Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm back at it on Monday morning. How's that for perseverance, or maybe insanity if you study the definition.

Things are not looking up. This Obama administration is determined to give this country away to foreign powers. I have never seen the like before in my life. Things were bad when they put the 9 mm handgun contract up for test and bid for the Army. Some foreign company won the contract and now our soldiers shoot an Italian handgun. Sickest thing I had ever heard of. We ALWAYS went to war with our own homemade weapons.

Now Obama is going to modify our behavior with his new executive order. 25 of Obama's stooges will form a council and start looking in on our social behavior. What we eat, what we drink, what we smoke, what we read, and on and on. I think we should modify Washington's behavior with lead pills. This is getting so much like 1984 that the difference is hardly distinguishable. Behavior modification my ass! "Take your pill and get to work you ignorant savages!" And if there is no work, "Then starve quietly!" I've got your behavior modification loaded and ready to go. And I will tell you that I believe that the law regarding Executive Orders gives congress 30 days to say no dice. But I never hear of that anymore. Hell, maybe it was changed by executive order!

I haven't heard about what Obama is going to do about BP not having the oil well plugged. Since the company is the main supplier of tax revenue to England I cannot foresee much happening. Jolly Old England is slammed right smack dab in the New World Order and as a loyal slave state must be preserved. This will teach the American rowdies to behave themselves. Just one more instance of someone trying to modify our behavior.

That's about it for today. I haven't lost anything and I don't intend to push my luck. Thanks to all of those folks who have sent me emails of encouragement. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Italian hand guns... The same thing happened to the Navy. The little mine sweepers (that were stationed down here in Ingleside) are diesel powered. Some Italian company got the engine contract. Those things broke down CONSTANTLY! In my Navy time, I NEVER saw a ship being towed in to port. EVER. But I saw those mine sweepers being towed all the time. Absolutely pathetic...

As to Obammy's "executive order", he can shove it up his executive asshole....

Dr. Richard said...

I've got one of the Berreta 9mm's that the Army uses. Their quality is good. I don't like the underpowered 9MM caliber (.45 ACP is a much better choice)and I really hate the double action -- it is a real hazard to reholster a loaded Berretta M9/92 without taking the klunky extra step to put the safety on, release the hammer, and then reset the safety.

The 1911 .45 was a better gun, especially if they simply upgraded it to use some of the newer features. The Glock 21 is even better and is my primary hand gun.