Sunday, September 27, 2009


I think of the days ahead. I can't help it. It is on me all the time. I search heaven and Earth looking for clues as to what is going to be. I listen to audio on my computer of people who think they know what is going on. I read the news. I read lots of blogs. I talk to all kinds of people on the telephone. I quiet myself and look for a clue from God. And it is a tough, thankless task. Not many rewards. No benefits. Zero pay. But if that is the way you are constructed then you just get on with it. And to hell with the people who think you are wasting your time.

Much grumbling on the Internet about the coming flu vaccination. A lot of people are against it. Even a lot of doctors and nurses. A guy who lives a very few miles form me and whom I have never met sent me a video of a Dr. Mercola, who is against the flu vaccine. He even went so far to say that there is no proof that flu vaccines even work. You can listen to him at . He calls for anyone to send him scientific proof that flu vaccine works. I gave the Handmaiden some of my cherished money yesterday and told her to buy us a bunch of protection for the flu. She took Mercola's advice and bought a ton of Vitamin D 3 plus she bought an obscene amount of of Vitamin C and a big jar of Echinacea caps. She got plenty of hugs and kisses from her grateful husband for her tremendous success trying to keep us alive. Seeing the stash of goodies waiting for us seems very good to me. Remember, there is evidence that Vitamin D 3 will kill flu bugs. But we do not make much D-3 in the Winter, when the flu bug so conveniently decides to hit us. Oh yeah, she got us another pound of Garlic bulbs. I think we have 6 pounds of the stuff in our inventory as of today.

Mayberry over at Keep It Simple Survival has one hell of a good rant going at I was proud and happy to read it. There is so much good coming from the prepper blogs these days it is hard to single out anyone for praise, but I have a lot of liking for Mayberry. And he really struck pay dirt with this rant. Stay alive.



Dragon said...

Keep on tellin it like it is Mike.

Mayberry said...

Thankee Michael! Oh, and my neighbor's wife, who is an LVN, said there is no way in hell she would take the flu shot. There was also recent info that suggests your chances of getting swine flu INCREASE if you get the vaccine and the seasonal flu shot...

HermitJim said...

One of the nurses at the V.A. asked me if I wanted the flu shot and when I declined...she smiled. "I'm not supposed to say anything, but I have to ask. I personally wouldn't take ANY flu shot from the government!" That was good enough for me!

Thanks for another great post, my friend!