Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello out there in lonely land. And if you ARE in lonely land, you have plenty of company here in southern Indiana. It is snowed in! The wind is pretty treacherous and the temperature will take your breath. But come on over anyhow and bring a couple of Euchre decks and we can play some cards. Nothing like getting a good ass whupping in a Euchre game to get you fired up mentally. We don't have a movie theater and our TV has been unplugged for years so we have to kinda make our own entertainment. When buying playing cards I favor the plastic ones. They don't stick to each other like the paste boards. Sticky cards are a hassle. Clean off the sticky stuff from your table before you play. No sense sabotaging yourself. A good supply of playing cards will entertain a lot of young kids and give them relief from any boredom stemming from forced bunkering down in your home or retreat. Thus it will save some of YOUR sanity also.

I mistakenly thought that the big announcement by Iran was to be today, but it is tomorrow. I have heard guesses as to what it is going to be about but nothing concrete and factual. Nothing will really surprise me. I have heard a lot of wind blowing through the trees in my life time. I don't think the Persians will have that great an impact on my psyche. I personally think Indiana could whip Iran. They would have us out numbered but we could get 'em anyway. But you can just about bet your last nickel that the coming announcement will not bring peace and harmony to the inhabitants of this planet. That ain't the way they play the game.

The vernacular used by preppers is starting to manifest in the young. Just this morning I heard "replace and rotate" concerning food and I also heard "hope for the best and prepare for the worst." Now THAT is prepper talk. I don't reckon the kids have horses in too many races at this stage of the game. They are still open minded. And an open mind can save your life.

There will be a time of ingathering of the people of God in this coming day. Maybe you won't recognize them as the people of God but they will be. They might cuss and chew tobacco but they will be the people of God nevertheless. You might see them drinking a beer on Saturday but pay it no mind. It's just the human family. And we will have a real good time when we get together. No phony bologna BS, just real people. And it will be where all the people, both decision makers and laborers, can mingle. No one will be too good to come in to the festivities. I like the mingling of the folks. That way everyone gets a hearing in life.

Not much else to say this morning. Keep prepping and stay alive.



Andrea said...

Okay, so Iran is enriching Uranium. Is that really a surprise to anyone? They've been over there picking fights and arguing amongst themselves for 8000years, why should we be surprised that Iran is defying the global community and getting ready to create nuclear weapons? Oh, wait a minute, it's only for nuclear energy. Right. What a punk, that Ahmadinjehad. Don't we have Snipers anymore? Isn't it their job to remove troublemakers?

Pete Smith said...

I'm with Andrea these fools have been arguing amongest themselfs for over 8000 years. Lets just let them kill themselfs and pay them no mind till they do something that will hurt the USA, then we should kill them all and take there oil for ourselfs. But if we did get all that oil our government would only steal it from us and still charge us $4-$5 a gallon for it.

Anonymous said...

Stay warm brother.

Hope Iran blows the shit out of themselves.

See Ya

Mayberry said...

Amaweeniejihad had nothing new to say. I could give a shit less about him anyays, he's an insignificant pipsqueak where my world is concerned. Much like Obammy and his merry band of Dimocraps in the District of Criminals. If Amaweeniejihad misbehaves too much, Israel will flatten his ass in short order, so screw him. If Obammy Inc. misbehaves too much, the Patriots will flatten their asses. Patriots will not tolerate the taking of their Freedom, and a country boy can survive! They can put that in their pipe and smoke it....