Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just starting my Sunday blog on this chilly Saturday morning. I went to bed too early and got up too early and now I pay the price by being up and not having anything going. I have read my blogs for the morning. Not much email to get me enthused. So it must be time to get with my post of the day. You can't go wrong writing a survival blog anyhow. The best people in the country will be your audience. It doesn't get any better than that.

Five more banks went out last night. In the last 15 days we have had 21 bank closings. That figures out to be a rate of over 500 per year. There must be a lot of banks out there who bought screwy financial products with depositors money. They got greedy. They watched all these other banking idiots playing the go-go game and they just could not stand to stay out of it. They had to reach out there and make the BIG MONEY like the wise guys were doing. And now they pay the price of having their banks taken away and turned over to competing banks. We the people are really supposed to be backing the FDIC in their work of confiscating these banks and getting rid of the old management and ownership. And if banks have to fail because they did dumb things then so be it. They have a right to fail. Not everyone can make it all of the time in the world of money and finance. There is a natural progression of growth in the banking industry. It all hinges on the number of people in the area you service and the money they make and can save in your bank. When those parameters were discarded the banks started having trouble. The accountants got into creative bookkeeping. Shaky debts were called assets. Mortgages were issued to people who did not even have to verify their income. Sure wasn't that way when I was a kid. Mortgages were issued to people who could not afford to make payments. But their property was going to go up in value forever, you understand, and that would get them through, if you go along with the warped thinking being used. There is a procedure in business called "due diligence". It is supposed to be an investigation made before any investment made. Someone forgot about the investigations. They must of had too many martinis for breakfast, or something like that. People acting like they were in a drunken stupor instead of being astute business people. So they fail.

But this is not an isolated group of failed businesses. This is a pandemic of failed businesses. This crap went on all over the nation. And it is being cooked down to the point that We The People are going to be asked to bear the cost of this bullshit. I am sure you have been reading about privatizing profits and socializing debt. That is what the name of the game is. The TOO BIG TO FAIL banks make the money and the loses are charged up to John Q. Taxpayer. Pretty cool huh? And they are getting ready to take another big dump onto our platter. We are going to get government health care. How cute. It's gonna cost over a TRILLION DOLLARS the next ten years, but there is no burden the scalawags in Congress will not pass on to the taxpayer. You read about Nancy Pelosi reneging on her promise to put the text of the bill up on the Internet for a few days before the bill gets voted on. This is a crock of crap. This is the method by which the socialist scum in congress will get out of being responsible for the cost of that bill. They can then say that they didn't get a chance to read the bill and they just went along with what the leadership said they should do. And Ol' Nancy doesn't give a shit. She will be the scapegoat for all the cowardly bastards who will vote for this abomination. She has a pretty secure district she represents and personally won't have much trouble getting re-elected. But enough of the lesser thieves WILL have trouble and they want a way to shuck the blame. It is all a con game, hitched to the idea of getting re-elected until the ditsy bastards can claim a pension. And they do get beautiful pensions and health care when they retire or are retired. Not that it matters all that much as 200 or 300 hundred of them are millionaires. Bend over and grease it up America because you are about to get it shoved in again.

To get off of this foul political bullshit I want to tell you about and article in the Backwoods Home Magazine. The article is at and it is a good one. It's Jackie Clay writing about raising a bottle calf for meat. Could be a cheap way to fill the freezer with beef, if we get electricity when the collapse comes. If the power goes out you had better be ready to make a lot of Beef Jerky and Pemmican before the meat goes bad. Nothing works perfectly or doesn't break, so be ready with your alternative plan for saving your meat investment. I have read some fine articles in this issue of BHM. They even have a blog section and a way you can ask Jackie Clay about gardening and farming. Check it out and have some fun. Life ain't all government treachery and banker rip-offs! I'll close today with the advice to listen to Gerald Celente on Lew Rockwell. It's at and all 4 of the audios comprise about 40 minutes. Very interesting and very informative. Stay alive.


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ErinAndBrad said...

Oh Michael - this is all just crazy stuff - my head spins and I feel like i have gone off the deeep end - took a couple of days off the blog for a mental break - aaahhhh!

Great post!