Saturday, November 14, 2009


It was 32 degrees this morning and the damn beetles are invisible. I am sure they will be out soon enough but it is heartening to know they took a hit last night. Just wait until it hits the teens during the night! Ahh...bliss. It's cold in the Winter but it is pretty much bug free. I know we need bugs for certain things like pollination and feeding our bird friends and the like, but these beetles are not feeding anything and they are not pollinating anything and they are just a major nuisance. And they bite when the mood strikes them. They ought to go stay in the woods where they belong.

Sitting out on the porch at the crack of dawn. Puffing on a cigarette and thinking about things. A big bore rifle or shotgun started going off now and then. I enjoy that sound. That meant there were armed individuals out on the property and making it apparent to whoever was listening. Hope they got some squirrels or what ever they were after. There is a lot of game in this area. Has been ever since I came here to the area and that was 38 years ago, soon to be 39. You can eat here in this Valley. The men know all about the game and some women are learning the free vegetables that grow so abundantly. Seems like we can make it here. Seems like maybe a couple hundred thousand might live here and live well. Maybe even a million. We know about how to provide housing for that many people and a rough idea of how to feed them. It will be good and very good.

The Handmaiden stopped at the library to pick up her normal armload of reading material yesterday and brought home a real winner. It's title is Self sufficient Life and How to Live it and it is by John Seymour. He is an Englishman but has lived all over the world. He has passed on now and this is his gift to us. He was a real character. He was in his 80's when he got arrested for tearing up Monsanto's GMO plot in England, along with 11 other people. I think that was in 1997 or 1998. But he is a real guy and a real survivalist. His book is well illustrated and easy to follow. There is a lot on gardening, as you can well imagine. He gets into grafting of fruit trees and all sorts of stuff, always with great drawings of what he is talking about. You can see the different prices you can buy this book for at We have the best copy you can buy and it is hard bound and a good protective book jacket to go with it. I can say it is worth a read, if not a buy, and it might give you some tips you never thought of or heard of. As you might expect, I was very impressed with this book.Pretty much a boring day. I am expecting a collapse and it ain't here yet. Damn. But my reading is that when a currency collapses there is no warning. It's just gone.

Stay alive.



Jacob Gittes said...

sorry to bring it up again, but I was doing some more research on the Ft. Hood shootings.
I'm going to give a link at the end, then I'm going to make a claim right here: Major Hasan, the guy in custody, will not live to see trial, because I don't think he did it. He didn't have the training and firepower. He's a patsy. Something really evil is going on, folks.
Now read this link.

Bullseye said...

I like the way you think. Sounds like you guys have a really nice place there. We too have lots of game. I don't take too much of it and neither does anyone else these days. Not many hunters like there used to be. I'm just letting them get good and fat and increase in numbers, they're there when I need them. I can kill game while sitting on the back deck any day. The will come too when I "need" to do just that. For now I can wait. Our freezer is still full from a young calf we killed this spring. Still have lots of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I enjoy them always.

Anonymous said...

I just returned the Self Sufficient Life to the library this week. It's a great book and it's got lots of pictures which are so helpful. I'll be buying that book for sure.

Unknown said...

I really like your recent posts ... but this one gets special attention.