Saturday, September 5, 2009


It has been an interesting week, but dull as hell yesterday. But I did not know that we are having a four day Labor Day weekend! Now I can figure out why things are so boring. No one is doing anything but relaxing. Mayberry has to work but he can go through the day thinking about his new-to-him truck. It's a 3/4 ton Chevy with a V-8 motor. Mayberry will keep it on the road quite nicely. You can read about it at Mayberry is a mechanic and can work on pieces of plunder and make them run. If you can keep him out of a boat long enough to do it.

Dragon has plenty up this morning. You can read for quite a while. He has been busy keeping track of things. But he does that sort of stuff and will clobber you with data when you least expect it. He is at I think you will be well served to give him a look this morning.

Abraham's Blog over at has some very good stuff about cops bullying people around the country. Bully cops are a very bad thing. Those guys are targets, if they don't know it. And times are too tough to be putting up with a bully.

I went over to Survival Blog and got this story of my Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels. He says that state governments are about to reset with their finances. He talks like there is poverty creeping across the land and the states are going to have to live with it. They will have to deal with it. There ain't any more money in the well. You can read what Mitch had to say in the Wall Street Journal. It's at Jim Rawles deserves a hearty congratulations for this story.

Maybe the best reading I had this morning was from a link provided by Jim Haddix from Northeastern Indiana. I have been on the case of the Chinese derivative default and this is what Jim sent me, . A very well written article on a topic that is of major importance to people with money in the banks. It is also important to people who buy their groceries and gasoline and pay their rent with US Dollars. A Chinese default on derivatives could break some of those Too Big To Fail in Nu Yawk Sity. Goldman Sachs comes to mind here. The tab would come to about 15 billion dollars by the reporters estimate.

In dealing with the banks of this country it is imperative that you know that most banks are basically bankrupt. They have assets that are mispriced and worth far less than what they have on the books. That is all that is holding our financial sector together these days. Phony bookkeeping to make the figures spell out solvency. We are busted folks. And people overseas know it. And to expect them to cripple themselves to keep us afloat is folly on our part. It will be the shock of our lives when US citizens find out just how bad things really are. Of course, preppers will not be surprised. We figured it out long ago and started to get ready. We have food and security and medical preps ready to go and are just waiting on the collapse to hit. The first days of the collapse will be days of relaxation. Most of us know that stress will hit the populace like a sledgehammer between the eyes and we are ready to eat well for the first three days of collapse while we calm down and start thinking again. We can sit around and think about God allowing us to be warned and allowing us to prepare and thanking him for his mercy and care.

My BIL and I will be going to breakfast pretty soon. I reckon the little cafe we frequent on Saturday mornings will be open. Not too many places can afford to close for holidays any more. We will finish our morning picking tomatoes for the Handmaiden to dry and finishing our wood stove installation. Food and Raiment. Both proclaimed necessary by God. So you have a good day and get done what you can and what you will. We have almost two weeks yet to prep at the shortest, so don't worry too much about missing a day now. Stay alive.


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Mayberry said...

Thanks for the chuckle Michael, and the great links. Now if you'll excuse me, I think there's a boat calling my name! Oh wait, gotta work tomorrow. Well, maybe Monday....