Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey, it's officially Summer of 2010. It's hot, muggy, and rather miserable. Summer in Indiana. But if memory serves me well this happens every year and I had better be getting used to it. Like I have said before, I remember the Summer in the late 50's when we set the state record for consecutive days over 90 degrees. We could see that again this year without too much trouble. I have noticed the animals are staying low to the ground. The Beagle hounds across the way come out and bark when anyone passes by but then they run immediately back under the shed close by and get back into the shade. The cats are staying on the floor all day. Just too damn hot to move. The ducks are not going up on the grass to eat but are staying in very shallow water. Just enough water to keep them cool. They are not moving around very much and there ain't any fussing going on. Too damn hot for much else. Remember, when it is 90 degrees outside, 80 degree water will feel cool. Fish are about the only critters showing any sign of energy. One will break the surface of the water every now and then. Just to eat some damn bug that is resting on top of the water.

I went to meeting last night as is my custom and it took a turn in a direction that I had not pursued to a great degree. A guy kind of mangled a scripture concerning sitting by the side of the road and being a friend to mankind and turned it into "If the vision tarry, wait by the side of the road until you see it." I found the newer version of scripture to be very stimulating. It triggered me to talking for a while. The part about waiting for the vision to come is a sign of maturity. How many times have we wanted big huge things to happen. We are so greedy for the plan of God to unfold before our eyes. If some of us got our way we would have the next 2000 years of the future over in the next 15 minutes. And it would be a great movie but no one would learn a damn thing. And learning is what it is all about. On this tiny planet our God has built his nursery and he is raising his babies and children here in preparation for the next school to come. You know, the scripture says "worlds without end" and I believe it. And our God has to have lots of folks to run those planets and solar systems. They will be as Gods where they rule, but they will pray to the same God I pray to. Our God will rule, no problem. I think when you get that far up the evolutionary ladder that there is no conflict. No in fighting and bickering will go on. Because those people selected to go out and rule will have the mind of our Father. Pretty wondrous thing. But we still have lots of stuff to learn. It's amazing how much we have to learn as yet.

If you want to take a peek at the future you might go to and read everything for June 21, 2010. When you get done with that go to and read what Tyler Durdun has put up. Just remember that a gang is what ever the hell anyone wants to say it is. But the future may be portrayed much as these people are presenting. You start substituting "lawlessness" for the system and "warlords" for gang leaders and things get a lot clearer. You just have to get things in the proper perspective and said in a language you understand and then it is not too hard to grasp. Stay alive.



cj428 said...

It's not whats in the news, and on the net thats troubling. It's what's not. There are no stories about the molbilizing of 17,000 gaurdsmen accross 3 states, or the gathering of the largest international armada in the gulf region since the begining of the last Gulf WAR.

chinasyndrome said...

Thanks Michael.Good info in those links.Each and every day it grow's worse.Patience I gather from your post is the key.I guess more time to get prepared is not a bad thing.