Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am now getting off line. Financial and technical problems have become too much. Stay live.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


I got a few emails this morning, which is always a pleasant time, and there was a message from a guy named Jim who forwarded a website https://www.mvseeds.com/cgi-bin/mvs_catdisp.cgi?cid=2597 of a place that will sell you seed pretty cheap. You just pick the things you want and they will tell you if they are non-hybrid or hybrid. Pretty fair arrangement. The Handmaiden dug up my garlic this morning and brought them in. I got six out of seven cloves to grow. Two small ones, two medium sized ones and two big daddies. Plus she brought in the scapes for something else to play with for a while. But I can grow garlic and that is good. I can grow beans too so we might have something to eat going on here. The tomatoes and the rutabagas are looking good and that means more for storage for the Winter. The butternut squash will make it and that is more food yet! The victories keep pouring in. If you want to build up your stash of seed for a little bit of comfort to your mind, the prices of the above company are very good. I can see me getting an order in pretty quick, except I am going to by wheat first. I am tired of listening to Jim Dakin talk about having grain in your stash and I am going to get some to hide my guilt.

There is not too much on the news as I type this. The media is still talking about General MacChrystal getting fired and that was during the first part of the week so you know there ain't much happening. Oil is still pouring out into the Gulf and that is cause for concern, I think. Folks are getting ready for hard times and that is good in most cases. I said things were going to get rude for Americans and folks seem to agree with that. It may get so damn rude we start shooting our weapons. And that could cause a ruckus across the land. Not that there would be any shortage of targets. The fedgov is the largest employer in the country. High wages, good pensions, lots of paid holidays. A sweet way to go in this economy. Might, however, be a portion of the taxpaying class who resent all these folks on the fedgov tit. Never can tell. But I can tell you this, once most of our citizenry get that old fedgov boob in their mouth they can't seem to let go of it. There just seems to be an addictive process that takes place and the addict is there forever. But then the fedgov will run out of money and what will happen? I think those addicts are gonna run wild in the streets and burn and loot and rape and all kinds of foul deeds. And then some foul politician is going to blame us out in here in flyover territory for all the trouble and we will get penalized. Life is a beautiful thing when you are dealing with Socialists. But never fear because I think the Dark Lord is going to get us into a major war and that will be good for the economy, according to the economists. Perfect capitalism. Make it, sell it to the fedgov for a profit and they take it out and blow it up, and proceed to buy more. But you can get everyone working that way and making money and paying taxes and spending again. Of course, you could lose the war and end up shit creek without a paddle. But no one wants to think about that so we had better let that one go. Stay alive.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Are you getting ready? Have you got your grain grinder and your wheat bought? I have my grinder and am getting the wheat. I have bad feelings about the availability of food and other commodities in the not so distant future. The general in charge of the Afghan war is about to get the shaft, I think. Obama does not like dissent in his midst. And he does not like people making fun of the monkeys he has appointed to various positions of authority in his administration.

And this administration is the most hard-to-perceive bunch of people I can imagine. What are they doing? Are they doing anything they can for the common man in America? Don't make me laugh. Every time Obama makes a speech about something grand and glorious he wants to do for the good of the country, we always find out that it takes away more of our freedom and makes our taxes go up. What is it with this Kenyan? Has he no love whatsoever for this country? He hides his agenda like a miser hides his gold. It would seem that he gets his inspiration from the Russian Secret Service and we are not supposed to notice that. And it is starting to eat me up. I realize with my innermost being that this man Obama is our greatest enemy. He knows now that he will be a one term president and he wants to get as much damage done in his four years as he possibly can. I can feel it in my bones.

My heart goes out to working people in this darkened land of ours. The pillar the whole thing rests on is the working man. Without him you have nothing. And we are becoming without him. He is being outsourced and replaced by robots and computers. The wealth his labor created is becoming concentrated in the hands of a few. Millions are out of work. Labor is going to get very cheap pretty soon. Just like it is cheap in India, China, and Mexico plus few other places I can name. The guys that should be getting the praise are not even being mentioned anymore. What a disgrace. The stock brokers and the banks are fussed over like babies in a crib but the real producers are left in solitude. Something is dreadfully wrong. The perspective of life has been maladjusted. Ignorance rules, and reason and logic have gone out the door for a long walk.

The wife and bil are down at the garden watering this morning. They will sprinkle a bit of compost and crushed limestone and then let it soak into the ground. Pumpkins and Squash are big nitrogen eaters and Tomatoes need limestone for preventing end rot. I have to get off this posting page and let my computer try to tell Blogger to save this damn post. Wish me luck.

My thinking this afternoon has led me to some very grim thoughts about America. America is about dead financially and is about to take a blow militarily. We have a lot of force in the Persian Gulf right now and it could very well come under horrendous attack. And if Iran and Israel get to firing nukes you can bet your ass that a lot of American troops are going to bite the dust. The radioactive fall out from anything in Iran will hit American troops whether the wind blows East or West. And Iran has the missile defense system purchased from the Russians to put a big hurt on a carrier. So what are we if our battle tested troops are all glowing in the dark and our naval force is full of holes? Not very much, my friends. We'll be tore up enough to have to listen to just about anybody that wants to scream at us a bit. What a pity we could not be a little more humble when we had money and power and then maybe we could have escaped this mess. But if this is what is to come then we had better be ready for big brutal times here in the good ol' USA.

Got your garden seed for the next couple of years? I don't. But I will do the best I can to get it. I'll be trying to get non-hybrid stuff if it is available for a decent price. Any more it is almost cheaper to buy gold than it is non-hybrid seed. I am not wanting to be a "beater" of my fellow preppers. I do not want to scream and holler any message. I just want you all to see that things are getting rude on this planet and you had better get ready for some rude times. Stay alive.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010


WHAM! The stock market collapses because there is no one to buy any of the stock for sale, at any price. It happens in the morning and the word gets out quickly. People know that something big is going on. By noon Eastern Standard Time the whole country is awash in the news. By two o'clock in the afternoon the big box stores are starting to sell out of groceries. All gasoline, food, and ammo are sold out that day. The unthinkable has happened. America has gone to her bunkers and awaits the anarchy that is sure to come. And the next day it begins. Those too stupid or unheeding are out and about looking for what they did not have to begin with. Violence breaks out all over the country, with warehouses in major cities being especially abused. Within a couple of days there is organized looting and robbing taking place. The bigger the marauding gang the more vicious they are. Power begets cruelty and lack of compassion.

The president has everyone in the country who wears a uniform, on alert. Troops are not put on the streets immediately but after three or four days they begin to make their presence felt. The populace is afraid of the troops at first but after learning that they bleed just like everyone else the fear starts to dissipate, replaced by a large anger. Their anger is directed at what they\ perceive as a force that is trying to stop them from doing what they must do to survive. The news reaches the country that the Mexican and Central American population of Los Angeles has gone out of the city and is looting and burning the suburbs. The race war begins. The tanks are called in to stop the burning and looting but the marauders find out that tanks may be made unbearably hot with one and two liter glass bottles with a mixture of gasoline and diesel fuel inside them and a flaming rag sticking out of the hole on top. Throw it and watch the flames start heating the steel. And this shit is going on all over the country, in every major city we have. There ain't enough troops to control the damn thing!

So what do the troops do? They pull back to selected spots and create strongholds that are damn near impenetrable. Sorta like the Green Zone in Iraq. And from these strongholds they send out patrols to areas they need to calm down and pacify. And then the fun begins.

The citizens are forced to protect themselves not only from marauders but from US troops! You can't prosecute them for anything they do in a war zone. It has been tried and it ain't worked. So now you have to defend against trained troops. What to do? What to do?

Well, the first thing you do is to pick up every goddamn weapon and piece of ammo you run across. Leave none of it. Get every rifle, pistol, grenade, and machine gun you can find. Don't leave behind any mortars or land mines either. Haul home any artillery you can get your hands on. And whatever weaponry you find that you cannot use, disable or destroy it.

Then it is time to put on your thinking cap and figure out what you can scavenge that will take out a tank or a helicopter. These contraptions will put a hurt on you that will end it for you if you don't get some means to destroying them when ever you see them. They be nasty as all get out. And they will kill your buddies too. You will end up needing ALL of your buddies, believe me. So pick up and carry home things like TOW missiles and things that look like they are Stinger missiles. I don't know, the Table of Organization and Equipment may have changed and I am not aware of it. There may be new toys in the TO and E that I don't know about but you had better learn them and learn them now while you have time to study. The bastards that will be coming after you will know the stuff by heart.

I hope that while you read this you will see the need for a group defense. Not only group defense but group food production and group building and schooling and all those things that make a people self sustained. One of the tricks employed to render us weak was the idea that we all had to have our own house and our own life and our own ways of doing things. So now we come to a place in history where we have no social cohesiveness. We are not used to working with each other. And it limits the hell out of our efforts, especially the effort to provide continuity of life. Adjust your life style to gain these advantages. And stay alive.



Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey, it's officially Summer of 2010. It's hot, muggy, and rather miserable. Summer in Indiana. But if memory serves me well this happens every year and I had better be getting used to it. Like I have said before, I remember the Summer in the late 50's when we set the state record for consecutive days over 90 degrees. We could see that again this year without too much trouble. I have noticed the animals are staying low to the ground. The Beagle hounds across the way come out and bark when anyone passes by but then they run immediately back under the shed close by and get back into the shade. The cats are staying on the floor all day. Just too damn hot to move. The ducks are not going up on the grass to eat but are staying in very shallow water. Just enough water to keep them cool. They are not moving around very much and there ain't any fussing going on. Too damn hot for much else. Remember, when it is 90 degrees outside, 80 degree water will feel cool. Fish are about the only critters showing any sign of energy. One will break the surface of the water every now and then. Just to eat some damn bug that is resting on top of the water.

I went to meeting last night as is my custom and it took a turn in a direction that I had not pursued to a great degree. A guy kind of mangled a scripture concerning sitting by the side of the road and being a friend to mankind and turned it into "If the vision tarry, wait by the side of the road until you see it." I found the newer version of scripture to be very stimulating. It triggered me to talking for a while. The part about waiting for the vision to come is a sign of maturity. How many times have we wanted big huge things to happen. We are so greedy for the plan of God to unfold before our eyes. If some of us got our way we would have the next 2000 years of the future over in the next 15 minutes. And it would be a great movie but no one would learn a damn thing. And learning is what it is all about. On this tiny planet our God has built his nursery and he is raising his babies and children here in preparation for the next school to come. You know, the scripture says "worlds without end" and I believe it. And our God has to have lots of folks to run those planets and solar systems. They will be as Gods where they rule, but they will pray to the same God I pray to. Our God will rule, no problem. I think when you get that far up the evolutionary ladder that there is no conflict. No in fighting and bickering will go on. Because those people selected to go out and rule will have the mind of our Father. Pretty wondrous thing. But we still have lots of stuff to learn. It's amazing how much we have to learn as yet.

If you want to take a peek at the future you might go to http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/ and read everything for June 21, 2010. When you get done with that go to http://www.zerohedge.com/article/guest-post-corporate-entities-modern-day-street-gangs and read what Tyler Durdun has put up. Just remember that a gang is what ever the hell anyone wants to say it is. But the future may be portrayed much as these people are presenting. You start substituting "lawlessness" for the system and "warlords" for gang leaders and things get a lot clearer. You just have to get things in the proper perspective and said in a language you understand and then it is not too hard to grasp. Stay alive.



Sunday, June 20, 2010


We canned green beans this Sunday, today. The Handmaiden handled it and I did the fretting. Worked just fine. Seven quarts of beautiful green beans to eat this Winter and Spring. The Handmaiden used the juice from the heating of the green beans to top off the quart jars and I loved that. The juice has the goodies in it, the vitamins that make it all worth while. I had never been around canning before and I was a little worried about the contraption blowing us to smithereens right here in our own kitchen. The Handmaiden handled it very well. She is a pretty smart cookie in the kitchen. The things I really want to save over the cold months are the squash and pumpkins. And they don't can the damn things! You just put down newspapers in a cool dark place and they keep real well. Saves on that energy bill. I got to reading the directions on how to do jellies and jams and they are just falling down easy. You don't even can them but rather get them hot and let them seal. It's a little more complicated than that but you can catch my drift. Just go online and get recipes and you will be okay. The Handmaiden and I are talking pretty seriously about getting some rabbits and breeding our own meat. You can can that stuff too! And those little pieces of rabbit poop can do you a favor down in your garden in the Fall. You have to take care of the ground and your seeds will take care of the rest. I need a bag of Dolomite dust to sprinkle on my tomatoes so they won't get blossom rot or end rot. Dolomite has both Calcium and Magnesium and that is exactly what your tomatoes need. And it don't take much. Just a sprinkle around each plant and go on to the next one. I'd say you could get by with a pound or two for a small amount of tomatoes.

The rabbits are for a variety of meat in our diet. That way we can eat venison, fish and rabbit on a day to day basis. It's not like the grocery store but the price is unbeatable and the nutrients are great. We can have our venison ground into sausage and maybe we will still get eggs from the Amish. I am not doing too well in the chicken arena. But another guy here is working on a chicken coop this very weekend and there is a good chance that progress is being made. And the meat will be from HERE and not from some PISSHOLE in China or somewhere else. I am getting sick of this globalist food and the bullshit tricks involved in it's production. Globalism is a scam and a farce. The food it brings is poison. Eat locally. To hell with foreign food. Obama will sell our GMO soybeans to China or whoever wants them. We preppers can sit at home and eat the good stuff. Damn right! That's the way things should be. Eat what you grow at your retreat. That way you can have the biggest chance of knowing what the hell is in your food. Keep the raw poop off of your crops when they are growing and just put it on the dirt in the Fall or Winter. That way you don't get a big dose of e.coli for supper. You stay healthy and fit and your family and friends are taken care of it a proper manner. And don't put that down. You must be strong to help anyone else. And you need to be strong to evade the FEMA camps, which I am convinced are right on the horizon of time. And people grow fish in barrels using runoff water. Folks with not much money like us can do a little something to keep themselves in protein. And you want that protein.

I think we, the preppers that read this blog, have the mental capacity to overcome most of our problems in life. We can grow food and raise meat. We can build a house and heat it. We can get around, at least locally. We know how to stay alive. Our big problem is government, here and elsewhere. Government has turned out to be the greatest impediment to the stability of mankind on this planet. Thirty years ago this country was locked in a battle we called the cold war and it consumed our armed forces and our governmental agencies as they tried to be ready for the conflict that never came. One thing it did do was keep the bastards off of OUR backs while we went about our daily grind. Major crime was not too big a thing. A little bit was around but most crime was social bullshit like gambling and what not. The drugs were in the cities and they stayed there. There were racial problems in some places and that was unfortunate. But the economy kept getting bigger and people were sold more and more shit that they didn't need and this term "The American Dream" was bantered about and came to be seen as a necessity. This is where we started to fall. Cause the politicians got a hold of it and ran with it. And we became a femocracy instead of a republic. 51% could legally take what the other 49% had. The bankers and Wall street picked up on what the politicians were doing and the race to the bottom was on. You all know where this has led. The collapse is here but it has not gotten to the shooting stage as yet. But it all started with government and don't ever forget that. Stay alive.



Saturday, June 19, 2010


I had no post for Saturday but this one is for Sunday and might make up for my shortcoming. Friday was an interesting day and this Saturday has been one also. I went to the auction at Dinky's yesterday and it was quite a deal. My first produce auction of all time. I did not understand how it worked and thus I watched and observed for a while. The auctioneer was your usual unintelligible robot. I'm used to that. I picked up on the bidding and that was useful. I looked over the produce and it was delightful. I saw onions that were the equivalent of a 10 point buck and should have been mounted. Some of the most beautiful onions I have ever laid eyes on. There were lots and lots of red raspberries and I got to drooling over them because I love raspberries. But I had talked to the Handmaiden before I went and we had agreed that I would stick to green beans. And I was true to my word and I bought a full bushel of them for $10. I think I can get the price to $8. You bid $10 and everyone starts looking at other things. I figure I can go in with a bid $8 and that will end it, for most folks anyway. But the wife has said she wants the onions the next trip and I will go after them. She would dehydrate a ton of onions if I would bring them in. She just can't have too many onions.

We had our Summer Solstice party last night. First a big feed at the community building and then a short intermission while the Sun went down and it got dark enough to shoot fireworks. And did they ever shoot fireworks! What a show. The grand finale just about took your breath. The Handmaiden and I are not used to staying up late and we had no trouble falling asleep after the show.

There is still something funny about the Gulf situation. There area lots of countries offering help in cleaning up the oil but they are all on hold. The state department can't see to get them processed and on the job. There is also the grim possibility that the oil cannot be stopped, that it is going on for years. And do not forget about those troops that have been activated for duty in the Gulf area Grand Isle and Venice, Louisiana, are the place they be. That will be it for the day. Keep you eye on the horizon and stay alive.



Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have had the thought to praise Mayberry for the good things he has done. Some might seek to bury him but I would rather see him lifted up. He is just trying to live a normal life in a decent manner. He does not try any "Big Me, Little You" bullshit. He talks to everyone in a respectful tone. And he does talk. You can go to Mayberry's site about any time and find SOMETHING to carry you on a bit. It may be a rant or a set of directions on how to build a boat or repair a vehicle, or maybe just some tunes to listen to. And it could be the latest installment of his Blog novel, which is pretty damn interesting. Maybe it will be an update on his garden and a few pictures to show you how he is doing it. He works the hell out of that garden, or maybe I should say it works the hell out of him. He could have the latest news on how the fedgov is screwing us, or how the banks are screwing us, or how the various governments are screwing us. Being male he is always on guard to notice anybody trying to stick something into HIM. He does not go that route. Mayberry likes the ladies. He likes the sea. He was in the Navy and can see the Gulf of Mexico from his house. Every now and them he will whip out a little lesson on how to judge the weather on the coast and he will prove to be right. This guy is a veritable storehouse of knowledge concerning the sea. He loves it and it is his element, his place to really live. He does not charge a cent to benefit from his knowledge in any area where he is fluent. He does not try to hustle the masses or gather a group. He is a pretty clean dude in that respect. He is not trying to become a millionaire selling things to preppers on the internet. He will never get a pile of gold unless he finds it under his tomatoes. But maybe God will run him up on a pile of money and make him rich. Seems like a nice thing to dream about! I have been friends with Mayberry for about three years and he is just a fine fella. A friend to everybody until you prove yourself unworthy. And last but not least I wish to call attention to Mayberry's strong blast at "STARVING THE BEAST" He did a wonderful job with that one and brought some things to peoples attention that they needed to know.

In getting on to a different topic I would like to say that what Obama and the mainstream media are saying about the Gulf oil leak is a crock of shit. Fully one third of Louisiana's Gulf coast is closed. This thing is getting ready to bury us and no one is fixing it. We have a bunch of dumbass fedgov people from the Obama administration leading the fix-it brigade. The only thing these people know about fixing is an election. I lose hope for my country when I see what they are doing, or rather what they are NOT doing. Some 20 year old girl working on her Ph. D. had the idea to stuff the pipe with a special bag and use it to seal the damn thing. But I don't think this is possible because we have not been told the real story about what is going on down there. But do not forget about the troops in Grand Isle and Venice. They ain't got them down there for anything that will benefit you or I. And the number has been bumped to 17,500 troops. That's enough to make things exciting.

And talking about excitement gets me to thinking about a caravan down to the Gulf if the fedgov decides they they want to play. Hell. I like to play too! Get five or ten vehicles full of preppers and head on down there. I'm sure there are some southern guys who would join in with us. We don't want to pass up an opportunity to take advantage of a crisis. If that is a successful tactic of the socialists then we can use it too. And if it turns out to be nothing, well, we can have the biggest beer party ever seen in Louisiana. There will be a lot of good guys to drink with and just think of all the lies we can tell when we get back home. Just something to think about for a few days. I am going to Dinky's in the morning, God willing. Stay alive.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Did you ever get the feeling that the monetary attacks on the USA and Europe are racist in nature? The shit really happens in Europe and America. It's almost a daily occurrence that something bad has to happen to these people. Financial mishaps, natural/man made problems. Even some all natural problems. The ones that nature brings are supposedly acts of God, but the rest of them have human fingerprints all over the place. George Ure was going off this morning about how the Gulf oil blowout seems to have been an inside job. And the possibility of that is plausible. It could have been done. But the answer would lie in the area of "Who benefits?" And from my seat at the table I can't see anyone benefiting. It has to be someone who just wants to hurt this country. Someone who wants to break us down to getting by on seeds and stems. And who could that be? The Chinese? Venezuela? Who would do it? It has to be someone who really wants to see the USA grovel in the dirt. And England could take a real ass whuppin' from this little planetary episode. Our special relationship friends from Great Britain. It would seem that Obama is getting ready to evacuate the Gulf States. I read some stuff yesterday about troops being moved in to Grand Isle and Venice, Louisiana. The article said that Obama has called up 14,500 troops for one reason or another. Is a big game about to begin? Are the cards from a new deck about to be dealt? Is a civil war brewing in these United States? Damned if I know. But things are sure looking interesting. You folks who have prepped and gotten ready might think about how you want to play this hand. It might get rough. You could be next on the evacuation list.

There has been no rain this morning. And there is not supposed to be any for awhile. It sure has been good sleeping these last couple of nights. I might stagger down to the bathroom once a night but for the most part it has been very satisfying. Lots of big fluffy white clouds going overhead. Really pretty. But there is no sign of any cooling going on. Looks like we crawl into the oven for a few days. Thank God for all the humidity that goes with our heat. At least the tomatoes will be happy. Next month is our big rain month. We get more rain in July than any other month. And the farmers in the northern half of the state, where the land is like a pool table, will really make the money off of those Summer rains. But they are gamblers to the core of their being and if they win it is okay with me.

I saw an email today from a fairly successful businessman/prepper to a member of the blogging community. It was not kind. The businessman/prepper said the blogger had done nothing for the movement and was not to be paid any attention. I sorely disagree with that attitude. If you raise your voice and tell people to prepare then you are doing some good for others. They might not get the message but you are doing what you can. Not everybody is prepared to get into the world of business and all of it's pitfalls. I know. I've been there. On more than one occasion. We all cannot be Rush Limbaugh and make his millions and play golf with rich morons. Some of us put our shoulders to the plow and raised families. I was a member of a group that bought land in southern Indiana and we now presently live on it. It's paid for and we just have to make the land taxes every year. But it was brutal work and I don't have much besides a home and the ability to live on the land. But maybe that is what God wanted me to have and so I am thankful for it. Acceptance is contentment. I ain't complaining about my deal. As I get into this prepping thing for almost starting my fourth year, I can look back at what I have done and what others have done and I am glad I didn't have Bill Gates money to begin with. Think of the dumb shit I might have done. Think of the wasted resource. But I have been trying and others have damn sure been trying. And it don't all come out at once. The Bible says "line upon line and precept upon precept." And to say that someone is not doing anything for preppers is not a very smart thing to say. We just keep plugging along, doing what we know to do, and hoping for the best. No one has the whole ball of knowledge concerning this little game we play. We are seeking it and hoping for it or at least hoping we have enough done to make it through the really rough times that lie ahead. So stay with it and stay alive.



Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It rained again last night after I went to sleep. The Handmaiden heard it and gave me the info. The garden is like a super soaker site right now. To go in it is to become mired. There is a lot of moisture in the air right now but the sun has not managed to come out and it is cool. Summer is officially about a week away and cold is much appreciated by all in the area.

Our governor has been busy. He signed into law a measure that requires EVERYONE to show I.D. before they can get sold anything at a liquor store. The Handmaiden saw a clerk demand I.D. from an 82 year old man. I don't know how the Amish are buying their booze these days because they do not carry picture I.D. The word in these parts is that the idiot law is really to get people used to showing their I.D. "Papers please." is just around the corner and they want everyone to get into practice showing that they have the states permission to buy and sell. Hmm...I seem to remember something about this from the Bible. But that is what we are looking at as a nation. The fedgov has it's ass stretched over a big drum and they are scared to death of the populace and want to get as much control over them as possible. And that is okay with me. Most of the clowns we acknowledge as our fellow citizens deserve to have their rights and freedoms curtailed. It just does not seem to be in the cards for the small minority of folks that can think for themselves. I'll just have to drink the Handmaidens home made wine and not go to the liquor store any more. That will deprive the state government and the federal government of tax money but I am all for that! Booze is a big revenue stream for most every government you can think of and like has been demonstrated, if you starve them they fall away. And once again I can say that I am for that. They will have me up for behavior modification pretty soon if I keep saying things like that! But I have some Lead pills stashed back and that will cure a lot of the social problems. I just ain't going for their bullshit.

In the country to the West of us there is a big auction barn called "Dinky's." It's a huge place. Must be two or three acres under roof. Big concrete block building. It's a regular Friday night hang out for the locals. And people come from all over to buy and sell their livestock. The parking lot is bigger that a Walmart Super Store lot, by far. They must have hauled gravel for days to get it made into something besides a dirt field. Monster parking lot. Dinky's sold produce and canned goods on Friday night. Semi loads of canned goods. The stuff went pretty cheap too. You could get some real deals on food on those Friday nights. But once again our governor came to our rescue and said food and animals cannot be sold in the same building. Too much chance of disease. Dinky has been selling the canned goods and produce for years with no reports of disease. But the governor said "No more!" so Dinky had to do something. He went down the road about a half mile and built a huge produce auction facility. Big concrete block building and lots of gravel for the parking lot. So that is where they sell the produce and canned goods. And there are a huge group of produce growers in the area. There is one Amish guy who plants a 50 acre garden every year. By hand! He has a bunch of kids and some neighbors who need some work and he gets after it. A 50 acre garden! I would look at a 5 acre garden as a suicide attempt but this ol' boy plants 50 acres. But it is how he pays his land taxes and his income tax. Plus he has a huge family. One tough cookie if you ask me.

The disgust I generally feel about the shape this country is in is coming over me again. I read the bullshit that the media puts out and I could just about vomit. I read articles where talking heads are going on about the "recovery" and I think to tell them there ain't no damn recovery. But they keep pumping it out to the public just as hard and fast as they can go. What a joke! Talk about the king not having any clothes. I'll get off of here and not get too much involved in a rant. Take care and stay alive.



Monday, June 14, 2010


I am once again looking for the train wreck of Western Civilization and so far I see the train is still on the tracks. No one has made a mushroom shaped cloud on the Middle East or the Far East. The stock market has not crashed on Wall Street. The federal government is still in business and spending money. Gold is still hovering around $1200 an ounce. The stores still have food in them and there is no rioting. There have been no major invasion of any major country. The ships of state are still afloat. I am kinda getting bored with the spectacle of nothing. Yeah, we have a problem with an oil leak in the Gulf and we are going to have to do something about that. But the rioting in the streets of America has not transpired. Freaking sissies!

I just got a PREPPER ALERT from a friend. The Amish in another area from where we shop are going to be selling green beans for $2 or $3 per five gallon bucket full tomorrow. That is a nice price and we will get a bunch if at all possible. It was nice to hear the words prepper alert over the phone. That kind of talk is generally the sign you are hearing from a real friend.

We got a thunderstorm tonight just as it was starting to get dark outside. Perfect timing. The temperature dropped about 15 or 20 degrees and it had no chance to make it up before sundown. You don't get many of those kinds of Summer rains. We will sleep well tonight.

A lot of talk about folks doing time for unpaid debts. That is supposed to be illegal in this country. But some shyster lawyers are bending the rules, as usual. I have a daughter who is very intelligent but she became a lawyer and I don't like that one damn bit. Life throws you little curve balls sometimes.

Stay alive.




I'm back at it on Monday morning. How's that for perseverance, or maybe insanity if you study the definition.

Things are not looking up. This Obama administration is determined to give this country away to foreign powers. I have never seen the like before in my life. Things were bad when they put the 9 mm handgun contract up for test and bid for the Army. Some foreign company won the contract and now our soldiers shoot an Italian handgun. Sickest thing I had ever heard of. We ALWAYS went to war with our own homemade weapons.

Now Obama is going to modify our behavior with his new executive order. 25 of Obama's stooges will form a council and start looking in on our social behavior. What we eat, what we drink, what we smoke, what we read, and on and on. I think we should modify Washington's behavior with lead pills. This is getting so much like 1984 that the difference is hardly distinguishable. Behavior modification my ass! "Take your pill and get to work you ignorant savages!" And if there is no work, "Then starve quietly!" I've got your behavior modification loaded and ready to go. And I will tell you that I believe that the law regarding Executive Orders gives congress 30 days to say no dice. But I never hear of that anymore. Hell, maybe it was changed by executive order!

I haven't heard about what Obama is going to do about BP not having the oil well plugged. Since the company is the main supplier of tax revenue to England I cannot foresee much happening. Jolly Old England is slammed right smack dab in the New World Order and as a loyal slave state must be preserved. This will teach the American rowdies to behave themselves. Just one more instance of someone trying to modify our behavior.

That's about it for today. I haven't lost anything and I don't intend to push my luck. Thanks to all of those folks who have sent me emails of encouragement. Stay alive.



Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just recuperating from the damnedest night's sleep in a long time. Didn't get up until after eight o'clock this morning. Must have been 10 hours or more. Had to have rained like a mad dog while I was asleep. Everything was so nice and cool when I woke up.

I have received a lot of emails from people who enjoy my blog and they are encouraging me to write more so maybe I will.

I found a recipe for a homemade Quikclot on http://catmanslitterbox.blogspot.com/ this morning. Pretty damn good if you ain't allergic to shell fish. I told my Paramedic son about it and he did not seem to be too impressed. They use triangular bandages and tourniquets and ambulances to get to a hospital.

I just lost two thirds of this post. That is all for today.



Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well here it is, Saturday morning, and I am sitting here typing away. Don't have much to say so I won't try to do more than what is there. But it rained like a mutha last night. The Handmaiden told me the storm really kicked ass. No one wanted to work in the garden today anyhow.

I got a post this morning that said Katla, the bad ass volcano on Iceland has been having lots of earthquakes, some within minutes of each other. And Katla is 10 times the volcano that shut down the skies over Europe a few short weeks ago. Now, if we can get Katla to open up and the Yellowstone Caldera to do likewise we will really have something going. Probably a new Ice Age. With the Gulf filling up with oil and two major volcano's going off we would really see who had it together and who didn't. I suspect what we would really see is a huge die off. Got preps?

Saudi Arabia has given a short bit of airspace to Israel in case Israel wants to fly over on their way to Iran. Makes it easier for Israel to get there you understand. Have fun guys. And oh, about that Saudi Prince who has warned the Royal family to get the hell out of their country. I think he may be onto something. He said they would be better off in Canada, Australia, and one other country I can't think of right now. The Saudi Royal family is not too popular with other Muslims right now. The Prince made a remark about them getting their heads cut off in the streets if they didn't make the move. Has a ring of seriousness to it.

It is starting to warm up outside and it will not be difficult for the heat to add plenty of humidity to the air. Wonderful heat and humidity. Sure does grow great beans and corn, except my corn never came up. The beets are not doing so well right now either. But everything else is coming on strong. My Rutabagas especially. I love those damn things. They beat the hell out of Potatoes and Turnips. The Squash is doing well and they also store well. It could be a good year for storage food in the garden, if I just has some corn. But I have plenty of substitutes and we will be okay.

That's about it for the day. Take care and stay alive.



Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's Thursday afternoon and I think I will write a post and see how it comes out.

I have talked to some people today and they seem to be doing alright. My buddy in Minnesota is prepping pretty well and thinks the normal American citizen is completely nuts. I could not agree with him more.

I just turned on my Little Anthony and the Imperials album. Nice tunes.

My friend Grumpyunk brought over a tiller for us to use for a week or so. The garden is looking like something out of a textbook. Grumpyunk is a mighty fine friend. Yep.

I still am thinking about that big boss of BP saying he wanted his life back. Someone ought to tell him about the thousands of fishermen who would like to have THEIR lives back. Selfish bastard.

I haven't checked the market today so I don't have anything to say except I hope that it crashes. It severely deserves to crash. I liked that comment that this one financial adviser made about investing in barbed wire and ammo. Made sense to me!

Stay alive and keep your eyes open!



Monday, June 7, 2010


Ah...Monday evening and supper is almost ready. The Handmaiden has a really good feed to put out tonight. And my friend Grumpyunk came over for a while and we talked a bunch. He is growing food this Summer like a mad man. It's even wore him out a couple times. But he keeps bouncing back and that is important. He seems strong and alert and ready to handle about anything that comes along. And if things get to be too much he just climbs onto that blue motorcycle of his and he goes for a ride. Good man with a good outlook on life.

I had another visitor Sunday from Virginia. More of a hill dweller than a coastal flat-lander. We talked of food and preps and family and all kinds of stuff. He has been into prepping for about 3 yeas and is coming along quite well. He has himself a pretty sweetie and thinks they might be a pair in the future. I hope he does well in that endeavor. As I get to know him a little more I will talk about him more, if it is proper.

The DJIA dropped about 115 points today. Not what I was hoping for but good enough considering the Plunge Protection Team had to have been out in full force. Our tax dollars at work making America safe for stock owners. And we ought to remember that they have done this shit in order to keep their wretchedly corrupt system going. But it is going to fail and we all know it. We are going to have to keep a running tally of our enemies. These are the lawyers, the politicians, the bankers, the insurance people, the major oil companies, the AMA, big Pharma, and the judiciary. I am sure I left a few groups out but we will get to them soon enough. We don't want to leave out any deserving souls, if they have a soul. There have been some hugely criminal acts put on the American people these last few years and I am betting there will be calls for retribution. And any revenge will be more than earned. Who cares if any of them die? Not I. They have stolen America and ripped it apart. They have no scruples or morality. America will sink into the sunset and go the way of many nations before it, but it will go hard for those who ruined her. Very hard indeed. All the polls are showing the people of this country want criminal charges filed against British Petroleum. Will it happen? Maybe. But if it doesn't happen there will be other ways of settling the score. And it will get done.



Saturday, June 5, 2010


I was going to take a month off, or at least I was thinking about it, but I decided to write a bit more. There are some things that maybe need said.

We just had a little family conversation about what "collapse" means and we seem to be on the same page. We are in sort of a collapse right now, but it could be called an economic slowdown too. When I speak of collapse I am talking about some "wild in the streets" action and not about sitting in front of a TV watching movies and drinking beer. That sort of stuff is being laid off and getting some sit down time to pass the time. When I think of collapse I think of people in the streets and crowds getting a little rowdy. I think of fires and rocks being thrown. I think of looting and robbery. I think about the various governments losing control of the people and the people acting very belligerently and pissed off. And I ain't seeing any of that in this country. We are way too domesticated at this time to do this kind of stuff.

Most folks still have food in the cabinet and the fridge and the freezer. The electricity is still on and there is a can of coffee beside the coffee machine for in the morning. The car has SOME gas in it. The phone still works. The mail comes regularly. The washer and dryer still work and folks have some clean clothes. Not many are hanging clothes on a line in the back yard. Small business guys are still getting diesel to run their equipment. Young people out here in the country still have gas for their four wheelers. Dog and cat food is still being purchased. The kids still get lunch money for school, though it is finally out for the Summer. The mortgage might be a few payments behind but that does not seem to bother anyone any more. They ain't getting thrown out on the street so they go right ahead and keep living where they always have.

In short, we are not in a collapse as yet. Now, I think it may have started this past Friday when the stock market down 324 points. If we get that kind of report this Monday then we may have a real live collapse on our hands. And if pension checks don't roll out as usual and Medicare and Medicaid are cut short then you will see blood in the streets. But the checks keep rolling and the money goes with it and that is the name of the game. No matter how illogical people are in their heads to think that government freebies are forever, when they are stopped then we have a problem like we aint never seen before. And they will stop because the taxes are not rolling in to pay for all of this wonderful bounty. Cities and towns and states are running out of money every day of the week. Illinois has stopped paying a lot of their bills. And you all know about the others so there is no need for me to continue along that line. I have pursued this line of thinking to point out that we are about to meet up with SHTF. And it will not be a joke. No sir. This will be as serious as a heart attack.

A lot of people do not believe this can happen in America. These people will soon get another word added to their name. The word is DECEASED. It is going to happen in America. When your gasoline goes to 15 or 20 dollars a gallon and your electric bill goes by a factor of 4 then you will know of what I speak. And it will not be because of a shortage but because your money ain't gonna be worth a damn. Uncle Sham has been borrowing like crazy these last 20 years or so. We have spent a trillion dollars looking for and trying to kill bin Laden. My, my, ain't we powerful. But we have about run out of good will across this planet and we ain't gonna get to borrow much more money to keep this house of cards erected. It is a STRAW that breaks the camels back. Remember that and stay alive.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, it may be sphincter pucker time and all those folks who did not listen to us will be trying to get our preps for free, if they can. I aim to hold on to mine, however, so they may as well go look somewhere else. If the market drops big again Monday it is all over but the pictures of guys lynching Goldman Sachs employees. I won't be there because Wall Street is not in Indiana. Wonder what I would be doing if it was? Interesting thought.

I was not going to type a post today except to say that I was taking a month off of blogging. The collapse is in the good hands of Mr. Obama and he will see it to it's conclusion. I have posted over 1200 posts to this blog and the message should have gotten out to whoever wanted to read it. I still owe a recipe for Spoon Bread and I aim to get it out there. Nice change of pace.

Grow your gardens and gather your clans. Stay alive.



Thursday, June 3, 2010


Acts like it might be a warm one today. Rained last night but no thunderboomer. I went to bed and went out like a light for about nine hours. Nothing like a good night's sleep. I'll take every one I can get. The wife and brother-in-law have gone to the garden. It's gonna be muddy. But they have this drive to survive and I can't hardly blame them. More people should be getting the drive all the time, but they won't. They are too stupid. And I didn't make 'em that way. There are three things that form up a person. Genetics, environment, and the will of God. And these things control our drives and our outlook all of our days. We know that the environment we have provided most of our kids has been screwed to the max. Spending their days playing computer games has not done them any good whatsoever. It maybe trained them u to fight technological warfare but it gave them no sense of values. And this country is hurting for values.

The Gulf oil mess is still growing and nothing is getting done. How shameful. And Obama is getting ready to go to the Pacific to do some diplomatic stuff. How nice. Our wonderful Gulf of Mexico is getting turned into a sludge pot, even as you read this blog.

The news is so distasteful I can barely type this post. The Book says oppression maketh a wise man mad. And I think the "mad" refers to insane. Which would lead me to think that this nation is going insane and going to do a damn good job of it. Well, go ahead and get it on. And when you snap please release your energy toward Washington, D.C. We don't deserve it here.

We are not buy any more tobacco for the family. It is getting to be just too damned expensive and we can not afford it. Which proves that there is good in poverty. Anything that can get you to cry out to God and quit smoking can't be all bad. But that can't be true or else we would relish being burnt at the stake. Stay alive.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's really nice this morning. Sorta overcast with a nice cool breeze to make you comfortable. There are spots of blue and they are very pretty. I recall those photographs taken of the Earth from outer space back in the day. The beautiful blue planet. So special, floating around on it's orbit. So clean looking and sorta hopeful. One wonders how it will look over the next few years. Will it be clouded up with ugly dirty clouds full of ashes? Will it become so polluted that men sicken of it's air on occasion? Will the Gulf of Mexico look black and oily? One begins to wonder. I know that a lot of humanity goes to bed at night hungry and thirsty. We have not had to do much of that here in America. But a lot of folks go to bed with hunger unspeakable. Not too much of that here in the good ol' USA but across the globe it is an everyday occurrence. Humanity either learns to deal with it or die. But a lot of them still die. And that could be coming our way in a month or two. Almost a big joke ain't it? Nothing like that can happen to America. The major fault with that thinking is that it is wrong. It can happen here and most likely it WILL happen here. Right here in America the beautiful, the place of spacious skies and amber waves of grain, people will starve to death. I look out my window at the hills covered with green and it is not likely possible, at least while it is like this. The wife and Brother-in-Law are down at the garden weeding as I type this. Food in abundance. But can I guarantee it will stay that way? No. I cannot. We are finding out more and more, day by day, just how fragile man's existence really is on this planet. A busted oil rig in the Gulf can set us back a decade on some of our food. And you will find out just how much we depend on that Gulf. I am afraid it is a lot. And if some hurricane comes on an sucks up a lot of oil and dumps it on our cropland we have had the meat throwed to us. Very unfortunate. And remember that Hurricane Katrina got all the way in to Ohio after trashing New Orleans and surrounding areas. I reckon that since they used the chemical dispersant on the oil plumes that the oil will be a lot easier to pick up and take somewhere else.

Dan the Man from Ohio said they were getting rained out up by Toledo. Plumb soaked through and through up there. And a big rainstorm coming in even as I type. A few inches are forecast. This could raise havoc with their crops and gardens this season. I reckon they have pretty good dirt up there since it used to be a swamp. Only problem is, it would seem to be heading back to being a swamp and this does not speak well for preppers. I like it here in the uplands of southern Indiana. You have plenty of bottom ground that can grow you a hell of a crop if it don't flood out and you have higher ground to grow food. Food you don't want to lose. And in the days ahead we don't want to lose any food. A couple, maybe three, years ago I bought the Handmaiden a one gallon old-fashioned canning jar. It has a glass lid and a wire restraint on it and it is a thing out of our past. Cost me a good part of a $10 bill to get it. But she keeps the darn thing on her kitchen shelves and stores Cranberry beans in it. She can glance at the jar and tell when it is time to go to the stash to get some more beans. And that can happen more frequently than you might imagine. We can eat the hell out of those beans. Regular beans, soup beans, chili with beans, and all of them with cornbread of course. I found a recipe for old fashioned Spoon Bread the other day and she has fixed it twice since then. It has been over 50 years since I ate spoon bread and it sure is good. She tossed a can of hominy in it for the first try and it was delicious. Mixing a little grated cheese in the batter don't hurt it a damn bit either. It is pretty simple food but it is so good and it has the stuff you can live on. The corn is your grain and the beans are your legume and that adds up to a complete protein. The Handmaiden just came in and told me that we no longer have access to a tiller for our garden crops. Looks like it is back to the hoe and pulling the weeds. And that is a method that works. But it is work and maybe you don't feel like doing that all the time but you have to or you may lose your garden to the weeds. But that is life and we aim to live so here we go. Wish us luck.

So whatever happens we will keep plugging along. Getting some extra food here and there. Getting some more ammo and medicine. Buying good sturdy clothing that won't wear out too quick. Prepping never ends and don't ever think it does. It is just something that is in the back of your mind constantly, without even thinking about it. You know, I can get into the seed business on about 10 acres of land easily. If you are just growing for seed, 10 acres will produce a lot of the stuff. And it will be a good business. You might figure out if you can do it yourself and get in on the next big thing. Eating never seems to go out of style. Stay alive.



Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I feel more like writing than I have for a couple weeks. Maybe I will get out of my funk and get to doing the prepper things. And the prepper things are becoming more important every day. The dyed-in-the -wool preppers are getting ready like mad men and women. No one will believe anything the mainstream media or the fedgov says. They are all a bunch of liars and horse thieves anyhow so why worry about them? I am thinking about our next buy. What should it be? You can throw a rock and hit just about anything and it will be a winner as far as prepping is concerned. How about $100 worth of canned chicken? How about 5 cases of beer? How about some more ammo? How about some more clothing? Tobacco would be nice. How about more gun cleaning equipment? How about more cooking oils? Man! When you can only shoot a $100 you can be forced to omit a lot of nice things. And how am I to pay for a lot of stuff with my little Social Security check? If this hyperinflation comes on us I can see the old folks taking a major hit in their purchasing power. The fedgov gave us a real big shaft when they declared fuel and food to be too volatile for computing inflation. So we can take a look at a probable scenario. Gasoline goes to $20 a gallon and food goes from $100 a week to $600 per week. But buying a home goes to such a low level as to be insane and a car or pick-up are just cheap as hell. The fedgov can come out and say that there is no inflation because food and fuel don't count. So people are starving and they can't afford to go to town and buy any food or work for food so what the hell? I guess the ideal answer would be to have your bank on one side of your house and your supermarket on the other. Actually, the best answer is to have your ass out in the country and growing you own food like a bunch of preppers have been telling you to do. And these people are the very ones who are doing what they preach. It's no joke to them!

The various governments are getting ready for war. The textbooks tell them that war is the best way out of the financial difficulties they are now in. Israel just killed a few people bringing supplies in to the starving Palestinians. The matter has been taken to the United Nations where it will more than likely die of natural causes. Israel don't give a shit about the UN and their actions prove it. Israel has also got 3 submarines in the Persian Gulf and they are armed with nuclear war head cruise missiles. You don't reckon they might be thinking about launching them at Iran do you? And the American forces have all kinds of carriers and what not in the Persian Gulf. All that sand over there could be turned to glass in a hurry. Radioactive glass. That area of the world is so volatile it makes you butt pucker. Even the Turks are pissed at the Israelis. The Turks are not a nuclear power that we know of but they are damned tough and fight like devils. Mean guys. The Americans are getting ready to do it up big in Pakistan. They are gonna do it for the benefit of the existing government. India will be watching and at the first sign of Pakistani weakness they will nuke the absolute hell out of them. India has over a billion people living there and losing ten million down not scare them. So if the buttons get pushed then you can kiss the Middle East goodbye.

Then over in the Far East we have our friend the Cuckoo bird of North Korea. This guy is a case to study. He does not give a shit about anything but his plans, whatever they are. He has sunk a South Korean ship and has pretty much told everyone that is interested to get bent. And he has nuclear weapons. If he gets pissed he might take out South Korea and Japan both and then old Uncle Sam is in a nuclear war. China could very well come to the aid of North Korea while attacking and invading Taiwan just for good measure. If this happens then the Shit has Hit The Fan. We will launch at the Chinese as they are launching at us. And if no one else decides to get in on the action we are still ruined.

I read a lot of stuff that says that Russia is interested in restoring the USSR and that means bringing in a whole bunch of states that have shaken loose from the old deal. You can bet your ass that they want to restore the old Warsaw Pact and bring Poland back into the fold. They probably just killed the leadership of the entire Polish nation.

So there we have our observations for the day. There is so much shit that can go wrong it makes you mind whirl. And all of the stuff has been building up for years. I am going to prep as much as I can while the prepping is good. I urge you to do the same. Stay alive.



Monday, May 31, 2010


Good morning to all of you out there in blogland. It has been an interesting weekend and I'm sure most of you know why. The top of the list is the gushing oil well in the Gulf that has not been stopped. I read an estimate this morning that said that it should stop by itself in August. That is about when it will get capped or blown up or whatever. I have been thinking about racism this morning. You know, big city blacks are as prejudiced against whites as they can be. And they are prejudiced against the South. You don't suppose they have let that oil well keep leaking out of spite do you? They wouldn't put it on the South like that would they? Just wondering. But it has been 43 days since that leak appeared. It sorta makes you wonder what this fedgov really can do. They can't get the job process started. They can't do anything about North Korea. They cannot stimulate the economy except the big banks. They can't so anything with health care that is not a rip-off. These people are losers. Just regular, garden variety losers. Something should be done about them this coming election. They should get roundly beaten into oblivion.

The garden is looking good so far. The mechanical planter had a few mishaps but nothing that can't be fixed. Some transplanting and some thinning will do wonders for it. My beans are happy, happy, happy and they are growing like weeds. It's too early to tell about the corn but we will know in a few days. The weather forecast says we have a 70% chance of rain today and that should do us no harm. Unless it comes a toad strangler and everything gets washed out. But I am still holding with a cooler temperature this Summer and that seems to mean lots of rain. And rain means plants will grow, unless they get washed away. I keep repeating my self on washing plants away. I think it is because I know it can happen. It's normally called too much of a good thing.

I got word this morning that a kid I have known all of his life has been diagnosed as Bi-Polar. This Bi-Polar mental disorder is what used to be called Manic-Depressive. Manic Depressive kinda lost it's kick awhile back so they came up with another term. They can sell more pills that way. But the Quack, er, ah I mean the doctor who was treating him prescribed some medication for a super crazy manic-depressive. Some really strong stuff. And it was making the kid crazy. He could no longer sleep well and things like that. And this shit is going on in this country all the time. Millions of cases. It sells lots of polls but it screws up some decent minds. I'll be in touch with the kid's older brothers today and we will see if we can get something worked out.

Stay alive.



Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, we are back to "play it again, Sam." I am once again sitting at this computer typing out God knows what. It will go up on the blog tomorrow, Saturday. The day of no comments. People are busy on Saturday, the day they catch up on all their business outside of work.

Obama has now decided to go to the Gulf Coast this weekend. He will create a photo opportunity for the media. He will be in many pictures shown on the MSM to all the people who think he actually gives a damn. 'Cause he does not really give a damn. And probably no one else does either. America is a bunch of selfish bastards that are primarily out for what they can get at whatever peril it may place their neighbor. The Book says to love they neighbor as thyself and damn few ever got the message. I was talking to a neighbor yesterday about getting prepared. And I think he is in to it. I believe he will do something. Can you believe it? I told him I had told every one who would listen for moment about the need to prep. He said I had done my job. It was on the backs of those who heard me, now. I had never heard that line of thinking before. Maybe is is right and I have delivered the message and got it across. Ain't my fault if they don't listen and believe. But it sure seems like an obvious conclusion to me.

We are looking at two kinds of preppers now. One type has been at it for a while and these are the people who need to fine tune their system. These are the people who need to catch up their loose ends and finalize what they are trying to do. I think most of us are in this area. The other kind of prepper is just starting and needs to get busy! Time may be running out and you can do it now or do without. If you don't have too much money then get to growing a garden. We have most of our essentials in the ground. The Handmaiden just got the rutabagas and butternut squash in and just has a few tomato plants to get into the dirt. That will just about do it for us. We have a lot of stuff growing and I hope we can get it all stored. Storing food is the name of the game.

I was reading an article about how Americans used to have food. It said that back in the 30's the average poor person had five or six years of food stored up. If nothing else they were going to be able to eat. Then we got up to the 50's and early 60's and we find the US fedgov having enough food stored to feed the country for 2 or 3 years. Well they sold that food off to pay for LBJ's war in Viet Nam. And the country never got back to being prepped for food again. Today we have six million meals stored up and ready to eat. That means that 5% of the population can sit down and eat a meal before the country runs out of food. We have enough wheat to fix everybody a half loaf of bread. Such wealth and power is just staggering. Know what I mean?

And when the stores are empty and the money is no good what do you reckon the people are going to do? They are going to go stark, raving crazy. They are going to tear things up like you have never seen. Don't get caught in the trap. Prepare. Stay alive.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's a Wednesday afternoon and I am back at the keyboard typing this useless crap out once again. I don't want to teach survivalism or talk about the latest news. I want to see people in the streets, marching to defeat the Powers That Be. I want to see the Wall Street guys hanging from light posts. I want to see the same outside the Capital Building in Washingtyon, D.C. I am sick and tired of what is going on and I want it to end. Period.

The wife planted a bunch of stuff in the garden this morning. I know she got rutabagas and onions in. I am not sure about butternut squash. I'll take a maybe on that one. Rutabagas are coated with regular old Parafine wax when you go to store them. If you don;'t do that you don't get too good a product.

Obama is spending a long week-end in Chicago. He won't be at Arlington Cemetary to lay the customary wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Dont worry, the unknown soldier will not be bothered by this. Only people who care about this gutted and robbed country will be upset with this behavior. Obama isn't bothered by it at all.

Still a lot of misery in the ammo field these days. Get what you can. You'll need it.

I got my non-hybrid corn seed at an orchard outside of the local town.

Stay alive.



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


And here we go for another day of the Follies Collapse. As a precaution we just planted 12 rows of organic NON-HYBRID CORN. So now we have 13 rows of Cranberry Beans and 12 rows of corn. Starting to look good. There is still a bunch of onions and tomatoes and rutabagas and butternut squash to go in as yet but they will get there. Most of what I plant is for long term storage like beans and corn. The wife likes the other stuff and plants it herself. Fine by me. I am thinking about storing my seed stock in 1 quart canning jars this year. We can buy them at the Amish Herb Store for $7 or $8 dollars a case. That's a pretty good price and I like the idea of using glass for storage. I might store my eating food is the jars also. Dried beans and dried corn aren't gonna be any trick to stuff into a jar. And I am reminded that I will have to plant a cover crop this Fall or I will have to sprinkle some decent compost. All the beans I have grown will get me a lot of Nitrogen but I am not replacing the the other elements necessary for growing. If you want the soil to take care of you then you must take care of the soil. The seed itself will take care of producing a plant if it has something to feed it. Good gardeners and farmers grow good dirt and the seed takes care of the rest. Pretty simple formula.

The oil is still being pumped out into the Gulf of Mexico but Obama is going on vacation. That's the clue to all of you that HE IS THE MAN. Just to prove it the MSM has told the world that private sector job wages are falling but fedgov wages are going great!

I read a piece somewhere today that said the threat of terrorism is not the problem with the Internet today but rather the Internet is capable of exposing the bullshit of the fedgov and other hoaxes. That is the real threat of the Internet. Too many people are finding out what the Powers That Be are doing! Can't be having that!

The drums of war are pounding around the planet. It is almost a sure way of getting an economy to run again. We don't need a war but the politicians are hungry for money. It's their life blood, you know. Obama will get us up into the 60 to 70 percent range when he gets his VAT tax going in Washington. Won't it be good to pay all of those taxes?

I'm done with this post. Stay alive.



Monday, May 24, 2010


So it's Monday morning and I am typing away. Still not inspired or enthusiastic. There does not seem to be a lot to say, at least that has not been said a dozen times before. God has given us a child for a king. He has the power. His name is Obama. He does not have the sense to pour piss out of a boot. That oil well down in the Gulf of Mexico is still blasting out cruse oil in the worst ecological disaster to ever hit this country. A man made one anyhow. That well has been going off since April 20th. What the hell? This man is a bureaucrat. He believes in that stuff. That's why he has appointed all those Czars to the Whitehouse. Those people are supposed to be leading the effort to clean this goddamn mess up and they are not doing a damn thing. They are supposedly having British Petroleum clean up the mess. So we can bet that the effort is about three steps down from our leader. Woe unto the people when their king is a child. This guy does not lead, he has conferences. I find him to be a very disgusting form of human being.

The wife and brother-in-law are down at the garden. They will not do much because the ground is too wet. 'Nuff said. The wife did get some Asparagus. We will dine well this evening.

I am getting tired of people who doubt that the economy is going to take another wild ride to the bottom. They do not make any sense to me. I am starting to shut the out of my mind. It is just a form of mental illness and I don't seem to be able to cure them. Their one shot at happiness is that they are not alone. They will have plenty of company when the SHTF.

The Obama administration is letting BP handle the oil problem. That leaves me feeling so secure! Our 'do nothing' president strikes again.

I have read of segments of the border with Mexico that the Border Patrol does not patrol. It's down there where the rancher go killed. Here we are with millions of people out of work and the Border Patrol is letting millions of illegal workers into the country. Just one more thing the Obama people cannot solve. But they don't really want to solve the problems, you know. Obama wants all of those illegal aliens to become legal Democrat voters.

And the list of grievances goes on and on and I am getting tired of writing about them. We prep and prep and prep some more. Hoping to make it! Stay alive.



Saturday, May 22, 2010


Just don't feel like blogging today. I feel I would just be repetitive. I'll try again tomorrow.



Friday, May 21, 2010


Here we are, getting so soggy we might grow gills, and waiting to see what the end of the business day brings. I think it will show minimal damage to the system. The Presidential Push Team will be busy on the phone to those Bermuda banks buying stocks with your money to keep the price up for those of you who have no stocks. Can't let a failed program be known all over the place, you know. Obama's socialist programs are failing and everyone knows it. This Dark Lord from Chicago is a complete failure. What a boob! I wonder how it will affect his ego? Will he become bitter and hateful? Will he become a strident accuser of the people as his ship sinks into something well below mediocrity? And what will he do when he gets his ass handed to him in the Fall elections? Maybe he will resign and go to an island with some of his banking cronies. He has paid them enough for a seat, you know. He really let things go to hell when he let the President of Mexico address congress and the idiot told our politicians to reinstate the Assault Weapon Ban. This guy wants to run this country! It made me think a little differently about the illegals in our country. They want to come here to maybe prolong their life instead of having to die by drug lords in their homeland. I would want to get way from an idiot like that myself. But really they should support a pro-gun candidate for President and get the means to kick the drug lord's asses. But that ain't the socialist way you know. You have to live with those evil killers and change them. Good luck!

The drum beat of war is sounding across the land these days. The Carrier Group Harry Truman has set sail for the Med and other places. Is this normal rotation or is it a build up for an armed clash? The PTB have Hillary Clinton coming down hard on North Korea. And that could get ugly. South Korea and Japan could take a huge hit from this little shenanigan. A nuclear response from the USA could just wipe pit a whole big glob of humanity. And that is scary. That crazy mutha over in North Korea would love to start a nuclear war. What the hell do you think he was thinking when he got the stuff to make one of the damn things. Now there is not telling what he has. Ain't anyone got the balls to back him down and take his little radioactive toys away from him.

Nothing much else to talk about. Obama still wants to shut us down on the Internet and he still wants our guns taken away. Nothing new there. The Handmaiden got some free mulch and is busy with her terrace row down below the porch. It really is looking great. We have another soil build up coming to the hillside. It will be a BIG WIDE ROW. It will grow a huge amount of garden. That's about it for today. The market is up in positive territory. I told you those guys at the Bermuda banks would be getting a work out. They have to stall for time while they figure out what to say about Obama's failure. They have to get the spin just right so the pee-wee brain does not feel abused. All Hail The Failure! Stay alive.



Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is Thursday as I type this and we are supposed to get some Sun today. Ain't hardly noticed any Sun for a few days. Could be an episode of good cheer! And we can use all the good cheer we can get our hands on.

This guy presently occupying the Whitehouse is not an American. And I don't care where he was born. This guy, Obama, is endangering the very air we breath and the water we drink. And the liberals are supposed to be such environmentalists. That oil well pumping crude into the Gulf of Mexico is just short of becoming a global catastrophe and Obama is doing nothing about it. What the hell is he thinking? That slop out there is going to be a total calamity when all the chips are counted in this little poker game. And he lets the President of Mexico stand out on the Whitehouse lawn and run down our properly enacted laws in Arizona. What the hell is going on, Obama? Are you so indoctrinated with foreign attitudes that you cannot even protect the people who elected you? I put up with your bowing and stooping to foreign leaders but this is getting to be too much. You must stop this oil leak and stop it NOW. You must send troops to the border and keep this alien invasion off our property. We can't afford these people any longer. They are bankrupting us as it is. For one moment try to think like an American. Try to think of a way to save us. It's the least you can do.

I saw some contention about taking on a mob at your retreat this morning. First thing to cross my mind was what ELSE are you going to do? Give up and let them have their way? I don't like the "give up attitude." To hell with giving up. Make 'em pay dearly for everything they get. The other point is something I have stressed for a long time and that is BE IN A GROUP. Have a plan. Put some thought into it. Do it NOW and don't wait until the mob gets there. I have explained the L shaped ambush a couple of times already. It works! Use it to your advantage.

I just checked the financial news. The DJIA is down about 255 points at about 11:30 a.m. Gold has dropped a little, but not much. Of course, the day is young and a lot can happen between now and when the market closes. The figure that got me was that the US Dollar is worth over 86 cents. So what the hell is 86 cents? Will it get you a cup of coffee? Not any place I buy coffee. Will it get you a gallon of gasoline? Not in the last 10 years. Will it get you a pack of cigarettes? Don't be ridiculous. Could you take it and belly up to the bar and drink a cold beer with it. Not any time in recent memory. So what is anyone selling that keeps the dollar up that high? How about Greek government bonds? Say, you know, that might be a good idea. Trade Greek bonds for dollars. That could make the dollar really look good. It will make the Euro look bad but who gives a damn about the Euro. Europe is about to crash anyhow so why worry about their currency? Seems pointless to me! I just sorta go along with the idea that when Europe goes then the USA is next.

I have been reading about the President of Mexico running his mouth a little more while he was here as our guest. It seems that he doesn't like our policy if blocking illegal aliens at our Southern border. But you know, the potty mouth little faggot never mentioned his own rules and regulations his country uses on THEIR southern border. It's bad for us to do it but well and good for them? Give me a break. Nuke the gay baby whales!

Well the market ended DOWN 376 points yesterday. Stay alive.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, we had some elections yesterday and it would seem that the Obama idiots got their asses handed to them. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Arlen "The Magic Bullet" Specter got drilled in Pennsylvania. If you want to know the mentality of the average American citizen you just need to remember that this guy served on the Warren Commission after Kennedy got shot. They kept the guy in there all this time! He's 80 for chrissakes. He wears more make-up than an aging whore. I generally have some respect for older folks but in this case I depart from my usual practice. Good bye and good riddance. If you ain't heard, Dr. Rand Paul won the Republican primary race against an establishment guy in Kentucky. Laughing my ass off! The whole country is repudiating the evil cabal of Obama and Pelosi. Life could be about to become a living hell for these folks. And I hope the fires scorch them. I haven't been voting of late but I will be voting anti-establishment right down the line when I do. And that means you don't get my vote, Dan Coats. You have enough money. Stay home.

And I don't want all of you to think that this will make a damn bit of difference in the coming economic bad times. It ain't going to happen. The system is collapsing right along and these limited humans cannot stop it. You can't put the brakes on after the car has already gone off the cliff and is headed toward the rocks below. The ordained outcome will transpire. And after about tomorrow the press will have gone on to other things to save Obama the embarrassment of reading about his failure. Then we can get it on with the fall of the Euro and the EU. After that we can expect a few little surprises to arrive on OUR shores. They will not be surprises to the prepper community but they will sure be a surprise to our detractors. Life will start to get real tough. My son is real tough. He ran into a patient who was not responding to his own breathing mechanism. People are so constructed as to breath when the carbon dioxide level in the body is too high and they need oxygen. This drive to make you breath can fail. My son put his patient on high concentrated oxygen. A fellow Paramedic asked him why. There was other things wrong and that Paramedic was going to treat them. My son told the other paramedic that he was going to provide oxygen to the patient and become the driver himself. If the patient would not breath he would slap him up side the head until he did. The kid is tough. He was going to get done what had to be done, one way or another. And we, the preppers must learn this way of thinking. What ever has to be done had better get done. Like Bill Jordan used to say, "Ain't no second place winners". You make the shot or you get shot.

I was talking yesterday about defending against predators who come against you. They will shoot you going out to get water. They will shoot you when you go to check the mail, if there is any mail. All of the things you do by habit are what can leave you naked before a determined enemy. You have to break your habits. Don't do ANYTHING at the same time every day. Don't ever take the same path to the well or the outhouse every day. You have to become unpredictable. You have to become the unknown quantity. You used to getting up and taking a leak immediately? Better vary your pattern. Get an old Thunder Bucket if you have to. Anything to break your pattern. Your habits can kill you. And your enemy will be watching you for HABITS.

Get a Watch Dog. It don't have to be a big bruiser of a dog or a natural born killer. It just has to bark when it sees something out of the ordinary. The best watch dog around here is a Chihuahua named Banjo and he is a devout coward. Runs from his own shadow. But you go up toward his master's house and he sounds off like crazy and he don't let up until the master comes out or you head another direction. Can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag but he sure can raise hell. Just the ticket for a homestead out in the country. Especially one that does not have enough security on guard at night.

And you are in the process of sounding the alarm to your survival clan aren't you? This close to playing smear the queer and you ain't called in the troops? It may be a little early yet but it doesn't do any harm to keep things fired up a bit. When the twig snaps, when the rubber band unwinds, you want all your survival mates to be there a.s.a.p. We will not be playing games. So stay alive.