Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here is a comment I received. I do not know this lady but I have a gut feeling she knows what she is talking about. Anyhow, enjoy the read.
Hey Michael,You're right, usually Echinacea is a great immune booster, but exactly because it stimulates an immune response it maybe dangerous with H1N1. It may cause a cytokeine storm which is what actually kills people - the extreme immune response. Elderberry also slightly bumps the immune response, but since it is not the primary way it works, it actually surrounds the virus so it can't replicate, it seems a much better choice. The other thing I've read is that because of the strong immune response something to reduce inflamation like tumeric may be a good thing to have on hand.Thanks for sharing so much good info with us. Laurie
The rain has let up a bit and maybe we will get a break from the downpour. It's rained in varying force for the last 30 hours. I remember the lady at the country cafe where my BIL and I eat breakfast every Saturday morning talking about the drought we were having this September. It was shaping up to be the driest September since 1962 . Well, we can forget about that for a while. I have a post out to Cliff in Georgia to see if they are getting additional rain like had been forecast. Ain't heard yet. But I reckon I will have something pretty soon.

I have been watching the G-20 news and they are sure putting it on the protesters. The police and fedgov troops are out in force. Kinda strange watching troops make arrests but this will get us used to it and maybe cause us to not kick so much when they bring them on in the future. Same for their "sound weapon." It will bring you a lot of pain and cause you to scream but what the hell, DARPA has spent millions creating it and they want to use it and practice with it. This is just a test drive. Sort of like test driving a new car. Get a few folks out in front of the damn thing and turn it on. Troops used for police and strange exotic weapons, all used on the citizens of this country. Makes you real proud, don't it. And it is all for just us, the citizens. This ain't gonna be used to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. It's for you folks reading this blog right now. It is never too often to remind myself and my readers about the treachery of our fellow citizens. Those people from the Army are running those arrest squads and firing that sound cannon. Those are Americans doing the dirty work against their own people. It is going on right now. Believe it and put it in your memory bank. Your enemy in the coming bad days is gonna be your own people! Accept it and don't forget it.

On a different note I have a place for you to listen to Cliff High of web-bot fame. is a very good interview and it was recorded since the new report came out. Half Past Human has a winner this time, I do believe. Check them out and see what you think. Cliff's explanation of how they analyzed the various subjects is worth the time spent. Believe it. Stay alive!



Dragon said...

I'm working on an after post for the G-20.
There are many lessons to be learned from it. One being that indiscriminate use of LRAD reduces it's effectiveness.
Another lesson is rapid communication is your friend. Twitter,facebook and blogger were instrumental at getting the vids and news out as media was blacked out for a short time.
When media did cover the demonstration they was an obvious bias
with one exception IMHO being CNN when their reporters got gassed.
I am glad that I stayed home as I would not have been able to stand idly by when others were getting beat down.
It is still unknown who the cammie clad thugs were who kidnapped a citizen off the street. an Illegal act as they were not able to be readily identified as either police or military. At no time did they Identify themselves as any authority.
I have at this time reviewed way more video from many sources than I posted links to.
I must re-iterate that thursdays demonstration was way smaller than they looked. Nowhere as big as the seattle or new york events.
Pottsburg has seen way worse when any of the local teams won a championship.

laurie said...


You mentioned me in your post today - I recently closed my blog... But, I have 5 boys, 3 subject to asthma/breathing issues so while I am no expert on this flu, I have taken the time to seek out information because it seems to hit kids with lung problems harder........

The other thing you might research for H1N1 is supplementing with D3 through the winter months.

Since you always end your posts with Stay Alive, just thought I'd pass it on because in this case accurate knowledge may help us stay alive! : )

ChrisInGa said...

I live in Western Georgia along I-20 near alabama and work in the city. I have not seen any rain since monday.

Staying Alive said...

Dragon-the bastards will have their way until we revolt. They have the courts, the military, the legislatures and the presidency. Let them go to hell and just prep your ass off.

Laurie-The Handmaiden picked up a huge supply of D-3, C, and Echinacea today. That D-3 is good for what ails ya'. Tending those young 'uns who have breathing issues has probably given you quite an insight on things of a respitory nature.

Chris-Today is the day you were supposed to get more rain. Hope all goes well for you guys down there. We actually had some sunlight today. Will wonders never cease?


ChrisInGa said...

Yea I spoke too soon. Getting a significant downpour as I speak.. I guess we can officially end our drought..