Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have just read and got a taste of Les Visible's rant this morning. He is talking about the peasants (us) storming the Rothschild's Castle. (the elite) I cannot say I will storm any bastions of the elite, but I can say that my sympathy will go with them! And if they come to MY home then they can expect an effort to dispose of them from me. Things are getting so damned out of control. This Kenyan fella in the Whitehouse is nothing but a depository of misery. He talks about change and there ain't any. Except he seems to be inclined to take what spare change I have in my pocket. And I ain't got much change and I don't want to act rich and say that any of it is extra, or spare. But if the action keeps going like it is I would have to predict that guns will bristle on the highways and by-ways of this great land. And that is a sad thing but it may be necessary. I must confess that I am not disposed to restore the constitution. It is obviously a failed instrument and I cannot see the sense of try to ride a dead horse. We have to come up with ideas that will suit our lives as we go along in the days ahead. There will be mistakes and there will be great successes, so expect both. But we have to get this 800 pound gorilla off our backs. It will enslave us and make out lives a living hell. And the day of reckoning is on the way. Don't forget that!

Jim Haddix sent me a site to check out this morning. It's . It is really a nice article and has some points that really strike home. Right at the last it gets to the point of the whole thing. If we start eating healthy and working in our gardens we will strike a blow against high health care costs, unemployment, and redistribution of the wealth. We will be hugely more healthy and fit. We will have people working in the gardens and the money will flow towards the people who really do the work. I'll give you the last paragraph of this splendid writing.

"Give us five million farmers like Atlee Weaver and our farm subsidy problems would vanish in the face of supply and demand, our health care costs would all but vanish, and unemployment would drop by that number or more, wealth would be redistributed, and they could do it all with horsepower. Jefferson was right: let foreign nations have manufacturing and let them depend on us for quality food."

The Handmaiden told me this morning of a letter written to Obama prior to his election. It was written along the same lines as this article I got from Jim Haddix. The person writing the letter said he had the hope that Obama would support the idea of American feeding itself and supporting itself from small farms once again. He hoped that Obama would appoint a Secretary of Agriculture who would be helpful in this are. So Obama appoints Mr. Monsanto and I say there is your answer, America. I reckon the Whitehouse garden is a hustle to put on the soccer moms to gather more votes. But how can you do something like that if you put a Monsanto guy in the Department of Agriculture? Did anyone ever find out how much Monsanto donated to the Democrats last election? We are being hustled and I think we all know it. If my wife can find an electronic form of that letter written to Obama I will post it asap. Stay alive.


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admin said...

Why do you think Obama is any different from GW Bush? They're both puppets appointed by the same people who don't give a damn about you and me. Obama is serving their purposes...mollifying the smarter ones who were appalled at the stupidy of GW and solidifying the racists who are appalled at having a Negro over them.

GW Bush got a whole lot better treatment for doing a whole lot worse from you right wing racists.