Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, a Happy February to you! We made it through January once again. But it was a cold and trying experience. This coming 28 days of February always seem to go by so much faster than those nasty 31 day Januarys. 40 some days until Spring. A little over 3 months until it is garden planting time in these parts. Some folks are saying they can't wait, but I'll bet they do!

I have a gross error to announce. My man in Toledo has a blog called THE Urban Prepper. Not just Urban Prepper. Andrea and Pale Rider were both kind enough to point this out to me in a very nice manner. So to those who were on a search for Urban Prepper, I apologize. The site is named . And the site is up and running and full of informative things for all of us to know. Give him a look and leave a couple comments and help make up for my idiocy. The address above is good as far as I can tell.

As a point of interest I got a story from Mike Kemp over the phone this weekend that may bear some thought. It has some things in it that we preppers may not pay any attention to. It seems that Mike has a diabetic friend that he advises and that friend is a deep student of economics. The study the friend has done has led him to the conclusion that Japan will go bankrupt and that will push Europe over the edge financially and bankrupt them also. This will leave Uncle Sam as the last man standing amongst friends. Consequently, the dollar will be the leading currency, as the other currencies will be sunk in a huge loss. Ergo, the dollar will be King, humbled as it will be. So this student of economics sold his position in Silver and has amassed cash, as his study has told him that Cash Will Be King. Now, I don't believe this thesis. It does not fit with MY studies at all. But it is very interesting and maybe deserves a closer examination. Let me know your thoughts on this and you might send me your email addy so I can reply in a more confidential and personal manner.

That frugal and saving guy Obama is getting ready to submit another budget buster of a budget for the coming year. I hear tell it is going to be something like 1.8 TRILLION DOLLARS over what the fedgov is expecting to take in. If I did that I would be headed for the deepest cell in federal prison but if the fedgov does it then it is good and wonderful and we must all applaud and say how grateful we are for dear old Obama. How did those guys ever get that one over on us? Can you imagine the ruckus that would ensue if our wives went out and charged 50% more for the year than our income? Can you imagine the Domestic Abuse charges that would be filed? Can you imagine the divorce proceedings that would be going on? Talk about happy lawyers!

Gardening is becoming a frequent topic of discussion. And if THE URBAN PREPPER is correct, our wives will have verifiable evidence of horribly increasing food prices for us pretty quick. He told me that there will be food on the shelves, no problem. You just won't have the money to buy any of it. How comforting. I was beginning to like deflation but apparently Ben Bernanke and Little Timmy Geithner don't like it. The bankers can't make enough money in deflation and we all know they are TOO BIG TO FAIL so we must have inflation to make things right for the bankers. Got rope? But we have been warned and we can buy our seed and get busy feeding our families and storing up enough to make it through the next Winter. God don't charge for the knowledge of the seasons and we can take advantage of that. Get a reasonably permanent place and mark where the Sun is on the Winter Solstice so you can find it the next year. Sorta like a rifle sight. You can make a mark on your normal frost date also. This is about all you need to know when to plant. And planting produces food and food is what we will need. I know there are a lot of folks interested in guns and ammo and I can say I believe armaments have a place in life. But if you are starving those guns and bullets aren't too much use to you. So get ready to garden. You can split your crew up as garden workers and security people later on in the cycle. Ain't no sense in growing garden for thieves. None at all.

So take care and stay alive. Read your survival blogs and get to know the facts. They haven't shut the bloggers up as yet.



Phil said...

Yer right, I have bee eyeballing my garden area hard lately.
I have recently aquired a roomie here in the Weasel Den and we get along well. A friend I have known for at least fifteen years. I have already told him the garden is going to be a major priority here soon and he is on board and has offered a roto tiller to help expand it.
Keep your heads up and please send my hello to the Handmaiden, who is doing a bang up job lately on her own Blog. I need to drop by again and leave her some words of encouragement.

I am currently still laying in bed, recuperating from the most awesome birthday I have ever had. Glad to have made it to fifty, looking forward to the challenge of staying vertical for the foreseeable future.

Mayberry said...

Lucky me, we can plant next month down here... As far as dollars go, I still say tangibles are the best investment if you ain't wealthy. Once you've got every conceivable prep you can get yer paws on, and own your property free and clear, then you can worry about dollars, gold, silver, etc... Most of us are a loooong ways from there...