, please.


Monday, November 16, 2009


I have been thinking about making money off of survivalism. I equate that with something pretty low in my opinion. The person selling the different products instills a fear in his potential customers and makes the removal of the fear dependant on buying his goods and services. This is bullshit. I have checked them out and the stuff they sell is too high. They are attempting to make too much money off of their customers. Do not be fooled by these people. They are doing well by your efforts to support them and their agendas. Last night the Handmaiden made a chuck roast dinner for us. Now, chuck roast is the toughest, cheapest roast you can buy. But my Handmaiden knows a trick or two to help it be tender and juicy. Her number one trick is to roast it in a plastic bag. Those plastic baking bags hold moisture and flavor in like nothing else. Her next trick is to use her little coffee grinder to grind up some of her dehydrated onions, about a sandwich bag of them, and mix them with some flour and salt and pepper and other goodies and pour them into the bag with the roast, along with a little water, but not much water. Makes a perfect gravy and moisturizer for the meat. It comes out flavorful and tender and makes a wonderful supper. And this is how you make a high class pot roast dinner for a small family with very little money. And these are the things that should be told to other preppers. This is how you can make it in pretty good style for very little money. You just watch the stores and when the beef chuck roast comes on sale you grab it and celebrate!

We buy canned meats at Aldi's and Walmart and pay a low-ball price. We have had this meat for almost two years and it is fine. You can get whatever you like. Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Fish. And you have the meat and you don't have the high overhead of buying SURVIVAL food. When it says LONG TERM STORAGE or SURVIVAL FOOD or anything like that you had better be ready to fork over the dollars. Canned vegetables are still pretty cheap, as far as things go, and you can stock up on them for low dollars. Right now I am looking for a recipe to make powdered eggs for our storage. When we find the right recipe we will publish the news and the results, because we are not asking you to support us. But be that as it may, we still have plenty of food in storage that did not cost us an arm and a leg. For those of you in the "low income boat" like we are, there are much cheaper ways to go to in preparing yourself than buying SURVIVAL food. The ingredients are all commercially grown foods anyhow. There is no organic food among the purveyors of these products. It could all be loaded with chemicals and genetically modified foods. It is just NO BIG DEAL. Just a high dollar item to feed on your fears. And you should not be afraid. YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED! If you aren't then you had better get to it.

It takes a certain amount of brain power to be a prepper. If you have good money then it takes a bit less. Money just means you do not have to think about prepping very much. You write the check and the stuff comes to your door via truck and you are good to go. But if you don't have that money and you still want to prep then you have to use the old brain a bit. You have to make room in your budget to buy your canned foods. You have to check prices and availability. Then you have to store the stuff. And most folks don't have much storage room. Pantries were left out of the housing budget many years ago. Gardening is an almost lost art that is making a helluva comeback here in America. A few seeds can make you a lot of food! And if you can get non-hybrid seed you are really on the ball. My wife is becoming a wild food forager of some skill and dedication. That keeps the food bill down to reasonable cost. And all of this stuff takes brains! You can't buy your brain, you have to use it. Whatever you exercise the most will get to be the strongest. If you learn to grow garden and forage then you need to learn to can and dehydrate. That way you can store that food for later eating. But it takes brains and the use of them. America is not used to thinking like it used to be. So you steal a march on the dumbasses and start using your thinking machine up there between your ears. It is your most important prepping and survival tool anyhow. And it is one of the few things that will not run out from being used up. Stay alive.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


There will not be much of a post today. I didn't get inspired to any great degree so that is that.
I did get some info out of a book that said if the FDA checked human meat it would be declared toxic. We have ingested so many chemicals that we are are toxic waste dumps. Happy chemicals! And all of you potential cannibals can think about this for a while. Eat and die!

I got into another book today and it said that olives could be grown here in this country and it gave the latitude and longitude of where it could happen and the average temperature it would take. I have Mike Kemp looking at it down in Mississippi.

Mainly I am thinking about being a world citizen. It has a meaning that is very deep and meaningful.

Have a happy Sunday and enjoy yourselves. You deserve it.


Saturday, November 14, 2009


It was 32 degrees this morning and the damn beetles are invisible. I am sure they will be out soon enough but it is heartening to know they took a hit last night. Just wait until it hits the teens during the night! Ahh...bliss. It's cold in the Winter but it is pretty much bug free. I know we need bugs for certain things like pollination and feeding our bird friends and the like, but these beetles are not feeding anything and they are not pollinating anything and they are just a major nuisance. And they bite when the mood strikes them. They ought to go stay in the woods where they belong.

Sitting out on the porch at the crack of dawn. Puffing on a cigarette and thinking about things. A big bore rifle or shotgun started going off now and then. I enjoy that sound. That meant there were armed individuals out on the property and making it apparent to whoever was listening. Hope they got some squirrels or what ever they were after. There is a lot of game in this area. Has been ever since I came here to the area and that was 38 years ago, soon to be 39. You can eat here in this Valley. The men know all about the game and some women are learning the free vegetables that grow so abundantly. Seems like we can make it here. Seems like maybe a couple hundred thousand might live here and live well. Maybe even a million. We know about how to provide housing for that many people and a rough idea of how to feed them. It will be good and very good.

The Handmaiden stopped at the library to pick up her normal armload of reading material yesterday and brought home a real winner. It's title is Self sufficient Life and How to Live it and it is by John Seymour. He is an Englishman but has lived all over the world. He has passed on now and this is his gift to us. He was a real character. He was in his 80's when he got arrested for tearing up Monsanto's GMO plot in England, along with 11 other people. I think that was in 1997 or 1998. But he is a real guy and a real survivalist. His book is well illustrated and easy to follow. There is a lot on gardening, as you can well imagine. He gets into grafting of fruit trees and all sorts of stuff, always with great drawings of what he is talking about. You can see the different prices you can buy this book for at We have the best copy you can buy and it is hard bound and a good protective book jacket to go with it. I can say it is worth a read, if not a buy, and it might give you some tips you never thought of or heard of. As you might expect, I was very impressed with this book.Pretty much a boring day. I am expecting a collapse and it ain't here yet. Damn. But my reading is that when a currency collapses there is no warning. It's just gone.

Stay alive.


Friday, November 13, 2009


Well, are we tough enough to make? Have we got enough backbone from our ancestors to cut the mustard one more time and reclaim our inheritance? Our scriptures say we are to have dominion over all creatures here on the earth and I reckon that goes for soulless bastards too. And we sure do have a wide selection of soulless to choose from.

I have been sitting out on my porch sorta mediating on the small lake down below. There is a goose that lives on our lake. And as a young goose it bonded with a row boat used by the little lady who fed the goose. Now she is in her first year of college and the goose is on it's own. The goose followed that little rowboat around that lake when ever her mistress was using it. It became the goose's master, sort of. It's like some women who have a very silent husband. He doesn't say much and so the women will make up in their mind what he is thinking about. It's all a fantasy but that's the way it is. But this goose hangs out on the shore, eating grass and what not, around that boat. I sometimes wonder what thoughts pass through her mind about that boat. "He's so smart he can just ignore me." "He can go weeks without even moving." And the game goes on and on. But that dumb goose is like America! It's like America being promised change, with no explanation of said change, and worshipping a candidate for office. And the ignorant goose/electorate makes up the whole story as life goes on. And that is because they did not listen to some old shit who knows the story of the goose. And you can explain the goose and talk about it bonding with the boat but they won't look past that and see themselves. Life is funny that way. Back in the early 70's the Old Man had an idea that we would call our movement the ICU which stood for International Communal Utopia. But looking beyond the name is the concept of "I see you." I know what you are. I know what makes your clock tick. And you can't fathom my mind for you are a stupid goose. It is all a matter of looking beyond the material, the visible, and finding the real reason behind what we see with our eyes. When you see the electorate acting in a highly stupid and unreasonable manner then you know it is just a goose and subject to error. Stay away from that shit. Don't get involved. You have better things to do.

Gonna have fried chicken for supper tonight. I absolutely love fried chicken. It's hard to fry anymore. The chicken pieces are so thick you can hardly get it done. The Handmaiden has to boil it first to get it cooked and then fry it. The wonders of Chemistry and modern science. And modern science is what it takes to properly cook the stuff. You can go to Golden Corral in town and they can serve you up some very good chicken but I cannot afford their machinery to do it. They probably use 200 or 300 pound of it a day and I am not in that league. So, the Handmaiden has to use her tricks to get the job done for I cannot abide underdone chicken. I won't eat it.

The price of gold is going up and down a bit all the time. I liked one writers opinion that said gold was not getting more expensive but rather the dollar was getting to be worth less and less all the time. Made perfect sense to me. Someone figured out that what a dollar would buy right before the Federal Reserve took over now takes over $23 to acquire. The federal reserve is supposed to protect us against inflation. And they have never done that. And the Obama administration is going to inflate our currency like crazy to pay off our debts around the globe. Sure will be some unhappy bond holders when that happens. Wouldn't be too bad if we got raises that took care of the inflation and what it does to our wallets, but we are not going to get them. The capitalistic system is being wiped out in this country. Only the supper rich will have what it takes to go their own way. The rest of us will have to beg to live at our retreats and sustain ourselves as best we can. Hard times are not here yet, for most of us, but they are damn sure coming. Hell, 70% of us still have jobs. But that is going to end quickly and we have been warned. Then all of that stuff you have accomplished while prepping will be of good cheer. Just don't let anyone take it from you. And they will damn sure try. Don't doubt that. I aim to make it my policy that they will fail if they come to my house. You do the same. And stay alive.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Up and going as per usual. I like getting up in the morning. It reminds me that I am still here. And while that may not be the most pleasant thing I can think of, it means I have a job for the day. I have something God wants me to do. And that makes me happy.

I think about Cain leaving the Garden of Eden and going to the land of Nod and there taking a wife. That name, Nod, has a meaning to me. It was the land of a sleepy people. A people who were not tuned in to the world and it's meanings. A country of sheeple. They just went along to get along. And their progeny still walk the earth and Cain is still getting with them, for they are easy prey to his message. We see evidence of their existence everywhere we look. Sleepy people who are in denial of what is happening on the planet. Still wanting to carry on no matter what war or depression or collapse is upon them. Sleepy, so sleepy. Just mental dirt clods waiting for something to bust them up. And Praise God, something is coming to bust them up. Like Pete Smith said, there is something just over the hill, something evil and dark, and it is coming to kill a bunch of people. It is coming to bring misery upon the land. A few shall survive and defend their lives. Most will die off and be gone from our midst. Pete is a prepper. He is not asleep. You can read his daily tidbits at The thing you would like about him, and not even know why, is that he is not asleep. He is not from the land of Nod. He is among a growing number of folks who are not going to take this coming calamity lying down. And taking it lying down is not what a guy should be doing. The main thing to watch is to not blend your seed with another who might be from that Nod linage. I know it is not popular to talk about genetic lines and such, but think of your children. Do you want your kids to be halflings? It could happen, you know. So be alert and try not make mistakes that you will regret for decades and maybe bring you sorrow.

Many years ago I was introduced to the concept of the "youth generation." This was a way of expressing the country's reliance on the mind of it's youth. The young were glamorized and idolized. What the young were doing was the talk of the nation. Their clothes and their music were the big money makers of commerce. All of the system bowed to the young. And now look where we are now. If someone had just loved us enough to tell us we were full of shit we might not be in the shape we are in today. But those older guys are gone now and we are like babes left in the wilderness. We are blown about by every wind of policy that comes from D.C. And it is because of the worship of the youth culture that we are in this present peril. I keep telling people that God is the OLDEST of us. He ain't the teenager among us but the honored elder, the guy with the experience, brains, and power to handle the ship of life. No young punks are going to take control of his little blue planet and destroy his nursery. And be thankful we have continuity in his being. He is not checking out to go the great celestial graveyard. He will endure. He is a GOD.

I remember California and the history of it. You had to be one tough bastard to cross the West and make it to California. Not for the faint of heart, for sure. The fittest made it for the most part. And California grew and prospered with the gene pool that managed to arrive on the scene. For decades they came up with the goods to live. They were called The Golden State. Back in the Depression and the Dust Bowl days people flocked to California. They had work and they had food. But back in the 60's they were bitten by the youth bug, the same as the rest of us. And that brought the weak to the front. Welfare became a big thing in California. Working for the state was popular. Money FLOWED in California. Credit got easier and easier. Homes were built on practically an assembly line basis. And today, for all intents and purposes California is bankrupt. The weak took it over and dragged it down. The young and the untaught were given power and they wrecked the place. Now it has become a political farce with all kinds of shenanigans taking place. Perversion and debt have become the structure of the area. There is no way California is going to come through this in one piece. We need to get away from this youth culture.

Stay alive.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Reading a comment this morning I am being made aware once again how much we will miss the old folks who raised us. Our parents and our grandparents. I can vaguely remember one great grand mother, Grandma Reel. She was up in her 80's and when my Dad's family had a big get together she was invited to play Pinochle with the men. Other women were not invited but she sure was. She was a helluva card player and could hold her own against anybody. I remember my Grandpa Gordon and his gardens. He loved to garden and was really proud of his tomatoes. He grew big Beefsteak tomatoes and the family loved them. We ate bacon and tomato sandwiches like crazy when the tomato crop came on. It was from my Grandpa Gordon that I learned to keep my tools sharp and ready. Shovels, hoes, hand sickles, you name it, he kept them sharp as razors. He was up in his 70's when he finally quit trimming around the house with a hand sickle. And he seemed to go so slow, but you just try to keep up with him! I could out work him for a couple of hours but then I had to take a break. But he kept on going in his slow methodical manner and always did more than anyone else. Of course, his tools performed better than anyone else's tools. That was a big part of his production and I think about that whenever I get into the garden or something similar. Those old folks knew how to get things done. They knew how to plant and how to reap. They knew the nuts and the fruit that were good for you. They could make wine and beer. And they could damn sure take care of their tools. Not taking care of a tool was a capital sin for those people. Their push plows were put away every Fall cleaned and greased. Even their outside door mats were cleaned and maintained with care. They knew how to treat various illnesses and what to take if you were coming down with something awful. They knew how to save money and keep what they had. They did not live in a throw-away world like we have now. If something was for sale and it was cheaply made, it did not sell. Period. No shoddy merchandise allowed, thank you. And oh my God, how wonderful it would be to have these people back with us. We are going to become much more self sufficient than we are now and those old folks were of that make and model. We will get it back but it will be hard on us. But maybe we will take batter care of it this next time.

I read a blog that brought to mind the idea that we are crazy, this morning. And I went along with it. Who can believe that the economic condition we were in would last? Raise your hands all that thought it would go on for a long time! If you did think it would last then you were crazy. There ain't no free lunch. If you didn't know that you do now. I remember my grandfather wanting to buy a new car to have his granddaughter drive him to eastern Kentucky to visit his brothers. He was in his mid to late 60's at the time and wanted to see them before he and they died. So Grandpa and Granddaughter went up town shopping for a new Chevrolet for making the trips. He actually got a used car that was in very good shape. They picked out the car and went inside to make the deal. But they ran into a snag. Grandpa didn't have a credit rating. Why? Because he never borrowed any money! He owned three houses and two apartments and never owed anyone anything for them, at least as far as the system was concerned. The bank would not loan him any money for a used car because he had never borrowed any money. And he was probably worth more money than the banker he was talking to. But that was how our ancestors were. They stayed out of banks and loan companies. They stay out of pawnshops and away from loan sharks. And that was just the way it was. It was the next generation that got into credit to any great degree. My generation got into credit in a big way and the ones after me went hog wild.

Though there are hundreds of things I miss about my old family now deceased, one of the major memories are the Christmas parties we used to have. My God. For a kid they were just absolutely wonderful. Grandpa had been good to all of his kids mates and they respected him to the maximum. I remember my Dad would not speak to my Uncle Harry for years, but for the Christmas party they got together and acted like things were okay. And they did that for Grandpa's sake. The party was a huge affair with kids all over the place. There were gifts by the wheel barrow load and a huge dinner. There were games for the adults and games for kids. So many fond memories of friendly people sitting around and having a good time. But when Grandpa died it ended. He was the glue that held the family all together and his passing was the signal for everyone to go their own selfish way. I hated to see him go. I just about lost it at his funeral. My oldest brother came up and held me and that is what kept me on my feet. After the main part of the ceremony at the funeral home they closed off the viewing room and just had his kids come in for one final look at their dad. I heard my Mom cry out "Oh Daddy!" and I was once again crying like Niagara Falls. Ah, they just don't make 'em like they used to. Stay alive.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It is Monday morning and I have just looked at Lew Rockwell dot Com. Three gun articles. That is a high percentage of reading for LRC to have up for just one day. Is Lew trying to tell us something? Is something gnawing at his psyche that he feels to tell us to get guns? And by us I do not mean preppers but I mean the normal people who read LRC. Lew is telling them in his own way to get ready. And they had better pay attention! I don't give much credence to the guy who says if you can only have one gun you ought to have a high capacity 9mm semi automatic pistol. I think that advice sucks. Big time. It is the advice of someone who is not out of town. It is the advice of someone who is not planning on GETTING out of town. It is the advice of someone who is going to stay in town during the bad times. But I guess if you can't get out of town, then if you stay the 9mm might be a good idea. Me, I would rather be walking down the road carrying my 12 gauge pump. No one will bother me or be alarmed in the slightest. Just part of farm life, you know. And you let a raider come in here and I will show you another part of farm life. It will be time for a dirt nap. And 00 Buck will get the job done and the raider put to bed. I do not fear looters and raiders where I live. Too many places to hide. Too many places to ambush. We are the Viet Cong here. It's our home and we know the way around. It is a comforting thing.

Sunday night meeting was pretty damn good, if you ask me. One man gave a good long talk that I enjoyed very much. In his talk he said that God was a scientist. He knows everything about all the planetary systems and the black holes and all that stuff. And his scientific power reaches down to viruses and germs and even subatomic particles. There is just nothing he does not know. And he is our Father and he is looking out for us and he has all the power in creation to get the job done. That will let a guy sleep soundly at night. To hell with the problems of the world. We can't stop any of it anyhow so let God handle the mess. He is very much up to the task. " I wound and I heal. I kill and I make alive. I life up my arm to heaven and say I LIVE FOREVER." Now that is the ultimate stud of creation. The SUPREME guy. And he likes us. And you can tell our enemies about that. Some preppers are all up in arms about fearing this and fearing that and I think a lot of it is a waste of time. We have our food, our guns and ammo, our medical stuff and our water, so what the hell? We can only do so much and God knows it. So be at peace. The scripture says, "After having done all, stand." I can go along with that. And sleep well at night too.

The weather is warm and mild. The bugs and flies are having a great time. I am a little bummed out by that but I can live through it. The wife is getting her car fixed today and that is a great idea. I don't know where she got the money and I am not going to ask her. She has her methods. I know some of them but sometimes it is best not to comment. She does well. But even her efficiency is not enough to get rid of these damn beetles. Old man Winter will have to take care of them. I will not miss them.

Nothing specific on the outcome of the G-20 meeting except to say that currency distortions due to trade imbalances will be under observation. But I take that to mean that the dollar will get hit on a daily basis. It is getting hit today, even getting close to 74 cent territory as Gold and stocks keep going up. The stocks are manipulated and the Gold has now broken free of price control. I don't think the US government has the clout to manipulate the Gold market any more. It would cost too much and the over night buying and selling would just erase what the fedgov managed to accomplish.

I am considering what it means to be a citizen of the world. It is a weighty subject. But we all have to get to that place sooner or later. You can't imprison a man for leaving a place of poverty and drought and going somewhere that he could work and feed his family. That would be a crime. But the gangbangers and the dope dealers must stay away. They make it messed up for everybody. We will get into this in another post. Stay alive.


Monday, November 9, 2009


Getting back to the survival business. It has been a long weekend and folks are ready to get back on the trip, or at lest I think they are. I was reading Pete Smith and he sounds like he is going to be increasing his prep acquisitions immediately. That is the kind of spirit we need in this struggle. We have to get ready for what ever life is going to throw at us. People stored up in the Bible for bad times. Our ancestors had not choice but to store food. They had no refrigeration. People today are different. Everyone is on the grid and using electricity to cool and freeze the food. And that is good but the best is the enemy of the good. And the best is to have food stored that takes no juice from the wires to keep it. No dependency.

We are in the middle of a beetle infestation. They are not Lady bugs and they aren't Potato Beetles but they are becoming a nuisance. They just crawl all over everything. And they bite if they get aroused. I have squashed about 300 of them in the last three weeks and you would think I was qualifying them for an Endangered Species entry. But that is a dead end street. You can't kill the damn things fast enough to make a dent in their population. I could use some bug killer on them but the cats are in the line of fire and I don't want to kill the cats. Ain't never seen a mouse in this apartment. No Cockroaches either. I have a female cat who hunts and eats bugs all night. But she won't touch one of those damn beetles.

And while I am on this trip with the Beetles, I am wondering when it is going to get cold. We have pretty well wiped out the first week of November and started on the second one. We need a bone chilling week and these damn bugs will go away for a long time. I have predicted a kick-ass Winter and so has the Farmers Almanac but it ain't here yet. Might be some El Nino trip. People in Mississippi are putting in their Winter gardens. They have a lot of moisture still in the ground and a tropical storm due to hit Tuesday or Wednesday. More moisture folks. Our ground here in southern Indiana is water logged also. Up in flat land country in the northern part of the state they are experiencing very wet corn and very wet beans. It is going to cost some folks some money but the way things are these days they HAVE to get that crop harvested.

The news is full of the story of the shooter down at Fort Hood. There is even a little bit of news about Kimberly Munley, the cop who put the crazy shooter down. She did it by the book. She saw what was going on and drew her gun and went straight at the shooter, firing at him until he went down. She took a hit through both legs but she had enough adrenalin to stay up until the shooter was stopped. She did the right thing. If you ever have to defend your people or your family, keep shooting until the threat is neutralized. Ain't any sense in letting a whacko get the chance to put YOU down. She was out in a patrol cat with another officer, I believe, when they saw something going wrong. They pulled in and Kimberly went into her act. Funny there was no shotgun in the car. A pump 12 gauge would have stopped the carnage very quickly. But I guess it was stopped quickly anyhow. But that aggressive forceful stopper is what wins the day. And I would say it was a bit scary, but that goes with the territory.

I am getting emails from people who are talking about defending themselves and storing a lot of food and all that stuff. And it is good to now that people are aware of what is going on and are trying to prepare for it. But a lot of "speakers" for the preparedness movement are little boys trying to act like big men. They have never built a town. They have never built an economic base that feeds all their people. They know nothing of handling the human family with all of it's problems. Oh, they know about Google Earth and being isolated and storing food and ammo and medicine. But they are not builders. They cannot construct a place for 150 to 200 people to live. They are talking the talk but they have not walked the walk. Be careful who you listen to. It could keep you healthy for a while longer. Stay alive.


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just starting my Sunday blog on this chilly Saturday morning. I went to bed too early and got up too early and now I pay the price by being up and not having anything going. I have read my blogs for the morning. Not much email to get me enthused. So it must be time to get with my post of the day. You can't go wrong writing a survival blog anyhow. The best people in the country will be your audience. It doesn't get any better than that.

Five more banks went out last night. In the last 15 days we have had 21 bank closings. That figures out to be a rate of over 500 per year. There must be a lot of banks out there who bought screwy financial products with depositors money. They got greedy. They watched all these other banking idiots playing the go-go game and they just could not stand to stay out of it. They had to reach out there and make the BIG MONEY like the wise guys were doing. And now they pay the price of having their banks taken away and turned over to competing banks. We the people are really supposed to be backing the FDIC in their work of confiscating these banks and getting rid of the old management and ownership. And if banks have to fail because they did dumb things then so be it. They have a right to fail. Not everyone can make it all of the time in the world of money and finance. There is a natural progression of growth in the banking industry. It all hinges on the number of people in the area you service and the money they make and can save in your bank. When those parameters were discarded the banks started having trouble. The accountants got into creative bookkeeping. Shaky debts were called assets. Mortgages were issued to people who did not even have to verify their income. Sure wasn't that way when I was a kid. Mortgages were issued to people who could not afford to make payments. But their property was going to go up in value forever, you understand, and that would get them through, if you go along with the warped thinking being used. There is a procedure in business called "due diligence". It is supposed to be an investigation made before any investment made. Someone forgot about the investigations. They must of had too many martinis for breakfast, or something like that. People acting like they were in a drunken stupor instead of being astute business people. So they fail.

But this is not an isolated group of failed businesses. This is a pandemic of failed businesses. This crap went on all over the nation. And it is being cooked down to the point that We The People are going to be asked to bear the cost of this bullshit. I am sure you have been reading about privatizing profits and socializing debt. That is what the name of the game is. The TOO BIG TO FAIL banks make the money and the loses are charged up to John Q. Taxpayer. Pretty cool huh? And they are getting ready to take another big dump onto our platter. We are going to get government health care. How cute. It's gonna cost over a TRILLION DOLLARS the next ten years, but there is no burden the scalawags in Congress will not pass on to the taxpayer. You read about Nancy Pelosi reneging on her promise to put the text of the bill up on the Internet for a few days before the bill gets voted on. This is a crock of crap. This is the method by which the socialist scum in congress will get out of being responsible for the cost of that bill. They can then say that they didn't get a chance to read the bill and they just went along with what the leadership said they should do. And Ol' Nancy doesn't give a shit. She will be the scapegoat for all the cowardly bastards who will vote for this abomination. She has a pretty secure district she represents and personally won't have much trouble getting re-elected. But enough of the lesser thieves WILL have trouble and they want a way to shuck the blame. It is all a con game, hitched to the idea of getting re-elected until the ditsy bastards can claim a pension. And they do get beautiful pensions and health care when they retire or are retired. Not that it matters all that much as 200 or 300 hundred of them are millionaires. Bend over and grease it up America because you are about to get it shoved in again.

To get off of this foul political bullshit I want to tell you about and article in the Backwoods Home Magazine. The article is at and it is a good one. It's Jackie Clay writing about raising a bottle calf for meat. Could be a cheap way to fill the freezer with beef, if we get electricity when the collapse comes. If the power goes out you had better be ready to make a lot of Beef Jerky and Pemmican before the meat goes bad. Nothing works perfectly or doesn't break, so be ready with your alternative plan for saving your meat investment. I have read some fine articles in this issue of BHM. They even have a blog section and a way you can ask Jackie Clay about gardening and farming. Check it out and have some fun. Life ain't all government treachery and banker rip-offs! I'll close today with the advice to listen to Gerald Celente on Lew Rockwell. It's at and all 4 of the audios comprise about 40 minutes. Very interesting and very informative. Stay alive.


Saturday, November 7, 2009


A Muslim shot and killed about thirteen people at Fort Hood, Texas yesterday and the media is all upset. What's to be upset about? We have been fighting these people for the last 20 years or so. They hate our guts. They hate Israel's guts. They are a murderous people and love to kill the infidel. So what is the big shock? You let a Muslim guy get around an army post and he gets guns and then goes to work and you are surprised? This is ridiculous. You don't let your enemy into the camp and let him have a crack at your own people. And you can say all the politically correct bullshit you wish to spout off but it ain't going to bring back those dead people. And there will be more dead people. Did you ever wonder why the blacks in prisons become Muslims? I'll tell you why. It gives hope to their hatred. It puts an idea in their mind that some day, some how, there will be revenge to heap on Whitey and that is the day they live for. Those guys aren't religious, they are murders. They want to kill us. And we deny that facet in their character. Bush started that bullshit and now Obama is keeping it going. I repent of political correctness.

I am sitting here wondering when the action is going to start. And I suppose a lot of others are doing the same thing. We can report on this travesty and that travesty but the big one is not here as yet. The big crunch. The collapse. Folks are talking about 2010 and so forth. Hell, I thought 2009 would do just fine. It is just annoying to watch these rotten bastards getting their way and ripping off the country and the rest of the world. I despise the bastards. And I know that every day that goes by strengthens them and makes their plans more solidified, more complete. And more oppressive. I can handle the wait and I am sure they can feel honor in not being the first to be blown dead on my stairway. I could very easily get into a Mayberry rant right here and go mentally ballistic. Would not be a problem at all. In fact I could really get into it.

I am pleased to announce that I have won a Slinky Short Wave Antenna from Pete Smith at I am proud to get it. I will be hooking it to a short wave radio pretty soon after it gets here. Fred Carter has one, just down the road about a half a mile. He will be coming here for the collapse and we will probably be using that antenna for scanning the airwaves for news of the world, especially after the Internet is shut down. I wondered how we could get information during a crisis and now the answer is becoming apparent. We will get our news from short wave. We don't have TV so we have to seek news some other way. I just am not going to pay to watch government propaganda on a TV. Short wave will do the trick. And there are plenty of them out there to listen to. Thank you, Pete, for the nice addition to our preps. By the way, dear readers, Pete makes these antennas himself. Pretty smart cookie!

The market was ruled by fear today. Nothing did much of anything because of the news that national unemployment was over 10%. But the fedgov had in it's always glorious figures an announcement that seasonally adjusted figures, what ever the hell that means, put the unemployment at 17.5%. Which all means that we are somewhere between 25% and 35% unemployed. Nothing like an honest government to make your day. People are losing their homes and running out of unemployment benefits and towns and cities are starting to go bankrupt and just all kinds of shitty things. But the Wall Street bankers are doing well and partying like mad dogs. The guy who shot and killed someone in Florida had just gotten laid off. We are going to see more of that as the days go by.

My advice to the little family I am in was this: Keep buying the food we eat for as long as we can get it. Keep buying preps for as long as we can afford them. When those options run out then we go on our survival rations. There really ain't much else we can do. Our beans and rice in our new garbage cans are okay as of last month. We have them stored with Bay Leaves and they are frozen before being stored. Vermin do not like Bay Leaves and freezing kills of any eggs that might be in the food. At least it works for us. Do what you have to do to get by and let the small stuff go away on it's own. We will be really close with our money but there is a chance we will make it. Don't worry, just get busy! And stay alive.


Friday, November 6, 2009


Things are looking up on the "convincing" front. I had an opponent of mine, not really an opponent but a non-believer in most aspects of my personal philosophy of life, call me to tell me about Alex Jones' new movie, The Fall of the Empire. He has become quite a champion of watching the fedgov and seeing them sell us out. And that is exactly what they are doing. The government is selling us out, that is... our substance as far as any wealth, to the bankers and brokers from Wall Street. Our lives are being burdened clear through our children's and our grandchildren's lives. They are being made to be debt slaves forever. This is the BIG SELLOUT! The Bible says to store up for the young. The dogs on Wall Street want to put chains on our young instead. I believe this qualifies them as being degenerates. They will make good compost in the future.

Take the inheritance from our kids. What a crock of crap. Kids that haven't done any evil on the earth are going to be made to pay for the sins of some greedy jackals on Wall Street. You know, I worked hard, like a dog in fact, to buy this land here in the Valley. And I was not alone. Not by any means. There were many, many men who labored for no pay in order for the land and buildings to be purchased and built. And it was tough, you know. But we always said that progress comes on children's feet. We knew we were just building a launching platform. The generations behind us will fire the rocket of Peace and Righteousness and let it go forth across the planet. And this is what we did and why we did it. The Old Man could not be thrown off the course. He loved the ideal and he loved the plan and he loved the people of the future. And the land and buildings came together. And we keep and trim the Valley, waiting for the day when God will say "GO!" and the next phase of the project is launched. And then people can begin to be fed and housed and taught the truth. And the bankers would take this away from the world? They would try to stifle the plan of God? They would try to enslave the people in a manner so unseemly as to be repulsive? I think we will have to deny their claim of money and labor owed. We the people did not do it. We did not make any of the secret deals. It has been a hoax from the beginning.

Just to make it really clear, the crooks in this scam are the Bankers, Wall Street, the Media, and the lawyers we have representing us in Washington, D.C. That is the Cabal of this Conspiracy. And it is not a theory. It is fact. There is no getting around the idea that these people have done the deeds. They are guilty as hell and deserving of grave punishment. It is a measure of character that we face in these crooks. Their greed knows no limits. They wish to take the lives of our children and the food from our retired people, and that together is one hell of an abomination. God is not happy with these people. He is not happy at all. They have manipulated the stock market and have plundered the retirement funds. They have given mortgages to people who have no business having a mortgage and who will be cast out on the streets. They have bankrupted entire states and only want to do it some more. Cities are declaring bankruptcy. And more will follow. Many more.

But there is a way out of this mess and we preppers know what it is. It is the banding together in small groups and clans and seeing to the welfare of everyone in the group. It is in gardening and farming, producing your own food. It is taking your security achievement away from the governments and taking responsibility yourself. We are to be in the likeness of our Father and not like a dulled, drug ridden, TV rotted brain, lump of trash fit for nothing. And it is that simple. You have to take on the raising of your families and the growing of your food and the defense of your clan. It is time to prepare to take on being the fathers and mothers and grandparents of a new society. A society we can be proud of and which will earn the blessings of God. So be it. Stay alive.