Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Nothing much going on. Me and Publius are shelling beans. He is after it in Minnesota and I and getting to it in Indiana. We ain't making war. We aren't ripping anyone off. We are just shelling beans. We ain't even running for public office. The only neighborhood organizing we are doing is try to sweet talk folks into helping us shell the damn beans. Hah!

The wife is cutting up Roma tomatoes for her food drying operation. She is a dehydrating monster. And she is good at it. I have been wondering where I can buy real honest-to-God Cranberry juice. Most of the stuff they sell now days is some mixture of Cranberry and something else. I don't want a mixture, I want the straight stuff. Those slicky boys in the marketing departments of various companies get to fooling around with the product and first thing you know there isn't any product. Just some chemical semblance formed by taste alone. Sick bastards.

The stock market may be headed for 10,000 before it crashes. I can just imagine the dinner parties Obama will go to with his banking friends. There will be congratulatory toasts and lots of mutual back slapping and all of that good stuff. They will have gotten the old economy back n track and the banks and stockbrokers will really be raking it in. But I think it will be of no good. I think the populace is too smart anymore to accept all of that debt. And that is what the banks and stockbrokers are selling-DEBT. Do not be fooled, as my friend Charles Bell would say. The bastards will figure out some way to legally bind you forever to their rotten system. They will figure out some way to make you a slave for the rest of your life. A lot of marriages have gone up in smoke this past year because of DEBT. One or the other partner cannot stop the insanity. I just read about a couple with 3 children who have paid off $106,000 in the last 6 years. They wanted out. Now they have a small mortgage and that is all. I say they have done an excellent job. I hope all of you readers can do the same. We have gotten rid of most of our debt. We still get some phone calls but you know how those folks lie about stuff.

It will be time to replace all of my bean stocks from last year, pretty soon. Gonna have a give-away. I'll take care of the needy and then let the rest of the folks have what they want.

Stay alive.




Bellen said...

100% cranberry juice - some of the larger stores carry it - look up or down on the shelves, middle is for all those blends.

Or, a health food store where you can buy a 100% cranberry juice concentrate - just mix with water for your dilution. Usually comes in a glass bottle, if that matters to you.

Jacob Gittes said...

Keep up the good work.
I forgot to thank you, Michael, for inspiring me to dry tomatoes in my food-dehydrator (which you inspired me to buy). I don't really have enough tomatoes to justify canning this year. Also, drying one's tomatoes is a real space-saver, isn't it? And they taste really great. Even my three year old likes to snack on them.
Any advice on long term food storage? I picked up a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, the real expensive kind, for a great price at a Goodwill store. It had been returned to Target by someone unused - I guess it was too complicated for them. So I got it for about a third of the price.
I have already used it to store zucchini squash from the garden that I parboil and freeze... the vacuum sealing really prevents the freezer burn. And you can vacuum seal anything. I still need to get some sealable containers for flour, oil, etc. And you can buy little special caps that go on mason jars, and the vacuum sealer seals them up tight. This product may really help to make food last longer, which is the same as having more food, isn't it?

Pete Smith said...

Publius, You don't need special caps for mason jars. All you need is the FOODSAVER Jar Sealer WIDE-MOUTH MODEL # T03-0023-01
The Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer fits on your own Ball and Kerr Mason jars and works with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Systems to keep foods fresh longer. Then you use the regular metal lids and rings. I use the one I have all the time, It works great for boxed dry foods and any other items you can't put into the bags.


Sanjac said...

I found unsweetened Ocean Spray cranberry juice in the "two dollar" aisle at Walmart. You might be able to get a store to order some for you. Hang in there with the bean shelling Michael.

Jacob Gittes said...

Worth watching: