Monday, June 7, 2010


Ah...Monday evening and supper is almost ready. The Handmaiden has a really good feed to put out tonight. And my friend Grumpyunk came over for a while and we talked a bunch. He is growing food this Summer like a mad man. It's even wore him out a couple times. But he keeps bouncing back and that is important. He seems strong and alert and ready to handle about anything that comes along. And if things get to be too much he just climbs onto that blue motorcycle of his and he goes for a ride. Good man with a good outlook on life.

I had another visitor Sunday from Virginia. More of a hill dweller than a coastal flat-lander. We talked of food and preps and family and all kinds of stuff. He has been into prepping for about 3 yeas and is coming along quite well. He has himself a pretty sweetie and thinks they might be a pair in the future. I hope he does well in that endeavor. As I get to know him a little more I will talk about him more, if it is proper.

The DJIA dropped about 115 points today. Not what I was hoping for but good enough considering the Plunge Protection Team had to have been out in full force. Our tax dollars at work making America safe for stock owners. And we ought to remember that they have done this shit in order to keep their wretchedly corrupt system going. But it is going to fail and we all know it. We are going to have to keep a running tally of our enemies. These are the lawyers, the politicians, the bankers, the insurance people, the major oil companies, the AMA, big Pharma, and the judiciary. I am sure I left a few groups out but we will get to them soon enough. We don't want to leave out any deserving souls, if they have a soul. There have been some hugely criminal acts put on the American people these last few years and I am betting there will be calls for retribution. And any revenge will be more than earned. Who cares if any of them die? Not I. They have stolen America and ripped it apart. They have no scruples or morality. America will sink into the sunset and go the way of many nations before it, but it will go hard for those who ruined her. Very hard indeed. All the polls are showing the people of this country want criminal charges filed against British Petroleum. Will it happen? Maybe. But if it doesn't happen there will be other ways of settling the score. And it will get done.


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Mayberry said...

The criminal charges should extend to the so-called "regulators" as well, because they are equally responsible. Government does not work....

Heh, verification word amesse... A mess it is....