Sunday, February 28, 2010


The news this morning is there ain't much of anything. The Tsunami waves of hell didn't get as big as some thought they would be so that is over as far as calamity is concerned. But the collapse moves inexorably toward its conclusion. And the corporate news ain't gonna tell you much about that. No no. Got to keep the fantasy going for a while yet. There must be some wealth yet to rob and steal. SIX BEARS had a post up this morning about the new coming economy being a SALVAGE ECONOMY. It is a very interesting post. You can catch it at . Mighty fine reading. He talks about his buddy Jeff who accumulates Ford pick-up parts. Six Bears says if all the parts in his pick-up he got from his buddy Jeff were removed you would witness the complete collapse of the vehicle. And this is a funny line but it has an amazing truth. Machines break and need replacement parts. The guy who has the parts is going to be very popular. The guy with the parts is going to be fairly well off financially. You know, the Old Man told me 40 years ago that the junk dealers would inherit the Earth. I reckon he knew what he was talking about. All that salvage that is around when an Empire falls is going to be used to build the next big thing. In this case I think we will see a lot of small things built every place you can imagine. And what is wrong with that? Not a damn thing. People get upset talking about stripping houses of copper and plumbing and lumber and such, but it is going to happen. In fact it is happening right now in Michigan and Florida and California and Nevada. The salvage people go in one night and the next morning a house is stripped. Who gives a shit? Like the writer said, your emotional problem does not constitute an emergency on my part. Did you see all of the statues of Saddam getting pulled down in Iraq? That was a big political message back in the day. But some salvage people went to work immediately on all that recovered metal. God only knows what they made out of it. But salvage is the next big thing and you had better be ready for it. There will be a lot of construction going on in a few years, or sooner. Folks need housing and kitchens and schools and barns and garages and all kinds of things to make a life. Be prepared.

The liberal news asshats are making a big thing of Jim Bunning halting the vote on the extension of jobless benefits, or as we say in Indiana, UNEMPLOYMENT. And it is just a bunch of bullshit to be used to stab any republican around. Bunning is not against extending unemployment, in fact he said he would probably vote for it. He will not let it go to a vote, however, without funding being written into the bill. And that could happen as soon as tomorrow but the liberal press is not going to tell you about that. I am sure you know that unemployment is the glue holding this country together right now. Take the unemployment away and the natives will be in the streets with torches and pitchforks immediately. Those weekly checks are OUR BAILOUT and they better not go away. This is how America is keeping body and soul together and the fedgov had best keep it coming. And this is the soft underbelly of the federal government. They have bailed out the Banksters and the Stock Brokers and the huge insurance companies and the populace has not turned against them to any great degree. A little bit of violence but nothing that can't be absorbed by the system. But you let the money to stay alive get cut off and all hell will break loose. No joke. You will have rednecks and academics marching side by side in the streets and burning government buildings. And some other nifty little tricks. The violence will be unbearable for the fedgov. We are not going to get rid of this government because it is just so damn good we can't stand it. We will get rid of it when either it goes or we starve to death. It will go when it looks like we will create ten to twenty million homeless in an instant. The pressure will be too great. There will have to be a release and I think it will be a violent one. And payback is a bitch. Talk to Randy Weaver or some of the surviving Branch Davidians. They will tell you all about the screwing they got from Uncle Scams justice. Ugly business. But nothing we can't handle if we play our cards right. Just keep prepping and you will get your chance to change things for the better.

One thing I learned in the sawmill was that however hard a grip you have on something is how hard a grip it has on you. You all know how the fedgov has struggled to control everything that has to do with our lives. They pay a lot of medical and want responsibility for more. They pay Social Security and Railroad Pensions. They pay the pensions for all the Armed Forces and the Merchant Marine. They pay pensions for all fedgov employees, and there are over TWENTY- TWO MILLION of them at this point. And everyone who gets elected for any amount of time over 5 years gets a very nice pension. And the fedgov has fought like hell to control all of this. They want to be the big Kahuna on the block with loyal minions doing their beck and call. But there is a price for all of this. These people have to be paid and their pensions funded. And that nut is getting harder to crack all the time. Your rotten fedgov is nipping at the heels of California even as we speak. Though no one wants to talk about it, when all of this shit hits the fan it will be a mess of planetary proportions. If you ain't prepped then you can kiss your ass good bye. There ain't no way our economy will support all of this fedgov largess. It will fail.

Before I sign off for today I want to mention an article I saw mentioned on Alex Jones' Prison Planet website. It was about the US Central Bank, which we all know as the Federal Reserve. The fed reserve is investigating Goldman-Sachs' role in the contentious derivatives that were sold to Greece. This is a travesty of the highest degree. How do we know that Goldman Sachs is not a stockholder in the Federal reserve? They won't let us audit them so there is not way to prove a damn thing. I think this investigation stinks to high heaven. Stay alive.


Saturday, February 27, 2010


We got a little dusting of snow this morning. Might make a quarter of an inch. If it stops we will be okay. The wife and brother-in-law have gone to Amish country to get our weekly supplies and I have wished them well on their journey. It isn't very far away but snow can make a difference. They lived for many years in the northern part of America. Michigan and up-state New York. They are used to having equipment out there clearing the road and making it all okay for travel. And that is fine as long as those states can afford it. Snow removal is not cheap. In fact it is very expensive. Here in the rustic, rural hills of southern Indiana we have a system known as Divine Snow Removal. What it boils down to is: "God brought it here and he can take it away." And it works! Although I have seen snow on the ground and on the road out of here for 62 straight days. It got old after a while but it did go away, eventually. I used to buy studded snow tires in November or December but since I have been prepping I don't bother. Other than a medical emergency I just don't go anywhere that would require the studs being on my tires. And there are plenty of 4WD pick-up trucks to handle an emergency. We have a couple of nurses living here and one soon-to-be nurse still in college, so we are covered for a lot of things. If my son is here we also have a full scale Paramedic and he knows what he is doing. Two doctors have come out of this place and if they are here we just about have all the bases covered but they live in other towns and you just can't rely on their being here.

Apparent;y we cannot rely on Jim Rogers for financial information any more, either. He came out Wednesday and said the British Pound was about to collapse and now he is denying it to high heaven. Somebody got to Mr. Rogers, I am afraid. He just has too powerful a voice to be running down British money, as worthless as it is. The blokes have not given up on any of their spending programs as yet. They just keep printing the money. Old Golden Gordon Brown is adamant about having his programs funded and that is that.

Now, old Helicopter Ben Bernanke has changed his tune recently. He said last Wednesday that the fed will not keep loaning us money, that we have to cut back and live within our means. No more running of the printing presses 24 X 7. Damn! Ol' Rothschild must have turned off the tap. Ol' Rothschild will certainly look good living out his days weeding my garden. And I aim to see he does just that. Screw that greedy old pig. His power and money do not impress me in the least. Unless he gets within range of my shooting skills. Then he either will go to the garden or the compost pile. And it really does not make any difference to me. I assume you all know that the federal reserve bank is owned by foreigners. If you don't know that then you had better catch up with the rest of the class. Our political sins, or should I say our duly elected political officials sins, are catching up to us. And Rothschild and his buddies are wanting their pound of flesh and they want Obama to tighten up and get it for them. And Obama will do it. He has to do it. He is bought and paid for. Remember, Goldman-Sachs was the single largest contributor to Obama's campaign and Goldman-Sachs is a stock holder in the federal reserve. Want to know how things get done? Follow the money. We do not have the money coming in to pay the interest on our loans. So we will be forced to cut back to the point the Banksters get their money whether you and I get anything or not. I say "Come on, Pigs. Come and get your butchering. We do a good job and we know how to make sausage. You do not frighten me but I will frighten you, Pigs. Hear me! I am TEN MILLION strong and we will wipe you off the face of the Earth. That means we can wipe out the three biggest armies on the face of the Earth with each of us only killing one guy apiece. And you know how you guys deplore fighting your own battles. We will not be fighting for you this time. We will be fighting against you. Who you gonna get that is worth a damn that will fight us? We have garnered almost a billion rounds of ammo a month for several years now and we are ready. And you are just a little bit down range from us. Come a little closer!"

We have ordered the deluxe cheese making kit from All the stuff you need for making a dozen different cheeses. All we have to do is supply the milk and we can do that, I believe. This is a great advancement in our preps. One that should make us healthier for a longer period of time. Good wholesome cheese. So loaded with good fats and proteins. No carbs, but we will get plenty of carbs from our beans and rice and potatoes and all that other fattening stuff. Maybe when the SHTF we will stay a little more active than we are now. And that would be a good thing. Many preppers write about having a goodly supply of medications in your supplies. I hope you don't just let your eyes pass over those words and not let them sink in. If you need something to live then you had better get it and get plenty while you are at it. Kemp is shooting year old insulin and doing just fine. In the heat of the Summer he can keep it on a rope lowered a few feet down into his well casing. Works like a charm and he doesn't need any electricity to store his stuff. I need Beta-Blockers and almost always have a three month supply of them on hand. Food, medicine, guns and bullets. Pretty much takes care of it. You throw in a stash of Big John Lipscombs' non-hybrid garden seed and you are ready to go on with your life no matter what the ugly people decide to do. And they will try to do something, for sure. They cannot stand people not fighting or paying them taxes or paying interest to their bank. Just living and staying healthy and working to make your daily bread does not count with the ugly people. They are a criminal lot! They want you working for yourself and working for them also. Sorta like slaves who have to make their master a living besides making their own. Talk about a racket! Stay alive.


Friday, February 26, 2010


I have been reading the "McDonald vs Chicago" news this morning. According to the writer the case is about whether or not a state or a city has to obey the Second Amendment. Shucks. You could have fooled me! I thought we all had to obey the Constitution. But to be serious for a moment, we all know that the power elite does not want the masses to have the power to defend themselves. They want to snap their fingers and have us obediently march to their orders. That is the crux of the matter with the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderburgers, the Democrats and the Republicans, the Banksters, the US government and many other organizations that have business in this world. They want to rule and they want us to kiss ass. But if we are armed their power and authority ends at the extreme outer limit of my accuracy. And they do not like that. But I do. And I intend to back it up when the day comes I must do it. Like I have said many times before, I hardly ever leave my Valley homeland and I don't bother anyone. This is a good attitude to have when thinking about messing with me. You don't bother me and I don't bother you, unless we get a sure enough shooting war going and I have to participate. Some folks think of this as DON'T TREAD ON ME and that is fine. I can go along with those words. I wonder how many of my enemies can go along with them. I reckon we will find out.

I get a little hot under the collar now and then. But on this cold Winter day that ain't all that bad. I got a little bit fired up this morning when I read . As good a political rant as you will find this day. That boy out is San Francisco must have some hillbilly genetics somewhere in his blood because he does not sound like anyone you want to mess with. I'm proud to claim him as one of our own. Enjoy his writing. And this is not to say that others don't have anything worth reading because that would be a damned lie. I just got a special kick out of this particular message. The title of the post is "If I were a REAL terrorist..."

I am about to order two battery chargers for the new Grundig shortwave radio. We can buy them for $20 apiece from Amazon and they will do most any size of battery you want to put in it, AA, A, C, D, and what have you. Kemp has told me to get metal hylide batteries, or at least I THINK that is what he said. I will call him before I buy and see exactly what kind I am to get. My wife of all people sent me a URL of a very nifty ammo place. It's The guy who has it up on the 'net has devised a search engine that will find you most any kind of ammo you might crave. I checked him out for price and it was very good. I didn't look for everything but what I looked for the search engine could find. It's a damn good thing I was not born rich or I would keep a bunch of ammo suppliers very busy shipping to me every week. You just can't get enough ammo. Stay alive.

P.S. Ferfal has a great article by Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone Magazine about the great bubble machine. It will give you the nauseating truth about Goldman-Sachs gang and their ruthless rip-off of America. These guys deserve nothing but ROPE. I cannot copy and paste on Google any more and my wife is having trouble also. We have two different operating systems. It looks like we are being controlled again. But try to get to . The story is there. Ferfal did us all a big favor by putting this up for the world to see. We need to honor him by our excellent use of ROPE. You ready? Can I hitch a ride with you?


Thursday, February 25, 2010


It is a frosty morning here in southern Indiana. But it is not as frosty as it is supposed to get in New England today and tomorrow. The weather report says a lot of them are going to get a one to two foot dump of the ugly white stuff. Better them than me.

The economic news is discouraging. George Ure had in on his blog this morning that there are two and a half million people in this country working for less than minimum wage. But do things like that influence our elected officials to legislate to keep our jobs here in this country? Not on your life. "Oh! That's protectionism!" Well what the hell is wrong with protecting American citizens and their jobs? When did taking care of the Homies become such a horrible thing? Does the scripture not say that "He that careth not for his own household is worse than an infidel"? I belong to the household of America and I think it important to request that it be looked after. You know, the dumbest gangbanger on the street knows to take care of his own people. Are you trying to show me that the elected officials of this country do not have it together as much as a gangbanger? Something has broken the moral fiber of the country down and it is going to cost a bunch of lives. It has already cost a bunch of livelihoods. This is a sick situation and we all know it. I think the idea of kicking everyone out of office who now holds an office is right on the money. Listen to the candidates and see who makes noises about getting our jobs back to our shores again. This is where it has to start, if it don't come down to THE ROPE.

To get back into prepping, the Handmaiden is going to pick up a solar battery charger today at Radio Shack. Walmart has solar chargers but they won't charge a "D" cell battery. Radio Shack has the "D" cell charger. Costs $56 but it will do what we want and that is a nice thing. So many things anymore do not do what you want them to do, like computers. I want my computer to sit quietly while I do what I am doing and when I am ready it does what I want it to do. Now days I get a message, actually a commercial, whenever the machine wants to deliver it. I get bugged about downloads I never accepted. I never asked for this but I got it. It gives me a bad case of piss-me-off. Someone will invent a computer that will only do what the owner wants it to do and they will take the market by storm.

I just read an article about John McCain, the US Senator from Arizona, and his submitting of Senate Bill 3002. It is a designed to allow the Food and Drug Administration to govern the quantity of food amendments to your diet. You know, all those dietary supplements you take because the crap food out on the market doesn't get the job done. As far as I am concerned John McCain should not get a single vote for re-election this year. The FDA is one of the crookedest agencies in Washington, D.C. They do not give a DAMN about your health. They are only interested in Big Pharma making big bucks. Where do these politicians get the time to come up with all of this shit? I would think the answer is they don't. I think someone in the medical industry writes the damn thing and the idiot McCain puts it up for a vote, using his name as the sponsor. And he is running for election, so get ready Arizona. You get to play "smear the queer" with McCain's career. Get him out of the Senate! I am sick of the arrogance of these people like McCain. The Manchurian Candidate needs to go.

Just looking at some financial news before going to bed. Jim Rogers and Marc Faber are both saying the British pound is going to collapse within a two or three weeks. This could be the big move to make things really get rolling in the financial end of things. This next blast will start the correction that will rectify all bad deeds that have been perpetrated in the market. It will be ugly but it will be complete. Obama is doomed. Keeping all of those guys in government positions who were the cause off the problems was a big mistake. The foxes were guarding the hen house. Stay alive.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I think I need to tell everyone that I write my blog post a day ahead. It is about eleven o'clock Wednesday morning and I am typing Thursday's blog. That way I don't get cold sweats during the night worrying about having a post to go up.

The news on the economic front is very distasteful and I have decided to write about my new radios. They make much more sense to me than reading about the Obama administration. The Obama-ites are some sick puppies, for sure.

The wife bought me two radios yesterday. She ran up on some rare money and decided to keep up the family prepping tradition. We had already talked about it and knew what we wanted.

Radio number one is a Grundig S350DL. I love it already and haven't even played the damn thing yet. How is that for insanity? But I have checked all over the place and everyone who seems to know about these radios says they are good as gold. I have started reading the directions on how to operate the damn thing. I want to know what I am supposed to do and not do before I crank this mutha up.

It is a neat looking piece of machinery. The tuning apparatus is a double knob affair. The outside knob eats up a lot of places on your dial and the inner knob goes real slow. This means you get slow and fast tuning to make things easier. I like things easier. Yep.

The radio is said to be able to get 14 bands for listening but one of them is the CB band. Good old Grundig does not tell you which band is the CB band. But I don't really want to listen to a bunch of motormouths on CB's right now so that is fine with me. The radio can be powered up with AA batteries, D cell batteries, or the handy dandy little 6 volt DC unit that comes with the machine. Pretty good little device that turns 120 volt Ac into 6 volt DC. The plug into the wall will be the easiest and the cheapest but it ain't gonna work in a grid down situation. Any kind of grid down
is exactly when I WANT the damn thing, especially if it is an Internet down. So we look for a local place to buy a solar battery charger, maybe even two of them so we will have a back up. I am thinking Walmart or maybe an auto parts emporium. But I will be wanting to know what the hell is going on with my friends around the country. I can hear about foreign troops getting crushed in Southeast central Kansas. I can hear about other foreign troops getting it handed to them in Texas, along the far Southern coast. And I don't even want to publicly divulge what will be getting dished out in Southern Mississippi. It's too bloody to talk about. And there are other places to keep track. We ain't going to take this one lieing down this time. Someone tries to pull the plug on us we will end up pulling the plug on them. We already know the results if we don't fight, so we may as well get in there and whip some ass. And I want to hear of the Brothers and Sisters kicking ass and taking names. You can do it, so be ready. And who knows? I may stumble upon a transmitter and be able to broadcast a bit myself. "Hey all of you out there in Short Wave land! The UN troops got the hell shot out of them today in Southern Indiana! Our forces are increasing and we are becoming very effective against outside invaders. Stand fast! We are winning!" I can hear "A County Boy Can Survive" in the background.

The other radio the Handmaiden picked up was put out by the same folks who make the Grundig. It is called a Microlink FR160 Emergency Preparedness Radio. It is a hand cranked NOAA weather radio. And it also has AM and FM. And it also has it's own solar charging cell built right into the mutha. If all else fails it has a hand crank that will give you some listening time. You can also charge it with a cell phone charger. Pretty neat piece of equipment. There seems to be a very good assortment of survival radios out on the market. Both of our new radios were purchased at Radio Shack. We got the big Grundig for $100. The weather radio with the Red Cross endorsement cost us $30. You could probably buy one cheaper but we wanted the solar charger capability. At this time I am pleased as punch with the Handmaiden's shopping ability.

But this should put us on the map as being a grid down source of information. And that is where we want to be. I hope this gives you some idea of what to look for in a radio that will help you in emergency times. Nothing too complicated. Can be found at a Radio Shack, which is everywhere. You can get them pretty reasonable and you do not have to study electronics in order to set them up. Good luck and stay alive.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since I have re-done my internet hook-up it has become more pleasurable to get on the net and read the blogs and the news. My connections were not connecting so good, but they are now!

I am questioning why Obama has placed a homosexual in the position of being the Czar of Safe Schools. I am questioning it to the point that it seems to me that Obama is totally insulting American citizens by this act of treachery. Maybe Obama, not having a son, does not want to see strong young men produced in this country. But whatever the reason for it, I think it is an abomination, a black mark in the eyes of God. If some queer had come around my son while he was growing up it would have made headlines. I would never tolerate it. Ever hear of Death By Stomping? It pops up when you can't plan your actions but you have to get the job done.

The thing I have noticed among politicians is their dedication to spending huge sums of money to give things away to people and to the military industrial complex. These days you also have to add Big Pharma and Big Banksters to the giveaway list. Big GMO is starting to get a bunch of money these days. ACORN got a bunch for a while but the latest news is they are bankrupt. I look for the fedgov to bail their sorry asses out. But this dedication to the big giveaway is really nothing but buying votes. And the big corporations who get megadollar deals are the main contributors to re-election campaign funds. But it is always our dollars that are in the mix. And the ideas that are constantly being thrust upon us are thought of by paid-for government officials. We are paying damn good money to people to figure out the next plan of attack on our freedoms and our bank accounts. And I totally despise that. It would seem that somewhere I read that we are to chase after Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Tell me then where the government gets off trying to make us all miserable. They make me ill at heart.

I think I had better think about preps for a while before I go berserk. Being prepared allows you to consider other things, things you would not have to time dwell on if you were terribly engrossed in trying to make a living in this day and age. I have my food and water and medical, etc. all lined up, for what it's worth, and I don't have to go crazy thinking about a collapse. But you never get to be 100% ready. There is always something to think about. My thoughts are on a new Grundig radio to get some news in case the SHTF. It looks like we will also get a NOAA radio for the weather report and any emergency broadcasts that Obama might want to make. You just never know when Obama might have to make an emergency broadcast. Seems to me that it will be about Martial Law. Martial Law is always coming up in conversations about the coming collapse. It is almost like folks are getting ready for it. Cleaning their guns and sharpening their knives. Makes sense to me. Stay alive.


Monday, February 22, 2010


I had an interesting experience today. We have a road around our little lake and there are a few homes built on it. I noticed a dark blue pick-up truck starting around the lake on the opposite side from where I live. It stopped at every house. It was not a truck I recognized. At every house it stopped and cased the place. When it go to my side of the lake I went to the porch railing and leaned out and gave a big BIRD to the occupants plus the words "FUCK YOU!" There is no way they could have failed to get my meaning. The guy riding shotgun looked up at me and displayed a camera, probably a movie camera of some sort. It was pretty good sized so I figured it to be a movie type. I have a little habit of watching people. People who are acting normally don't hardly rate a glance, but when someone is doing things out of the ordinary it gets my attention. This is a little tip for those of you who might be interested in a little bit of security. Do not depend on someone else to do anything about a mysterious visitor. Be prepared to do it yourself. About three weeks ago a couple right across from us got a small rowboat stolen during the night. Ain't seen it since. But is anyone looking for thieves? Anyone looking at suspicious folk prowling the neighborhood? I am.

My friend Cliff down in Georgia says there has been an instance or two groups of men wearing T-shirts that say POLICE on the front and back and they have some flashy badges they wear. The local Chief of Police was called about this and said if there was not any cars out front showing flashing lights then it is not the police and he may as well go thin the herd out a bit. Sounds reasonable to me. But is the gang element getting it going before we have a real emergency called? Could very goddamn well be. The no-knock days are over for me. I have lived here for 40 years and there is no reason to be making any middle-of-the-night visits to my house. The cops can act civilized or they can take cover like criminals. Don't make me no never mind.

But this kind of stuff has got to be contained and gotten under control or we will become the laughing stock of the criminal element. I have guns, a ball bat, several canes, some very sharp knives, and a generally bad attitude. Don't come messing with me or my fellow villagers or you will catch hell. And I mean that. We have some fine kids growing up here and some fine people and I for one will not tolerate anyone tampering with them. Stay alive.


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sorry about being gone yesterday. This was the blog I wanted to post and so I present it now.

The saving of man is through the office of an Ark. We all know the story of Noah and the Ark. We had it drilled into our conscience when we were kids. Eight people were on the Ark. Four of them were blood related family and four were not. The flood came and the Ark was floated and Noah and his family were saved from drowning. And God made a promise that he would not destroy the Earth anymore by flood. And that promise is probably why we all don't have a big Ark out in the back yard containing thousands of board feet of lumber and logs. Can you imagine the trees that would have been destroyed in the process? The Earth would be barren at this point. And think of the "keeping up with the Joneses" that would have been going on for several thousand years. Rich men would have palatial Arks with super fine accommodations and poor folks would barely have a board to float. But God abolished the Ark trade and we have all been spared the indignity of not having an Ark as good as Bill Gates. Thank you God!

But the idea or concept of the Ark is not gone. Far from it. And preppers are the most smitten of the folks with the Ark message of all people on the planet. Back in the day, Mr. Noah preached his message of the coming floods and no one listened. Am I touching on some recent feelings here? How many of you have talked about prepping to friends and kinfolk and had your message politely ignored? I would say that the number of people who reject the preparedness message are roughly 100 times greater than the number of preppers. That would make the score about three hundred million against prepping to about three million who are for it. Sound about right? And I have an up-right, rigid middle finger for all of those who belittle the prepper mentality. That old symbol of derision we all know.

Today we must build a different kind of Ark. It must handle all kinds of unfortunate emergencies. It must handle the "normal" problems of fire and wind and water and earthquake but it must also be geared up to handle government default, or sovereign default as it is known. It must be ready to handle an invasion of foreign troops or an invasion of domestic troops, take your pick. It must have available alternate utilities such as water and heat and sewage disposal. It might have nothing more than a rain catchment system on the roof and an outdoor privy but it has to have something on this order. Your need a wood stove for heat and cooking in the Winter. Raw, cold food it a drag and might prove to be your undoing as far as health issues are concerned. You Ark system needs a food storage program, You must be able to store food for nourishment when other forms of storage fail and leave you in the lurch. There are tons of sites on the Internet that will tell you how to preserve food other than by freezing. You have been sold on freezing but it is not the only horse in the race. Just the easiest. But when the electricity goes out you are in deep Kimchee and that is not good for all things in general.

You Ark must have an emergency supply of food when disaster hits. Seldom is it that disaster hits right about the time your garden is coming on strong. Far from it. It will most likely hit right about now, in Winter, when the snow is covering the ground and there is no fresh food available, and if the supply lines to the groceries are down then you are sunk. You build your Ark to cover that possibility.

You must have some means of protecting yourself from marauders and looters and brigands while things are in upheaval. Katrina and Haiti are good examples of what can happen when things go wrong and people are not ready. Looting, theft, rape, murder and other bad things can happen without warning, coming on you in a flash. Just because you are not giving time and thought to these evil deeds does not mean that someone else won't be plotting it in detail. Remember the odds of 100 to 1 that we went over at the beginning of this post? Do you think that all those who aren't preparing are just poor misguided souls who will have a hard time? Or would you believe that some of them are of the vicious criminal element? I think the latter is more reasonable to assume.

But we are building an Ark this morning and we need to stay on the subject at hand. The only thing a lot, and I mean a lot of us, are not prepared for is a nuclear attack. Think it won't happen? Don't bet on it. Give an ape a rock and he will throw it, most generally at YOU. You may as well get your nuclear attack shelter underway. It's just part of it.

It may be time to take a look at those who wish to prepare for the coming bad times. Is there something in their genetic make-up that drives them to escape the calamity that looks like it is going to engulf us? Is it something that God will honor like he honored Noah back in the day? He is the guy who put that survival gene in us, after all. How will we be inspired to make and strengthen our Ark? Will we be diligent and vigilant as we proceed with our plans? All I can say is we had better get busy building our Ark. And stay alive.


Friday, February 19, 2010


Things are not looking too good on the "cheap stuff" market this morning, at least not for Walmart. It would seem that several other stores arre beating them at their own game. It is sorta like America is getting whacked by other countries. Once the proud leader of mercantilism, Walmart is sliding off into the muck of reality. You can't get any ammo thre anymore. They can't keep it in stock. No one wants to buy their Chinese crap any more. I read where their big flat screen TV's are off 30% of their normal price. I guess all of us buying at dollar stores has put them in a bind. Big Lots has hurt them also. I think we may as well declare the collapse being started and be done with it. Whew! At least I don't have to wait for THAT anymore.

The big talk of the moment is the Austin plane wrecker. I think this is a good example of thin wire versus thick wire. You put too much current through a thin wire and it heats up and maybe even melts. A thick wire will most generally take the juice in stride and not offer any problems. Joe Stack was a thin wire. It finally melted in half. I am not saying there are not problems in this world and that making a living is not tough. Not at all. Things really ARE tough in this old world. But many of us are holding on and making our way through the crap of this economic meltdown with our heads held high and our noses into the wind. But a lot of folks cannot take too much pressure. They cannot take the normal load of electricity. And they will snap. Like Joe Stack snapped. And this kind of action is going to happpen repeatedly as things get tougher. Sorry, but it can't be helped. We all have our moments of despair but we shake ourselves back into some semblance of order and we go on. Joe Stack had reached the limit of his particular psyche. You just never know who is going to be next to fall into the bottomless pit of negativity. And it will happen, don't think it won't. Keep an eye out for the "melted wire people." You don't want to become part of their sacrifice.

We replenished a lot of our used up stash yesterday. Good canned goods to make up for what we have used to make a few meals. I'll have to wait until the season to get more Butter Beans but they are worth it. There was a delicious harvest last year and it will be hard to beat this year. Oh, and the Handmaiden finally found a non-electric perculator at Walmart and we have one proudly esconced in our home. It is a real gem. If you have heat you have coffee or whatever the hell floats your boat. I just checked the country of origin on the coffee pot and it is an Oregon Trail brand made for Walmart, in China. How can we ship scrap steel to China, get it reprocessed into steel that can be used, forn it into a coffee pot, bake on some blue enamel and ship the pot back to the United States CHEAPER than we can just do it ourselves? Makes no sense to me. And this is where I disagree with the market. We have no business doing this kind of crap when our own people are out on the street, going hungry and losing their homes. It is a sim against mankind. "He that careth not for his own household is worse than an infidel." The scripture is pretty plain spoken on that one. I think you will need to find out who is financing all of this market mayhem. They are our enemy. Got rope? Stay alive.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


My phone was not working this morning until eight o'clock. Couldn't call, couldn't get on line, couldn't do anything. I thought it great practice for the coming shut-down. Because they are going to shut us down. Never doubt that. They will figure out how to let business go on being conducted by the Internet and the rest of us will just have to go to hell. We have too much to say about things and it gets out all over the place. Normally timid little housewives are becoming the mice that roar. The cat has been let out of the bag and the fedgov is not liking it a damn bit. But George Ure mentions that Alec Jones had an article up about how the government has admitted using false flag events. And I get on George Ure and read about it and now I am blaring it out to my readers. This kind of stuff goes on all day, day in and day out. What Ure did not mention was that the Federal Bureau of Prisons is selling the Chinese scrap plastic just as hard and fast as they can grind it. Gotta make those prisons pay, you know. And I have this tip on the plastic from a super reliable source. I have no cause for doubt on the matter. So we know that the Chinese are buying commodities by the boatload. It even makes the export market look like it is picking up, But what is getting exported is our resource, not goods made in America that can keep people employed. And keeping people employed is what brings us out of the economic doldrums. But that is not going on so we must assume that our banking, business, and political masters are on another mission other than keeping us fed and watered in some sort of decent fashion. Who would have thunk it?

I am a bit on edge this morning. I think I want to drink some beer. I think I want to take a nap. I think I want to go out to eat. Something is getting me vexed and I don't know what it is except for maybe my desire to see the system collapse. You live in the preparedness mode for so long and you get the urge to see the system purge. You want to feel the excitement of watching the banks all close and see the people out in the streets looting and burning. You want to watch the cops flee the scene and the fedgov call the military out to keep order. You want to watch the groceries disappear from the supermarket shelves. And you really want to relax and quit thinking about all of this negative bullshit. But the plans of the fedgov and the bankers and the other governments on this globe are just beginning to be too much. I am getting very tired of their shenanigans. They screw up and we get a beating. They lose their money and we get the bill. I am so sick of this system. It is time for it to fail.

The Handmaiden is in town shopping for groceries and preps. Damn good woman. We have a little list of things we want. A water filter. A hand pump for a well. A small multi-band radio that is run from batteries. And some other goodies. We don't have them yet but we are working on it. We need to get some OTC medication such as about 12 bottles of Benadryl and about 12 bottles of Melatonin. The wife thinks we should get anti-diarrhea medication. Wouldn't hurt I reckon.

That will be it for today. And remember the old saying, "Numbers don't lie, but liars use numbers. Stay alive.


p.s. Cliff. Write me a personal email. I have lost a lot of email addy's this year.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Still cold and dark outside. Spring is only 32 days away and I, for one, am ready for a little Springtime. The sausage patties are frying up on the stove and that wonderful aroma reaches my nostrils. There is some good in the earth after all. The little female cat is in heat this morning and the neutered male cat is not liking it a damn bit. All she gets from him is a good scratching. He could care less about her sexual drive. But she persists in her program to get bred and she will fail unless she can find a suitable male. This happens every time she gets in heat. It must be a sign of insanity. Things have to be right for things to happen. I got on the Silver Bear Cafe blog this morning and they have a post up that explains about the 8000 tons of gold the US is supposed to have not being seen in over 50 years. I would hazard a guess and say it is non-existent. Just one more lie our politicians and their banking masters have put-over on the world. What will they do when all the shit is uncovered and the common people realize that our collective governments are nothing but a colossal hoax. I mean, I say things like "Got rope?" and stuff like that but there are going to be some seriously angry people out on the streets when understanding strikes the human mind. I remember the Old Man saying that we would become like Mexican Peons after the Berlin wall was brought down. There was no more external enemies and so the war apparatus would be turned inward toward our own people. And he said this 20 years ago. A brilliant man, for sure.

But we have a lot of good things going for us. We have friends around the country who will be here to lend a hand. We have quite a bit of acreage to house and feed the people. We have an abundant supply of good water. We understand business and how to make a dollar, if our money will be called a dollar in the next few years. We have a hodge podge of weapons in our closets. Mostly deer guns and shot guns. The American public is buying 10 billion rounds of ammo a year. And has been for quite some time. The rifle and pistol production has finally caught up with the market so we are okay there, but we need a bit more ammo to really say we have the job done. And we have made good progress after the last two years of gun drought. Our manufacturers have done a very good job of catching us up on supply. Medical supplies are available but I don't know how many people have taken the time and money to get an adequate supply. But when the SHTF we will find out. Gangrene is a horrible thing, but preventable, if you have the right stuff and treat the wound immediately. But a lot of people have never had to deal with or even see Gangrene. But it is around. Got topical germ killers? Can the day be very far way when a man will tell a woman, "Let me take you away from all of this." and be meaning the filth and disease of a broken society? Would people do the same thing for the safety of their children? You can bet your ass they would. It may get to be hell on earth for a while and people will be trying to escape it. Can't say as I blame them.

My mind has gone to Obama this morning. He is the first black man to be elected president and he will get to preside over the very first global economic collapse. Is this a set-up or what? Seems like it is a case of "Hey. This is going to happen so why don't we give it to the black guy?" Is the PTB that cynical? I believe they are. This in turn will ruin political fortune for the blacks for decades. This whole system is like a giant egg that is going to hatch a vicious monster and let it lose on humanity. I ain't scared of it and neither should you be. You have been prepping haven't you? Preppers will be remembered as the people who were ready and who built a new society for those who escape the die-off. We will have our moment in the Sun. It will be up to God as to what humanity remembers about the cause of all the misery. But the memory should be around for quite some time. I suspect that war will constantly remind people of how to live properly. And living properly is something the world needs to learn. Stay alive.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just read an article from a Brit newspaper about how mild we preppers really are. Just regular folks who are storing up some extra food in case there is a shortage in the near future. Well, the Brit newspaper can kiss me where the Sun don't shine, if the Sun was out that is. I am a snarling survivalist who is not one bit in need of an apologist from Britain. I could care less what the rest of the world, especially those English Weenies, think of my actions. We had to donate personal protection weapons and ammo to them so they could defend themselves when the Germans were looking like they were going to take the island back in 1940 or 1941 or thereabouts. And after the war was over they turned around and let their little pussy government take the guns away again! England just don't get it. And there is no prepping movement that I have heard of going on in Blighty Land. They will just have to become part of the GREAT GLOBAL DIE-OFF as far as I am concerned. And a lot of people around the globe will take part in this exercise. No food storage, no guns and ammo, inadequate medical facilities , and corrupt governments. Talk about a losing propositon! And I am not making this up. It is in every newspaper and TV program around the globe. Most media folks don't snitch out their own government but they are more than happy to snitch out someone elses. Read two or three and you will get a better picture of the world situation. The collapse is coming and damned quickly. Even some major Nu Yawk Sity newspaper like the Times or the Wall Street Journal is making noises about getting ready. And when those guys start talking about getting ready it is already past time to do it. But keep on prepping folks. Every little bit helps.

I gave Pale Rider the word on and I have not heard back from him. He is probably lost in space as to the possibilities. Not a bad place to be. Get your non-hybrid seed from Big John Lipscomb and your cheese and yogurt stuff from How can you lose? Get your ammo where ever you can find it. I am afraid that most folks are buying huge amonts of ammo these days and the supply pretty much stays sold out. My son tried to buy me a 50 round box of 45 acp ammo the other day and neither Walmart or Gander Mountain had any in stock. He ended up having to buy at an Army Surplus store. But they all fall to hardball and I got the ammo. But this is part of our future success. Most slugs in the English speaking countries can't own a gun, either rifle or pistol or shotgun. England is banning short bladed pocker knives. They are even devising kitchen knives that have no point on them so you can't stab anybody. I suppose they will even ban flat files so you can't file them down to regular knife form. Insanity has overcome England. But they have not been able to overcome this household as yet. Praise God. Oops. I said praise God and that will get me branded a religious terrorist. You scripture readers had better keep it quiet or you wll get the religious terrorist brand burned into you! Not that many of you will give a damn. I know I don't.

My Google thing is not saving my blog post worth a tinkers dam this morning. I get cranky when I lose a post. Very cranky. Foam at the mouth and kick in the doors kind of cranky. But I always get over it.

I will just say, at this point, that the collapse seems to be coming very close to us at this time. And we will get to see the whole damn thing. The looters and the arsonists and the killers and the mad dog law enforcement and all those critters we have discussed in the past. Stay out of FEMA camps and have your stuff together. Stayt on your own property if at all possible. You might think about moving your garden spot this year so as to have it as close to your back door shooting spot as you can get it. Our garden is close to a mile away and I ain't liking that a damn bit. It's a nice spot and there is free water from God right there but it is hard to watch from a mile away. We shall see what appears on the horizon when it is time to till everything again.

Stay alive!


Monday, February 15, 2010


Snowed all night. Looks pretty damn white outside. But that is what we are all about. Some bad stuff comes our way and we sit tight, knowing we have our butts covered. Plenty of food and water. Plenty of warm blankets. Sitting on a load of cat food for our little critters. The road may be impassable but let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It is quite apparent to me that most of my fellow villagers do not believe this economic mess we are in will result in a collapse. I beg to differ with them but that is not the important issue. The main issue is keeping people fed and nourished and watered and sheltered. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. But the basic human necessities go on with relentless determination. This is important. This is the ball you do not want to drop.

I sat at the feet of a man I considered to be the smartest, most spiritual man on the planet, bar none. And he was getting ready for hard times. A 70' by 14' spring cellar. A well that has not even been tapped, right inside a building and easily pumped by a hand pump. A few thousand acres of mostly trees and caves and some fields. Good springs of water all over the place. A one road entrance and exit. The way you come in is how you go out. He called outer society SCAG and that is the street term for HEROIN. He likened society to heroin. Totally addicting and horribly conforming. He preached his message every day of the week. Whether at a formal Sunday night meeting or a chance conversation at the dinner table. He never let up and it does not look like I will either. I believe in what he preached and I prepare as he would have done. Ain't time to back down now! No way in hell. It's time to get ready for the big party. It is time to see whose message was real and whose was bullshit. I throw down the gauntlet to all of my detractors and say put up or shut up. Prove me wrong or get your asses in gear and get ready! I am tired of dissension in the ranks. Like one brother said last night, all of us here had the same father, doctrinally speaking. And now that Pa is gone, the brothers are not about to grant the same respect to another brother that they gave to Pa. But Pa was quite a man and is a very hard act to follow. I miss him.

To get off of that subject, because of the memories, I will get to the advice given to me by Andrea at . I mentioned that I was wanting to get into cheese making and she turned me on to . Leeners, as Andrea made abundantly clear, is a supplier to people who want to make stuff. They do not sell the finished product. You make that yourself. But Leeners is quite a site. We are thinking seriously of buying their super duper extravagant cheese making kit for $90. It has all the stuff for making 12 kinds of cheese, except for the milk, and you are supposed to make them in the order that they specify. The list starts out with Mozzarella and ends up with Sharp Cheddar. The Mozzarella takes about an hour to make and have to eat and the Cheddar takes 90 days counting the aging. They give you the wax and brush to seal the cheese for aging.

I can't see how we could lose on this. We will buy whole milk from the Amish but you can buy from your grocery store if you like. Some of the hard Cheddar is aged in caves in Switzerland for 18 months. That is some old cheese, and quite expensive. But we all like cheese around here and it would seem to be a very good way to preserve the natural goodness of milk for your family and friends. It is not supposed to be hard to do but it requires being able to follow directions to the letter. We can do that. And we will make that cheese to the best of our ability. I plan on taking the first stuff and passing it out to the villagers so they can see it can be done. It always helps to have an example for people to experience. But this whole thing comes from a comment by Andrea about my writing on my blog about cheese and bread. A couple emails on the side and I was in business.

On the bread end of things I decided to investigate batter breads. Batter breads don't require all the kneading. I mean, making a batter bread is not like taking on a child to raise. The Handmaiden got the spirit of the moment and made a batter bread of flour and rolled oats. Very delicious. I found one recipe that called for flour, salt, and a warm can of beer and that is all! I can see the salt and beer making bubbles in the flour dough. Salt make bubbles in my glass whenever I salt my beer. Maybe it is enough make a good bread dough. Who knows? But we now have more stuff to study and prepare and that is good. Stay alive.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


It has been a very interesting morning. I went over to and read a damn good post. But you read all the comments and you find there are a LOT of Ornery Bastards out there. And they are lively as all get out. I kinda wish I was out in the West with 'em. Right-up-front folks. No bullshit allowed. Very refreshing. Then I went over to visit with the Dragon and found another great post. The comments are great there also. Give it a look at , Some good times and enlightenment can come from these guys. I enjoyed them immensely. You will also.

The news wasn't much this morning. Even the bad guys take the weekend off most generally. Hey, even bad guys can get worn out from all that lying and stealing and killing that they do. Everybody wants a little time off now and then. I do resent my tax money going to support them but that cannot be helped at this time. They have the army and we have cold weather and snow. But Obama has a lot of snow for his ass to dig out of and that makes things a little more even. Mayberry is trying to level the playing field at this time with his plan to go Galt. I am 100% for Mayberry in this endeavor but I caution him about making it so public. The pigs will make it hard on his wife and kids while they are shooting legal arrows at him. The cost can get pretty high. But I reckon we will all turn in to John Galt or the equivalent pretty soon. Won't hurt to spread the word about what it all means. The time is not too far off when this fedgov will need to be told to go to hell and to stay away from us. We can make it just fine without them. We did make it without them for a few years after we declared our independence but the Brits wanted to fight about it so we formed up and got it on. Sigh...

Now that I have my 45 back I want to do some nasty things. I am going to invent Eau-de-fresh- baked-Pizza and get a little fan that will gently waft the aroma out the front door. Then I will turn out the lights and leave the door cracked a bit and sit and wait with the old Colt at the ready. When any malcontent can't resist the aroma and comes in the door after it I will be ready to lower the boom southern Indiana style. I know that is entrapment but the cops do it all the time so I may as well do it too. It will not be any harm to remember that Miss Piggy over at Homeland Security is just busting a gut to make a big bust on some domestic terrorists. And all the domestic terrorists might be doing is having a kiddies birthday party. But you know how dangerous those raspberry horns are in the hands of a domestic trouble maker. They teach disrespect for authority! Stay alive.


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Another chilly Saturday morning. But it IS Winter and I reckon we should be prepared for such things. And being prepared is what it is all about. It seems to me from reading the news that most Americans are NOT prepared for much of anything. When the collapse comes they will realize the error of their ways. When their families get hungry they will really realize the error of their ways. Those pictures of the empty supermarket when the East Coast blizzard was announced should have been warning enough to get people inoculated with some better sense. But hey, I have enough to do with 150 neighbors and friends in this Valley. And some of them don't think I am any too smart to get ready like I do but you know how changeable peoples opinions are. " I just didn't think it would happen this way." "Well, how did you think it would happen?" No answer.

But America has had a good life in the past and those born since 1950 seen to think it will just naturally go on forever. I hate to tell you this folks, but it ain't gonna happen thataway. The way I see it we are heading for a bit of a slow slide into the pit of poverty. It will be bearable for a lot of folks for quite a while, but you will notice that I used the word bearable. I am not saying it will be a lot of fun. And there will be people who suffer quite a bit and they will need our help. As much as we can give them. But that help has to be a trade off. All that gardening and canning and drying and storing needs many hands and that is what the people who get help will have to provide. We have had a good life as reasonable capitalists and pretty soon we will have to have what good we can manage as reasonable communal people. We have plenty of land across this broad country of America but it has to be tended to make it grow our sustenance. The scriptures say that with food and raiment we are to be content. And I believe that. But it did not say that with take-out food and McMansions we are to be content. No, we are to keep and tend the garden as per our instructions. The more people you have to feed the bigger that garden needs to be. And the more hands to tend it will be required. Simple math but very important.

And that brings me to a point in this post where I want to talk about bread and cheese. Bread has been a bargain in this country for decades. The big commercial bakeries developed batter breads that they could pour into bread pans and the loaves rolled off the assembly line like water over Niagara Falls. The delivery trucks and vans were parked right out back of the bakery and when the loaves of bread got into them they were off and running for the markets. Sometimes many miles from the bakery. And this will cease to be. Cheap oil is a thing of the past and cheap food depends on cheap oil. Those countries with lots of exportable oil have $150 a barrel appetites, not $10 a barrel appetites. Witness the craziness of the Burj Dubai and the man made islands and all of that stuff that the oil producers did to aggrandize themselves. They would have been better off just renting a billboard in downtown Nu Yawk Sity and announcing to the world that they were cool, maybe the coolest. What this boils down to is that Wheat is going to be expensive because it takes petroleum fuel to produce it and fertilize it. Forget about the cost of baking the stuff! But it will not be out of line to see $5 to $10 a loaf bread in the stores. Do you know how to plant Wheat and harvest it? Do you know how to get it free of all the wrappings it comes in? And if you can get that far do you know how to store it so the rats and mice don't get to eat all of it? Do you have the means to grind it into flour so that you can bake a loaf of bread? Have you ever baked a load of bread? I made a loaf of French farm bread a couple of years ago and it was a major undertaking. Worked my butt off and it took seven hours including all the resting and rising it had to do and then the baking time. It was delicious, but wow, what a job. And you may be facing this sort of labor in order to get a loaf of bread in the near future. Think about it.

The cheese thing is supposed to be coming up anytime soon. Pale Rider is supposed to go take a cheese making lesson from mmpaints and bring that knowledge back to southern Indiana. I have access to whole milk fresh from the cow with all the cream still in it and it should be excellent for making cheese. Can you make cheese? I can't. But I am willing to learn. A couple pieces of bread and a slab of cheese will take you through most of a day. And the nutrition will astound you. But most of us are a bunch of idiots when it comes to cheese making. Shame on us. We have the technology to save milk protein in the from of cheese and we don't do it. Talk about a bunch of panty waists! But that is how it is right now. The commercial made stuff is still available at a reasonable price and no one but the preppers cares about keeping the old ball rolling. So who is going to have the ability to make bread and cheese when the SHTF? A few preppers. So who will organize the next Kraft Foods or the next Wonder Bread? The answer is preppers, if they are smart. Stay alive.


Friday, February 12, 2010


A cold morning yesterday. 7 degrees outside. I slept like a rock and so did the Handmaiden. We don't turn on any heat in our bedroom because we like to sleep in a cold room. The worked for us just fine last night. Just had to crack the window open a little bit to achieve the proper chill.

I have had a Colt .45 acp out on my porch in a can for about a month and a half. I've had it soaking in oil all that time. The firing pin spring was weak and I wanted to see if it was just gummed up or something was wrong with the spring itself. It was the spring. My son is getting the gun fixed by a gunsmith who is adding a new spring. It will be reassembled and brought to me for the sum of $25. And my son is paying for it. Hot damn! I'm proud of that young man.

I have been reading about the church burnings is East Texas. There have been about a dozen of them in the last few months. Someone has a thing for destroying churches. Unless something major happens that is of long duration they will catch whoever is doing it. The only way it could remain undiscovered is if it just one person and they don't drink and talk. I find it very odd that this situation is not making the news. I read several blogs and web sites from Texas and they never mention it. But it is interesting, you know. Who thinks of burning churches? Not I.

The Obama administration is up to it's usual lying crap. The news mentioned that the snow fall in D.C. was making it impossible to open the global warming office of the fedgov. But the Nu Yawk Times had an article that said all this snowfall was from global warming. Of course! Everyone knows that heat makes everything cold. At least it does if you are a liberal Democrat. The Peak Oil guys are still making a shrill noise. That explains why all of the wells in the Gulf of Mexico have been capped. We need the oil so badly we decided to cap our own wells. But the figures are out and our oil consumption is down. We buy less oil all the time. This is to delude us into thinking that oil reserves are low and that couldn't be any further from the truth. In case you haven't been paying attention, we are in severe economic distress these days and driving is being curtailed due to shortness of cash. Fewer and fewer people are able to afford a 20 gallon drive-about over the weekend. So the cars and pick-up trucks sit idle on the weekends instead of getting out and seeing the USA in the Chevrolet. Suits me just fine. What all of this means is that revenues headed for the US Treasury are down and the Obamanation would like to see things pick up so that they can spend more money. You do understand that governments don't make a damn thing. They spend money. And no one spends it like a bunch of idiot liberals who have been out of power for 8 years. And there isn't any money to spend. Most of the federal revenue is in entitlements and so the big tax and spend liberals have to make a lot of debt so they can refuse to be denied their proclivity to spend what is not theirs. How simple. Stay alive.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am still concerned about people having a place to live when the SHTF. I know that here we have had people get visions off many thousands of folks coming to visit but all I have been able to garner as to the reason this is happening is the availability of the Spirit. The scriptures, in speaking of the Elder Brother, said he had the Spirit without measure. This would be a benefit to mankind of unbelievable magnitude. So we wait and hope and pray for the next big move of God to manifest. Some people think it is all over with concerning the gifts given during the last dispensation, They think we have reached the zenith of experience in God. Not so. We have many things to add to our bag of blessings, as soon as they get here. This is called the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord you know. I sort of look at that as being great for some folks and horrible for others. Try to stay with the great side of things.

I try to write a survival blog so that everyone can be sheltered from the evils of world governments. And God knows they are evil. But my hope is in God coming to be with man. We need him to protect us. With the war machines that have been built we have no protection but what God can do for us. These bastards out here are building weapons that will go deeply underground to kill you. How they must feel a great sense of accomplishment in that little trick. They can kill anyone anywhere. They have used the sum total of education to make the nuclear bomb. What an achievement! They can just kill and kill and kill. How they must gloat over their production. But we who love life and who love peace will have to find a better way, or be led to a better way. Think of how we will be hated if it turns out to be impossible to kill us. Think of an invisible shield over an area that cannot be penetrated by any weapon. No missile can get in and no bomb can be dropped. No invader can march in and take you captive. You can be free. Does it not say that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty? I realize that it was said a long time ago but do not give up hope. Let God be true and every man a liar. If God said it will be then you can bet on it. Just don't expect me to come up with a time frame. Some things he reserves for himself. And we have suffered while waiting but it will be worth it when the day of God's redemption comes.

We had an old black man who lived among us for many years. Daniel knew there was a heavy KKK presence on the area so he made ol' Delmos our buyer. He was the guy who went into town and spent the money. You either treated Delmos properly or he spent somewhere else. And no one wanted to lose our business. Delmos got treated right.

But the significant thing about Delmos was he was very powerful in the Spirit. He got Tongues and Visions and Prophecy like nothing you ever witnessed. He was incredible. Daniel delighted in him. And Delmos got a vision one time of a transparent Gold Dome over the valley that nothing could penetrate. And I believe his vision. And this is just a word to the wise. Protection is on the way.

On the political scene this morning I have read a Bloomberg article about how the Federal Reserve is going to let the money-market mutual-funds buy directly from the fed. This is being touted as reducing risk for investors. The TRILLION DOLLARS that will be able to buy from the fed is the bulk of the pension money of this country. One thousand billion dollars. The bulk accumulation of this countries pension funds. I just think I should point out that the fedgov has to come up with three and a half trillion dollars this year just to roll over it's short term debt and it does not look like China and Japan will get the job done. So the Obama administration is going to loot the pensions of this country and pay off some of their insanity. It will all be guaranteed by the Treasury though so don't worry about a thing. HAH!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello out there in lonely land. And if you ARE in lonely land, you have plenty of company here in southern Indiana. It is snowed in! The wind is pretty treacherous and the temperature will take your breath. But come on over anyhow and bring a couple of Euchre decks and we can play some cards. Nothing like getting a good ass whupping in a Euchre game to get you fired up mentally. We don't have a movie theater and our TV has been unplugged for years so we have to kinda make our own entertainment. When buying playing cards I favor the plastic ones. They don't stick to each other like the paste boards. Sticky cards are a hassle. Clean off the sticky stuff from your table before you play. No sense sabotaging yourself. A good supply of playing cards will entertain a lot of young kids and give them relief from any boredom stemming from forced bunkering down in your home or retreat. Thus it will save some of YOUR sanity also.

I mistakenly thought that the big announcement by Iran was to be today, but it is tomorrow. I have heard guesses as to what it is going to be about but nothing concrete and factual. Nothing will really surprise me. I have heard a lot of wind blowing through the trees in my life time. I don't think the Persians will have that great an impact on my psyche. I personally think Indiana could whip Iran. They would have us out numbered but we could get 'em anyway. But you can just about bet your last nickel that the coming announcement will not bring peace and harmony to the inhabitants of this planet. That ain't the way they play the game.

The vernacular used by preppers is starting to manifest in the young. Just this morning I heard "replace and rotate" concerning food and I also heard "hope for the best and prepare for the worst." Now THAT is prepper talk. I don't reckon the kids have horses in too many races at this stage of the game. They are still open minded. And an open mind can save your life.

There will be a time of ingathering of the people of God in this coming day. Maybe you won't recognize them as the people of God but they will be. They might cuss and chew tobacco but they will be the people of God nevertheless. You might see them drinking a beer on Saturday but pay it no mind. It's just the human family. And we will have a real good time when we get together. No phony bologna BS, just real people. And it will be where all the people, both decision makers and laborers, can mingle. No one will be too good to come in to the festivities. I like the mingling of the folks. That way everyone gets a hearing in life.

Not much else to say this morning. Keep prepping and stay alive.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Folks are looking for a retreat to deal with the coming economic crisis. I can see the good reasoning behind that attitude. It just seems like the collapse is going to come any day now. You can almost feel it in your bones. The government minions are lying their asses off each and every day. They have no qualms about doing it, whatsoever. They work for the fedgov and they intend to make it no matter what happens to the economy. But the rest of us are considered to be egg sucking dogs and are of little use to the Powers That Be. I am not at liberty to invite folks to the Valley to live but it could happen. There will be plenty of work. No money but lots of work. We will be gardening and canning and drying and storing food as much as possible. Then we will get some lumber and start building. People must have shelter. Babies need preschools. Villages need dining halls. Kids need schools and places of "recreation" which can be called places of noise. Kids make a lot of noise. But these forms of civilization take work to build and maintain. But the time is not yet, though it does seem to be getting closer. I will watch this closely and let you know of any decision we make.

I have been reading about "bugging out" this morning. I am a major fan of Jerry D'Young and his story I read this morning was about bugging out. You can read Jerry's stories for yourself at . He is an interesting guy and I am sure you will find something to enjoy. I read a short story this morning on bugging out. A man and his wife and two high school kids. They were prepped to the max and when it came time to go they made it just fine. But you have to remember that this is fiction. The author makes the story any way he wants to. And it comes out any way he wants it to come out. In the story the couple were united as young people by their desire to be prepared when it came time to retire. We probably do not have the luxury of waiting a couple decades for our plans to become complete. The pace of depravity has quickened and our time is running out. But the fedgov will just trot out Little Timmy Geithner to tell us everything is okay and people will lose another day of prepping when they fall for it.

Prepping is where it is at these days. I have told you about the wife's ambition to get a Berky Water Filter or a reasonable facsimile thereof. We also want more flavorings for our food. This Summer I bought a flat of Cream of Celery soup to use for flavoring. Then this Fall the Handmaiden dried so many onions and bell peppers and what not that I cannot count them all . But we have some flavorings. You betcha. But according to the Handmaiden we do not have enough. Things that make meals and food more enjoyable are going to be premium items in the days ahead. You would be well served to stock up on flavorings. Get soup bones at the grocery and make stock to can. Keep a good supply of different kinds of oil. I'm partial to Olive Oil, Lard and Butter. By the way, they make partially hydrogenated Lard these days so shop around until you can find the real stuff. Who the hell wants partially hydrogenated Lard? I also started a movement yesterday to get strong, substantial cooking utensils. No mickey mouse, rickety stuff. Just the strong stuff, thank you. Heavy duty stainless steel comes to mind. Up in Bloomington, Indiana, there is a restaurant supply place that has all the stuff you could ever want. Those kind of places have stuff that just won't break. And if you are rounding off your preps, trying to get things just right, then this is the kind of stuff you need to acquire. Remember, you never stop making it better.

A lot of people seem to be upset about the Martial Law declared in King, North Carolina. The lady Police Chief said she did not do it. It seems it is an automatic kick in device in the state law that says if an emergency is declared then guns and booze are banned. What the hell does a snowstorm have to do with guns anyhow? And why would it be anybody's business if you had a gun or not? And how are you going to keep the St. Bernard rescue dogs supplied with Brandy if you ban booze? But tyrants are afraid of booze and guns in the hands of us peons. They are afraid one of us will get a little mouthy from the alcohol and shoot one of the Only Ones. And then people will find out that the Only Ones bleed and die like anybody else. Can't have that sort of stuff going on, now can we? Stay alive.


Monday, February 8, 2010


I am thinking about the censorship that is coming to the Internet. It will not be pretty. We have too many communication tools now and that is dangerous to a group that is not in favor with the Powers That Be. And we preppers are not popular with the powers that be. We blog and we try to find the truth of a matter and that just does not cut it with political people in the establishment. They want to rule with a rod of iron and they want no opposition to their methods. Open your mouth against them and you become a "terrorist" or a "subversive" or any other name with a negative connotation. You become the compost they use on their garden. Not my idea of a good time.

This censorship is an indication of the mind set of our our dearly beloved government. The statistics given out by the various economic web sites are that there are more people working for the government than there are in manufacturing. That is almost unheard of in these United States. Is this the core of Obama's job creation strategy? Just have the fedgov hire everybody? This plan is as loopy as they come. Nothing but a huge population of blood suckers can come out of this plan. Bloodsuckers and a punch of aphids they milk for sustenance.

I got a very disturbing email just now about the number of Police Chiefs quitting their jobs across the country. A bunch of CEO's and CFO's are quitting also. Why are they quitting? Do they know of something in the wind that the media is not telling us? Do they know of things that people may hold them accountable for, and they just don't want to be around? Don't they want any responsibility for the actions of the various law makers or the businesses that have used them? The shit in this country is starting to stink in the nostrils of God.

There are people out in this land who are decent hardworking folks. But they are being lied to about life and ruled by treachery. And our media is complicate in this order of things. You all DO understand that media makes it's money from advertising by corporations and political parties, don't you? All that money you hear about certain folks raising campaign funds is about money that goes to the media, for the most part. So where do you and I get a break in all of this? The answer is we DON'T. We are the simple minded idiots who are fed the propaganda of this remarkable machine that has been assembled. We are the Mushroom people, fed shit and kept in the dark. And they will try to take away our Internet from us and probably make it for a while. Just so more darkness can creep across the land. I told you a long amount of months ago that the Powers That Be will try to take this collapse down slowly for the specific reason of being able to exhaust our resource, thereby making us weak and helpless. Lessening our ability to survive and remain independent of them. Well, the slow turning of the screw is still going on. The lies are still being told. The Powers That Be are still in office and business and doing their mischief on us daily. Why is that? Why are they allowed to engulf us in their verbal shit and get away with it so many, many times? Can we not understand what is being done? Stay alive.



The East coast mid-Atlantic states got a helluva snow storm this past weekend. Some places got over thirty inches of the ugly white stuff. And they are to get more this Tuesday. If you read The Ornery Bastard you can get a view of a Safeway store that has been hit with anxious shoppers in the storm area. Pretty dismal picture. But Busted Knuckles put those store pictures in the blog for a reason. It is for you to get a glimpse of what is gong to happen when the collapse comes. The scatter brained American public is going to panic and the stores will be empty IN A FLASH. And this is just for a snow storm. When the word gets out that there has been an economic collapse, all stores everywhere will be emptied. And if you get there in time to get some supplies, you might not get them through the parking lot and get them into your car. There will be people of no money or very little money out in the parking lot that will take them from you. This puts you in the position of having less money and no supplies. It may put you in the hospital or the morgue. The people of this country are on edge, big time. And when they get pushed to the edge they will push back on whomever is in their way. This is a fact and not a theory. I got on the lists and forums after Katrina and it was survival of the fittest, jungle rules, for a lot of people. I read about this one young couple who had a old man Grandfather who was a bit of a prepper. He has the fuel in a shed out behind his house that would get him to Dallas, Texas, and the home of a good friend. Their story of how they made it to Dallas from their home North of New Orleans was very interesting. Twice when they were pulled over to put fuel from one of their cans into the truck tank, they had to show their pistols to keep others at bay. And this was a few miles North of their home. At least a five gallon can's worth.

But politeness and manners and just plain old consideration for others will be a rare event. The order of the day will be "grab and run" or just shoot and walk at your leisure. Any physical damage will be doubly bad for your continued existence. Medical help and assistance may be non-existent. Those people will be trying to keep body and soul together just like everyone else in town. You catch a ball bat to the head or the back and you could be messed up forever.

The thing we are talking about here is OPTIONS. One option is giving yourself the luxury of not having to go to the store. If you have a years supply of food then you don't have to go to slaughterhouse of the big box store or the supermarket. You just go to your pantry and select what you want for the day from you personal stocks. It may be chicken salad instead of pate de foi gras but it will be tasty enough and it will keep you alive. Pretty neat option. don't you think? Just don't forget to have plenty of sweet pickles on hand to sparkle up your chicken salad. Pickles are pretty much on a lot of things we eat besides hamburgers. You can't have Tartar Sauce without pickles. If you will be catching fish for your diet it might be happiness to have pickles.

An alternative water source besides what the municipality provides may be a good idea. It is an option that most people outside the prepper community never think about. The Handmaiden is wanting to get a water filter for home use and it may be a damn good idea. One of those Berky things will take care of us. You can't make it without good drinking water. If it is disease laden then you will be disease ladened also. And medical help may be hard to come by. But having good water to drink is NOT an option. You gotta have it. No way around it. If it has to come from boiling creek water then you got to do it. Some how, some way, the water has to be made drinkable.

Obama is a city dude, plain and simple. And he has money. He does not understand people who have to burn wood for heating and cooking. But here in the backwoods of Indiana we under stand wood heat very well. It is just part of life. And we understand saving ashes for the roads when they get icy and slick. You get your first lesson on burning wood when you are a kid and your mother, and then you, make smores. Yum. Especially if you have chocolate bits to put on them. Then you graduate to really GOOD food and start roasting hotdogs on a stick. We all know that hotdogs contain everything but the squeal from a pig but that smokey flavor sure does make that salty pork taste something wonderful. Somehow we survive the ravages of hotdogs and graduate up to a spit and turning a whole or half a hog for a Saturday picnic for the whole village. I've cooked so many hogs over an open fire I can't think of the number but I can think of how good they were. I did a lot of lambs too, and some big slabs of beef, from back in the day when we could afford such things. But we have that option and the city boys don't. The amount of venison I have roasted on a pit is in the tons. Hard to hunt them in the city. When the electricity goes out we just build a fire. Iron skillets and Dutch Ovens become our utensils. We have the option of a wood fire. The city slickers don't. The will get hungry real fast living their little "rat in a maze" life and come looking for your fire and your meat. Remember that old Simon and Garfunkel song? "Like a rat in a maze, the path before me lies. And the pattern never alters until the rat dies." Your job is to get out of the maze and create your own set of options. That is really what prepping is all about. Having enough options to choose from that will take you through a bad time with relative ease. And to stay alive.