Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Still cold and dark outside. Spring is only 32 days away and I, for one, am ready for a little Springtime. The sausage patties are frying up on the stove and that wonderful aroma reaches my nostrils. There is some good in the earth after all. The little female cat is in heat this morning and the neutered male cat is not liking it a damn bit. All she gets from him is a good scratching. He could care less about her sexual drive. But she persists in her program to get bred and she will fail unless she can find a suitable male. This happens every time she gets in heat. It must be a sign of insanity. Things have to be right for things to happen. I got on the Silver Bear Cafe blog this morning and they have a post up that explains about the 8000 tons of gold the US is supposed to have not being seen in over 50 years. I would hazard a guess and say it is non-existent. Just one more lie our politicians and their banking masters have put-over on the world. What will they do when all the shit is uncovered and the common people realize that our collective governments are nothing but a colossal hoax. I mean, I say things like "Got rope?" and stuff like that but there are going to be some seriously angry people out on the streets when understanding strikes the human mind. I remember the Old Man saying that we would become like Mexican Peons after the Berlin wall was brought down. There was no more external enemies and so the war apparatus would be turned inward toward our own people. And he said this 20 years ago. A brilliant man, for sure.

But we have a lot of good things going for us. We have friends around the country who will be here to lend a hand. We have quite a bit of acreage to house and feed the people. We have an abundant supply of good water. We understand business and how to make a dollar, if our money will be called a dollar in the next few years. We have a hodge podge of weapons in our closets. Mostly deer guns and shot guns. The American public is buying 10 billion rounds of ammo a year. And has been for quite some time. The rifle and pistol production has finally caught up with the market so we are okay there, but we need a bit more ammo to really say we have the job done. And we have made good progress after the last two years of gun drought. Our manufacturers have done a very good job of catching us up on supply. Medical supplies are available but I don't know how many people have taken the time and money to get an adequate supply. But when the SHTF we will find out. Gangrene is a horrible thing, but preventable, if you have the right stuff and treat the wound immediately. But a lot of people have never had to deal with or even see Gangrene. But it is around. Got topical germ killers? Can the day be very far way when a man will tell a woman, "Let me take you away from all of this." and be meaning the filth and disease of a broken society? Would people do the same thing for the safety of their children? You can bet your ass they would. It may get to be hell on earth for a while and people will be trying to escape it. Can't say as I blame them.

My mind has gone to Obama this morning. He is the first black man to be elected president and he will get to preside over the very first global economic collapse. Is this a set-up or what? Seems like it is a case of "Hey. This is going to happen so why don't we give it to the black guy?" Is the PTB that cynical? I believe they are. This in turn will ruin political fortune for the blacks for decades. This whole system is like a giant egg that is going to hatch a vicious monster and let it lose on humanity. I ain't scared of it and neither should you be. You have been prepping haven't you? Preppers will be remembered as the people who were ready and who built a new society for those who escape the die-off. We will have our moment in the Sun. It will be up to God as to what humanity remembers about the cause of all the misery. But the memory should be around for quite some time. I suspect that war will constantly remind people of how to live properly. And living properly is something the world needs to learn. Stay alive.



Cliff said...

Good Morning Michael,
Frying sausage and fresh eggs sounds like a good way to start the day. It's a sunny day in Georgia and we are expecting the temperature to get in to the 50s today. Lows are down in the 20s at night but we are staying warm and now all the snow has melted. We are still living in marsh land since it has rained so much after a several year drought so the soil is having a hard time dealing with the water.
Speaking of guns and ammo, I carry concealed all the time (even at home, too many home invasions going on) and I recently retired my .38 snubbie in favor of a Glock 23 in .40 S&W. I'm really fond of the caliber and it complements my Hi Point .40 pistol and carbine. I have been pretty lucky in being able to pick up quite a bit of .40 ammo from Walmart but haven't seen any 30-06, 44 mag, 357 mag or 30-30 in a while.
On a sadder note, my brother in law died about 3 months ago. He had a huge arsenal and his boys gave me everything they didn't want (mostly junk but fixable) so now I find that I have more guns than people in the neighborhood to shoot them so I'll probably start to trim them back soon and turn that money in to more preps. We are pretty good on food, not up to where I want to be on water and woefully lacking in the first aid/medical stuff. But, I'll fix that in the next couple of weeks.
All that aside along with the failure of the government to even help, let alone fix anything, I want to relate a dream I had a couple of nights ago. I had watched the Grammy's and saw Michael Jackson's children (2 of 3). That night I dreamed that Dad came to me and said beware of the 3 and he explained that those handsome children are not of Jackson's seed but appear to be from the paring of a jackal and a low born woman. When you realize that these 3 have charisma, have handlers, have access to tremendous power and wealth and world wide influence that they may be the coming of the beast.
Just an interesting dream but something to chew on.
Back to work for me.
Take care,

shiloh1862 said...

"And living properly is something the world needs to learn"

That, brother is total truth.


Mayberry said...

Well, one seriously angry guy crashed his airplane into the IRS offices in Austin today. I think he is the first of a great many who are fixin' to crack, and I think is gonna be really sore over this. The noose tightens....