Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Did you ever get the feeling that the monetary attacks on the USA and Europe are racist in nature? The shit really happens in Europe and America. It's almost a daily occurrence that something bad has to happen to these people. Financial mishaps, natural/man made problems. Even some all natural problems. The ones that nature brings are supposedly acts of God, but the rest of them have human fingerprints all over the place. George Ure was going off this morning about how the Gulf oil blowout seems to have been an inside job. And the possibility of that is plausible. It could have been done. But the answer would lie in the area of "Who benefits?" And from my seat at the table I can't see anyone benefiting. It has to be someone who just wants to hurt this country. Someone who wants to break us down to getting by on seeds and stems. And who could that be? The Chinese? Venezuela? Who would do it? It has to be someone who really wants to see the USA grovel in the dirt. And England could take a real ass whuppin' from this little planetary episode. Our special relationship friends from Great Britain. It would seem that Obama is getting ready to evacuate the Gulf States. I read some stuff yesterday about troops being moved in to Grand Isle and Venice, Louisiana. The article said that Obama has called up 14,500 troops for one reason or another. Is a big game about to begin? Are the cards from a new deck about to be dealt? Is a civil war brewing in these United States? Damned if I know. But things are sure looking interesting. You folks who have prepped and gotten ready might think about how you want to play this hand. It might get rough. You could be next on the evacuation list.

There has been no rain this morning. And there is not supposed to be any for awhile. It sure has been good sleeping these last couple of nights. I might stagger down to the bathroom once a night but for the most part it has been very satisfying. Lots of big fluffy white clouds going overhead. Really pretty. But there is no sign of any cooling going on. Looks like we crawl into the oven for a few days. Thank God for all the humidity that goes with our heat. At least the tomatoes will be happy. Next month is our big rain month. We get more rain in July than any other month. And the farmers in the northern half of the state, where the land is like a pool table, will really make the money off of those Summer rains. But they are gamblers to the core of their being and if they win it is okay with me.

I saw an email today from a fairly successful businessman/prepper to a member of the blogging community. It was not kind. The businessman/prepper said the blogger had done nothing for the movement and was not to be paid any attention. I sorely disagree with that attitude. If you raise your voice and tell people to prepare then you are doing some good for others. They might not get the message but you are doing what you can. Not everybody is prepared to get into the world of business and all of it's pitfalls. I know. I've been there. On more than one occasion. We all cannot be Rush Limbaugh and make his millions and play golf with rich morons. Some of us put our shoulders to the plow and raised families. I was a member of a group that bought land in southern Indiana and we now presently live on it. It's paid for and we just have to make the land taxes every year. But it was brutal work and I don't have much besides a home and the ability to live on the land. But maybe that is what God wanted me to have and so I am thankful for it. Acceptance is contentment. I ain't complaining about my deal. As I get into this prepping thing for almost starting my fourth year, I can look back at what I have done and what others have done and I am glad I didn't have Bill Gates money to begin with. Think of the dumb shit I might have done. Think of the wasted resource. But I have been trying and others have damn sure been trying. And it don't all come out at once. The Bible says "line upon line and precept upon precept." And to say that someone is not doing anything for preppers is not a very smart thing to say. We just keep plugging along, doing what we know to do, and hoping for the best. No one has the whole ball of knowledge concerning this little game we play. We are seeking it and hoping for it or at least hoping we have enough done to make it through the really rough times that lie ahead. So stay with it and stay alive.



Bill Nye said...


Very wise words! I also read the e-mail and to say the least I was shocked. I posted the e-mail on my blog.

Things sometimes are not what they seem. I suppose I have opened up a very large can of worms, needless to say I promised I would do what I could so as no more good honest folks would be ripped off or taken advantage of.

Mayberry said...

Michael, this whole Gulf thing stinks to high heaven, and it's more than the hydrogen sulfide that's poisoning folks who are trying to clean up the mess. And thank you. Your words mean a lot to me...