Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hot damn! The Chinese government has said it will allow state owned enterprises to default on derivative wagers in the future. The banksters are screaming their heads off, but quietly so not to piss China off too much. http://www.reuters.com/article/fundsFundsNews/idUSPEK36146520090831 will get you the story.

This is what should have happened before the bail-outs hit the market. Just let the damn casino bets default and get it over with. China is going to make a lot of people mad with this stunt but it may show the ungrateful wretches what they should have done in the first place. You realize how many centuries we have had trade in this world and we didn't need derivatives? A bunch!

We have to buy another bottle of Karkov Vodka to do more elixirs. We buy the 80 proof and buy the cheapest we can find but the shit is expensive. They collect a lot of tax money from booze and we know the bastards are after the most tax money they can get. I need a still to make our own alcohol. Can't be too tough if the Capone Mob could do it. I got an e-mail from a reader who wanted to make his own elixer. He made the comment that his Elderberries stank. I said WHOA. Elderberries don't stink! Start all over and start identifying your stuff MOST ACCURATELY. Identification is a huge part of foraging. You go skipping through the forest and the fields gaily picking leaves and plants and roots and just eating them because they are wild plants and you will end up a tame corpse. You must identify these plants very accurately. People give these foraged plants to their kids and family to eat and maybe heal themselves. You mis-identify a plant and you may be making your illness ten times as bad as when you started. My wife pretty much knows what she is doing out there foraging. But she comes home and gets her plants out of her bag and goes through the identification process a second time. She is dedicated to getting it right.

The chicken coop is getting to be closer to a reality. Brother-in-law and wife are wanting to put it underneath our balcony with a yard much bigger than the coop. Get me about a dozen hens and get those eggs a flowing down the assembly line. The wife and her brother are out on the porch going through COUNTRY WISDOM right now. And that is fine. Just as long as things stay sensible and sane I will try to go along with them. I just sort of lay down the basic rules and protocols and they can work thing out to suit them. Works okay.

I just listened to a guy named Webster Tarpley on an audio tape. You can listen too at http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=7108. The guy goes into a bit of Banksterism that really paints the picture quite well. Give him a listen and learn a few things. Or at least have a few good laughs. One thing Tarpley mentioned was that Ron Paul is against government funded medical care. Ron Paul says we are NOT entitled to medical care. But Tarpley says we are entitled to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and Medical care is the gist of our right to LIFE. I thought that was interesting. I had never heard that concept before. Tarpley is a pretty shrewd dude. Maybe Ron Paul will debate this guy. Could be an interesting battle. I suspect that Tarpley would find himself allied with Ron Paul on most issues and that would make things even more juicier.

The sun spot situation is getting more involved by the day. Here is a blurb I copied off of What Really Happened.

Sunday, August 30th marks the 51st straight day without a sunspot, one of the longest stretches in a century. One more day and we have a spotless month (we had some by some accounts one last August but a few observatories thought they saw a spot on the sun for a few hours one day). It would be either the first or second spotless month since 1913 depending on whether you count last August as spotless.

Things are looking complicated these days. The last day of August I get up and it is 49 degrees. What the hell! Something ain't right. But things ARE right because we have different weather for different years. I have seen 35 below 0 in the Winter and I have seen Winters when it didn't get much below 20 degrees ABOVE zero. I do honestly believe that this year is going to be cold, very cold. And old man weather could make me a laughing stock but you never can tell. I don't have an Almanac so if anyone does have one you might see what the forecast is and let me know.

Stay alive!




Dr. Richard said...

You are right about something not being right about the weather. It is 60 degrees outside at 9 am on Sept 1st in the Washington DC suburbs. It normaly is 15+ degrees hotter at this time of day this time of year. Instead of our normal 80 to 90+ degree temperatures that are normal, it is a lot colder.

I expect a very cold winter. Just in time as the economy collapses in the fall...


Phil said...

Here ya go Michael.


Mayberry said...

We had a "cold front" (highly unusual for August) come through down here, and got some desperately needed rain. Not much, but a nice steady light rain for about 30 minutes. If history repeats it's self, El Nino will bring us a very mild, wet winter down here. I hope so, shorts and T-shirts on Christmas Day is my kinda winter.... I'll have to consult Busted's almanac.

Sheepdogg76 said...

Some elderberries are reported to smell bad, like the ones in the Rocky Mountains, for example. I don't know, as I avoid them while picking edibles, but maybe there are different varieties? Maybe someone with more knowledge can clarify. Next time I am up in the high country I will verify personally and let you know.

Dragon said...

I'll agree with ya there on the weather and the sunspots. But we have another bear to face. A little known fact about Jupiter and it's tidal influences on our sun, as well as good ole earth. Ole Jove is in one of its closest approaches to the earth leading up to the alignment due sometime in 2012. now if we take a recent look at the quakes and volcanoes our picture becomes a little more clear. Though these events accelerate during the historical solar minimum...well that don't account for the number of shakes recorded just a few days ago...
yep, ole dragon is gonna stick his neck out and say, more of the same or worse should be expected...Jove just by his shear size can have tidal effects on our magma under the crust which of course is under our feet...That friends is why I chose very old rock to be on come SHTF and also why I'm choosing to be way down range of any likely Volcanoes... I do expect that new madrid will not stay quiet for long in the future..Last time that one went it rang church bells in Philly and made a mess of NOLA.
I expect more activity on the ring of fire...thats the reason I chose to stay away from alaska. I also do not expect Yosemite to remain quiet for much longer...little to midlin there unless my data sets are screwed... I DO NOT expect the magnetic poles to reverse. The upside is that volcanic ash is a pain, but not like fallout and it grows good crops as soon as it ages. Thats about as easy as I can put it...prep away.