Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm having a great day. We are going to can BUTTER. Yes, survival fans, you can can butter. We will attempt to do 10 pounds of it. You will be told what happens, good or bad.

I am getting a little tired of the Gold Bugs. Yeah, I know it is a precious metal and all of that, but I can't eat it nor will it give me warmth on a cold night. A lot of people seem to be selling the stuff and telling you how to store it and make money off of it and all that jazz but it ain't for me. Beans, bullets, and band-aids will do me just fine if I can get some non-hybrid seed to go along with it. I just get a little tired of the relentless hustle going on to sell gold. It is maddening. The family with plenty of food will be just fine if they can defend their asset. And there will be people out there wanting your asset. Getting out in the country reduces the number of people who will be around. This is in your favor if you want to keep your food. But having a stash of gold will only make you a fatter target if the word gets out. You will have enough trouble protecting your food. And you think you will be okay during this malady that will haunt us, but you will meet people you have never seen before when their kids get hungry or their wife is crying. You may have known the person for years, even decades, but you will meet a new person if it looks like it will be you or them as far as living is concerned. It can be really ugly shit, folks. Be advised of the threatening conditions. Jim Sinclair, Gerald Celente, and Cliff High cannot all be wrong. We are going to go through some really bad times. Got your seed from Big John Lipscomb yet? You might look into that.

We are in the midst of the butter canning project. Did you ever try to melt 10 pounds of butter? It takes a while. But it has to be done and done properly. We don't want any scorched butter in our stash. The canning jars are heating in the oven. They go to 200 degrees. The lids and rings have been boiled. We wait on the melted butter. The Handmaiden wants to skim off the stuff that floats to the top of the butter and I have talked her out of it. I think it is just milk solids and is part of the butter and we are making canned butter not canned Ghee. Butter seems to be kinda funny. Some of the jars seal very quickly. Some seem to drag their heels for a longer period of time. They behave sorta "leaky" but they are sealing. Sort of. Shaking the butter in the canning jar seems to be an important exercise. You put the jars in the fridge when you get done canning but you go in there and shake the mixture anyhow. Thems the directions. We wait for future development. Ain't anything else to do. The Handmaiden left the jars in for a half hour or forty five minutes and brought them out. They were no longer hot to the touch and the shaking can be done quickly and efficiently. But as they cool there is less and less shaking to be done. All twelve jars have sealed.

So, we have 12 jars of canned butter, all sealed. There is one that refuses to congeal with all of it's milk solids dispersed throughout the butter. I have put it back into the fridge to see if I can get the whole thing to get more solid. If it does then a couple more shaking will just about do it. 12 jars of liquid sunshine. I am a happy camper. It has been on my mind to can butter for a year and I finally got to see it happen. Now I can let the system run out of butter and I will have plenty of time to look for a new supply. Terrific. And think of the barter value of canned butter. All that rice we will be eating will taste so much better with a little butter. And the Cornbread will go down so much smoother. I repeat, I am a happy camper.

Remus, of Woodpile fame, has sent out a heads-up concerning the FDIC going to negative numbers tomorrow. Good, says Michael. They will have to borrow the money to build the accounts back up or we will not have any guarantees of the safety of our bank accounts. If you have money then buy TANGIBLES. Things you can eat and shoot and bandage with. They will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no TANGIBLES. People are severely dependant on the use of money. Most folks cannot envision a world without currency. It is the system. Period. The dollar is the system. If the dollar is fried then the system is fried and that is that. I think the times are getting short in coming. We will be seeing misery before we know it. Get ready. Stay alive.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A bit nippy out this morning. And I am thankful it is only nippy, as in slightly chilly. Dragon says the leaves are not hanging around long over by Pittsburgh. They turn and then fall. Looks like nature is getting it over and done with early this year. I keep saying that it is gonna be a bitch of a Winter but I don't have any idea how many people go along with that. Getting those beans shelled is looking like a good idea right about now. I have about a third of them done and have garnered 40 pounds of beans. That is going to give me an amazing harvest. My BIL doesn't like beans but I am hoping he can rid himself of this dislike quickly and easily. I found out that the Amish are not used to shelling beans. They buy one pound bags of Navy and Great Northern beans like most of America. The wife is going to sell them a 5 pound bag of my Cranberry beans and let them try them. The beans are non-hybrid and the Amish understand the meaning of saving and replanting. IF they do okay with them next year they might have a long term food solution to compliment their regular efforts. They can a lot, green beans and tomatoes and squash and stuff like that. They put up a little meat also. Their practices in canning are not what is considered good by modern standards. They use all sorts of jars for canning. A lot of them are just jars from stores that they keep and use for storing their own food. No canning lids or stuff like that. They definitely do not follow the stringent rules of the Blue Book but they can food and eat it later and they are not getting sick. I'll keep an eye on that.

I got a couple of good ideas from George Ure over at Urban Survival this morning. should get you there just fine. His first premise I liked was about cattle rustling and horse stealing. Both of these acts severely curtailed a man's chances of living. But now days we have people robbing 401k plans like a kid in a candy store and nothing is done about it. George thought a quick noose on the end of a short rope might be just the thing to stop some of the financial shenanigans going on these days. George also has link up to which let you know that over 52% of the kids 18 to 24 are unemployed right now. They cannot get work. Tell all of your young friends who have a job to hang on to it if they need it. And you older folks can get ready to be joined by your kids pretty soon. We will be having the GREAT RE-ACQUAINTANCE with our brats. And good for us, I say. Many hands make light work. If you happen to find a couple of other families in the same boat, well, you have the makings of a clan. And a clan is a good thing.

My money is starting to run low but I am not saddened by it. We have gotten copious amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin D-3, Echinacea, and today I am having the wife pick up 10 pounds of butter and a case of pint canning jars. We will use Remus' recipe from The Woodpile Report. Our main problem is that Remus does NOT maintain an archive and thus we will be a little bit up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Such is life. We will find a way. Remus, if you are tuned in today, please send us the butter canning recipe. Wife wants to use it. We also got a one gallon bag of beans out of the freezer this morning. Lots of good eating in there. We will let them warm back up to room temperature, add a couple Bay Leaves, and store them. Vermin do not like Bay leaves. I just talked to a woman who is of some age and she has been buying $100 of canned goods EXTRA every month. She is aiming on surviving no matter what. But some of those older folks don't mind prepping at all. Too many stories about the depression still run around in their heads I have many more beans to shell and lots of peppers to string up. I just had a talk with the Handmaiden and all systems are GO for the butter canning tomorrow. At last I will have canned butter! And not the expensive stuff from New Zealand or wherever. Just real butter from a local dairy, sealed in a jar and ready for us to eat when we want it. We get preps! Stay alive!


Monday, September 28, 2009


Helluva nice day. At least we had some sunshine. Been lacking that for a few days. Listened to some fine audio this afternoon. All Star line up. First up is Mr. Jim Willie at . Then we have Gerald Celente with his latest at . Then we go to Chris Whalen and his interview at . These ought to keep you pretty busy for the morning. These guys are pretty sharp and should give you a well rounded idea of the rip-off being pulled on us by the Banksters, Wall Street, and Washington, D.C. It's really quite a caper. I am reminded of the money changers in the temple at Jerusalem back in the old days. The boys running the show had a deal whereby if you wanted to pay your annual tithes to the priesthood, you had to pay them in a currency that was acceptable to the priesthood. And if you were a Jew who lived far away then you had to get someone who would exchange your currency from your homeland for the currency of Jerusalem. This could be done, of course, for a slight fee. The money changers were getting r9ch as hell off of this little enterprise. You also had to get your money changed if you wanted to buy and animal for sacrifice. The old boy they call the Christ took a whip and drove the money changers out of the temple after he turned their money tables over. Bad day for money changers.

Well, the same mind still exists in New York, Washington, D.C. and all around the world. One of the above speakers calls them money-junkies and I feel that is an adequate name. We had a cure for that in our communal village may years ago. We were communal with each other and no money was involved. But we faced the outside world as capitalists and made all the money we could. That is how we bought all of this land and built all of these buildings. They damn sure were not free and we NEVER became a tax exempt organization. If you are tax exempt then you are depending on the mercy of the enemy for your existence. Bummer. Best to make your money and pay your taxes and have a clear conscience.

Some day we will have a chain of communities across the country who will not have to use money to trade. We will be fair. We will not rip off. We will help those who try to help themselves. It will be very good. It will be very hard to tax us. And life will be less complicated. And the less complicated life becomes the more enjoyment we will find. Just think of the unique concept of enjoying life. So much of living today is nothing but a hassle. It will be wonderful to let a lot of the problems drop by the wayside. All that stress and strain removed. The big killers.

I shelled two bags of beans today. Pretty good production. The Handmaiden is drying some onions and crabapples. Not a bad day. Too bad that the food explosion will end in six weeks or a month, but that is the way life is at this time. We have plenty, however, and will make it through most emergencies. We have that nice wood stove down stairs and we have tons of food to cook on it. I have a feeling the extra heat source will be a nice thing this Winter. I still hold to my original forecast of a cold ass Winter. I think Elder Dragon does also. I always keep an eye on Dragon's weather forecasting. He is pretty sharp in that area. So this Winter we will keep the fire stoked and our feet warm and just meditate on the finer thoughts of man. Sounds like a life to me! Stay alive!


Sunday, September 27, 2009


I think of the days ahead. I can't help it. It is on me all the time. I search heaven and Earth looking for clues as to what is going to be. I listen to audio on my computer of people who think they know what is going on. I read the news. I read lots of blogs. I talk to all kinds of people on the telephone. I quiet myself and look for a clue from God. And it is a tough, thankless task. Not many rewards. No benefits. Zero pay. But if that is the way you are constructed then you just get on with it. And to hell with the people who think you are wasting your time.

Much grumbling on the Internet about the coming flu vaccination. A lot of people are against it. Even a lot of doctors and nurses. A guy who lives a very few miles form me and whom I have never met sent me a video of a Dr. Mercola, who is against the flu vaccine. He even went so far to say that there is no proof that flu vaccines even work. You can listen to him at . He calls for anyone to send him scientific proof that flu vaccine works. I gave the Handmaiden some of my cherished money yesterday and told her to buy us a bunch of protection for the flu. She took Mercola's advice and bought a ton of Vitamin D 3 plus she bought an obscene amount of of Vitamin C and a big jar of Echinacea caps. She got plenty of hugs and kisses from her grateful husband for her tremendous success trying to keep us alive. Seeing the stash of goodies waiting for us seems very good to me. Remember, there is evidence that Vitamin D 3 will kill flu bugs. But we do not make much D-3 in the Winter, when the flu bug so conveniently decides to hit us. Oh yeah, she got us another pound of Garlic bulbs. I think we have 6 pounds of the stuff in our inventory as of today.

Mayberry over at Keep It Simple Survival has one hell of a good rant going at I was proud and happy to read it. There is so much good coming from the prepper blogs these days it is hard to single out anyone for praise, but I have a lot of liking for Mayberry. And he really struck pay dirt with this rant. Stay alive.


Saturday, September 26, 2009


Good Morning Michael,
Well, it's not raining today so that's a good thing. The sun was out for a bit yesterday and a lot of stuff is starting to dry up and the waters are receding. FEMA has shown up and they are just walking around taking notes. They are in their jeans and good shoes so they aren't slogging around in the mud really looking at things the way they should but that's about what you would expect from the .gov.

I went out visiting this morning and checked on friends that I've been cut off from. They all did pretty well and were pretty resourceful in getting water in to the houses. I dropped off some canned food where they said they were starting to run low and passed out a little bit of money so they can replenish if they can get to the store.

We have a local chair called "Food Depot" and it flooded and is full of rotting meat and soaked food. It's been looted every night since the water started going down. I just hope that the people who are doing the looting eat the food and get horribly sick from it and I hope to heck they aren't giving it to their kids. Kids are innocent and don't deserve to receive the evil from the older ones misdeeds.

We are still in a boil water advisory. Our main water supply comes via the Chattahoochee River and the normal bacteria count in that water is about 300. Several waste treatment plants were flooded and dumped everything in the river. At the mouth of the tributary fed by Lake Lanier the bacteria count is over 7000, 2 miles downstream it's over 14000 and a little further down it is over 100,000 and they say it's dangerous to get it splashed on you. I don't see that getting better anytime soon. The river also provides drinking water to Florida and Alabama so those folks may want to stock up on bottled water.

Some of the local churches are handing out water, cleaning kits and some food and clothes. Most of it has been donated by Kroger Food stores. No sign of the big FEMA trucks and the Georgia Emergency Management Authority is still hunkered down in their shelter trying to figure out what to. Pretty much says we are on our own to take care of our own.

All in all I count myself lucky and as long as the rain holds off another couple of days and the creek don't rise again we should be OK.

By the way, I don't think Six Flags is going to be opening this weekend. It smells really bad down there since they were flooded by the Chattahoochie River.

Take care and keep doing what you are doing. God's advice to keep the garden growing is really good advice to follow.

Keep your powder dry and your pantry full, it could get really ugly soon.

Cliff in Georgia


Here is a comment I received. I do not know this lady but I have a gut feeling she knows what she is talking about. Anyhow, enjoy the read.
Hey Michael,You're right, usually Echinacea is a great immune booster, but exactly because it stimulates an immune response it maybe dangerous with H1N1. It may cause a cytokeine storm which is what actually kills people - the extreme immune response. Elderberry also slightly bumps the immune response, but since it is not the primary way it works, it actually surrounds the virus so it can't replicate, it seems a much better choice. The other thing I've read is that because of the strong immune response something to reduce inflamation like tumeric may be a good thing to have on hand.Thanks for sharing so much good info with us. Laurie
The rain has let up a bit and maybe we will get a break from the downpour. It's rained in varying force for the last 30 hours. I remember the lady at the country cafe where my BIL and I eat breakfast every Saturday morning talking about the drought we were having this September. It was shaping up to be the driest September since 1962 . Well, we can forget about that for a while. I have a post out to Cliff in Georgia to see if they are getting additional rain like had been forecast. Ain't heard yet. But I reckon I will have something pretty soon.

I have been watching the G-20 news and they are sure putting it on the protesters. The police and fedgov troops are out in force. Kinda strange watching troops make arrests but this will get us used to it and maybe cause us to not kick so much when they bring them on in the future. Same for their "sound weapon." It will bring you a lot of pain and cause you to scream but what the hell, DARPA has spent millions creating it and they want to use it and practice with it. This is just a test drive. Sort of like test driving a new car. Get a few folks out in front of the damn thing and turn it on. Troops used for police and strange exotic weapons, all used on the citizens of this country. Makes you real proud, don't it. And it is all for just us, the citizens. This ain't gonna be used to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. It's for you folks reading this blog right now. It is never too often to remind myself and my readers about the treachery of our fellow citizens. Those people from the Army are running those arrest squads and firing that sound cannon. Those are Americans doing the dirty work against their own people. It is going on right now. Believe it and put it in your memory bank. Your enemy in the coming bad days is gonna be your own people! Accept it and don't forget it.

On a different note I have a place for you to listen to Cliff High of web-bot fame. is a very good interview and it was recorded since the new report came out. Half Past Human has a winner this time, I do believe. Check them out and see what you think. Cliff's explanation of how they analyzed the various subjects is worth the time spent. Believe it. Stay alive!


Friday, September 25, 2009


We are getting a supply of Echinacea, Garlic, Elderberry Extract, and Kimchee in order to whip any problem with flu. Kimchee is kind of a drag right after breakfast cause it ain't exactly sweet but I can get it down real well. The word on the street is that Obama has said there will be no forced vaccinations, but Obama is a politician and we all know what that means. But refusal to play the game aside, these things I have mentioned are pretty good, in my thinking, for getting my immune system in my gut in top notch working condition. It is a pain in the ass to be sick and I think we should take preventive measures to avoid any problems. We have medical soap and face masks and all that stuff but keeping the old immune system packed out with goodies to fight disease is the way to go. You just have to remember that no medicine can kill a virus and that means your treatment is as good as the big drug companies. They can't kill the nasty mutha's either. Something I would like to know is can you take a major dose of Echinacea and then follow it up with a maintenance dose on a regular basis? Will the Echinacea knock out the effects of the Kimchee? Does anyone know what I am doing here?

The reports are saying that ammo is flying off the shelves all over the country. We normally shoot up seven billion rounds a year and this year we are going to shoot nine billion. But the word is that people are not shooting all this stuff up. A long way from it in fact. They are hoarding it to use to fight the government. They think Obama is going to make a gun grab and it ain't gonna go down as far as the preppers are concerned. .45 acp seems to be the shortest in stock. And it is a good round. Lot's people using it these days. The guns to shoot it are expensive but that does not seem to be stopping anyone from buying them.

The story about the Census worker who got hung in Eastern Kentucky is turning into a real puzzler. All they know is he ended up on the end of a rope, dead. They are investigating it as a homicide but it may be a suicide. Someone wrote FED on his chest. There are people searching for clues that maybe some anti-government people offed the guy. My only question was "How hard is it to find an anti-government guy these days?" He was supposed to be working for the Census Bureau but they don't start work for 188 days from today. I smell a rat. The Little Nashville Playhouse, in Nashville, Indiana, burned down a couple weeks ago. It was kind of isolated on a highway out West of town. My friend was watching the TV and they had 28 BATF agents out there investigating the incident, plus an agent from Homeland Security. Possible terrorism, you know. And it ain't a big place at all. Oh well! I just found a late report on the census worker and now they are not talking about a hanging, because his feet were on the ground. The Kentucky State Police are saying he was asphyxiated. But no one is saying what the guys real job was. Stay alive.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


I went to BIG LOTS yesterday just to look at prices. Didn't buy a damn thing. Checked the canned seafood out pretty thoroughly. They had small tins of Albacore Tuna for a dollar. They had Sardines for 75 cents. They had Smoked Oysters for $1.45. I can live with those prices. A couple years ago they might not have been so hot, but in this day and age they ain't too bad. The thing I noticed about BIG LOTS was the amount of sugar foods for sale. Cereals, baking mixes for Brownies, etc. All kinds of junk food. There was this Oasis of sanity at the canned seafood counter and that was about it. I did see imported Olive oil for $6 a pint. That ain't too hot a price, according to the Handmaiden. But the canned fish was pretty good.

The Handmaiden has usurped the kitchen table where I would normally be shelling beans. And that don't bother me much, believe it. She is canning and making stuff and that is good. She is canning pickled Cayenne Peppers and some Acorn Squash and all kinds of goodies. I think I will get a shelling session in later this afternoon.

Just read the statistics on the California unemployment situation. The blogger was saying that counting the people who have given up on finding a job and the people who can only find part time work, the figure is at 23%. What was California? The 8th or 9th largest economy on the planet? Something like that. But they sure are taking it rough right now. And it is supposed to get worse. I reckon all those unemployed people are fully prepped though. Right? Surely while they got unemployment benefits they bought canned food until it was pushing therm out of their homes. Oh. I forgot. They got pushed out of their homes by the banks. We gotta remember those banking guys. Don't want to forget them. Dirty bastards.

The news is out that by the end of this month the fedgov will have borrowed SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS this last year. And as the GREAT COSMIC HAND GRIPS THE HANDLE OF THE GREAT COSMIC TOILET, WE HEAR THE WORDS, "The recession is over." by Ben Bernanke. Don't you just love it. FLUSH.

The Sun had TWO Sunspots on it today. It has been a year since we have seen that. But the system is still alive and well. It is not coming to an end. So stay alive.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


And here is my buddy from Georgia, just like I figured. This guy was right in the thick of it and I trust him a lot. He is a prepper and is okay, last I heard. May God bless him.

Hi Michael,
Hope you are drying out a little bit there. You've probably seen the pictures of Six Flags Over Georgia. When the river flooded the park it also came on up on to I20 and flooded it. Right now there is no way out of our county. Every road has at least one bridge over a flooded creek or river. Feels a little odd but I really have no where to go.

We had at least 10 people drown when their cars either washed off the roadway or they drove in to deep water. Since we got 18 inches of rain in less than 24 hours there was a lot of swift water and no boats equipped to save people. Now they've got some boats and have evacuated quite a few people to shelters.

Here at the home place I knew it was getting bad when the scanner reported the first bridge out. I got out the bathtub buddy and filled it and brought up drinking water and stuff from the stores downstairs. We did get flooded in the basement but everything is sitting up on wooden platforms so nothing was hurt so far.

Lots of neighborhoods where the houses are completely under water. The state was not ready in any size, shape or form to deal with this kind of event. I don't remember Georgia every getting flooded like this. While it's overcast today they are expecting more storms before the weekend. There is no where for the water to run off and ground is saturated.

Several good lessons were learned from this event. If people had planned to get the heck out of Dodge, unless they left way ahead of the storm, they would not have made it to the county. Red Cross has opened up shelters but you can't take your guns or anything else in. They still aren't telling what they are doing with the pets. Our emergency services was already stretched thin due to budget cutbacks. Those are some tough folks, they worked 24 to 30 hours continuous with no breaks. They couldn't keep up the pace and have no backups so now we have very little emergency service available.

With the washing out of bridges came the breaking of major water lines. We are under a boil water advisory but it doesn't matter since there is no running water. With no running water the fire department has no fire hydrants they can pull from. Quite a few houses have burned down to the water line with the fire truck either stuck in mud or with no water lines to hook to all they can do is watch them burn. Heard one house go and sounded like a lot of propane tanks and ammo burning off. Folks had probably never used their came stove before and tried it in the dark is my best guess. We lost power but only for a few hours. There are still thousands without power in the outlying areas.

I've preached the gospel of being prepared and depending on yourself and helping your neighbor but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. I've taken bottled drinking water and put cases on peoples front porches because they won't answer the door or the ones that do take what is offered like they were entitled to it. People are funny and I don't maintain a whole lot of hope for most folks if things get worse.

In my last note to you I had told you that Dad had said his grave needed tending. It did. I did the weeding and put out new flowers and picked up all the trash and junk and he hasn't been back since so I guess everything is OK now. Last visit he said he had told me everything I needed to know and it was up to me to do what was right so I guess he won't be visiting again.
Keep on shelling those beans and putting up the peppers. It's going to be nice in your kitchen come winter time.

Take care,
Cliff in Georgia


Here we go into the Fall of the year. Fall is generally a pretty time, if the rain will stop. They have had 20" down in Atlanta. We only got 10 inches up here. Even George Ure has about 7" down in East Texas. So Atlanta is flooded, southern Indiana is very wet, and East Texas is just going "Wow!" Maybe now the reservoirs that feed Atlanta will fill up! Doing without water is such a drag. I have a buddy in Georgia who lives West of Atlanta, over close to the Alabama line, and I should be hearing from him pretty soon. I'll forward the details. My BIL got a phone call from his daughter this morning. I talked to her for a minute and she said it was HOT up there. She lives in Ypsilanti. Can't imagine Michigan being hot this time of the year, but it must be! I am getting so BORED with shelling beans and waiting for the economic collapse. I will say that I can see the results of shelling beans but it is hard to estimate the volume of economic collapse by reading the news. Writing is almost impossible these days. It seems like so much has already been said.

Don Harkens has just passed away up in Idaho. Idaho ain't doing too well these days. Bob Hardison and Linda Rawles and now Harkens. And all of them this year. To be quite frank about it, I think there is something in the water in Idaho that is not good for folks. Maybe not. But emjoe had better do some checking before he gets hit with a bad deal. So much mine tailings getting into the underground water supply. Just a thought. But we have lost three mighty fine people this year. And two of them were much too young to go. Thank God the water is good where I live.

Publius is happy playing with his new vacuum sealer. And if it works for him that is fine with me but we haven't had the need for one. Everything we have dried has gone into sealed plastic bags, the Zip-Loc kind. Nothing has gone bad except some dried potatoes and the Handmaiden thinks she has solved that problem. We are rolling along quite well with the dried stuff. And there are dozens upon dozens of things you can dry. The list is unbelievable. We dry the beans on the vine but most of the rest comes through the dehydrator. We have a small chest freezer I bought new two or three years ago and it does pretty good. I just don't trust this power company to keep our rates realistic. Too much below the radar talking going on about a rate hike to suit me. And if "Cap and Trade" goes through you will see electric rates go off the chart. That will be when we go off grid. I ain't paying for someone else's misdeeds. Can't afford it. I can't let Al Gore break us. Our people are precious and Al Gore is a lunatic. So holding to his global warming trip is madness and suicide. Not my gig, thank you.

The Handmaiden uses a plastic straw to get the air out of her plastic bags. She seals the locking part of the seal right up next to the straw, which is on the side of the opening. She uses the straw to draw the air out of the bag and then seals the bag the rest of the way. Works fine. You can also use a pot of water to force the air out of the bag and sealing it.

Some personal correspondence has brought up the issue of home defense in the city. I am not in favor of taking a stand in the city, but you do what you have to do. The more people you can trust and who have committed to the defense of your city retreat, the better off you are. Shotguns are pretty much the answer to city defense. Put you in a staggered load of 00 Buck and some slugs and you are just about capable of stopping any marauder you can meet. I do believe a 12 gauge slug will take out about any vehicle on the road in this country. A 20 gauge slug will part the waves for you also. For that matter, a .410 would stop any person you would be liable to meet in a hostile situation. You don't get the power and the mass of lead from the 20 gauge or the .41o as you do the twelve gauge, but you can sure make someone regrets their decision to attack you or your friends or family. I normally shoot a 12 gauge pump with a 25" barrel. I can kill about anything I can run up on out to 50 yards with that gun, but I have a slug gun for accurate deer shooting. 00 Buck will take out most city looters you can imagine. And if you have a pump gun like I use then you can have a second and third shot if you need it in a hurry. And like shooting a wild animal, you keep shooting until it goes down. The noise you make will be significant and could draw help for your attacker so don't hesitate to get the hell out of the area if you aren't at home. So stay alive!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Nothing much going on. Me and Publius are shelling beans. He is after it in Minnesota and I and getting to it in Indiana. We ain't making war. We aren't ripping anyone off. We are just shelling beans. We ain't even running for public office. The only neighborhood organizing we are doing is try to sweet talk folks into helping us shell the damn beans. Hah!

The wife is cutting up Roma tomatoes for her food drying operation. She is a dehydrating monster. And she is good at it. I have been wondering where I can buy real honest-to-God Cranberry juice. Most of the stuff they sell now days is some mixture of Cranberry and something else. I don't want a mixture, I want the straight stuff. Those slicky boys in the marketing departments of various companies get to fooling around with the product and first thing you know there isn't any product. Just some chemical semblance formed by taste alone. Sick bastards.

The stock market may be headed for 10,000 before it crashes. I can just imagine the dinner parties Obama will go to with his banking friends. There will be congratulatory toasts and lots of mutual back slapping and all of that good stuff. They will have gotten the old economy back n track and the banks and stockbrokers will really be raking it in. But I think it will be of no good. I think the populace is too smart anymore to accept all of that debt. And that is what the banks and stockbrokers are selling-DEBT. Do not be fooled, as my friend Charles Bell would say. The bastards will figure out some way to legally bind you forever to their rotten system. They will figure out some way to make you a slave for the rest of your life. A lot of marriages have gone up in smoke this past year because of DEBT. One or the other partner cannot stop the insanity. I just read about a couple with 3 children who have paid off $106,000 in the last 6 years. They wanted out. Now they have a small mortgage and that is all. I say they have done an excellent job. I hope all of you readers can do the same. We have gotten rid of most of our debt. We still get some phone calls but you know how those folks lie about stuff.

It will be time to replace all of my bean stocks from last year, pretty soon. Gonna have a give-away. I'll take care of the needy and then let the rest of the folks have what they want.

Stay alive.


Monday, September 21, 2009


The word is out of Obama's mouth that job creation is the last thing to happen in this so called recovery. And this is a recovery that will get the same old, tired, economic mechanism cranked up again. Nothing will have changed. We will have not manufacturing boom to propel us as we have had in the past. It will be the same old shit of credit and more credit. But no one will be making anything to sell for a profit. No one will be exporting goods around the world to people hungry to buy American. So look for a crash pretty soon. No one in the world is fooled. Everybody knows it is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Except the main body of American consumers. They will believe for a while, until the system starts to fall around their heads. Then the shit will hit the fan! And people who have never participated in emergency planning will suddenly become devotees of a well stocked pantry. Stay out of the debt, debt, debt thing they push at you all the time. When the crash comes you will go nuts trying to handle all of your debt load. STAY AWAY FROM THE BANKSTERS.

Shelling beans has become my main occupation these days and I am just getting started. My thumb on my left hand will be sore for a few weeks. The Handmaidens Golden Rod salve will bring that all back to normal. Nothing like having your own personal herbalist in the house. The weather outside is wet and cool. I think you could call it Fall weather. I feel it is like England, the only country I know that has songs written about heat in the house. But it rains over there all the time. Those beans I am shelling will be very good when the temperature gets down there in the cold range. Some hot beans cooked with a bit of pork and flavored with some Cayenne Peppers will just about make things right with the world. You will notice that your calendar says that this Monday when you read this missive is the Autumnal Equinox. That means that Fall begins. And I don't think that Winter will be long in coming this year. Prepare,my friends, prepare.

The wife is making Kimchee. It is a Korean dish. She read that when SARS hit Asia that no Koreans got it because they eat Kimchee every day. If it works on flu then it is a winner as far as I am concerned. The medical world is interested in Kimchee. They are studying it's effect on all kinds of germs and are experimenting with a vaccine for chickens that could wipe out deadly SARS. Her cookbook in this endeavor is THE JOY OF PICKLING by LINDA ZIEDRICH. It has all the little goodies I mentioned and more. Try it. It might make your life a lot more pleasant. Those probiotics are a great thing for your system.

I'm at home by myself for a while. The Handmaiden is out looking at an 80 year old guys possible infected toe. He has arthritis pretty bad and it has deformed his hands somewhat. Well, it has deformed his toes also and sometimes his shoes rub him and his skin gets inflamed. But at least he called, you know. Some places an older person might not call and they might not get any care. They just suffer through it, if you know what I mean. But I answered the phone and said it was very fine for her to go look at his condition. I am hoping everything is okay. She told me that he will go to the hospital if it looks bad. He won't fight about that. Very good. This is another reason why it is good to stay in a clan of people you know and trust. It is something you can't count on much these days. And that ain't right. We were not created to be a bunch of loners. We are the family of God, not the acquaintances. We need to take care of each other. We have to act like we have a little class, you know. I am not for the welfare state at all, but looking out for our neighbor is a damn good thing. Stay alive.


Sunday, September 20, 2009


I started a post yesterday and I cannot finish it. It is not clear and concise like I try to be. So that post comes later.

The news of the world really ain't news at all. That can only mean that the back room deals are not fully made as yet. Everything is not ironed out as yet.

The economy still sucks and is going to get worse, much worse.

Keep on prepping as if your future depended on it, because it does. We are here at my home and it is coming along fairly well. We are garnering a major bean crop this year and things are looking up. My fingers are starting to ache at night from all the bean shelling. I go on. One gallon plastic bags are filling. We hope to benefit some people with the remainder of last years crop. Free food for the folks. Some will like it and appreciate it. More tomorrow. Stay alive.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


I just finished reading a piece on the new committee to investigate who caused this financial chaos we have found ourselves in. Some guy named Agelides is going to head the panel and he has promised to have his report by December of 2010. Isn't that sweet? Just think of the guys who will have iron clad alibis by then. Just think of the congressmen who will not be returning to office because they will get tossed out in November of 2010. Just think of how many American's with short attention spans will have for got all about the guys looking for a cause. Just think of the people out on the street who will be fighting for their very lives and will no longer care who the culprit are. And Nancy Pelosi is afraid of violence? Nancy ain't afraid of violence. She is the Speaker of the House and will be protected at all cost. What Nancy is really afraid of is her getting her ass thrown out on the streets by the electorate. And I will be cheering the electorate on to do this very thing. This whole mess in Washington is just a farce acted out for the benefit of the morons who think the Dems or the Repubs make a difference. What a joke! Who actually gives a shit about a politician.? Not I said the Michael.

What matters to me is things like the beans I shelled today. And the bag of Cayenne Peppers sitting on the table waiting for the Handmaiden to get them on strings for hanging up. Food for the pantry and the storage bags. Food to keep people healthy. The Bible says that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. And this is true. But there are folks who are not mature enough to live by the word of God but they will in the future and they need to be preserved until such a time as they are able to comprehend God. And that is what being a shepherd is all about. And if you aren't rich enough to buy storage food from the big boys, then you hope to have some ground to plant a garden. A place where you can grow food for saving. And saving it we are. We have so much dehydrated food I can't begin to tell you about all of it. And the Handmaiden got to nibbling on dehydrated banana chips the other day and she loves them. There goes the banana stash! But those beans and those peppers are full of great nutrients. Protein from the beans and Vitamin C from the peppers. Plus all the flavoring those peppers can afford those beans! No boring, placid beans. It has been said that variety is the spice of life and spice is the taste of food. Without variety in your food you will get bored to tears with what you eat. And kids will just refuse to eat bland food after a while. Build up your spice stash pretty heavy, folks, You don't want to burn out on your nutrition. If you don't own a dehydrator then borrow one for a week or so. You will love what it can do for you.

Let's talk about guns for a while. If you have a family and food, you will want to protect them. And that is what guns and ammo are all about. You can use them to hunt for more food also. But I personally keep most of my guns for protection for myself and the people around me. I favor a shotgun for most of my work with a gun. Most of the family deer are killed with a shotgun. My son killed a ten point buck with my slug gun. The picture of them together is right above my head on the wall. He is a Paramedic now and I don't know if he will be home this Fall to stock my freezer or not. I may have to go slay one of the little darlings myself this year. A nice tender doe or two would be nice. For long range stuff I have my bolt action .308 with a scope on it. It will pretty much cut the mustard for the far away game. I would also be a formidable weapon for defending our Valley road if push came to shove. I have a couple carbines that shoot 7.62 X 39 and they will put a lot of lead down range in a hurry. There is some machinery for propelling .44 magnum ammo around if necessary. It is a Ruger with a 9" or 10" barrel. A real long daddy. And I have assorted .22's around for varmint control. And you never know when some squirrel or rabbit will make your day. Protein is essential. Stay alive!


Friday, September 18, 2009


Still no collapse. Man! Am I ever making my self patient. I wonder what type of cycle I am on. The voice of God was heard to say "All my creation is a woman." I know that men will deny that they are on a cycle but at the same time, women in the know will be rolling on the floor laughing their asses off. Too bad, guys. You just have to work on it. So what is it that makes me want to quite writing at times and just forget about saying anything to anybody? Don't know, but it sure does happen. I can intellectualize the need for helping people and giving them encouragement but emotionally it can get a little old. Men are like Astronauts. Always looking for another heavenly body to explore. Fickle as hell.

But I want to meet the new day that is being created. I want to see the freedom and the hardships and the camaraderie of what will be happening. It will be quite a new experience watching the successful survivors learn to exist with each other. New for them but part of my past to me. I have been there and done that. Learned from it and am willing to go back to it. What ever it takes to make it. And you better be the same way or maybe you will go the way of all roadkill.

It is getting chilly out in the mornings. I can feel the Fall coming on us. But it does not seem like Winter is too far away. Across the lake I can see trees making their change of color. Mother Nature has worn her pretty green dress for many months now, but she is being stripped again and her nakedness exposed. She is not pretty while she goes through this humiliation. Her mood is not friendly. She will freeze your ass off if she can. You will be on guard or you will die. But we have made it before and we can make it again. Not living in bottoms or on coastal plains is a good thing when Mother Nature gets riled up. Mountains can also be hazardous to your health. Uplands are probably the best. The hills protect somewhat from the storms and there is some crop and grazing land if you shop around. Down where I live there is about 3000 acres we live on but only a little over 400 of it is tillable. And a lot of the remainder is pretty steep, even for cows. But we grow lots of trees around here. FUEL. Stuff you can use to cook your meals and keep warm with in cold weather and maybe build some homes. Good things.

There is scheduled to be some more bean picking today. The gallon plastic bags are starting to fill up around this home. My wife and BIL will do the picking and I will do the shelling. I get to judge what goes and what stays thataway. I also get too select the seed beans for next year. I must have done a good job last year because we have beans running out our ears this harvest. And that is just the way I like it. I will probably give away last years beans and save this years crop. I am getting TONS of peppers and the wife is getting them on thread and making ristras. Ands the green ones ARE TURNING RED. Something worked for our benefit for a change.

I will go for now. Do what you can to prepare and don't let up. It is too important to not pay attention. Stay alive.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Got up at 0230 this morning. Not much happening. Gold and silver are up. Obama is going to chair the UN Security Council. Nothing particularly earth shaking going on. And I am always looking for an earth shake. You know what I mean. In baseball the Umpire hollers out Play Ball. In Football the Referee wave his arm. In Boxing the ref signals the round has started. But in the catastrophe business there is no official to tell us what is happening. We are left to decide on our own and most of us are chicken shit and won't do anything unless someone else does it first. So we wait like some comatose cat beside a mouse trail, not even seeing the little devils because we know it is not time for them. How disgusting. That preacher, Dr. Manning, is openly calling for a Revolution and I wonder if anyone hears him. We shall see. But Obama is a long legged Mack Daddy. A Mack Daddy is a pimp if you didn't know. Manning got me to think long enough to check that out.

So I have little to say and that about sums up the world right now. The rats on Wall Street are still gouging the hell out of us. The bankers are still amassing more and more power. The politicians are so crooked that they don't really try to hide it any more. It's hilarious. Big corporations are trying to take a cut as big as a barn. I notice that those companies that use fear are doing the best job of raking in the money. Folks are scared. I ain't. I'm bored.

But we go on. Stay alive.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have just read and got a taste of Les Visible's rant this morning. He is talking about the peasants (us) storming the Rothschild's Castle. (the elite) I cannot say I will storm any bastions of the elite, but I can say that my sympathy will go with them! And if they come to MY home then they can expect an effort to dispose of them from me. Things are getting so damned out of control. This Kenyan fella in the Whitehouse is nothing but a depository of misery. He talks about change and there ain't any. Except he seems to be inclined to take what spare change I have in my pocket. And I ain't got much change and I don't want to act rich and say that any of it is extra, or spare. But if the action keeps going like it is I would have to predict that guns will bristle on the highways and by-ways of this great land. And that is a sad thing but it may be necessary. I must confess that I am not disposed to restore the constitution. It is obviously a failed instrument and I cannot see the sense of try to ride a dead horse. We have to come up with ideas that will suit our lives as we go along in the days ahead. There will be mistakes and there will be great successes, so expect both. But we have to get this 800 pound gorilla off our backs. It will enslave us and make out lives a living hell. And the day of reckoning is on the way. Don't forget that!

Jim Haddix sent me a site to check out this morning. It's . It is really a nice article and has some points that really strike home. Right at the last it gets to the point of the whole thing. If we start eating healthy and working in our gardens we will strike a blow against high health care costs, unemployment, and redistribution of the wealth. We will be hugely more healthy and fit. We will have people working in the gardens and the money will flow towards the people who really do the work. I'll give you the last paragraph of this splendid writing.

"Give us five million farmers like Atlee Weaver and our farm subsidy problems would vanish in the face of supply and demand, our health care costs would all but vanish, and unemployment would drop by that number or more, wealth would be redistributed, and they could do it all with horsepower. Jefferson was right: let foreign nations have manufacturing and let them depend on us for quality food."

The Handmaiden told me this morning of a letter written to Obama prior to his election. It was written along the same lines as this article I got from Jim Haddix. The person writing the letter said he had the hope that Obama would support the idea of American feeding itself and supporting itself from small farms once again. He hoped that Obama would appoint a Secretary of Agriculture who would be helpful in this are. So Obama appoints Mr. Monsanto and I say there is your answer, America. I reckon the Whitehouse garden is a hustle to put on the soccer moms to gather more votes. But how can you do something like that if you put a Monsanto guy in the Department of Agriculture? Did anyone ever find out how much Monsanto donated to the Democrats last election? We are being hustled and I think we all know it. If my wife can find an electronic form of that letter written to Obama I will post it asap. Stay alive.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I wasn't even going to post today but now I am, so there you are. Things change and there ain't much we can do about it. I have had quite a mental uproar over some words a man heard and I am convinced he does not know what he is talking about. There is no "thus saith God" or anything else to clearly denote who spoke the words. There is no clear understanding of the identity of the speaker, whether is be Urim or Thummim. And remember that there are people in the heavenlies who don't know much about anything. You ALWAYS want to clarify any voice that you hear with an identity. There are good minds in the heavenlies and there are some not so good minds up there. God takes all kinds of folks in to his kingdom. He is no respecter of persons and he does not ask anyone's opinion. He is God.

The wife shelled some beans tonight and that was about it for prepping for today except for the load of peppers she put in the dryer this morning. I was up very late last night and thus took a monstrous nap this afternoon. Tomorrow I get to planting Garlic and trying to grow the stuff.

That about rounds it up for today. I'm just like you and am waiting for the next big step in the collapse. Maybe today, if the new Japanese government gets sworn in today. It's only the 15th here but it is the 16th in Japan. Stay alive.


Monday, September 14, 2009


I have been reading calamity stories again today. I think I have the conventional wisdom of the day pretty much in hand. If there is a slow slide into chaos then there will be time to do things and prepare and what not. If the is a snap, a sudden collapse, then all hell is going to break loose and being in the city and maybe even a town will be a bad deal. I think this is about right. The people to be feared are the people who live at their retreat and are dug in and ready. If you have to bug out then you could have a problem. I have devoted my talk of emergency preparedness to being already out of town. It will save so much time and energy. And who knows the dangers that lurk in staying in town?

Will Martial Law be declared by our Kenyan president? Will there be road blocks you can't get through? Will there be traffic jams to frazzle your mind to new levels of frustration? Will law enforcement get really heavy with everyone? Will there be troops out and about with loaded rifles? Will there be large scale arrest facilities set up so that anyone who questions an officer can be held for a long period of time? Will there be armed gangs out doing criminal mischief on citizens? No one has the answers to these questions right now but the time is coming when they will be answered. And they might not be answered the way we would like it.

The village where I live has no other houses for five miles before you get to us. There ain't anyone else who lives here but us. Sure does simplify matters. No one should be coming down that road but we who live here. Anyone else is suspect from the word go. But it ain't that way in the city. Everything is public. So all kinds of people will be knowing what you are doing. I have talked to people living in the city and only ONE of them had scouted around for hidden roads not normally used that would take them out of town and around road blocks. Old railroad access roads for track maintenance. You take them now and you find out where they lead and what you will have to overcome or avoid in the future. It is just like getting food for storage. You have to plan. You have to investigate. And when the time comes to act, you are ready. You get the hell out of Dodge and you beat feet to your retreat. You are armed so that if anyone gives you cause you can dust them off and continue. Shooting someone is not a pleasant experience but sometimes it has to be done. Sometimes just the sight of your pump shotgun will cause the problem to vanish. Those are the good times. And if you have to bug out in a hurried and hostile manner, be sure you have food for the journey.and water to wash it down. Water is a big deal and most people never think about it. Have plenty when you set out, if at all possible.

Have your health goodies in your truck or car with you. Your Vitamins and Minerals. Your Probiotics. You normal medications. Whatever you need to stay alive and functioning. It goes without saying that Diabetics should have a supply of insulin where ever they go.But if your retreat does not have pre-positioned supplies then you will have to bring everything you will need with you. This can be an obstacle that is hard to cope with. Thus I have cautioned everyone to get the hell out of town and back away from everything. You are dealing with percentages. The percentages are what you trust to make your best decisions. There is no sure thing in emergency preparedness. You might get close but still not be quite perfect. So you play the odds or percentages. The clan of people all living in close proximity to each other is your best percentage shot. And it is a lot higher percentage shot than what you would get in a city neighborhood. You just never know when the guy you are talking to is a neighborhood organizer and would write your name down with maybe some derogatory remarks if they found out you were a prepper. It could get you watched and busted by the politically correct police. And do not, for one moment, think this will not happen. People will turn on their fellow citizens in a heartbeat if they thought is would get them a little better life. I was reading a blog today that said America as was thought of years ago is coming apart. I think it was written by Pat Buchanon and published on World Net Daily. If you are in a city or a large town, do not trust anyone except maybe a close relative or maybe a fellow prepper who you have associated with for quite a while. Humans are treacherous bastards and you are trying to save lives against all odds.

Out in the country the folks will be talking about all the trouble in the cities. That is the way country people are. Until they think the trouble is coming at them and then there is going to be hell to pay. Most of those guys have been killing deer all their lives and they know how to hide and how to hit what they are aiming at. Crowds coming long distances out of the cities and towns will be stopped. Just consider that a deer hunter or a turkey hunter is the equal to an army sniper. They can hide and be very still and make the shot that counts. If you must travel a long distance to get to your retreat do not go messing around rural areas where you have no business. It could get you ventilated. And a lot of these old boys out in the hinterlands have some things that might surprise you. Uncle Eddie who served in 'Nam or Grandpa Bill who was in WWII very easily could have shipped something home that might be frowned upon in official circles but would still get the job done out in the woods. It pays to stay on the proper path when you get out in the country. Stay alive.


Sunday, September 13, 2009


n my study of economics I have found certain things being done that are counter to good monetary sense. In reading Peter Schiff this morning on you may discover why gold has not been successful at breaking the $1000 level for a long time. We have an element in financial circles who are called bond vigilantes and if there is inflation the bond vigilantes holler and the interest on bonds goes up and thus money is protected from inflation by the increase paid for bonds. But the bond vigilantes are not screaming their heads off. There is no rise in bond prices and thus there is not inflation, or so the saying goes. But we fail to note that bonds are being purchased by the Federal Reserve and thus there is not real market to tell us or warn us. And that kind of gums up the works. When there is trouble in the financial world people start looking for a good place to stash their cash. Gold has always been a place of comfort and solace to those protecting their fortunes. But nobody has been buying it because the watchdogs are not barking. The watchdogs are what is called 'technical people' and they say if bond prices are not going up then we have no inflation. And so the gold investors are getting screwed by these apes who refuse to sound the alarm. Only the survivalists are talking up gold and silver. But that is about to change. I heard that Germany has asked the Federal Reserve for the gold they have stored there. The rats are leaving the sinking ship, and I don't blame them.

I will tell you people what is going on. I have seen by vision to plant a garden. In other words, GROW FOOD. Don't worry about Obama and the rest of the idiots on the planet, get out there and take care of the real business! Your concern is to survive and maintain your friends and family. Your concern is to live on with your health intact no matter what the scum bags of this planet try to do. Yes, I have some guns and ammo and yes, I have some medical supplies and a few other goodies. But I am to grow food. I am to feed people. And you are too! It is getting close to the time of the Clans and we must be gathering and building and growing and all that stuff that people do to survive. And thus we will not be alone. Those who did not come along, who refused the advice of people that cared, will be alone. Maybe they will show up later. I got a message from Jim Haddix today about the huge increased in people using home remedies and herbs and stuff these days. It was out of a Denver, Colorado newspaper, . You might read it. I found it interesting. I don't know about all the remedies but I like it that people are looking for other ways than this Big Pharma machine we have on our hands these days. Just be careful! If you don't know, then ask. I do.

I have just spent the last hour or so listening to interviews on King World News and it is highly enlightening. If you can call utter disgust enlightening. This bunch of sold out bastards in Washington, D.C. have literally ruined this country beyond repair. It can't be fixed. Our money is screwed and our future is screwed, if you want to go along with the future of the US Government. They did it to themselves and they are trying to do it to us. Screw them! I have signed nothing that makes me responsible for America's political debt. I didn't borrow or lend to the effort. And I ain't gonna back it up. They could have started a brand new bank and funded it with a hundred billion dollars and let it go on to serve the people. With the old fractional banking system that would be a trillion dollars real quick. And we could have had some meaningful legislation that prevented unscrupulous assholes from doing illegal things. But no. We had to go into debt for trillions with the federal reserve bank, a foreign owned institution that is subject to question by no man. You can pick up on King World News by going to . Have a nice day. I will be shelling beans!

Go to and check out the story on the protest in Washington, D.C. today. It was huge but the mainstream media boys are trying like hell to down grade the numbers. Stay alive.


Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am wondering this morning if we have pretty much said what has needed to be said and individual prepping is all that is left to deal with. The news of the collapse will set us off again, I am sure, but until that event comes we are pretty much relegated to waiting. I think the main thing to watch and address is the coming martial law that the fedgov is going to put on us. They are already monitoring our internet chat so that will then likely evolve into an internet ban. If the net goes off the line, then just do the best you can. Get out of town, get with your people, and get ready to defend. Go about your normal seasonal preparations just like you always would, but utilize some security. According to some damn post I cannot remember, there is an invention out and about that blocks your electronic key fob from working. As people walk away from their cars and push their fob button, nothing will happen. Your car will still be unlocked. And this little device will pretty much cover a whole parking lot. You can leave it in your trunk and come back an hour later and get into any car you wish. Of course it will not keep you from using your KEY to lock your doors but who wants to be bothered by any keys? I read another article of unknown origin that said the food banks in the big vegetable valley in California are supplying food to as high as 80% of the people in the towns located there with food. Unbelievable. The vegetable basket of America is living off of food banks? What the hell is going on beside some bunch of dumbasses regulating the water? I think these folks doing the regulation are the same folks who want to regulate our healthcare in this country. Lots of luck on the healthcare issue!

I am getting lots of e-mails from folks wanting special attention for their particular situation. Special attention is a fine thing with me, but you would do well to send me your email address. I find it a lot easier to get any message across if it is going to a personal email addy. I will not be happy putting someone elses's business out on the street.

Getting back to the food thing and the food banks supporting the people in the Central Valley of California, I have a couple of things to go on. I mentioned some time ago that a man who worked for a grain exporter here in the states did nothing but handle South American corn for his company. And he has gone to South America for 43 straight years to do a 'boots on the ground' analysis of the coming crop. He is a thorough man and knows of what he speaks. And he said the crop wasn't there this year. Can you understand this? Cliff High's webbot may be correct in predicting famine around the globe. And remember that these grain exporting countries are not going to export if they don't have enough to take care of their own needs. And if they DO have a little bit to export, who is to say that China does not already have it locked up? The whole point of this rant is to get you to get your vegetable situation worked out NOW. The stuff from the Central Valley should be hitting the canneries right now or petty soon and it ain't going to happen! There maybe ain't gonna be any cans of Pumpkin to make your Thanksgiving meal a thing to remember. So get with the program so you won't be left out in the cold. Hunger is a bitch! And meat is cheap right now because the growers have too many animals, but that is not going to last forever! The farmers want more money and they will cut the supply way back until they get it. Got your protein under control? Can you keep your family healthy with what you have for at least another year? Not that this will be over in a year but a year's supply of protein will give you time to solve future problems. Forecasters are saying that we are looking at 20 to 25 years of hard times in this country. We cannot plan on bunkering in for 6 months and coming back out and finding everything is sunshine and lollipops again. It ain't gonna happen that way.

Just a quick hit from the web.,Authorised=false.html?_i_location=

Guatemala declares �state of calamity�

By Ronald Buchanan in Mexico City

Published: September 9 2009 21:53 Last updated: September 11 2009 15:00

Alvaro Colom, the Guatemalan president, announced he would invoke the public order laws to impose a �state of calamity� in an effort to stave off mass hunger in the Central American nation.

The measure allows the government to make special purchases of food and Mr Colom said he hoped it would inspire the international community to send aid.

I got this link from The word is out there if you look. But the Mainstream Media ain't gonna tell you about it until it is too late! That makes them our enemy. They know and are not telling us. Treason. How many people will suffer needlessly because of this. But you read Staying Alive and you now know.



Friday, September 11, 2009


Jim Haddix sent me a great URL today about using urine and wood ashes as a fertilizer. According to the Finnish people who did the study the mixture works like gangbusters. It's at . I have one question as to it's merits and that relates to the fact that the Urine turns into Urea after two months of storage. Urine I can understand but Urea is a a huge question mark. If Urea will destroy any pathogens in the urine then what does it do to the friendly bacteria we need in our soil? You can go the the local coop and by Urea based fertilizers but they are hot as hell, mainly used for corn which is a big eater of nitrogen. But do they kill the little fellas in the soil that we want to be there? I will try to find out. I do know the building out in Oklahoma that got blown up was done with a Urea based fertilizer. That stuff is mighty powerful. The Finns did a study on how well the urine/wood ash fertilizer did on tomatoes. And lo an behold my buddy Tater Joe from Idaho sent me a tomato post today. Here it is.
Tomatoes are the rage this week!

The family members who have the small farm have been waylayed by illness, so the wife has been up there tending to the Chickens & Tomatoes.

So, today is super home canning day for a couple hundred pounds of tomatoes.

She is canning whole tomatoes, tomato paste, spaghetti sauce, lasagna sauce, you name it!

My job is to clean the jars prior to canning, and again once they are done & cool while checking seals. I also write the labels, label the jars and enter information in a master logbook.

No wonder people readily accepted the commercially canned foods when they came out, this is a helluva lot of work!

EM-Joe Canning in Idaho!
This food production business is labor intensive, to say the least. There is more work than our little gang can get done here in the valley. Of course, if the web-bot is correct and we are going to have a world wide famine that will kill a billion people then there will be PLENTY OF GARDEN HELP. It will surpass Baseball as the national sport. George Ure had the reminder up on for Thursday, 9-10-09.

I was just listening to and heard a John Rubino interview that he finished with announcing that a company in Germany had created a nano-technology paint that will turn whatever you paint with it into a photo voltaic panel. This stuff is getting interesting. I tried to go back to the interview and hear it again but they had taken it down. A little fishy there. Stay alive.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Taken from . This will show you how the game is played. The game is rigged.
Insiders sell like there's no tomorrow

Corporate officers and directors were buying stock when the market hit bottom. What does it say that they're selling now?

By Colin Barr, senior writer
Last Updated: September 10, 2009: 4:24 PM ET

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Can hundreds of stock-selling insiders be wrong?
The stock market has mounted an historic rally since it hit a low in March. The S&P 500 is up 55%, as U.S. job losses have slowed and credit markets have stabilized.

But against that improving backdrop, one indicator has turned distinctly bearish: Corporate officers and directors have been selling shares at a pace last seen just before the onset of the subprime malaise two years ago.

While a wave of insider selling doesn't necessarily foretell a stock market downturn, it suggests that those with the first read on business trends don't believe current stock prices are justified by economic fundamentals.

"It's not a very complicated story," said Charles Biderman, who runs market research firm Trim Tabs. "Insiders know better than you and me. If prices are too high, they sell."

Biderman, who says there were $31 worth of insider stock sales in August for every $1 of insider buys, isn't the only one who has taken note. Ben Silverman, director of research at the web site that tracks trading action, said insiders are selling at their most aggressive clip since the summer of 2007.

Silverman said the "orgy of selling" is noteworthy because corporate insiders were aggressive buyers of the market's spring dip. The S&P 500 dropped as low as 666 in early March before the recent rally took it back above 1,000.

"That was a great call," Silverman said. "They were buying when prices were low, so it makes sense to look at what they're doing now that prices are higher."

Straightforward trading

In the case of firms such as discount broker TD Ameritrade (AMTD), they are selling with abandon. Chairman Joe Moglia has netted more than $10 million in profits from stock sales since April, by selling shares on each of the last 106 business days, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

A TD Ameritrade spokeswoman said Moglia's sales are being made under a pre-arranged selling plan he filed with the SEC last August. Under that plan, his brokers exercise some options he got eight years ago and sell the underlying shares every day the company's stock price is above a certain level.

Moglia's not the only insider selling at TD Ameritrade. The company's founder and former chairman, Joe Ricketts, and his wife Marlene last month sold 5.7 million shares to help fund the family's purchase of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. They owned 16% of the company's stock at last count.

Silverman said the TD Ameritrade insider sales don't particularly raise concerns about the company's health, because "special circumstances" -- the Cubs deal and the pending expiration of Moglia's options -- are evident.

He said it's potentially more worrisome when insiders suddenly make big sales without obvious motivating factors.

Fossil (FOSL) CEO Tom Kartsotis has sold $25 million of the watchmaker's stock over the past month. Shares of Fossil have more than doubled since early March. Fossil didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

At video game maker Activision Blizzard (ATVI), CEO Robert Kotick and director Brian Kelly each made more than $10 million last month by selling shares after exercisingstock options.
While some of Kotick's options were due to expire next year, others weren't due to expire until 2014 in his case and 2012 in Kelly's. The stock sales took place at prices that were about 50% above their 52-week low. Activision didn't respond to a request for comment.

Adding to the flurry of stock sales, companies are selling stock to the public at a brisk clip while buybacks have tailed off. All told, U.S. corporations have been net sellers of $105 billion of stock over the past four months, Biderman said.

Insiders have managed to cash in on some of those offerings. Healthcare payment administrator Emdeon (EM), for instance, last month raised $155 million in an initial public offering. At the same time, selling shareholders led by private equity investor General Atlantic Partners raised $188 million.

Though the wave of selling by insiders doesn't necessarily predict a pullback in their stocks or the market as a whole, it's hard to put a happy spin on the recent trends.

"The disparity between buyers and sellers right now is vast," said Silverman. "That's the beauty of following insider trading -- these guys are talking with their checkbooks."

First Published: September 10, 2009: 2:36 PM ET


Just relaxing at home at home watching the wife can some tomatoes. She is doing it water bath style and I have never seen this method used before. It kinda goes against my rain to put a sealed container into anything hot for 45 minutes or whatever it is. We used to have shits and giggles out on Boy Scout camping trips at night when someone would inevitably put a cheap can of Campbell's soup in the fire and it would explode when no one expected it. You never slept close to the fire in those days. Shrapnel was on the way! But the canning is getting done and I am proud of it. More food! The wife has also harvested a large jar of tomatoes that she has had fermenting on the porch. They stay out there, sealed, for 8 days and then they come in and get mashed through a sieve and then dried in the shape of a ball. These tomato balls are then put in a jar with oil and used whenever tomato flavor is called for in soups and stews and sauces. Voila! Tomato Balls.

I haven't written anything else so I must go for now. It is time to post. I am having trouble and others are also, of connecting with certain sites. I cannot get on the site where the gov't papers are printed in pdf. to show that the gov't is going to enlist the army and other branches of service in case of 'civil disturbance'. It was called operation Garden Party. I got a comment this morning that said there was trouble getting on Remus at the Woodpile Report. Keep an eye on this. Strange days have found us. And the enemy knows more than they will tell the citizens. Remember, we are the Mushroom People. We are fed shit and kept in the dark. Don't turn your back on your government. You could find a knife sticking out of it. And stay alive.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Good morning everyone! The wife is still in bed and I am typing away. She was pretty busy yesterday and some good rest won't hurt her a damn bit. Let her sleep, I say. I enjoy my wide. She is a prepper from the word go. I lured her away from Rochester, New York, because I didn't want her to trying to make it on her own in that big city when the shtf. She ain't very big and I think she needs some protection. Don't get me wrong, she is gutty as all get out, and don't even think of attacking her around her kitchen knives. But my shot gun can do more than her knives. And I absolutely do not trust the fedgov to protect us. Quite the opposite. When you read about all the torture and murder overseas by our government you are reading about our fellow citizens. NEVER FORGE THAT THEY WILL TURN ON YOU. And some of them won't, but they mess it up for the rest of our folks. The people who performed the purges of Russia and China were citizens of those respective countries. Folks will turn you in, shoot you in the head, hang you, imprison you, rape your wife and children and steal your food while all the time proclaiming to be good American citizens. When the troops come into your area, if they don't introduce themselves in a proper manner then you had better shoot them. If they don't make nice, then don't you be a fool and make nice with them. I have talked and emailed with a couple strong preppers this week who are tired of prepping. I have come against that. NEVER DROP YOUR GUARD. We are going to get hit with nasty shit and there is no sense letting it take you unprepared. The system depends on you not keeping the home fires burning in prepper mode. They depend on a short attention span. You get bored. You get tired. And pretty soon the whole movement is in tatters. And you are naked to the world. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU! I am not going to dwell on this aspect very much so forewarned is forearmed. Let your Yay be Yay and your Nay be Nay because if your become lukewarm HE will spew you out of His mouth. Not good field position.

I have comments today from Ye Old Fert and Dr. Richards and they seem to be staying with the program, and good for them I say. Ye Old Fert said I could do stretching exercises in the morning and maybe I will just take him up on his suggestion. Start getting those old joints to flexing a little bit better. Dr. Richard said that when the shtf we will be under a lot of stress and I agree with him whole heartedly. Like I have told you a half dozen time, prepare to feed out real well for the first three days of SHTF. It is a good stress fighter. Your nerves can't really transmit a lot of panic when your belly is full of foods you enjoy. And knowing there is more food where that came from will make it even calmer in you body. Get some playing cards and some board games and learn to be a family again. Won't hurt you a damn bit. And it will keep you calm, cool, and collected. And it will do the same for those around you. The quick collapse is the way to go if you are a prepper. The Mutant Zombie Idiots will have to take a few days to think of something to do to continue existing. The slow slide gives everyone time to think and plan, like it has us. But since everyone is ready, with some folks complaining about THAT, well we would be better off with a quick hit and not a slow slide. Some of us have years in this thing. We are ready, we have our plan, we have all the essential ingredients to survive and now we have to wait. And Americans are not uses to waiting. We have been conditioned to things for us being on time! But God don't work like that. He will crash it when it is time, and not a minute before. So man up out there and wait for your turn at life!

Shelling beans today. Gonna have a real big crop this year, I am afraid. Actually I am not afraid of it at all. I want a big crop. I plant so I can have a big crop. That stuff is FOOD. and we humans are susceptible to needing food. Funniest damn thing. We gotta eat. I am not going to give this food to charity or anything like that. It will go to my family and to my cohorts in the valley. Some give away group contacted me this morning and wanted to know if I would give them food from my garden. You almost can't time my hasty rely: NO. I have plenty of people who might need my food. Why should I give it to the morons who have done nothing to preserve their lives? Why should I give it to the people who think my ideas are strange and anti-social? I AM A PREPPER! And those who don't like it can kiss me where the Sun don't shine. I work hard and my family works hard, to afford the preps we have. I ain't giving them up to a bunch of scalawags. Mr. Wingmaster will help me see to that. I just got an e-mail alert from Remus at the Woodpile Report, Consumerism is dying in this country. There is gonna be a backlash to this cut back of personal debt. And it will be huge. Banks are going to fail. Foreign credit to Uncle Sham is gonna dry up. We are going to crash! And it is about time. Stay alive!