Saturday, June 19, 2010


I had no post for Saturday but this one is for Sunday and might make up for my shortcoming. Friday was an interesting day and this Saturday has been one also. I went to the auction at Dinky's yesterday and it was quite a deal. My first produce auction of all time. I did not understand how it worked and thus I watched and observed for a while. The auctioneer was your usual unintelligible robot. I'm used to that. I picked up on the bidding and that was useful. I looked over the produce and it was delightful. I saw onions that were the equivalent of a 10 point buck and should have been mounted. Some of the most beautiful onions I have ever laid eyes on. There were lots and lots of red raspberries and I got to drooling over them because I love raspberries. But I had talked to the Handmaiden before I went and we had agreed that I would stick to green beans. And I was true to my word and I bought a full bushel of them for $10. I think I can get the price to $8. You bid $10 and everyone starts looking at other things. I figure I can go in with a bid $8 and that will end it, for most folks anyway. But the wife has said she wants the onions the next trip and I will go after them. She would dehydrate a ton of onions if I would bring them in. She just can't have too many onions.

We had our Summer Solstice party last night. First a big feed at the community building and then a short intermission while the Sun went down and it got dark enough to shoot fireworks. And did they ever shoot fireworks! What a show. The grand finale just about took your breath. The Handmaiden and I are not used to staying up late and we had no trouble falling asleep after the show.

There is still something funny about the Gulf situation. There area lots of countries offering help in cleaning up the oil but they are all on hold. The state department can't see to get them processed and on the job. There is also the grim possibility that the oil cannot be stopped, that it is going on for years. And do not forget about those troops that have been activated for duty in the Gulf area Grand Isle and Venice, Louisiana, are the place they be. That will be it for the day. Keep you eye on the horizon and stay alive.



Teresita Darling said...

Has the Handmaiden dehydrated onions before?

"These vegetables absorb sulfur in the earth, which helps form a class of volatile organic molecules called amino acid sulfoxides. These sulfoxides are the real tear-jerkers when onions go under the knife."

I heard that dehydrating them can fill the room with the gas as the moisture leaves the onions. I haven't done it myself. Just something to keep in mind.

Staying Alive said...

The Handmaiden has informed me that all onions and garlic and what not are dehydrated OUTSIDE. No gas attacks in the house. Very good point, mama4x.


Mayberry said...

Michael, I sure wish we had an auction like that around here! Between that and the Amish, y'all have it pretty good in the food department, not to mention what y'all grow, and the Handmaiden forages up. The party sounded nice, I love get togethers like that. Doesn't seem to happen too much anymore, everyone's so damned busy and wrapped up in their own little world. On the Gulf, there's a video on Youtube that you should see if you get a chance. Not really earth shattering for someone like you who knows how things work, but it's confirmation of what you already know instinctively...