Saturday, November 21, 2009


You step out of your house in the dim light of pre-sunrise and you look at the horizon. There are two plumes of smoke that should not be there. You now that something is amiss, that something is going on that is not good for you and yours. You get back into the house and find that the day has begun for the rest of the clan. The good aroma of pancakes fills the air and the admixture of frying Spam adds to it. You get a plate and sit with the rest of the men. You tell them about the smoke you have seen and where you think it comes from. There are some grunts and groans but not much talk. Their mouths are full of food and they won't let the possible danger stop their enjoyment of eating. But soon the talk is flowing and opinions are given and plans are made and the group is plugged in to the situation. Two vehicles with armed riders will go to a place closer to the burning. Everyone thinks it is two homes of "independents" that have been attacked, looted and burned. One of the houses had a couple of pretty daughters and they need to be accounted for, even if missing. Missing could mean they have been kidnapped and that will not be a good thing. The adults at the two houses are stubborn people who do not like working with others. They may be paying for this attitude. A convoy of armed trucks is going to head toward the suspected foul play and the men quickly finish their food and grab their guns. The guns are never far away. They load up the trucks and head down the road.

The house that has the two pretty girls is burnt to the ground, along with the barn and an old shed. But the girls and their mother are okay. They hid in the crawl space under the house as long as they could and the raiders were gone when they had to come out. The mother was practically in hysterics when the men got there. The man of the house was not alive. He had gone out to face the raiders armed with a ball bat and he came out second best in the encounter. Tough shit. The second house they visited was also burnt to the ground but all the residents were found dead. Also tough shit.

But this scenario could play out with some variance a thousand times in the next few short years. The people who are too stubborn or too stupid to form a clan and have group survival are going to pay a horrible price. I just got a call this morning from the East coast and the word is out that Social Security has been in negative cash flow for the last two months. That means they are sending out more money than they are taking in, to the tune of 5 billion dollars a month. It probably won't make the news until next Spring and no harsh legislation will come up for enactment until after the 2010 election. But then the hammer will fall. Always remember that the young and the very old are who get preyed upon in a conflict. They are the weakest targets. But it also means we are getting closer and closer to the collapse. And the collapse will bring the looting and arson that will destroy our country. China is out to buy 10,000 tons of Gold and make their currency gold backed. That might make them the only country in the world to have such a thing. Thus, they would become the money masters of the planet. And all other countries would have to bow to their superiority. The arrogant fedgov is not going to like this. Not one bit. There is also a rumor that the federal reserve is going to declare bankruptcy. I cannot fathom this happening. The only thing that could possibly cause that to happen is if countries with their gold stored at the federal reserve vaults under Manhattan all called for collection and the fed didn't have the gold. And I would not put it past them to not have the gold. They are some of the crookedest men on the planet and I would not trust them with so much as an ounce of gold, let alone tons of the stuff.

There are a lot of people who have very little business having a job. They don't do much and they don't care to do much. Millions of these people are in this country. I am sure you know some of them. But when they get laid off and the money is not coming in for their unemployment they are going to cause trouble, and lots of it. Nothing sane wants to die. No man wants to starve to death. Or watch his family cry and go hungry. So they are going to set about changing this in a rapid and satisfactory manner. At first they will loot and burn. But after the stores are all cleaned out they will attack homes of people who MIGHT have food and water. This will be when mayhem will strike in our land. The old people will be helpless. The young will not even understand. And the fit and able animals will rule the roost. This is the time for group defense. This is the time for a huge garden with plenty of guards. This will be when chickens for meat and eggs will be like having your own gold mine. A milk cow or goat will be worth a fortune. A compost pile will be worth a lot to someone of any intelligence. Clean drinking water will be a commodity that all will buy. And as a prepper you must be ready to provide all of these things. Your life will depend on it. And the lives of your friends and loved ones. We all have sacred cows in our minds. Social Security. Pensions. Rental property. Maybe a little gold and silver. But when the SHTF these scared cows are all going to the packing house. They will get ground up to nothing. And nothing is what they will be worth to you. Stay alive.



Bullseye said...

I think you hit a Bullseye there buddy, I totally agree with you. I wish I had a clan, trying to get a Survival Group together but not much luck. Very few would be of any value to me. Most would just be another mouth to feed and life to care for, don't need any more of those. Groups that can and will work together are the only way to survive what lies ahead.

Great post, really enjoyed it and believe you are 100% right in your thinking.

Pete Smith said...

Very good scene, and I think you are right about this scenario being played out in the next few years. I think that groups will be needed the closer you are to cities and just because you are a long way from the city doesn't mean you can be a lone wolf. The people who get into groups will do much better than the lone wolf types.

PaleRider said...

Thanks for the this could happen case review, sheds light on needs of being prepping properly. Skills, abilities and resourses of true value, will carry ones plans farther and better ones chances of surviving than hoping for what ever. Group unity is always better than Lone Wolfing, that is why Wolf Packs. Even nature follows the Keep It Simple Stupid rule so should we.

Mayberry said...

Glad my little clan has come together. I hope to grow it some. Damn fine post Michael.

Ain Musa said...

LOL...I bet you wrote the same post 10 years ago and see where we're at today.

Dreamers in a dream world.

Phil said...

That was a damn fine post my man.