Monday, September 28, 2009


Helluva nice day. At least we had some sunshine. Been lacking that for a few days. Listened to some fine audio this afternoon. All Star line up. First up is Mr. Jim Willie at . Then we have Gerald Celente with his latest at . Then we go to Chris Whalen and his interview at . These ought to keep you pretty busy for the morning. These guys are pretty sharp and should give you a well rounded idea of the rip-off being pulled on us by the Banksters, Wall Street, and Washington, D.C. It's really quite a caper. I am reminded of the money changers in the temple at Jerusalem back in the old days. The boys running the show had a deal whereby if you wanted to pay your annual tithes to the priesthood, you had to pay them in a currency that was acceptable to the priesthood. And if you were a Jew who lived far away then you had to get someone who would exchange your currency from your homeland for the currency of Jerusalem. This could be done, of course, for a slight fee. The money changers were getting r9ch as hell off of this little enterprise. You also had to get your money changed if you wanted to buy and animal for sacrifice. The old boy they call the Christ took a whip and drove the money changers out of the temple after he turned their money tables over. Bad day for money changers.

Well, the same mind still exists in New York, Washington, D.C. and all around the world. One of the above speakers calls them money-junkies and I feel that is an adequate name. We had a cure for that in our communal village may years ago. We were communal with each other and no money was involved. But we faced the outside world as capitalists and made all the money we could. That is how we bought all of this land and built all of these buildings. They damn sure were not free and we NEVER became a tax exempt organization. If you are tax exempt then you are depending on the mercy of the enemy for your existence. Bummer. Best to make your money and pay your taxes and have a clear conscience.

Some day we will have a chain of communities across the country who will not have to use money to trade. We will be fair. We will not rip off. We will help those who try to help themselves. It will be very good. It will be very hard to tax us. And life will be less complicated. And the less complicated life becomes the more enjoyment we will find. Just think of the unique concept of enjoying life. So much of living today is nothing but a hassle. It will be wonderful to let a lot of the problems drop by the wayside. All that stress and strain removed. The big killers.

I shelled two bags of beans today. Pretty good production. The Handmaiden is drying some onions and crabapples. Not a bad day. Too bad that the food explosion will end in six weeks or a month, but that is the way life is at this time. We have plenty, however, and will make it through most emergencies. We have that nice wood stove down stairs and we have tons of food to cook on it. I have a feeling the extra heat source will be a nice thing this Winter. I still hold to my original forecast of a cold ass Winter. I think Elder Dragon does also. I always keep an eye on Dragon's weather forecasting. He is pretty sharp in that area. So this Winter we will keep the fire stoked and our feet warm and just meditate on the finer thoughts of man. Sounds like a life to me! Stay alive!



Dragon said...

It's cold here with a hint of rain.
The Sky earlier looked like a winter one. That was about 5 am. It seems that no matter what, I find myself up early and looking at the sky. The air also has a crisp feel to it and the trees are both changing color and losing leaves. That's a bit weird as maples usually turn all sorts of color then drop their leaves. This year the colors cycle to brown in a few hours or a day at least.
The Sun has a neat show going on right now and one of the two sunspots is way active. Worth a look. Later.

Mayberry said...

"And the less complicated life becomes the more enjoyment we will find." For the life of me, I can' figger out why I can't get this through people's heads. They'd rather stress themselves and everyone around them to death. Killing themselves trying to reach a mythical "life of leisure" at the end of the road. Why not get the hell off the road now! It still won't be a life of leisure, but it sure as hell will be a lot more enjoyable than the frantic life we live today...

ErinAndBrad said...

All I can say is that I am ready for this country to fall, send the crooks to their own island somewhere and lead life the way we are supposed to - living and caring for each others in a community. Working together and not competing with one another. This evil craziness has to stop - I want off this ride - I want a Godly, peaceful life.