Monday, September 14, 2009


I have been reading calamity stories again today. I think I have the conventional wisdom of the day pretty much in hand. If there is a slow slide into chaos then there will be time to do things and prepare and what not. If the is a snap, a sudden collapse, then all hell is going to break loose and being in the city and maybe even a town will be a bad deal. I think this is about right. The people to be feared are the people who live at their retreat and are dug in and ready. If you have to bug out then you could have a problem. I have devoted my talk of emergency preparedness to being already out of town. It will save so much time and energy. And who knows the dangers that lurk in staying in town?

Will Martial Law be declared by our Kenyan president? Will there be road blocks you can't get through? Will there be traffic jams to frazzle your mind to new levels of frustration? Will law enforcement get really heavy with everyone? Will there be troops out and about with loaded rifles? Will there be large scale arrest facilities set up so that anyone who questions an officer can be held for a long period of time? Will there be armed gangs out doing criminal mischief on citizens? No one has the answers to these questions right now but the time is coming when they will be answered. And they might not be answered the way we would like it.

The village where I live has no other houses for five miles before you get to us. There ain't anyone else who lives here but us. Sure does simplify matters. No one should be coming down that road but we who live here. Anyone else is suspect from the word go. But it ain't that way in the city. Everything is public. So all kinds of people will be knowing what you are doing. I have talked to people living in the city and only ONE of them had scouted around for hidden roads not normally used that would take them out of town and around road blocks. Old railroad access roads for track maintenance. You take them now and you find out where they lead and what you will have to overcome or avoid in the future. It is just like getting food for storage. You have to plan. You have to investigate. And when the time comes to act, you are ready. You get the hell out of Dodge and you beat feet to your retreat. You are armed so that if anyone gives you cause you can dust them off and continue. Shooting someone is not a pleasant experience but sometimes it has to be done. Sometimes just the sight of your pump shotgun will cause the problem to vanish. Those are the good times. And if you have to bug out in a hurried and hostile manner, be sure you have food for the journey.and water to wash it down. Water is a big deal and most people never think about it. Have plenty when you set out, if at all possible.

Have your health goodies in your truck or car with you. Your Vitamins and Minerals. Your Probiotics. You normal medications. Whatever you need to stay alive and functioning. It goes without saying that Diabetics should have a supply of insulin where ever they go.But if your retreat does not have pre-positioned supplies then you will have to bring everything you will need with you. This can be an obstacle that is hard to cope with. Thus I have cautioned everyone to get the hell out of town and back away from everything. You are dealing with percentages. The percentages are what you trust to make your best decisions. There is no sure thing in emergency preparedness. You might get close but still not be quite perfect. So you play the odds or percentages. The clan of people all living in close proximity to each other is your best percentage shot. And it is a lot higher percentage shot than what you would get in a city neighborhood. You just never know when the guy you are talking to is a neighborhood organizer and would write your name down with maybe some derogatory remarks if they found out you were a prepper. It could get you watched and busted by the politically correct police. And do not, for one moment, think this will not happen. People will turn on their fellow citizens in a heartbeat if they thought is would get them a little better life. I was reading a blog today that said America as was thought of years ago is coming apart. I think it was written by Pat Buchanon and published on World Net Daily. If you are in a city or a large town, do not trust anyone except maybe a close relative or maybe a fellow prepper who you have associated with for quite a while. Humans are treacherous bastards and you are trying to save lives against all odds.

Out in the country the folks will be talking about all the trouble in the cities. That is the way country people are. Until they think the trouble is coming at them and then there is going to be hell to pay. Most of those guys have been killing deer all their lives and they know how to hide and how to hit what they are aiming at. Crowds coming long distances out of the cities and towns will be stopped. Just consider that a deer hunter or a turkey hunter is the equal to an army sniper. They can hide and be very still and make the shot that counts. If you must travel a long distance to get to your retreat do not go messing around rural areas where you have no business. It could get you ventilated. And a lot of these old boys out in the hinterlands have some things that might surprise you. Uncle Eddie who served in 'Nam or Grandpa Bill who was in WWII very easily could have shipped something home that might be frowned upon in official circles but would still get the job done out in the woods. It pays to stay on the proper path when you get out in the country. Stay alive.



Dragon said...

Good points.

Mayberry said...

I've got the back roads scouted. Been to my locations many times. Both are less than an hour away, and less than 30 minutes from each other, but pretty secluded. You gotta go there on purpose, and if you don't belong, you won't get far....

Anonymous said...

It was a good column. It may have been on wnd, but I read it here on townhall:

I seriously need to start working on plan b, but hard to do without money!!