Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am now getting off line. Financial and technical problems have become too much. Stay live.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


I got a few emails this morning, which is always a pleasant time, and there was a message from a guy named Jim who forwarded a website https://www.mvseeds.com/cgi-bin/mvs_catdisp.cgi?cid=2597 of a place that will sell you seed pretty cheap. You just pick the things you want and they will tell you if they are non-hybrid or hybrid. Pretty fair arrangement. The Handmaiden dug up my garlic this morning and brought them in. I got six out of seven cloves to grow. Two small ones, two medium sized ones and two big daddies. Plus she brought in the scapes for something else to play with for a while. But I can grow garlic and that is good. I can grow beans too so we might have something to eat going on here. The tomatoes and the rutabagas are looking good and that means more for storage for the Winter. The butternut squash will make it and that is more food yet! The victories keep pouring in. If you want to build up your stash of seed for a little bit of comfort to your mind, the prices of the above company are very good. I can see me getting an order in pretty quick, except I am going to by wheat first. I am tired of listening to Jim Dakin talk about having grain in your stash and I am going to get some to hide my guilt.

There is not too much on the news as I type this. The media is still talking about General MacChrystal getting fired and that was during the first part of the week so you know there ain't much happening. Oil is still pouring out into the Gulf and that is cause for concern, I think. Folks are getting ready for hard times and that is good in most cases. I said things were going to get rude for Americans and folks seem to agree with that. It may get so damn rude we start shooting our weapons. And that could cause a ruckus across the land. Not that there would be any shortage of targets. The fedgov is the largest employer in the country. High wages, good pensions, lots of paid holidays. A sweet way to go in this economy. Might, however, be a portion of the taxpaying class who resent all these folks on the fedgov tit. Never can tell. But I can tell you this, once most of our citizenry get that old fedgov boob in their mouth they can't seem to let go of it. There just seems to be an addictive process that takes place and the addict is there forever. But then the fedgov will run out of money and what will happen? I think those addicts are gonna run wild in the streets and burn and loot and rape and all kinds of foul deeds. And then some foul politician is going to blame us out in here in flyover territory for all the trouble and we will get penalized. Life is a beautiful thing when you are dealing with Socialists. But never fear because I think the Dark Lord is going to get us into a major war and that will be good for the economy, according to the economists. Perfect capitalism. Make it, sell it to the fedgov for a profit and they take it out and blow it up, and proceed to buy more. But you can get everyone working that way and making money and paying taxes and spending again. Of course, you could lose the war and end up shit creek without a paddle. But no one wants to think about that so we had better let that one go. Stay alive.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Are you getting ready? Have you got your grain grinder and your wheat bought? I have my grinder and am getting the wheat. I have bad feelings about the availability of food and other commodities in the not so distant future. The general in charge of the Afghan war is about to get the shaft, I think. Obama does not like dissent in his midst. And he does not like people making fun of the monkeys he has appointed to various positions of authority in his administration.

And this administration is the most hard-to-perceive bunch of people I can imagine. What are they doing? Are they doing anything they can for the common man in America? Don't make me laugh. Every time Obama makes a speech about something grand and glorious he wants to do for the good of the country, we always find out that it takes away more of our freedom and makes our taxes go up. What is it with this Kenyan? Has he no love whatsoever for this country? He hides his agenda like a miser hides his gold. It would seem that he gets his inspiration from the Russian Secret Service and we are not supposed to notice that. And it is starting to eat me up. I realize with my innermost being that this man Obama is our greatest enemy. He knows now that he will be a one term president and he wants to get as much damage done in his four years as he possibly can. I can feel it in my bones.

My heart goes out to working people in this darkened land of ours. The pillar the whole thing rests on is the working man. Without him you have nothing. And we are becoming without him. He is being outsourced and replaced by robots and computers. The wealth his labor created is becoming concentrated in the hands of a few. Millions are out of work. Labor is going to get very cheap pretty soon. Just like it is cheap in India, China, and Mexico plus few other places I can name. The guys that should be getting the praise are not even being mentioned anymore. What a disgrace. The stock brokers and the banks are fussed over like babies in a crib but the real producers are left in solitude. Something is dreadfully wrong. The perspective of life has been maladjusted. Ignorance rules, and reason and logic have gone out the door for a long walk.

The wife and bil are down at the garden watering this morning. They will sprinkle a bit of compost and crushed limestone and then let it soak into the ground. Pumpkins and Squash are big nitrogen eaters and Tomatoes need limestone for preventing end rot. I have to get off this posting page and let my computer try to tell Blogger to save this damn post. Wish me luck.

My thinking this afternoon has led me to some very grim thoughts about America. America is about dead financially and is about to take a blow militarily. We have a lot of force in the Persian Gulf right now and it could very well come under horrendous attack. And if Iran and Israel get to firing nukes you can bet your ass that a lot of American troops are going to bite the dust. The radioactive fall out from anything in Iran will hit American troops whether the wind blows East or West. And Iran has the missile defense system purchased from the Russians to put a big hurt on a carrier. So what are we if our battle tested troops are all glowing in the dark and our naval force is full of holes? Not very much, my friends. We'll be tore up enough to have to listen to just about anybody that wants to scream at us a bit. What a pity we could not be a little more humble when we had money and power and then maybe we could have escaped this mess. But if this is what is to come then we had better be ready for big brutal times here in the good ol' USA.

Got your garden seed for the next couple of years? I don't. But I will do the best I can to get it. I'll be trying to get non-hybrid stuff if it is available for a decent price. Any more it is almost cheaper to buy gold than it is non-hybrid seed. I am not wanting to be a "beater" of my fellow preppers. I do not want to scream and holler any message. I just want you all to see that things are getting rude on this planet and you had better get ready for some rude times. Stay alive.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010


WHAM! The stock market collapses because there is no one to buy any of the stock for sale, at any price. It happens in the morning and the word gets out quickly. People know that something big is going on. By noon Eastern Standard Time the whole country is awash in the news. By two o'clock in the afternoon the big box stores are starting to sell out of groceries. All gasoline, food, and ammo are sold out that day. The unthinkable has happened. America has gone to her bunkers and awaits the anarchy that is sure to come. And the next day it begins. Those too stupid or unheeding are out and about looking for what they did not have to begin with. Violence breaks out all over the country, with warehouses in major cities being especially abused. Within a couple of days there is organized looting and robbing taking place. The bigger the marauding gang the more vicious they are. Power begets cruelty and lack of compassion.

The president has everyone in the country who wears a uniform, on alert. Troops are not put on the streets immediately but after three or four days they begin to make their presence felt. The populace is afraid of the troops at first but after learning that they bleed just like everyone else the fear starts to dissipate, replaced by a large anger. Their anger is directed at what they\ perceive as a force that is trying to stop them from doing what they must do to survive. The news reaches the country that the Mexican and Central American population of Los Angeles has gone out of the city and is looting and burning the suburbs. The race war begins. The tanks are called in to stop the burning and looting but the marauders find out that tanks may be made unbearably hot with one and two liter glass bottles with a mixture of gasoline and diesel fuel inside them and a flaming rag sticking out of the hole on top. Throw it and watch the flames start heating the steel. And this shit is going on all over the country, in every major city we have. There ain't enough troops to control the damn thing!

So what do the troops do? They pull back to selected spots and create strongholds that are damn near impenetrable. Sorta like the Green Zone in Iraq. And from these strongholds they send out patrols to areas they need to calm down and pacify. And then the fun begins.

The citizens are forced to protect themselves not only from marauders but from US troops! You can't prosecute them for anything they do in a war zone. It has been tried and it ain't worked. So now you have to defend against trained troops. What to do? What to do?

Well, the first thing you do is to pick up every goddamn weapon and piece of ammo you run across. Leave none of it. Get every rifle, pistol, grenade, and machine gun you can find. Don't leave behind any mortars or land mines either. Haul home any artillery you can get your hands on. And whatever weaponry you find that you cannot use, disable or destroy it.

Then it is time to put on your thinking cap and figure out what you can scavenge that will take out a tank or a helicopter. These contraptions will put a hurt on you that will end it for you if you don't get some means to destroying them when ever you see them. They be nasty as all get out. And they will kill your buddies too. You will end up needing ALL of your buddies, believe me. So pick up and carry home things like TOW missiles and things that look like they are Stinger missiles. I don't know, the Table of Organization and Equipment may have changed and I am not aware of it. There may be new toys in the TO and E that I don't know about but you had better learn them and learn them now while you have time to study. The bastards that will be coming after you will know the stuff by heart.

I hope that while you read this you will see the need for a group defense. Not only group defense but group food production and group building and schooling and all those things that make a people self sustained. One of the tricks employed to render us weak was the idea that we all had to have our own house and our own life and our own ways of doing things. So now we come to a place in history where we have no social cohesiveness. We are not used to working with each other. And it limits the hell out of our efforts, especially the effort to provide continuity of life. Adjust your life style to gain these advantages. And stay alive.



Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey, it's officially Summer of 2010. It's hot, muggy, and rather miserable. Summer in Indiana. But if memory serves me well this happens every year and I had better be getting used to it. Like I have said before, I remember the Summer in the late 50's when we set the state record for consecutive days over 90 degrees. We could see that again this year without too much trouble. I have noticed the animals are staying low to the ground. The Beagle hounds across the way come out and bark when anyone passes by but then they run immediately back under the shed close by and get back into the shade. The cats are staying on the floor all day. Just too damn hot to move. The ducks are not going up on the grass to eat but are staying in very shallow water. Just enough water to keep them cool. They are not moving around very much and there ain't any fussing going on. Too damn hot for much else. Remember, when it is 90 degrees outside, 80 degree water will feel cool. Fish are about the only critters showing any sign of energy. One will break the surface of the water every now and then. Just to eat some damn bug that is resting on top of the water.

I went to meeting last night as is my custom and it took a turn in a direction that I had not pursued to a great degree. A guy kind of mangled a scripture concerning sitting by the side of the road and being a friend to mankind and turned it into "If the vision tarry, wait by the side of the road until you see it." I found the newer version of scripture to be very stimulating. It triggered me to talking for a while. The part about waiting for the vision to come is a sign of maturity. How many times have we wanted big huge things to happen. We are so greedy for the plan of God to unfold before our eyes. If some of us got our way we would have the next 2000 years of the future over in the next 15 minutes. And it would be a great movie but no one would learn a damn thing. And learning is what it is all about. On this tiny planet our God has built his nursery and he is raising his babies and children here in preparation for the next school to come. You know, the scripture says "worlds without end" and I believe it. And our God has to have lots of folks to run those planets and solar systems. They will be as Gods where they rule, but they will pray to the same God I pray to. Our God will rule, no problem. I think when you get that far up the evolutionary ladder that there is no conflict. No in fighting and bickering will go on. Because those people selected to go out and rule will have the mind of our Father. Pretty wondrous thing. But we still have lots of stuff to learn. It's amazing how much we have to learn as yet.

If you want to take a peek at the future you might go to http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/ and read everything for June 21, 2010. When you get done with that go to http://www.zerohedge.com/article/guest-post-corporate-entities-modern-day-street-gangs and read what Tyler Durdun has put up. Just remember that a gang is what ever the hell anyone wants to say it is. But the future may be portrayed much as these people are presenting. You start substituting "lawlessness" for the system and "warlords" for gang leaders and things get a lot clearer. You just have to get things in the proper perspective and said in a language you understand and then it is not too hard to grasp. Stay alive.



Sunday, June 20, 2010


We canned green beans this Sunday, today. The Handmaiden handled it and I did the fretting. Worked just fine. Seven quarts of beautiful green beans to eat this Winter and Spring. The Handmaiden used the juice from the heating of the green beans to top off the quart jars and I loved that. The juice has the goodies in it, the vitamins that make it all worth while. I had never been around canning before and I was a little worried about the contraption blowing us to smithereens right here in our own kitchen. The Handmaiden handled it very well. She is a pretty smart cookie in the kitchen. The things I really want to save over the cold months are the squash and pumpkins. And they don't can the damn things! You just put down newspapers in a cool dark place and they keep real well. Saves on that energy bill. I got to reading the directions on how to do jellies and jams and they are just falling down easy. You don't even can them but rather get them hot and let them seal. It's a little more complicated than that but you can catch my drift. Just go online and get recipes and you will be okay. The Handmaiden and I are talking pretty seriously about getting some rabbits and breeding our own meat. You can can that stuff too! And those little pieces of rabbit poop can do you a favor down in your garden in the Fall. You have to take care of the ground and your seeds will take care of the rest. I need a bag of Dolomite dust to sprinkle on my tomatoes so they won't get blossom rot or end rot. Dolomite has both Calcium and Magnesium and that is exactly what your tomatoes need. And it don't take much. Just a sprinkle around each plant and go on to the next one. I'd say you could get by with a pound or two for a small amount of tomatoes.

The rabbits are for a variety of meat in our diet. That way we can eat venison, fish and rabbit on a day to day basis. It's not like the grocery store but the price is unbeatable and the nutrients are great. We can have our venison ground into sausage and maybe we will still get eggs from the Amish. I am not doing too well in the chicken arena. But another guy here is working on a chicken coop this very weekend and there is a good chance that progress is being made. And the meat will be from HERE and not from some PISSHOLE in China or somewhere else. I am getting sick of this globalist food and the bullshit tricks involved in it's production. Globalism is a scam and a farce. The food it brings is poison. Eat locally. To hell with foreign food. Obama will sell our GMO soybeans to China or whoever wants them. We preppers can sit at home and eat the good stuff. Damn right! That's the way things should be. Eat what you grow at your retreat. That way you can have the biggest chance of knowing what the hell is in your food. Keep the raw poop off of your crops when they are growing and just put it on the dirt in the Fall or Winter. That way you don't get a big dose of e.coli for supper. You stay healthy and fit and your family and friends are taken care of it a proper manner. And don't put that down. You must be strong to help anyone else. And you need to be strong to evade the FEMA camps, which I am convinced are right on the horizon of time. And people grow fish in barrels using runoff water. Folks with not much money like us can do a little something to keep themselves in protein. And you want that protein.

I think we, the preppers that read this blog, have the mental capacity to overcome most of our problems in life. We can grow food and raise meat. We can build a house and heat it. We can get around, at least locally. We know how to stay alive. Our big problem is government, here and elsewhere. Government has turned out to be the greatest impediment to the stability of mankind on this planet. Thirty years ago this country was locked in a battle we called the cold war and it consumed our armed forces and our governmental agencies as they tried to be ready for the conflict that never came. One thing it did do was keep the bastards off of OUR backs while we went about our daily grind. Major crime was not too big a thing. A little bit was around but most crime was social bullshit like gambling and what not. The drugs were in the cities and they stayed there. There were racial problems in some places and that was unfortunate. But the economy kept getting bigger and people were sold more and more shit that they didn't need and this term "The American Dream" was bantered about and came to be seen as a necessity. This is where we started to fall. Cause the politicians got a hold of it and ran with it. And we became a femocracy instead of a republic. 51% could legally take what the other 49% had. The bankers and Wall street picked up on what the politicians were doing and the race to the bottom was on. You all know where this has led. The collapse is here but it has not gotten to the shooting stage as yet. But it all started with government and don't ever forget that. Stay alive.



Saturday, June 19, 2010


I had no post for Saturday but this one is for Sunday and might make up for my shortcoming. Friday was an interesting day and this Saturday has been one also. I went to the auction at Dinky's yesterday and it was quite a deal. My first produce auction of all time. I did not understand how it worked and thus I watched and observed for a while. The auctioneer was your usual unintelligible robot. I'm used to that. I picked up on the bidding and that was useful. I looked over the produce and it was delightful. I saw onions that were the equivalent of a 10 point buck and should have been mounted. Some of the most beautiful onions I have ever laid eyes on. There were lots and lots of red raspberries and I got to drooling over them because I love raspberries. But I had talked to the Handmaiden before I went and we had agreed that I would stick to green beans. And I was true to my word and I bought a full bushel of them for $10. I think I can get the price to $8. You bid $10 and everyone starts looking at other things. I figure I can go in with a bid $8 and that will end it, for most folks anyway. But the wife has said she wants the onions the next trip and I will go after them. She would dehydrate a ton of onions if I would bring them in. She just can't have too many onions.

We had our Summer Solstice party last night. First a big feed at the community building and then a short intermission while the Sun went down and it got dark enough to shoot fireworks. And did they ever shoot fireworks! What a show. The grand finale just about took your breath. The Handmaiden and I are not used to staying up late and we had no trouble falling asleep after the show.

There is still something funny about the Gulf situation. There area lots of countries offering help in cleaning up the oil but they are all on hold. The state department can't see to get them processed and on the job. There is also the grim possibility that the oil cannot be stopped, that it is going on for years. And do not forget about those troops that have been activated for duty in the Gulf area Grand Isle and Venice, Louisiana, are the place they be. That will be it for the day. Keep you eye on the horizon and stay alive.