Thursday, September 17, 2009


Got up at 0230 this morning. Not much happening. Gold and silver are up. Obama is going to chair the UN Security Council. Nothing particularly earth shaking going on. And I am always looking for an earth shake. You know what I mean. In baseball the Umpire hollers out Play Ball. In Football the Referee wave his arm. In Boxing the ref signals the round has started. But in the catastrophe business there is no official to tell us what is happening. We are left to decide on our own and most of us are chicken shit and won't do anything unless someone else does it first. So we wait like some comatose cat beside a mouse trail, not even seeing the little devils because we know it is not time for them. How disgusting. That preacher, Dr. Manning, is openly calling for a Revolution and I wonder if anyone hears him. We shall see. But Obama is a long legged Mack Daddy. A Mack Daddy is a pimp if you didn't know. Manning got me to think long enough to check that out.

So I have little to say and that about sums up the world right now. The rats on Wall Street are still gouging the hell out of us. The bankers are still amassing more and more power. The politicians are so crooked that they don't really try to hide it any more. It's hilarious. Big corporations are trying to take a cut as big as a barn. I notice that those companies that use fear are doing the best job of raking in the money. Folks are scared. I ain't. I'm bored.

But we go on. Stay alive.


Jacob Gittes said...

Thanks for keepin' it going.
The recession if over, though, don't you know? And "only" 550,000 people or so lost their jobs last week, so we're on our way to renewed prosperity. Mammon has won!

Mayberry said...

I don't know if "bored" is the word for me, but something like that. Tired is more like it. Tired of the game. Tired of it all. My motivation to get up and go grind away to feed the beast has just about bottomed out. But I will, 'cuz I still got a lot of preppin' to do....