Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well here it is, Saturday morning, and I am sitting here typing away. Don't have much to say so I won't try to do more than what is there. But it rained like a mutha last night. The Handmaiden told me the storm really kicked ass. No one wanted to work in the garden today anyhow.

I got a post this morning that said Katla, the bad ass volcano on Iceland has been having lots of earthquakes, some within minutes of each other. And Katla is 10 times the volcano that shut down the skies over Europe a few short weeks ago. Now, if we can get Katla to open up and the Yellowstone Caldera to do likewise we will really have something going. Probably a new Ice Age. With the Gulf filling up with oil and two major volcano's going off we would really see who had it together and who didn't. I suspect what we would really see is a huge die off. Got preps?

Saudi Arabia has given a short bit of airspace to Israel in case Israel wants to fly over on their way to Iran. Makes it easier for Israel to get there you understand. Have fun guys. And oh, about that Saudi Prince who has warned the Royal family to get the hell out of their country. I think he may be onto something. He said they would be better off in Canada, Australia, and one other country I can't think of right now. The Saudi Royal family is not too popular with other Muslims right now. The Prince made a remark about them getting their heads cut off in the streets if they didn't make the move. Has a ring of seriousness to it.

It is starting to warm up outside and it will not be difficult for the heat to add plenty of humidity to the air. Wonderful heat and humidity. Sure does grow great beans and corn, except my corn never came up. The beets are not doing so well right now either. But everything else is coming on strong. My Rutabagas especially. I love those damn things. They beat the hell out of Potatoes and Turnips. The Squash is doing well and they also store well. It could be a good year for storage food in the garden, if I just has some corn. But I have plenty of substitutes and we will be okay.

That's about it for the day. Take care and stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Things certainly are getting interesting...

Grumpyunk said...

You could try to still plant some corn. 100 day corn puts you into the middle/end of September right now. That's not to bad and seems doable to me. If you're looking for corn you can grind and make meal from, just about any type will make good cornbread. Yes, some types are better than others, but none makes none.

Western Mass. Man said...

Things are getting bad real fast.
I woke this a.m. and read about the Kyrgyzstanis killing Uzbekistanis.
Its like there is there is bad energy around us. I don't know, just can't quite put my finger on it.