Sunday, September 20, 2009


I started a post yesterday and I cannot finish it. It is not clear and concise like I try to be. So that post comes later.

The news of the world really ain't news at all. That can only mean that the back room deals are not fully made as yet. Everything is not ironed out as yet.

The economy still sucks and is going to get worse, much worse.

Keep on prepping as if your future depended on it, because it does. We are here at my home and it is coming along fairly well. We are garnering a major bean crop this year and things are looking up. My fingers are starting to ache at night from all the bean shelling. I go on. One gallon plastic bags are filling. We hope to benefit some people with the remainder of last years crop. Free food for the folks. Some will like it and appreciate it. More tomorrow. Stay alive.


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