Thursday, September 24, 2009


I went to BIG LOTS yesterday just to look at prices. Didn't buy a damn thing. Checked the canned seafood out pretty thoroughly. They had small tins of Albacore Tuna for a dollar. They had Sardines for 75 cents. They had Smoked Oysters for $1.45. I can live with those prices. A couple years ago they might not have been so hot, but in this day and age they ain't too bad. The thing I noticed about BIG LOTS was the amount of sugar foods for sale. Cereals, baking mixes for Brownies, etc. All kinds of junk food. There was this Oasis of sanity at the canned seafood counter and that was about it. I did see imported Olive oil for $6 a pint. That ain't too hot a price, according to the Handmaiden. But the canned fish was pretty good.

The Handmaiden has usurped the kitchen table where I would normally be shelling beans. And that don't bother me much, believe it. She is canning and making stuff and that is good. She is canning pickled Cayenne Peppers and some Acorn Squash and all kinds of goodies. I think I will get a shelling session in later this afternoon.

Just read the statistics on the California unemployment situation. The blogger was saying that counting the people who have given up on finding a job and the people who can only find part time work, the figure is at 23%. What was California? The 8th or 9th largest economy on the planet? Something like that. But they sure are taking it rough right now. And it is supposed to get worse. I reckon all those unemployed people are fully prepped though. Right? Surely while they got unemployment benefits they bought canned food until it was pushing therm out of their homes. Oh. I forgot. They got pushed out of their homes by the banks. We gotta remember those banking guys. Don't want to forget them. Dirty bastards.

The news is out that by the end of this month the fedgov will have borrowed SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS this last year. And as the GREAT COSMIC HAND GRIPS THE HANDLE OF THE GREAT COSMIC TOILET, WE HEAR THE WORDS, "The recession is over." by Ben Bernanke. Don't you just love it. FLUSH.

The Sun had TWO Sunspots on it today. It has been a year since we have seen that. But the system is still alive and well. It is not coming to an end. So stay alive.



Bellen said...

Big Lots - noticed the same thing with the sugary stuff. Also noticed more 'gourmet' type stuff in the soup section. Husband found 100% pure cranberry/blueberry juice at a good price so bought 8 - 2 months worth for his dinner drink of 1/2 plain yoghurt and 1/2 juice.

Hope your friend in Georgia does well - glad he's a prepper.

Heard on the news that Six Flags plans on opening this weekend. I personally wouldn't trust anything there this soon after the flooding

HermitJim said...

I feel for those folks in California...the ones that don't believe in prepping!

Sounds like the handmaiden is doing good for ya! Must be nice, my friend!

Pete Smith said...

It's a lot worse here in California than the news is talking about. I'm a home grown country boy from North Carolina that was a fool and moved to CA. I have been here for 8 years and in all of my time prepping I have ran into less than a dozen people that think like me. With all the fires and floods and other events of doom here in this state you would think that people would be more ready. The people that live on the same road as me are not ready for anything bad. The only people near me that is ready is the old couple right next to me, they have a large garden and they can there on foods. I have talked to him from time to time and I learned he has been in floods, fires and earthquakes and knows how to prep to be ready. But when I asked him about long term preps he looked at me and said "For what"? I left it at that and don't bring it up anymore. I know that hard time are here but it's going to get alot worse, so I prep and plan.

ErinAndBrad said...

You mentioned the sunspots - Obama was talking a couple of weeks ago about EMP's again - so wondering what is up with that???