Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Folks are looking for a retreat to deal with the coming economic crisis. I can see the good reasoning behind that attitude. It just seems like the collapse is going to come any day now. You can almost feel it in your bones. The government minions are lying their asses off each and every day. They have no qualms about doing it, whatsoever. They work for the fedgov and they intend to make it no matter what happens to the economy. But the rest of us are considered to be egg sucking dogs and are of little use to the Powers That Be. I am not at liberty to invite folks to the Valley to live but it could happen. There will be plenty of work. No money but lots of work. We will be gardening and canning and drying and storing food as much as possible. Then we will get some lumber and start building. People must have shelter. Babies need preschools. Villages need dining halls. Kids need schools and places of "recreation" which can be called places of noise. Kids make a lot of noise. But these forms of civilization take work to build and maintain. But the time is not yet, though it does seem to be getting closer. I will watch this closely and let you know of any decision we make.

I have been reading about "bugging out" this morning. I am a major fan of Jerry D'Young and his story I read this morning was about bugging out. You can read Jerry's stories for yourself at http://thesurvivalist.tripod.com/survival/index.html . He is an interesting guy and I am sure you will find something to enjoy. I read a short story this morning on bugging out. A man and his wife and two high school kids. They were prepped to the max and when it came time to go they made it just fine. But you have to remember that this is fiction. The author makes the story any way he wants to. And it comes out any way he wants it to come out. In the story the couple were united as young people by their desire to be prepared when it came time to retire. We probably do not have the luxury of waiting a couple decades for our plans to become complete. The pace of depravity has quickened and our time is running out. But the fedgov will just trot out Little Timmy Geithner to tell us everything is okay and people will lose another day of prepping when they fall for it.

Prepping is where it is at these days. I have told you about the wife's ambition to get a Berky Water Filter or a reasonable facsimile thereof. We also want more flavorings for our food. This Summer I bought a flat of Cream of Celery soup to use for flavoring. Then this Fall the Handmaiden dried so many onions and bell peppers and what not that I cannot count them all . But we have some flavorings. You betcha. But according to the Handmaiden we do not have enough. Things that make meals and food more enjoyable are going to be premium items in the days ahead. You would be well served to stock up on flavorings. Get soup bones at the grocery and make stock to can. Keep a good supply of different kinds of oil. I'm partial to Olive Oil, Lard and Butter. By the way, they make partially hydrogenated Lard these days so shop around until you can find the real stuff. Who the hell wants partially hydrogenated Lard? I also started a movement yesterday to get strong, substantial cooking utensils. No mickey mouse, rickety stuff. Just the strong stuff, thank you. Heavy duty stainless steel comes to mind. Up in Bloomington, Indiana, there is a restaurant supply place that has all the stuff you could ever want. Those kind of places have stuff that just won't break. And if you are rounding off your preps, trying to get things just right, then this is the kind of stuff you need to acquire. Remember, you never stop making it better.

A lot of people seem to be upset about the Martial Law declared in King, North Carolina. The lady Police Chief said she did not do it. It seems it is an automatic kick in device in the state law that says if an emergency is declared then guns and booze are banned. What the hell does a snowstorm have to do with guns anyhow? And why would it be anybody's business if you had a gun or not? And how are you going to keep the St. Bernard rescue dogs supplied with Brandy if you ban booze? But tyrants are afraid of booze and guns in the hands of us peons. They are afraid one of us will get a little mouthy from the alcohol and shoot one of the Only Ones. And then people will find out that the Only Ones bleed and die like anybody else. Can't have that sort of stuff going on, now can we? Stay alive.




Marcia Moir said...

I've been looking for non hydrogenated lard for years...Have you found it?????Please share this valuable secret...Thanks...Marcy

Anonymous said...

Bugging out is a big weight on our minds these days, as things are really starting to unravel. The thought of building a community that values hard work, morals and the like seems like a dream that would be awesome to see come true. Handmaiden is right, onions and green peppers are a must and when you think there's enough you need more. They make a meal feel like home cookin. Stay warm and safe.