Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sorry about being gone yesterday. This was the blog I wanted to post and so I present it now.

The saving of man is through the office of an Ark. We all know the story of Noah and the Ark. We had it drilled into our conscience when we were kids. Eight people were on the Ark. Four of them were blood related family and four were not. The flood came and the Ark was floated and Noah and his family were saved from drowning. And God made a promise that he would not destroy the Earth anymore by flood. And that promise is probably why we all don't have a big Ark out in the back yard containing thousands of board feet of lumber and logs. Can you imagine the trees that would have been destroyed in the process? The Earth would be barren at this point. And think of the "keeping up with the Joneses" that would have been going on for several thousand years. Rich men would have palatial Arks with super fine accommodations and poor folks would barely have a board to float. But God abolished the Ark trade and we have all been spared the indignity of not having an Ark as good as Bill Gates. Thank you God!

But the idea or concept of the Ark is not gone. Far from it. And preppers are the most smitten of the folks with the Ark message of all people on the planet. Back in the day, Mr. Noah preached his message of the coming floods and no one listened. Am I touching on some recent feelings here? How many of you have talked about prepping to friends and kinfolk and had your message politely ignored? I would say that the number of people who reject the preparedness message are roughly 100 times greater than the number of preppers. That would make the score about three hundred million against prepping to about three million who are for it. Sound about right? And I have an up-right, rigid middle finger for all of those who belittle the prepper mentality. That old symbol of derision we all know.

Today we must build a different kind of Ark. It must handle all kinds of unfortunate emergencies. It must handle the "normal" problems of fire and wind and water and earthquake but it must also be geared up to handle government default, or sovereign default as it is known. It must be ready to handle an invasion of foreign troops or an invasion of domestic troops, take your pick. It must have available alternate utilities such as water and heat and sewage disposal. It might have nothing more than a rain catchment system on the roof and an outdoor privy but it has to have something on this order. Your need a wood stove for heat and cooking in the Winter. Raw, cold food it a drag and might prove to be your undoing as far as health issues are concerned. You Ark system needs a food storage program, You must be able to store food for nourishment when other forms of storage fail and leave you in the lurch. There are tons of sites on the Internet that will tell you how to preserve food other than by freezing. You have been sold on freezing but it is not the only horse in the race. Just the easiest. But when the electricity goes out you are in deep Kimchee and that is not good for all things in general.

You Ark must have an emergency supply of food when disaster hits. Seldom is it that disaster hits right about the time your garden is coming on strong. Far from it. It will most likely hit right about now, in Winter, when the snow is covering the ground and there is no fresh food available, and if the supply lines to the groceries are down then you are sunk. You build your Ark to cover that possibility.

You must have some means of protecting yourself from marauders and looters and brigands while things are in upheaval. Katrina and Haiti are good examples of what can happen when things go wrong and people are not ready. Looting, theft, rape, murder and other bad things can happen without warning, coming on you in a flash. Just because you are not giving time and thought to these evil deeds does not mean that someone else won't be plotting it in detail. Remember the odds of 100 to 1 that we went over at the beginning of this post? Do you think that all those who aren't preparing are just poor misguided souls who will have a hard time? Or would you believe that some of them are of the vicious criminal element? I think the latter is more reasonable to assume.

But we are building an Ark this morning and we need to stay on the subject at hand. The only thing a lot, and I mean a lot of us, are not prepared for is a nuclear attack. Think it won't happen? Don't bet on it. Give an ape a rock and he will throw it, most generally at YOU. You may as well get your nuclear attack shelter underway. It's just part of it.

It may be time to take a look at those who wish to prepare for the coming bad times. Is there something in their genetic make-up that drives them to escape the calamity that looks like it is going to engulf us? Is it something that God will honor like he honored Noah back in the day? He is the guy who put that survival gene in us, after all. How will we be inspired to make and strengthen our Ark? Will we be diligent and vigilant as we proceed with our plans? All I can say is we had better get busy building our Ark. And stay alive.



Mayberry said...

I've used the Ark analogy. Unfortunately, with little effect. Good post Michael.

Andrea said...

All through the Bible, God taught his people to prepare for the worst. It's only been in the past century that we became so arrogant/comfortable/lazy that we refuse to take care of ourselves. Our society wanted leisure-time and pleasure above all things and this is where it got us...lazy, weak and totally dependent on others to care for us.

I'm still working on heat for my ark. We have a couple back up methods, but I want something more permanent and less reliant on petrol. Back to the drawing board.

Excellent post, Michael.

chinasyndrome said...

Right on Michael,yeah nukes is one I'm not at all prepped for.Trying to get the rest together.

Shy Wolf said...

And Noah spent a hundred years building his ark- that's a really LONG time spent trying to convince people that something is up- just wait and see... imagine how foolish some are going to feel when we've only spent the last forty years trying to show them the light! Except, they won't remember much more than which place they're going to raid for lunch.