Thursday, September 10, 2009


Just relaxing at home at home watching the wife can some tomatoes. She is doing it water bath style and I have never seen this method used before. It kinda goes against my rain to put a sealed container into anything hot for 45 minutes or whatever it is. We used to have shits and giggles out on Boy Scout camping trips at night when someone would inevitably put a cheap can of Campbell's soup in the fire and it would explode when no one expected it. You never slept close to the fire in those days. Shrapnel was on the way! But the canning is getting done and I am proud of it. More food! The wife has also harvested a large jar of tomatoes that she has had fermenting on the porch. They stay out there, sealed, for 8 days and then they come in and get mashed through a sieve and then dried in the shape of a ball. These tomato balls are then put in a jar with oil and used whenever tomato flavor is called for in soups and stews and sauces. Voila! Tomato Balls.

I haven't written anything else so I must go for now. It is time to post. I am having trouble and others are also, of connecting with certain sites. I cannot get on the site where the gov't papers are printed in pdf. to show that the gov't is going to enlist the army and other branches of service in case of 'civil disturbance'. It was called operation Garden Party. I got a comment this morning that said there was trouble getting on Remus at the Woodpile Report. Keep an eye on this. Strange days have found us. And the enemy knows more than they will tell the citizens. Remember, we are the Mushroom People. We are fed shit and kept in the dark. Don't turn your back on your government. You could find a knife sticking out of it. And stay alive.


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Dr. Richard said...

I was able to visit Remus's site without any problems this morning.Luckily, I have a Verizon FIOS fiber to the home high speed connection and generally have excellent connectivity.

I have been hearing occassional reports of problems connecting to specific sites (including the other night when my wife could not connect to a bunch of Russian web sites but the US ones worked fine). My suspicion is that most of these problems are the result of massive cutting of technical staff at ISPs and a lack of capital investment -- not deliberate interference by the government. Verizon just cut another 8000 people and it has made their suspect customer service even worse.

Unfortunately, this lack of expertise and investment makes the entire system more vulnerable to disruption - particularly from peak demand period and from hacker denial of service attacks.