Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Good morning everyone! The wife is still in bed and I am typing away. She was pretty busy yesterday and some good rest won't hurt her a damn bit. Let her sleep, I say. I enjoy my wide. She is a prepper from the word go. I lured her away from Rochester, New York, because I didn't want her to trying to make it on her own in that big city when the shtf. She ain't very big and I think she needs some protection. Don't get me wrong, she is gutty as all get out, and don't even think of attacking her around her kitchen knives. But my shot gun can do more than her knives. And I absolutely do not trust the fedgov to protect us. Quite the opposite. When you read about all the torture and murder overseas by our government you are reading about our fellow citizens. NEVER FORGE THAT THEY WILL TURN ON YOU. And some of them won't, but they mess it up for the rest of our folks. The people who performed the purges of Russia and China were citizens of those respective countries. Folks will turn you in, shoot you in the head, hang you, imprison you, rape your wife and children and steal your food while all the time proclaiming to be good American citizens. When the troops come into your area, if they don't introduce themselves in a proper manner then you had better shoot them. If they don't make nice, then don't you be a fool and make nice with them. I have talked and emailed with a couple strong preppers this week who are tired of prepping. I have come against that. NEVER DROP YOUR GUARD. We are going to get hit with nasty shit and there is no sense letting it take you unprepared. The system depends on you not keeping the home fires burning in prepper mode. They depend on a short attention span. You get bored. You get tired. And pretty soon the whole movement is in tatters. And you are naked to the world. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU! I am not going to dwell on this aspect very much so forewarned is forearmed. Let your Yay be Yay and your Nay be Nay because if your become lukewarm HE will spew you out of His mouth. Not good field position.

I have comments today from Ye Old Fert and Dr. Richards and they seem to be staying with the program, and good for them I say. Ye Old Fert said I could do stretching exercises in the morning and maybe I will just take him up on his suggestion. Start getting those old joints to flexing a little bit better. Dr. Richard said that when the shtf we will be under a lot of stress and I agree with him whole heartedly. Like I have told you a half dozen time, prepare to feed out real well for the first three days of SHTF. It is a good stress fighter. Your nerves can't really transmit a lot of panic when your belly is full of foods you enjoy. And knowing there is more food where that came from will make it even calmer in you body. Get some playing cards and some board games and learn to be a family again. Won't hurt you a damn bit. And it will keep you calm, cool, and collected. And it will do the same for those around you. The quick collapse is the way to go if you are a prepper. The Mutant Zombie Idiots will have to take a few days to think of something to do to continue existing. The slow slide gives everyone time to think and plan, like it has us. But since everyone is ready, with some folks complaining about THAT, well we would be better off with a quick hit and not a slow slide. Some of us have years in this thing. We are ready, we have our plan, we have all the essential ingredients to survive and now we have to wait. And Americans are not uses to waiting. We have been conditioned to things for us being on time! But God don't work like that. He will crash it when it is time, and not a minute before. So man up out there and wait for your turn at life!

Shelling beans today. Gonna have a real big crop this year, I am afraid. Actually I am not afraid of it at all. I want a big crop. I plant so I can have a big crop. That stuff is FOOD. and we humans are susceptible to needing food. Funniest damn thing. We gotta eat. I am not going to give this food to charity or anything like that. It will go to my family and to my cohorts in the valley. Some give away group contacted me this morning and wanted to know if I would give them food from my garden. You almost can't time my hasty rely: NO. I have plenty of people who might need my food. Why should I give it to the morons who have done nothing to preserve their lives? Why should I give it to the people who think my ideas are strange and anti-social? I AM A PREPPER! And those who don't like it can kiss me where the Sun don't shine. I work hard and my family works hard, to afford the preps we have. I ain't giving them up to a bunch of scalawags. Mr. Wingmaster will help me see to that. I just got an e-mail alert from Remus at the Woodpile Report, Consumerism is dying in this country. There is gonna be a backlash to this cut back of personal debt. And it will be huge. Banks are going to fail. Foreign credit to Uncle Sham is gonna dry up. We are going to crash! And it is about time. Stay alive!



Dragon said...

I ain't worried none...I'll just take stock in what I have left and run what I brung...
on other subjects watch out for those fema trained clergy...can't serve god and mamon.

scoutinlife said...

Glad you had a bumper crop this year as well!

Jacob Gittes said...

I read you every day, even if I do not post a comment. I put an ad on the list of Craig yesterday that talked about why collapse is happening and ended with:
"I am interested in re-localization, transition communities, local agriculture, alternative small-scale power generation, alternative local currencies, small-scale industry, barter networks, etc.

If you are like-minded, please respond.
If you think I'm nuts, don't bother telling me this, because I'm pretty used to being dismissed by the majority. If you still feel inclined to send an email about how the USA and industrial civilization are the greatest things since sliced-bread (which isn't that great anyway), then also don't bother: I think you're an idiot."

I was pleasantly surprised that 3 people have emailed me so far, and they agree with me and want to cooperate and share ideas! I'd expected to get some nasty emails. And I probably will...

I still haven't managed to get the wife on board, so I am doing the preps myself. At least she ain't interfering. I may need more personal advice from you...

Staying Alive said...

Dragon, I don't trust the clergy anyhow.

Scoutinlife, Thank ya kindly, sir.

Publius, I'll help all I can. You might send your email address though.

Heckinahandbasket said...

Link to woodpile report is broken
should be something like
but clicking it goes to

A good day to y'all