Friday, February 26, 2010


I have been reading the "McDonald vs Chicago" news this morning. According to the writer the case is about whether or not a state or a city has to obey the Second Amendment. Shucks. You could have fooled me! I thought we all had to obey the Constitution. But to be serious for a moment, we all know that the power elite does not want the masses to have the power to defend themselves. They want to snap their fingers and have us obediently march to their orders. That is the crux of the matter with the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderburgers, the Democrats and the Republicans, the Banksters, the US government and many other organizations that have business in this world. They want to rule and they want us to kiss ass. But if we are armed their power and authority ends at the extreme outer limit of my accuracy. And they do not like that. But I do. And I intend to back it up when the day comes I must do it. Like I have said many times before, I hardly ever leave my Valley homeland and I don't bother anyone. This is a good attitude to have when thinking about messing with me. You don't bother me and I don't bother you, unless we get a sure enough shooting war going and I have to participate. Some folks think of this as DON'T TREAD ON ME and that is fine. I can go along with those words. I wonder how many of my enemies can go along with them. I reckon we will find out.

I get a little hot under the collar now and then. But on this cold Winter day that ain't all that bad. I got a little bit fired up this morning when I read . As good a political rant as you will find this day. That boy out is San Francisco must have some hillbilly genetics somewhere in his blood because he does not sound like anyone you want to mess with. I'm proud to claim him as one of our own. Enjoy his writing. And this is not to say that others don't have anything worth reading because that would be a damned lie. I just got a special kick out of this particular message. The title of the post is "If I were a REAL terrorist..."

I am about to order two battery chargers for the new Grundig shortwave radio. We can buy them for $20 apiece from Amazon and they will do most any size of battery you want to put in it, AA, A, C, D, and what have you. Kemp has told me to get metal hylide batteries, or at least I THINK that is what he said. I will call him before I buy and see exactly what kind I am to get. My wife of all people sent me a URL of a very nifty ammo place. It's The guy who has it up on the 'net has devised a search engine that will find you most any kind of ammo you might crave. I checked him out for price and it was very good. I didn't look for everything but what I looked for the search engine could find. It's a damn good thing I was not born rich or I would keep a bunch of ammo suppliers very busy shipping to me every week. You just can't get enough ammo. Stay alive.

P.S. Ferfal has a great article by Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone Magazine about the great bubble machine. It will give you the nauseating truth about Goldman-Sachs gang and their ruthless rip-off of America. These guys deserve nothing but ROPE. I cannot copy and paste on Google any more and my wife is having trouble also. We have two different operating systems. It looks like we are being controlled again. But try to get to . The story is there. Ferfal did us all a big favor by putting this up for the world to see. We need to honor him by our excellent use of ROPE. You ready? Can I hitch a ride with you?



chinasyndrome said...

Michael, that was genius.Their power ends at the extreme outer limits of my accuracy.

Mayberry said...

That is a fine post by Catman. And I'm with China, that's a great line Michael, love it. Thanks for the links, got some reading to do....

. said...

The Bill of Rights were not originally intended to limit the power of the States. A State could, and several did, have their own official State religions. Congress was prohibited from establishing an official religion. As Hamilton said in Federalist 83, before the Bill of Rights even existed, "The United States, in their united or collective capacity, are the OBJECT to which all general provisions in the Constitution must necessarily be construed to refer." In other words, "The Federal State."

States were allowed to, and often did pass laws which infringed the right to keep and bear of arms. The United State congress (not a typo) could do only that which was enumerated in Article I, Section 8. Absolutely nothing more.

The idea that a mini-State could violate an amendment in which the mini-State was not specifically prohibited from doing something only popped up in 1833, with Barron vs. Baltimore. The men in fancy black robes even cast their binding spell that said, in a nutshell, "The Federal government is the only entity, unless specifically mentioned, bound by the amendments."

Then came the 14th Amendment. An abomination and a complete undermining and contradiction of the purpose of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But even then, if you feel the need to go by the modern understanding of the nonsense idea of "incorporation," the Second Amendment has not yet been incorporated.

When are people going to see that their rights are given by God? When are people going to see that their rights are independent of a bunch of words scrawled on parchment by dead men? When are they going to see that their God-given rights exist and are unalienable, whether or not their rights are recognized by some mere fellow man, (a man who was also born pathetically naked and screaming) who happens to wear a fancy black robe?

GOD gave you your rights! Let no man deprive you of their free exercise, whether he is the chief of the damnable black robes or a thug enforcing a statute that prohibits behavior that harms absolutely no one. Anyone who would impinge upon your rights is properly and rightly called a tyrant, and resistance to tyrants is obedience to GOD!