Monday, September 21, 2009


The word is out of Obama's mouth that job creation is the last thing to happen in this so called recovery. And this is a recovery that will get the same old, tired, economic mechanism cranked up again. Nothing will have changed. We will have not manufacturing boom to propel us as we have had in the past. It will be the same old shit of credit and more credit. But no one will be making anything to sell for a profit. No one will be exporting goods around the world to people hungry to buy American. So look for a crash pretty soon. No one in the world is fooled. Everybody knows it is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Except the main body of American consumers. They will believe for a while, until the system starts to fall around their heads. Then the shit will hit the fan! And people who have never participated in emergency planning will suddenly become devotees of a well stocked pantry. Stay out of the debt, debt, debt thing they push at you all the time. When the crash comes you will go nuts trying to handle all of your debt load. STAY AWAY FROM THE BANKSTERS.

Shelling beans has become my main occupation these days and I am just getting started. My thumb on my left hand will be sore for a few weeks. The Handmaidens Golden Rod salve will bring that all back to normal. Nothing like having your own personal herbalist in the house. The weather outside is wet and cool. I think you could call it Fall weather. I feel it is like England, the only country I know that has songs written about heat in the house. But it rains over there all the time. Those beans I am shelling will be very good when the temperature gets down there in the cold range. Some hot beans cooked with a bit of pork and flavored with some Cayenne Peppers will just about make things right with the world. You will notice that your calendar says that this Monday when you read this missive is the Autumnal Equinox. That means that Fall begins. And I don't think that Winter will be long in coming this year. Prepare,my friends, prepare.

The wife is making Kimchee. It is a Korean dish. She read that when SARS hit Asia that no Koreans got it because they eat Kimchee every day. If it works on flu then it is a winner as far as I am concerned. The medical world is interested in Kimchee. They are studying it's effect on all kinds of germs and are experimenting with a vaccine for chickens that could wipe out deadly SARS. Her cookbook in this endeavor is THE JOY OF PICKLING by LINDA ZIEDRICH. It has all the little goodies I mentioned and more. Try it. It might make your life a lot more pleasant. Those probiotics are a great thing for your system.

I'm at home by myself for a while. The Handmaiden is out looking at an 80 year old guys possible infected toe. He has arthritis pretty bad and it has deformed his hands somewhat. Well, it has deformed his toes also and sometimes his shoes rub him and his skin gets inflamed. But at least he called, you know. Some places an older person might not call and they might not get any care. They just suffer through it, if you know what I mean. But I answered the phone and said it was very fine for her to go look at his condition. I am hoping everything is okay. She told me that he will go to the hospital if it looks bad. He won't fight about that. Very good. This is another reason why it is good to stay in a clan of people you know and trust. It is something you can't count on much these days. And that ain't right. We were not created to be a bunch of loners. We are the family of God, not the acquaintances. We need to take care of each other. We have to act like we have a little class, you know. I am not for the welfare state at all, but looking out for our neighbor is a damn good thing. Stay alive.



Jacob Gittes said...

I've been shelling beans, too - I don't have many bushes of beans, but I'm going to save all my beans for planting next year. Thanks for the inspiration there. Shelling beans is satisfying, isn't it?

Regarding debt and debtors, I agree, stay out of debt.But what if you were stupid earlier in life and believed the propaganda, and got into major debt? Think of all the students with student loans, etc.
Wouldn't these poor debtors be smarter to just default on the loans NOW, and spend that money on preps? When things collapse, who will be there to enforce the debts? Does anyone really think the Feds or banks will have the manpower to track down all the debtors? In American, the land of the debtor? Give me a break! Everyone should be willing to shelter a debtor, as long as he/she works hard, and is loyal to the clan. Perhaps the debtor will be the new "slaves," with banks sending special armed debt slavers to track them down, while others help them to escape, like the underground railroad.
More likely, all the computerized files that store the details on the debts will just disappear when the hard-drives crash and the electricity goes out.

ErinAndBrad said...

Enjoy the peace of shelling the beans on the porch enjoying the quiet for a time Micheal. God Bless.

Mayberry said...

I think defaulting on debt is good practice. These bastard bankers have been bailed out to the tune of billions of our dollars, so screw them and their "obligations". That all went out the window when our tax dollars went to bail them out. Preps come first. Survival comes first. To hell with bankers and their usury, theft, screw-ups, etc... It ain't our place to bail their asses out....