Sunday, September 13, 2009


n my study of economics I have found certain things being done that are counter to good monetary sense. In reading Peter Schiff this morning on you may discover why gold has not been successful at breaking the $1000 level for a long time. We have an element in financial circles who are called bond vigilantes and if there is inflation the bond vigilantes holler and the interest on bonds goes up and thus money is protected from inflation by the increase paid for bonds. But the bond vigilantes are not screaming their heads off. There is no rise in bond prices and thus there is not inflation, or so the saying goes. But we fail to note that bonds are being purchased by the Federal Reserve and thus there is not real market to tell us or warn us. And that kind of gums up the works. When there is trouble in the financial world people start looking for a good place to stash their cash. Gold has always been a place of comfort and solace to those protecting their fortunes. But nobody has been buying it because the watchdogs are not barking. The watchdogs are what is called 'technical people' and they say if bond prices are not going up then we have no inflation. And so the gold investors are getting screwed by these apes who refuse to sound the alarm. Only the survivalists are talking up gold and silver. But that is about to change. I heard that Germany has asked the Federal Reserve for the gold they have stored there. The rats are leaving the sinking ship, and I don't blame them.

I will tell you people what is going on. I have seen by vision to plant a garden. In other words, GROW FOOD. Don't worry about Obama and the rest of the idiots on the planet, get out there and take care of the real business! Your concern is to survive and maintain your friends and family. Your concern is to live on with your health intact no matter what the scum bags of this planet try to do. Yes, I have some guns and ammo and yes, I have some medical supplies and a few other goodies. But I am to grow food. I am to feed people. And you are too! It is getting close to the time of the Clans and we must be gathering and building and growing and all that stuff that people do to survive. And thus we will not be alone. Those who did not come along, who refused the advice of people that cared, will be alone. Maybe they will show up later. I got a message from Jim Haddix today about the huge increased in people using home remedies and herbs and stuff these days. It was out of a Denver, Colorado newspaper, . You might read it. I found it interesting. I don't know about all the remedies but I like it that people are looking for other ways than this Big Pharma machine we have on our hands these days. Just be careful! If you don't know, then ask. I do.

I have just spent the last hour or so listening to interviews on King World News and it is highly enlightening. If you can call utter disgust enlightening. This bunch of sold out bastards in Washington, D.C. have literally ruined this country beyond repair. It can't be fixed. Our money is screwed and our future is screwed, if you want to go along with the future of the US Government. They did it to themselves and they are trying to do it to us. Screw them! I have signed nothing that makes me responsible for America's political debt. I didn't borrow or lend to the effort. And I ain't gonna back it up. They could have started a brand new bank and funded it with a hundred billion dollars and let it go on to serve the people. With the old fractional banking system that would be a trillion dollars real quick. And we could have had some meaningful legislation that prevented unscrupulous assholes from doing illegal things. But no. We had to go into debt for trillions with the federal reserve bank, a foreign owned institution that is subject to question by no man. You can pick up on King World News by going to . Have a nice day. I will be shelling beans!

Go to and check out the story on the protest in Washington, D.C. today. It was huge but the mainstream media boys are trying like hell to down grade the numbers. Stay alive.


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Mayberry said...

I wonder at the effectiveness these protests will have, but it still does my heart good to see them happening. At least the cockroaches in DC know that there are some really pissed off folks out there who ain't gonna take their tyranny lieing down....