Friday, September 18, 2009


Still no collapse. Man! Am I ever making my self patient. I wonder what type of cycle I am on. The voice of God was heard to say "All my creation is a woman." I know that men will deny that they are on a cycle but at the same time, women in the know will be rolling on the floor laughing their asses off. Too bad, guys. You just have to work on it. So what is it that makes me want to quite writing at times and just forget about saying anything to anybody? Don't know, but it sure does happen. I can intellectualize the need for helping people and giving them encouragement but emotionally it can get a little old. Men are like Astronauts. Always looking for another heavenly body to explore. Fickle as hell.

But I want to meet the new day that is being created. I want to see the freedom and the hardships and the camaraderie of what will be happening. It will be quite a new experience watching the successful survivors learn to exist with each other. New for them but part of my past to me. I have been there and done that. Learned from it and am willing to go back to it. What ever it takes to make it. And you better be the same way or maybe you will go the way of all roadkill.

It is getting chilly out in the mornings. I can feel the Fall coming on us. But it does not seem like Winter is too far away. Across the lake I can see trees making their change of color. Mother Nature has worn her pretty green dress for many months now, but she is being stripped again and her nakedness exposed. She is not pretty while she goes through this humiliation. Her mood is not friendly. She will freeze your ass off if she can. You will be on guard or you will die. But we have made it before and we can make it again. Not living in bottoms or on coastal plains is a good thing when Mother Nature gets riled up. Mountains can also be hazardous to your health. Uplands are probably the best. The hills protect somewhat from the storms and there is some crop and grazing land if you shop around. Down where I live there is about 3000 acres we live on but only a little over 400 of it is tillable. And a lot of the remainder is pretty steep, even for cows. But we grow lots of trees around here. FUEL. Stuff you can use to cook your meals and keep warm with in cold weather and maybe build some homes. Good things.

There is scheduled to be some more bean picking today. The gallon plastic bags are starting to fill up around this home. My wife and BIL will do the picking and I will do the shelling. I get to judge what goes and what stays thataway. I also get too select the seed beans for next year. I must have done a good job last year because we have beans running out our ears this harvest. And that is just the way I like it. I will probably give away last years beans and save this years crop. I am getting TONS of peppers and the wife is getting them on thread and making ristras. Ands the green ones ARE TURNING RED. Something worked for our benefit for a change.

I will go for now. Do what you can to prepare and don't let up. It is too important to not pay attention. Stay alive.



mizdeb said...

Mother nature is a fickle mistress. I'm located in central Tx. First battled extreme drought and avg. temps. of 100 degrees for last 3 months. Now got rain, but too late. Temps in mid 80's. My garden is toast. Lost of canned goods in pantry, though. Tin cans, unfortunately.

Andrea said...

We're a few hours east of you and have been waking up in the 40's this past week. We've spent the week airing blankets and mending quilts, getting ready for the cold, Ohio weather.

We're still putting up food here. The tomatoes are still coming on, though not for much longer. I fell into a sweet deal I have to tell you about. We made friends with a local orchard owner who needed a little extra help in his farm store each week. So with my 3year old in tow, I work for a few hours each week in exchange for fresh apples, pumpkins, squash, peppers, beans, etc. There's not too many places a stay-at-home mom can take her toddler to work and leave with bags full of goodness. Win-win situation for everyone, and my daughter has turned into the store mascot!

Maybe more folks should consider working for food????

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
How are ya'll making those ristras?