Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's Thursday afternoon and I think I will write a post and see how it comes out.

I have talked to some people today and they seem to be doing alright. My buddy in Minnesota is prepping pretty well and thinks the normal American citizen is completely nuts. I could not agree with him more.

I just turned on my Little Anthony and the Imperials album. Nice tunes.

My friend Grumpyunk brought over a tiller for us to use for a week or so. The garden is looking like something out of a textbook. Grumpyunk is a mighty fine friend. Yep.

I still am thinking about that big boss of BP saying he wanted his life back. Someone ought to tell him about the thousands of fishermen who would like to have THEIR lives back. Selfish bastard.

I haven't checked the market today so I don't have anything to say except I hope that it crashes. It severely deserves to crash. I liked that comment that this one financial adviser made about investing in barbed wire and ammo. Made sense to me!

Stay alive and keep your eyes open!



Mayberry said...

Now there's word in the wind of a bailout for BP. I'm gonna go check down my guns...

chinasyndrome said...

If not today its coming!

Hah I said they would probably get a bailout when this mess started.Just stupid.

Glad that garden is growing good for ya.


Western Mass. Man said...

I'm hearing people like Rosie O'Donnell,(shudder), saying the US should just seize their assets and take over the company. If true, they may just wait till they've spent tons of cash than walk in.