Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I feel more like writing than I have for a couple weeks. Maybe I will get out of my funk and get to doing the prepper things. And the prepper things are becoming more important every day. The dyed-in-the -wool preppers are getting ready like mad men and women. No one will believe anything the mainstream media or the fedgov says. They are all a bunch of liars and horse thieves anyhow so why worry about them? I am thinking about our next buy. What should it be? You can throw a rock and hit just about anything and it will be a winner as far as prepping is concerned. How about $100 worth of canned chicken? How about 5 cases of beer? How about some more ammo? How about some more clothing? Tobacco would be nice. How about more gun cleaning equipment? How about more cooking oils? Man! When you can only shoot a $100 you can be forced to omit a lot of nice things. And how am I to pay for a lot of stuff with my little Social Security check? If this hyperinflation comes on us I can see the old folks taking a major hit in their purchasing power. The fedgov gave us a real big shaft when they declared fuel and food to be too volatile for computing inflation. So we can take a look at a probable scenario. Gasoline goes to $20 a gallon and food goes from $100 a week to $600 per week. But buying a home goes to such a low level as to be insane and a car or pick-up are just cheap as hell. The fedgov can come out and say that there is no inflation because food and fuel don't count. So people are starving and they can't afford to go to town and buy any food or work for food so what the hell? I guess the ideal answer would be to have your bank on one side of your house and your supermarket on the other. Actually, the best answer is to have your ass out in the country and growing you own food like a bunch of preppers have been telling you to do. And these people are the very ones who are doing what they preach. It's no joke to them!

The various governments are getting ready for war. The textbooks tell them that war is the best way out of the financial difficulties they are now in. Israel just killed a few people bringing supplies in to the starving Palestinians. The matter has been taken to the United Nations where it will more than likely die of natural causes. Israel don't give a shit about the UN and their actions prove it. Israel has also got 3 submarines in the Persian Gulf and they are armed with nuclear war head cruise missiles. You don't reckon they might be thinking about launching them at Iran do you? And the American forces have all kinds of carriers and what not in the Persian Gulf. All that sand over there could be turned to glass in a hurry. Radioactive glass. That area of the world is so volatile it makes you butt pucker. Even the Turks are pissed at the Israelis. The Turks are not a nuclear power that we know of but they are damned tough and fight like devils. Mean guys. The Americans are getting ready to do it up big in Pakistan. They are gonna do it for the benefit of the existing government. India will be watching and at the first sign of Pakistani weakness they will nuke the absolute hell out of them. India has over a billion people living there and losing ten million down not scare them. So if the buttons get pushed then you can kiss the Middle East goodbye.

Then over in the Far East we have our friend the Cuckoo bird of North Korea. This guy is a case to study. He does not give a shit about anything but his plans, whatever they are. He has sunk a South Korean ship and has pretty much told everyone that is interested to get bent. And he has nuclear weapons. If he gets pissed he might take out South Korea and Japan both and then old Uncle Sam is in a nuclear war. China could very well come to the aid of North Korea while attacking and invading Taiwan just for good measure. If this happens then the Shit has Hit The Fan. We will launch at the Chinese as they are launching at us. And if no one else decides to get in on the action we are still ruined.

I read a lot of stuff that says that Russia is interested in restoring the USSR and that means bringing in a whole bunch of states that have shaken loose from the old deal. You can bet your ass that they want to restore the old Warsaw Pact and bring Poland back into the fold. They probably just killed the leadership of the entire Polish nation.

So there we have our observations for the day. There is so much shit that can go wrong it makes you mind whirl. And all of the stuff has been building up for years. I am going to prep as much as I can while the prepping is good. I urge you to do the same. Stay alive.



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