Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The only thing that is on my mind this morning is the now operative exercise of milking us of all that we have, right down to the nothings. The way the money boys have it figured out, the time is right for taking it all and we are to be the providers of it. I can think of better games for me to be into.

You can see this diabolical plan unfold a bit at at time in the news. A little tax gouge today. A raise in food prices tomorrow. An ammo shortage to raise prices a little bit. The cost of electricity going up. Fuel prices going up. Tobacco going off the chart. A good pair of boots costing a king's ransom. But it is never ending! The gouge is relentless.

I read about towns and states about to go bankrupt. It is all blamed on the high wages paid to the police and firemen, along with their pensions. The tag line is always, "Of course this could all be averted if the police and firemen would just take a 5% cut in pay." Well screw the lawyers who want to get them to to take pay cuts. You can damn well bet that the lawyers ain't taking a cut in pay! 45 years ago I was in a union and come contract time there was all kinds of propaganda thrown at us about how we needed to make less money. You made a hundred dollars a week and the reporter only got $65 dollars a week so he was not your friend on the picket line. Sore losers is what they were. But those workers took part of the money and bought newspapers. They went to stores and bought clothes and groceries. They bought homes and paid property tax. They bought cars and gasoline. And they still do! But the right wing asshats want to bust up the game. On the one hand they want people out there buying and consuming, but on the other hand they don't want them to make any money to afford this practice. What a bunch of bastards.

You know, a lot of municipalities and states have raised the salaries of the police and firemen for many years. And they got good protection for their tax dollars. But now, after the cities and states have invested in the stockmarkets and real estate hedge funds and lost their asses, the salaries of the cops and firefighters has suddenly become an issue. I think one financial whiz out in California lost a billion and a half dollars from the state pension funds on a bad derivative bet. Now they want the police and firemen to take less money because the goofball the state used to handle pension funds lost his mind and blew the money on a bad bet. Got rope?

So you can take whatever side of this debate you like and it won't matter because the milk is already spilled. But it is people who never had to work for all of that pension money that are responsible for losing most of it. That is all for today. Stay alive.



rfenney said...

Sorry to disagree but unions are a cancer they are run in most cases by lawyers so all bets are off on either side. The problem is that we are seeing a deflationary depression so public employees are going to have to share along with the rest of us in the pain. You may not like it. They may not like it but it does not matter. There is no money to support any of what is going on. Keep prepping and pry because it is all coming down. not at once but the next leg is just about here....

chinasyndrome said...

Hell yeah it's a Lot more fun when its our money they are wasting.WE pay them big bucks to blow our money.Ain't makin much sense Huh.Got rope?

Sixbears said...

I was president of a small Firefighter union. We did our job -the fires were put out and people rescued. The city manager, the highest paid person in the city, would screw up and try to balance the budget on the workers' backs.

Has anyone noticed that living standards have dropped at the same union membership has gone down?

Amazing how workers have been brainwashed to hate unions.

Is a slave happy when he gets nice new chains?

Shy Wolf said...

Mike, you have it wrong so far as the reporter's wages, and the news shooters/photogs, are concerned. Also, you have it wrong with the unions.
I know this from both perspectives, having been a news reporter/shooter and a member of three different unions.
In forty years of dealing with unions, never once did I see one, let alone ANY, tell the worker they'd have to take a pay cut. The city leader may tell them that, but not a union, which always- repeat: ALways- got better than they deserved.
Not to put down firemen (I was a volunteer fireman) or police officers, who work very high risk jobs. It isn't the individual who decides, but the union, and for the most part, they are greedy, self-aggrandizing and corrupt bastards. Unions have become a comunist blight on the American worker and have alwasy been a tool of the socialist state of, "I deserve better than anyone else" mentality. EXACTLY the way the current administration wants us to be.
Now, if communities really wanted to do something for the people they 'serve', they'd take some across-the-board cuts in pay, but more important, they'd take definite revisions of retirements and med bennies, especially when the person doing the job may have retirement bennies from another field of work/retirement.
But here, I'm advocating a 'right to work' environment, and no one is going to go for that if they've been happy with their union. Which I suspect you were.