Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am still concerned about people having a place to live when the SHTF. I know that here we have had people get visions off many thousands of folks coming to visit but all I have been able to garner as to the reason this is happening is the availability of the Spirit. The scriptures, in speaking of the Elder Brother, said he had the Spirit without measure. This would be a benefit to mankind of unbelievable magnitude. So we wait and hope and pray for the next big move of God to manifest. Some people think it is all over with concerning the gifts given during the last dispensation, They think we have reached the zenith of experience in God. Not so. We have many things to add to our bag of blessings, as soon as they get here. This is called the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord you know. I sort of look at that as being great for some folks and horrible for others. Try to stay with the great side of things.

I try to write a survival blog so that everyone can be sheltered from the evils of world governments. And God knows they are evil. But my hope is in God coming to be with man. We need him to protect us. With the war machines that have been built we have no protection but what God can do for us. These bastards out here are building weapons that will go deeply underground to kill you. How they must feel a great sense of accomplishment in that little trick. They can kill anyone anywhere. They have used the sum total of education to make the nuclear bomb. What an achievement! They can just kill and kill and kill. How they must gloat over their production. But we who love life and who love peace will have to find a better way, or be led to a better way. Think of how we will be hated if it turns out to be impossible to kill us. Think of an invisible shield over an area that cannot be penetrated by any weapon. No missile can get in and no bomb can be dropped. No invader can march in and take you captive. You can be free. Does it not say that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty? I realize that it was said a long time ago but do not give up hope. Let God be true and every man a liar. If God said it will be then you can bet on it. Just don't expect me to come up with a time frame. Some things he reserves for himself. And we have suffered while waiting but it will be worth it when the day of God's redemption comes.

We had an old black man who lived among us for many years. Daniel knew there was a heavy KKK presence on the area so he made ol' Delmos our buyer. He was the guy who went into town and spent the money. You either treated Delmos properly or he spent somewhere else. And no one wanted to lose our business. Delmos got treated right.

But the significant thing about Delmos was he was very powerful in the Spirit. He got Tongues and Visions and Prophecy like nothing you ever witnessed. He was incredible. Daniel delighted in him. And Delmos got a vision one time of a transparent Gold Dome over the valley that nothing could penetrate. And I believe his vision. And this is just a word to the wise. Protection is on the way.

On the political scene this morning I have read a Bloomberg article about how the Federal Reserve is going to let the money-market mutual-funds buy directly from the fed. This is being touted as reducing risk for investors. The TRILLION DOLLARS that will be able to buy from the fed is the bulk of the pension money of this country. One thousand billion dollars. The bulk accumulation of this countries pension funds. I just think I should point out that the fedgov has to come up with three and a half trillion dollars this year just to roll over it's short term debt and it does not look like China and Japan will get the job done. So the Obama administration is going to loot the pensions of this country and pay off some of their insanity. It will all be guaranteed by the Treasury though so don't worry about a thing. HAH!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. Faith in the Almighty is all we will have when things start getting ugly. The armor of God is what I'll be wearing and with his approval, I will live to see the King of Kings.

shiloh1862 said...

Awesome and Devine post Brother.

I place my faith in the Good Lord.


chinasyndrome said...

Right on Michael,I think too many people leave God out of everything and God is the one who shall triumph in the end.I'm glad to see theres someone whos not afraid to mention the Lord.

HossBoss said...

Amen, Michael! Like chinasyndrome said, so many people tend to leave God out of the equation these days. But it seems to me that the ones who are quickest to curse Him for their woes are also slowest to praise Him for their bounty. A little less cursing, a little more prayer would do this country a world of good!

Shy Wolf said...

The ones who preach that gifts ended with the last dispensation are the people who put God in a box and say stupid things like, "God won't do that!"
"Oh? Why won't He?" I respond.
Whether I like it or not, God said it, that settles it. If others want not to believe, they're welcome to what God delivers.
Jesus will walk with us through this fire as willingly as He has any others. Just trust and obey (ouch! I need to work both those areas!)