Friday, November 6, 2009


Things are looking up on the "convincing" front. I had an opponent of mine, not really an opponent but a non-believer in most aspects of my personal philosophy of life, call me to tell me about Alex Jones' new movie, The Fall of the Empire. He has become quite a champion of watching the fedgov and seeing them sell us out. And that is exactly what they are doing. The government is selling us out, that is... our substance as far as any wealth, to the bankers and brokers from Wall Street. Our lives are being burdened clear through our children's and our grandchildren's lives. They are being made to be debt slaves forever. This is the BIG SELLOUT! The Bible says to store up for the young. The dogs on Wall Street want to put chains on our young instead. I believe this qualifies them as being degenerates. They will make good compost in the future.

Take the inheritance from our kids. What a crock of crap. Kids that haven't done any evil on the earth are going to be made to pay for the sins of some greedy jackals on Wall Street. You know, I worked hard, like a dog in fact, to buy this land here in the Valley. And I was not alone. Not by any means. There were many, many men who labored for no pay in order for the land and buildings to be purchased and built. And it was tough, you know. But we always said that progress comes on children's feet. We knew we were just building a launching platform. The generations behind us will fire the rocket of Peace and Righteousness and let it go forth across the planet. And this is what we did and why we did it. The Old Man could not be thrown off the course. He loved the ideal and he loved the plan and he loved the people of the future. And the land and buildings came together. And we keep and trim the Valley, waiting for the day when God will say "GO!" and the next phase of the project is launched. And then people can begin to be fed and housed and taught the truth. And the bankers would take this away from the world? They would try to stifle the plan of God? They would try to enslave the people in a manner so unseemly as to be repulsive? I think we will have to deny their claim of money and labor owed. We the people did not do it. We did not make any of the secret deals. It has been a hoax from the beginning.

Just to make it really clear, the crooks in this scam are the Bankers, Wall Street, the Media, and the lawyers we have representing us in Washington, D.C. That is the Cabal of this Conspiracy. And it is not a theory. It is fact. There is no getting around the idea that these people have done the deeds. They are guilty as hell and deserving of grave punishment. It is a measure of character that we face in these crooks. Their greed knows no limits. They wish to take the lives of our children and the food from our retired people, and that together is one hell of an abomination. God is not happy with these people. He is not happy at all. They have manipulated the stock market and have plundered the retirement funds. They have given mortgages to people who have no business having a mortgage and who will be cast out on the streets. They have bankrupted entire states and only want to do it some more. Cities are declaring bankruptcy. And more will follow. Many more.

But there is a way out of this mess and we preppers know what it is. It is the banding together in small groups and clans and seeing to the welfare of everyone in the group. It is in gardening and farming, producing your own food. It is taking your security achievement away from the governments and taking responsibility yourself. We are to be in the likeness of our Father and not like a dulled, drug ridden, TV rotted brain, lump of trash fit for nothing. And it is that simple. You have to take on the raising of your families and the growing of your food and the defense of your clan. It is time to prepare to take on being the fathers and mothers and grandparents of a new society. A society we can be proud of and which will earn the blessings of God. So be it. Stay alive.


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Pete Smith said...

If any of us did what the Graberment has done to us we would be in jail. It's a BIG SELLOUT or RIPOFF!!! Our time is short the dollar is about to pop, so use that dollar to buy food,water and other items before it's to late.
And Michael you won a Slinky Jr. Antenna I sent you an e-mail on the info. Pete