Saturday, February 27, 2010


We got a little dusting of snow this morning. Might make a quarter of an inch. If it stops we will be okay. The wife and brother-in-law have gone to Amish country to get our weekly supplies and I have wished them well on their journey. It isn't very far away but snow can make a difference. They lived for many years in the northern part of America. Michigan and up-state New York. They are used to having equipment out there clearing the road and making it all okay for travel. And that is fine as long as those states can afford it. Snow removal is not cheap. In fact it is very expensive. Here in the rustic, rural hills of southern Indiana we have a system known as Divine Snow Removal. What it boils down to is: "God brought it here and he can take it away." And it works! Although I have seen snow on the ground and on the road out of here for 62 straight days. It got old after a while but it did go away, eventually. I used to buy studded snow tires in November or December but since I have been prepping I don't bother. Other than a medical emergency I just don't go anywhere that would require the studs being on my tires. And there are plenty of 4WD pick-up trucks to handle an emergency. We have a couple of nurses living here and one soon-to-be nurse still in college, so we are covered for a lot of things. If my son is here we also have a full scale Paramedic and he knows what he is doing. Two doctors have come out of this place and if they are here we just about have all the bases covered but they live in other towns and you just can't rely on their being here.

Apparent;y we cannot rely on Jim Rogers for financial information any more, either. He came out Wednesday and said the British Pound was about to collapse and now he is denying it to high heaven. Somebody got to Mr. Rogers, I am afraid. He just has too powerful a voice to be running down British money, as worthless as it is. The blokes have not given up on any of their spending programs as yet. They just keep printing the money. Old Golden Gordon Brown is adamant about having his programs funded and that is that.

Now, old Helicopter Ben Bernanke has changed his tune recently. He said last Wednesday that the fed will not keep loaning us money, that we have to cut back and live within our means. No more running of the printing presses 24 X 7. Damn! Ol' Rothschild must have turned off the tap. Ol' Rothschild will certainly look good living out his days weeding my garden. And I aim to see he does just that. Screw that greedy old pig. His power and money do not impress me in the least. Unless he gets within range of my shooting skills. Then he either will go to the garden or the compost pile. And it really does not make any difference to me. I assume you all know that the federal reserve bank is owned by foreigners. If you don't know that then you had better catch up with the rest of the class. Our political sins, or should I say our duly elected political officials sins, are catching up to us. And Rothschild and his buddies are wanting their pound of flesh and they want Obama to tighten up and get it for them. And Obama will do it. He has to do it. He is bought and paid for. Remember, Goldman-Sachs was the single largest contributor to Obama's campaign and Goldman-Sachs is a stock holder in the federal reserve. Want to know how things get done? Follow the money. We do not have the money coming in to pay the interest on our loans. So we will be forced to cut back to the point the Banksters get their money whether you and I get anything or not. I say "Come on, Pigs. Come and get your butchering. We do a good job and we know how to make sausage. You do not frighten me but I will frighten you, Pigs. Hear me! I am TEN MILLION strong and we will wipe you off the face of the Earth. That means we can wipe out the three biggest armies on the face of the Earth with each of us only killing one guy apiece. And you know how you guys deplore fighting your own battles. We will not be fighting for you this time. We will be fighting against you. Who you gonna get that is worth a damn that will fight us? We have garnered almost a billion rounds of ammo a month for several years now and we are ready. And you are just a little bit down range from us. Come a little closer!"

We have ordered the deluxe cheese making kit from All the stuff you need for making a dozen different cheeses. All we have to do is supply the milk and we can do that, I believe. This is a great advancement in our preps. One that should make us healthier for a longer period of time. Good wholesome cheese. So loaded with good fats and proteins. No carbs, but we will get plenty of carbs from our beans and rice and potatoes and all that other fattening stuff. Maybe when the SHTF we will stay a little more active than we are now. And that would be a good thing. Many preppers write about having a goodly supply of medications in your supplies. I hope you don't just let your eyes pass over those words and not let them sink in. If you need something to live then you had better get it and get plenty while you are at it. Kemp is shooting year old insulin and doing just fine. In the heat of the Summer he can keep it on a rope lowered a few feet down into his well casing. Works like a charm and he doesn't need any electricity to store his stuff. I need Beta-Blockers and almost always have a three month supply of them on hand. Food, medicine, guns and bullets. Pretty much takes care of it. You throw in a stash of Big John Lipscombs' non-hybrid garden seed and you are ready to go on with your life no matter what the ugly people decide to do. And they will try to do something, for sure. They cannot stand people not fighting or paying them taxes or paying interest to their bank. Just living and staying healthy and working to make your daily bread does not count with the ugly people. They are a criminal lot! They want you working for yourself and working for them also. Sorta like slaves who have to make their master a living besides making their own. Talk about a racket! Stay alive.



Tattoo Jim said...

Amen brother !!!!

Mayberry said...

Michael, I think we'll see a lot of people being silenced. Gerald Celente is probably on their short list, and folks like you and I a bit further down. But the loudest will be silenced first. We saw Glenn Beck's 180 reversal on FEMA camps (and his subsequent nose dive into shill-dom). We've seen the full on demonization of Ron Paul and his supporters. We've seen Oath Keepers labelled as "domestic terrorists" and smeared in the public view. The propaganda machine is in overdrive. Maybe if we keep on pluggin', and waking people up, we'll overload the sucker! Burn the bastard thing to the ground! It's nice to dream anyways.... Meanwhile I'll oil my guns...

Unknown said...

As I read your postings every day I have just about figured out where you are located. If I can, brighter minds than mine can, also.

In that respect, I urge you to keep your preps, activities and even some comments, close to the vest and use thoughtful discretion....You know,"loose lips sink ships. I once urged Mayberry to practice "Discretion is the better part of Valor," but, sigh, who listens.