Monday, June 14, 2010


I am once again looking for the train wreck of Western Civilization and so far I see the train is still on the tracks. No one has made a mushroom shaped cloud on the Middle East or the Far East. The stock market has not crashed on Wall Street. The federal government is still in business and spending money. Gold is still hovering around $1200 an ounce. The stores still have food in them and there is no rioting. There have been no major invasion of any major country. The ships of state are still afloat. I am kinda getting bored with the spectacle of nothing. Yeah, we have a problem with an oil leak in the Gulf and we are going to have to do something about that. But the rioting in the streets of America has not transpired. Freaking sissies!

I just got a PREPPER ALERT from a friend. The Amish in another area from where we shop are going to be selling green beans for $2 or $3 per five gallon bucket full tomorrow. That is a nice price and we will get a bunch if at all possible. It was nice to hear the words prepper alert over the phone. That kind of talk is generally the sign you are hearing from a real friend.

We got a thunderstorm tonight just as it was starting to get dark outside. Perfect timing. The temperature dropped about 15 or 20 degrees and it had no chance to make it up before sundown. You don't get many of those kinds of Summer rains. We will sleep well tonight.

A lot of talk about folks doing time for unpaid debts. That is supposed to be illegal in this country. But some shyster lawyers are bending the rules, as usual. I have a daughter who is very intelligent but she became a lawyer and I don't like that one damn bit. Life throws you little curve balls sometimes.

Stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

I have a friend here that will call me from time to time with great info on preps at a good price and from this day own I will call it a prepper alert. Great Post

Teresita Darling said...

You can tell it's a friend when you are both in the same mindset about prepping. Know what you mean! It's nice to hear you in a (little of an) upbeat mood!

Mayberry said...

Michael, the real train wreck will come WHEN a hurricane hits the Gulf, snaps their little soda straw like a twig, sucks up a few million tons of oil, then non-chalantly dumps it across the eastern half of the country. Oh yeah, there's a storm forming in the Atlantic....